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Feature: Memories of the Wii and DS Wi-Fi Connection Era

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

When the Nintendo Network was but a twinkle in Iwata-san's eye

It's finally happened, the Wi-Fi connection on the Wii and DS is gone, disconnected on 20th May. The DSi and Wii Shop platforms are still running, but online multiplayer and content in games is now shut down, prompting the end of an era for the last-gen systems. Regardless of the circumstances and debates over whether Nintendo should have migrated some games to new servers, the truth is that it's game over.

The Wii and DS weren't exactly regarded as powerhouses for online gaming, it's fair to say, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't fun to be had online with the systems. With the DS, in particular, it was an exciting and bold step forward, with Mario Kart DS and the Pokemon titles opening new doors for gamers. It's easy to forget in this always-connected era how much online play changed gaming in the last generation of systems, and Nintendo's consoles played their role.

In that spirit of reminiscence a number of the Nintendo Life staff have given their personal memories of Nintendo Wi-Fi gaming for your amusement — some recollections are happy, others less so.

Damien McFerran

I can still vividly recall the first time I went online with my chunky original DS on Mario Kart DS. At the time I didn't have Wi-Fi installed at home, but I was so keen to experience the revelation that was wireless online multiplayer that I stalked the streets of my town looking for an open hotspot from which I could leech entertainment. A local public house near where I used to work was one of the first places to have such technological wizardry, so one lunch hour I cycled to the venue, switched on my DS and attempted to connect to a game. I was too embarrassed to actually walk into the pub and sit down with my console, so instead I lurked around the back of the boozer, like some kind of data-stealing hoodlum. Predictably, the wireless signal was so weak that my connection dropped out almost instantly, but my appetite for this new way of playing was well and truly stirred.

Tom Whitehead

I made quite a lot of use of Wi-Fi online multiplayer on the Wii, mostly through Mario Kart Wii; it was always a lot of fun to race online, and I'd occasionally get some good friend matches going with my brother. It certainly had its problems, as it'd take an eternity to give up when it was failing to connect — it was possible to make a cup of tea and it'd still be spinning away, with no way to quit --- and I didn't have the fastest home connection in those years. Smash Bros. Brawl was a disappointment online and swiftly abandoned, though I got a bit of fun out of Tatsunoku vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and GoldenEye 007, which could be laggy but were playable. Happy memories, though the service — despite being free — was never quite good enough compared to its paid and free rivals.

As for DS, the problem was that it only supported the pointless WEP level of encryption, so my router wasn't compatible — this was in an era where bandwidth theft was a problem and (due to usage limits) expensive if you were a victim. I would occasionally, I admit with shame, steal brief access to a neighbour's unprotected 'guest' Wi-Fi to download Professor Layton Daily Puzzles. Not the most scandalous crime ever committed, but I still feel a little guilty.

Jon Wahlgren

It makes me incredibly sad to know that I have no more Picross 3D puzzles to download nor fools to shoot online in GoldenEye 007, but it was fun while it lasted.

Ron DelVillano

In my memory, I can't recall a single positive experience that I've had with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Service on Wii or DS. My clearest memories involve connectivity issues for Smash Bros. and countless dropped Mario Kart sessions. I can't say that I'll miss the service in the slightest, but there is a silver lining to all of this. I may have never had the opportunity to appreciate online multiplayer on the Wii or DS, but I recognize that Nintendo has learned from their mistakes. In the past few years, I've had a great time playing games online on both my Wii U and 3DS. The service is still far from perfect, but the new Nintendo Network is a marked improvement over its predecessor, and it's absolutely a positive sign that things are only going to get better!

Martin Watts

My first experience of Nintendo's Wi-Fi service involved me trekking into Bath city centre in search of a internet café. It seemed like far too much effort for a lazy student, but it ended up being well worth it; playing Mario Kart DS online for the first time was exhilarating. I was no stranger to online gaming at this point, but being able to specifically enjoy a Nintendo game over the net made it all the more special.

Sure, the service may not have been clunky with its excessive friend code system and limited communication options, but once you were set up games such as Mario Kart Wii and Animal Crossing: Wild World provided a wealth of fun. Part of Nintendo's online service may be now gone, but it's evolved along the way and continues to get better all the time, making me feel very positive about the future - well, so long as the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games don't suffer from the same lag as Super Smash Bros. Brawl did!

