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Fri 28th Feb 2014

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bebettergamerNL commented on Feature: The Best Pro Wrestling Games That the...:

Great article just in time for WrestleMania! The AKI developed wrestling games were absolutely the best N64 wrestling games, and are arguably the greatest of all time. They're still my favorite 15 plus years later, so much so that I have a youtube channel dedicated to them! Check it out:

I also do videos about Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, a Japanese only N64 wrestling game also developed by AKI, and in my opinion better than No Mercy (but not by much!)



bebettergamerNL commented on Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament Tradem...:

Why does everyone assume it's a fighting game? Maybe they showed Mega Lucario and Blaziken to throw people off, because it looks to me like it could be a 3-D battle game like Colosseum or Battle Revolution. Maybe they might sprinkle in some story like in Gale of Darkness, but we've had two for the gamecube and one for the wii, so a new one for the wii u to go along with X&Y (fitting it's the last game they show) would make the most sense. A random Pokemon fighting game spin-off seems the least likely to me actually. Why make a fighting game spinoff for a game where you are already battling Pokemon? It's obviously the successor to Battle Revolution and such. They're standing at an angle in battles like you would have them in those games and even in X&Y (with Lucario's back to us), and the background is reminiscent of the battle backgrounds in the gamecube battle games.