Tim Latshaw

Brawl was the bread and butter of my Nintendo Wi-Fi experience. My cousin and I would often sit locally, with one or two friends coming in from afar. We'd all talk over Skype as we battled for fun, and when someone had to leave, the last battle would always be the same: 4 Jigglypuffs on the Bridge of Eldin.

It wasn't until our second-to-last session on the Wi-Fi service that I discovered why my friend always wanted us to do this. I was using Jigglypuff's ballooning Final Smash, when suddenly the bridge reappeared and she fell over, still at her massive size. I then almost immediately got sucked off the screen, but apparently I had hit the holy grail; the giant Jigglypuff glitch! And just in time before closure of the service, too. The fun will continue in the new Smash Bros., of course, but I sure hope Jigglypuff will be available to join in the new chaos there.

Jake Shapiro

As a longtime Metroid fanatic, the Nintendo Wi-Fi game I played the most was definitely Metroid Prime Hunters; it was a well-designed game and showed off the horsepower of the DS, but the fast-paced deathmatches never really felt like a Metroid game… or a Nintendo game at all. To me, Nintendo multiplayer will always be about local play, whether it's four-way split-screen in GoldenEye 007, or complaining that your friends always want to play Final Destination with no items in Super Smash Bros. Melee, or passing around the Wii Remote for shenanigans in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Nintendo has always lagged behind its competitors when it comes to online play, but that's fine with me: it forces Nintendo to keep pushing the local multiplayer envelope.

Rory Cocker

While it wasn't my very first foray into the world of online gaming - I was one of the three people who bought the PlayStation 2 Network Adapter - Mario Kart DS's online multiplayer blew my 11-year-old mind.

At that time, we didn't have a wireless router. Hell, I didn't even know what Wi-Fi was until Nintendo started harping on about it, but being able to remotely blast someone's face off in Metroid Prime: Hunters and then go fishing with a friend in Animal Crossing: Wild World was a proper revelation, all in the palm of your hand. Magic.

Alex Phillimore

Mario Kart Wii may not be the most popular game in the series, but it was my personal favourite due to its online mode. All of the rubber-banding accusations directed at the game fall by the wayside when playing online, and I became obsessed enough with the tracks to get up to a score near the maximum of 9,999 points - and earned a golden Wii Wheel icon by my racer as well.

Unfortunately, the way the game ranked you online was a double-edged sword - the higher your point count soared, the more points you would lose if you came in any position below 1st place. What ensued was a desperate struggle to come in first every race. I stopped playing the game after I realised that I would eventually stumble and lose my top score - it was a surprisingly brutal experience for a game aimed at all ages. I enjoyed every single fuel-burning moment of it, though - and there was something perversely satisfying about taking out a high-ranking player and watching their score tally squeal.

Marc Zablotny

As someone who played Mario Kart DS religiously back in the day, I revelled in showing off my 3-star rank and awesome Lakitu avatar in the online mode. I like to think I was an honourable racer; I never 'snaked' unless my opponent did. Snaking rightly gets a lot of hate from Mario Kart community, but I have to admit some of the most intense and rewarding races I ever participated in were those against good snakers because you needed absolute precision to stay in the lead. Though - despite these fond memories - I am glad the technique has been altered beyond recognition in the Mario Kart games that followed.

Another Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection highlight has to be the Pokémon Global Trade Station, introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. You were finally able to trade Pokémon with people across the globe! Well, you could once you'd sifted through the countless Lv.100 shiny Pokémon that were up for impossible offers, courtesy of Action Replay devices. Every once in a while you'd get an awesome deal though; I still can't get over the fact someone gave me a (legitimate) Groudon for my Lv.5 Azurill.

Those are some of our Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection memories; share yours in the comments below — they're just memories now.

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Pichuka97 said:

I used to love playing DS games online until my mom blocked them on the router. I was the last person online Mario Kart Wii though last night. RIP wi-fi connection.



Inkling said:

I wish the DS hadn't been limited to WEP, or at least the DSi could have changed it.

Mario Kart DS was my first experience of the WiFi Connection. Playing as Waluigi on GCN Mario Circuit, good times.



HawkeyeWii said:

Even with the Wii U out, I still they shut it down wayyy too early. I mean the 360's online is supposed to be supported for another 6 years. I guess getting a Wii Mini makes a lot more sense now.



ManateeBlubber said:

I never had issues with Brawl's online mode. Except for the fact that I stank and lost every time, but hey, whaddyagonnado?



Samurai_Goroh said:

I didn't play that much online on Wii, to be honest. Brawl's matchmaking was awful. And the lag was always there. I got butchered every time in Dr.Mario & Germ Buster, shame on me. Mario Strikers Charged is probably my fondest memory of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. A new Strikers would be welcome on Wii U. The Nintendo Network is a huge leap forward for Nintendo.



SecondServing said:

I remember trying to trade Pokemon online, it was really freaking annoying.

These Japanese kids wanted a Lvl. 1 Mew for a Charmander!

Like, WTF! Who has a lvl. 1 Mew?!?!??




My most memorable experience on the wifi service was undoubtedly beating Europe's number 1 player on Mario Strikers Charged. Me and a friend would play it every Monday(and usually a Tuesday or Wednesday) to try and at least top the league for a day or two. It was immense fun and I hope a Wii U iteration comes along soon!



jcags said:

I tried Tatsunoko Vs Capcom today, it downloaded the records but couldn't find anyone to play with, has anyone else tried?



FishClip said:

Anyone else play online on Battallion Wars 2 for Wii? Never had lag problems and the 3 modes were tons of fun! No voice chat for co-op hurt but it was still playable. A total hidden gem on the wii, I never hear anyone talk about it.



bizcuthammer said:

I have only two memories of the Wifi on Wii: playing Mario Kart Wii at my parents' house (i never bought the game myself) with my family over Christmas break one year, and attempting to play Smash Bros once with a good friend from high school who had moved across the country.

My first experience was Smash Bros. My good friend and I had been waiting for the game since it was announced, but we graduated high school the summer before its release. Both of us were from Indiana, but i moved to Tennessee for college and he wound up on the east coast. When Smash Bros came out, we got in contact over the internet to exchange friend codes and quickly hopped online. We had spent hours and hours playing Smash Bros on N64 and GCN since we met in 7th grade, so i was so excited our tradition could continue even though we were now miles apart. Unfortunately the online multiplayer is Smash Bros Brawl was a laggy, pitiful mess. We tried over and over again that day to connect properly and get a coherent game going, but couldnt. It was awful and aside from that Christmas break in which my family played Mario Kart Wii for hours and hours, i never used the online capabilities of my Wii again except to download some VC games.

Man i wish Nintendo would just get with it already and give us a worthwhile online gaming experience. I feel like it really shouldnt be that hard, since every other gaming company seems to have figured it out.



baba_944 said:

I remember watching commercials for "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection". I signed up for it online (never know you had to have a console to play it with). Only used it on "Pokemon Black" though (first and last "Pokemon" game).



Phantom_R said:

I'm an awesome snaker, but I would only snake if someone else did or I was falling behind.

Had a lot of great memories playing Pokemon Battle Revolution, too, which I can only do offline now. That's what got me into competitive battling. I was training all the best Pokemon I could, and even though they've all been unfortunately deleted, I can still go back and use them there. Man, that game was heaven for anyone starting to play competitively, with that mystery gift store!



PGS_71 said:

As I said in a post on the reminder article, CoD Black Ops and MW3 online are both still working with 1000+ still playing. I'm hoping the different 'Wi-Fi Compatible" logo (they don't have the usual blue logo) mean they run on different servers!

Will have to wait and see, but fingers crossed!



JeffreyG said:

Mario Kart DS was my first online game, but I didn't play it nearly as much as MK Wii. I also played Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City a lot with my friend. Good times.



Minotaurgamer said:

It was far from perfect but it wasn't as awful as the awful journalists and even more terrible gamers liked to portray it. It seems that the only argument they could give was the awful lag in SSBB. And yes it was awful but they mentioned it like there wasn't other good (even better) online game on the Wii. But that was constant in the past generation: bullying everything Nintendo did no matter how absurd it sounded. For a free service that used a very basic matchmaking technology it actually did a very good job.

The game I played the most was Mario Kart Wii. It was my true first online game and I loved it. There were only two things I didn't liked: the unfair scoring system, which granted more points and better items to the ones that had few Racing points, technically "punishing" you for being good. That was very discouraging. And second, Hackers. THOSE DAMN HACKERS! Because of those cockroaches I stopped playing it for more than a year. It get to a point that it was unplayable and the only ones having fun were them. I really really hope MK8 has a much better vigilance. besides that, MKWii online was the bomb and to date my favorite online game.

Other games I had that played over NWFC were Castlevania Jugdment, Tatsunoko vs capcom, Goldeneye, Call of duty modern warfare, Guitar hero 3 and Bomberman blast. Sold the former 4 ones, there was never anybody there to play GH3 and I actually forgot about Bomberman o_O

I am going to really miss my MKWii matches. But time to move on and wait to start the fever with Mario kart 8 soon Of course, the new Nintendo Network now uses their own propietary technology without depending at 3d party services and I know it will get better from now on but for their true first foray at online gaming it was very good and did a great job. And finally, screw the haters.



Agent721 said:

It was all Mario Kart for me. And it always worked well, certainly never enough time to make tea between matches! I think the UK 's broadband is too blame for that. I was playing COD2 online prior to MKWii & MKWii worked just as well. What I hated was trying to meet friends online, which proved nearly impossible without Online IDs. But the racing itself was lag free & top notch.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Sigh. And I never got to play any DS game online('xept from Black/Black 2 and that wasn't even... you know what I mean) because my internet connection is not supporting WEP. And as limited as my internet is it would be more than sufficient for those DS games. Now Ninty's latest support them but it's just one issue over another, and it looks like I'm not going to have a nice time online this gen.
I am totally awesome in snaking, MKDS. Only wish I had a chance to showcase my skills and now it's all gone.



Pinemeowth said:

My first memory with nintendo wifi was with the Pokémon series trading on the gts. Good times!



faint said:

@HawkeyeWii the company game spy was handling all the ds wii games they went out of business so ninty shut the game down rather than starting a new contract elsewhere. 100's of games lost wifi. Not just nintys.



theblackdragon said:

I'm actually kinda sad — it completely slipped my mind to update all the Tomena Sanner scores on my Wii before the WFC went down. man, those days back when it first came out, me and Vay and JayArr and Peachy all going head-to-head to conquer the leaderboards in the name of all that is NL... such good times. guess i'll never know if anyone managed to defeat my few crazy high scores that had been left standing... >:3



KodyDawg said:

We shouldn't be worried about DS' online at all! DS VC on Wii U is just around the corner according to Nintendo! Maybe we'll even have a way to transport data from our carts inserted into a 3DS over to the Wii U!



mystman12 said:

The only I game I ever really played online was MK Wii, but I loved it so much! Even when hackers came along I didn't mind that much. The night before the shutdown I was able to race one super hacker, which I had never seen before (The last and first time I saw one was when I was playing with my sister, and before the race even started everyone was getting bombed and shrunken, and my sister shutoff the Wii before I could stop her) and wanted to see what kind of crazy stuff he would do. I even caught it on video! One of the last races was really awesome too, because I got a star and reached first place, and then the cheater threw two spiny shells, but I had a golden mushroom and dodged both of them! It was awesome!



Windy said:

I played Phantasy Star Zero the other night with some longtime friends who have been in a group of mine at for years now and thought to myself, "oh my god, this will be the last time we get to play this together as friends." It makes me a little angry to think about. That a game which made friendships and brought people together for the same purpose is no more. All at the closing of a server with basically of no hope in sight of hosting the game on a private server. For years I thought that the DS games were a Direct connection and had no chance of ever going obsolete. But we played Phantasy Star Zero right up to the end. It was a great a night. We had 8 people show up to our little send off, so we had 2 groups of 4 people up and running for about 4 hours. I kept wishing there was a game like this one on 3ds. Online play for Nintendo Handhelds have seriously gone backwards since Phantasy Star Zero released. A great chat system, fluid only play for up too 4 people, and easy hookup through either friend codes or just find a game. Maybe it was the game itself which just made it good cause it sure was good! We will miss you Phantasy Star Zero



she_gamer said:

MKWii was my only online play, and since MKWiiU is coming out soon I don't have much to lament. I just loved the concept of racing people from other countries... Didn't even know it could do that before I bought it, and discovered that feature months later when I had wifi installed in my home. "Is it really letting me play against people from Japan??? NO WAY!"



maxsonnage said:

Mario kart ds online was my first mario kart online experience, and it will be missed. Snaking rules



Andremario said:

The wep thing always killed it for me. Only good/fond memory i had was playing Mario Kart ds online. The old system sucked because wep is so hard to find these days..withering technology FA REAL! Now MK7 is way more enjoyable online now with the new way to get online it's a lot easier. I still wanna try RE Revelations online I heard it's awesome but nope I kinda miss the ds online because that means I will no longer be able to play bomberman blitz online but hey it's cool. R.I.P lil homie You were troublesome even downright difficult to connect to but it was fun when that's all you had. S/O to starbucks for having wifi



kereke12 said:

I know a lot of people who still play Animal Crossing CF. This is a dumb move. Ohh well time to move on



epicdude12302 said:

Since it was limited to WEP, I never was able to connect. At least that means that the shutdown doesn't really affect me.



blackknight77 said:

I did not have too much problem with Smash Bros. Brawl. I had fun with Mario Kart wii, Animal Crossing City Folk, Endless Ocean blue world and uploading high scores with Star Soldier R.



bassoongoon said:

Good memories. I only really ever played Mario Kart Wii online, but put tons of time into it. On to bigger and better things!



agentcollins said:

well I all ways complained about Nintendo's network but it was fun and free, and hell its still free on the wii u. Man now that the Wii is gone, i miss it, oh well see you around Nintendo Wii it was fun



Dolphin64 said:

I remember first playing Wi-Fi on Mario Kart DS. My dad set it up and I didn't know what the hell to do, one of my first matches was playing with this guy on rainbow road. I remember I almost cried when I couldent beat people on Mario Kart Wii. Ha. Good times. Ah and I also spent many days where I locked myself up in a dark room in a corner playing Mario Kart DS online for days. GOOD TIMES.



Light said:

Had good fun with MKwii, brawl was a laggy mess, which i abandoned almost immediately. Looking forward to much better online services. If Brawl is not done right this time, it will definitely kill the game much faster. Smash can not survive another localized prison cell like it did last generation.



RedYoshi999 said:

Well when I got my wii in 2007 I had never experienced online gaming before, and was quite eager to get onto the wii shop. However, we didn't have wifi back then (not until a year before the wii u) so I had to purchase the infamous nintendo wifi usb connector, install the software on my computer (which had to be running) and pray to god it would work today. Despite many ragings, I did have many good hours. I bought mario strikers charged purely because it was the first wifi game for wii (and regretted it because it was not my cup of tea) but mario kart wii was the shining example of pure fun. Brawl was useless sadly and I abandoned it. Eventually I got a DSi and caught up with mario kart DS and wild world. When we finally got wireless I was glad to ditch the usb connector for reliable gaming lol



EverythingAmiibo said:

Lucky I was a kid genius, I managed to get the most (which was very little) out of Nintendo's sad excuse for online by tweaking my wireless almost weekly in order to satisfy the various silly needs of Nintendo's connections. My highlights would be Mario Kart, Monster Hunter and of course Onslaught (back when it was actually played). DS never really brought me much, though Wario Ware DIY's massive online library with micro-games created by famous devs and constant competitions was a true marvel to behold and a great technical achievement!



jc3bull said:

I don't understand why the gaming community is supporting this crap. No one should lose access to online play when they paid good money to do so. Utter nonsense which validates my stance against DLC or online only games.



JubilifeRival said:

I always hated it. It almost never worked and when it did it lagged. These days, I'm sure I could do something about it, but when I was an 8-year-old with my DS I couldn't exactly figure it out.

Still, it's sad to see it go.



FJOJR said:

Bought Mario Kart DS as my 1st WFC game but the snakers absolutely broke the online experience for many people. My favorite WFC game was not even a game. It was the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii. If I had to pick a game it would be the last Mario Vs. DK on the DS. Great community.



chiefeagle02 said:

I would go over to a friend's house and we'd play 2p Mario Kart Wii Online. We'd play Co-Op, helping out whoever's file it was. Lots of swearing (Rainbow Road will do that), but also lots of fun.



Cooligan said:

I terribly miss playing Animal Crossing: City Folk and Mario Kart Wii online. I would always race my friends or visit other towns to get rare fruit. It's not just something you can do any day. Good times...



Emaan said:

My first experience with Nintendo WiFi was probably Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World. I remember the first time I visited someone's town and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I met so many friends.

I never was as involved with the Global Trade Station in the Pokemon games as I wanted to. I did get a few trades here and there. I remember wanting to get every single Pokemon back in the days of Diamond and Pearl. I played a few battles online here and there. I can still hear the Pokemon WiFi waiting room theme like it were yesterday <3

On the Wii I would always send messages to my friends and cousins with Wii Connect 24. I remember playing online matches of Mario Strikers Charged at my neighbor's house. He had let me borrow Pokemon Battle Revolution every now and then. I remember being in the waiting lobby forever. When it would finally match me up with another player, they would have a team of all legendaries and I would be like wow this is going to be terrible.

I played Mario Kart Wii online a lot when it first came out. People just LOVED to choose that GBA Bowser's Castle to race on and I hated it. It became an ongoing joke that I had to myself whenever I went online with that game. While Super Smash Bros. Brawl had pretty lame online overall, me and my friends still managed to have a few decent matches here and there. I remember how you could have a message next to your profile and you could set short texts to the taunts when you played. Good times. I can't even begin to say how badly I'm going to miss the online in Animal Crossing: City Folk. All those nights during the summer when me and some friends would have sleepovers at each other's towns. I would leave the Wii on all night and sleep on the couch. When I would wake up usually some other players were already up and fishing outside. I remember how desperately I wanted to get a tan like everyone else. We would stand by the beach and talk for hours. I think I'm going to miss the online in that game most of all.

Thank you for all the memories, Nintendo. While the WiFi Connection features on the Wii and DS weren't perfect, playing online with those games as I made it through my middle school years still holds a special place in my heart. Always.




Why is this even an article the connection was bad, and if you had certain types of routers you couldn't even play your games. All in all I'm glad this God forsaken thing is gone from the Earth!



Yosher said:

I had so much fun playing over Wifi. Brawl and MKWii were (unspurprisingly) my most played online games, but I also played a good bunch of Fortune Street online. Really gonna miss that the most since there is no replacement for that coming (at least, not as is known right now). I really hope they'll make a new Fortune Street for the Wii U, or maybe the 3DS. ( And hopefully not force you to use your Mii even in online multiplayer. )

@MASAHIROSAKURI Why do you even reply then? If you look at the comments alone you'll see that many people enjoyed Wifi connection. Your comment is pretty selfish.



DespyCL said:

So much hate on the ssbb online multiplayer... Well, it was a great era, my most played games were mario kart ds, mario kart wii and call of duty: black ops. I had a lot of fun and rage, oh god those were great years...



Urbanhispanic said:

I'd had tons of good memories with the Wii DS Wi Fi Connection. For the Wii, the first game i went online with was Medal of Honor:Heroes 2. Soon after, I bought The Conduit and those two were my FPS fix. Then I bought Mario Kart Wii and spent many hours offline and online. But the one game I kept on playing until the night before was Goldeneye 007; man what a fun game and I had only reached level 54!

For the DS, the only game that I played a lot online was Tetris Party. I had a lot of fun with that one as well. All in all, I had good memories and wish the WiiU was doing better so there are more people online playing.



Urbanhispanic said:

Also, I had some lag issues when Brawl came out but I also had some good matches as well. I wish you could have kept a friends list for that game so you can find them again and set up matches.



8BitSamurai said:

Honestly, aside from a few games, I really don't think anything was lost in the shutdown, on the Wii or the DS. I barely even could play DS games, because it only accepted the archaic (Even in 2004) WEP security. Even on the Wii, player bases tended to be low, there was no features, and unbearable lag ran amok. The friend codes felt like a nostalgic throwback to swapping IP addresses for 90's PC games. NWC in general was just an unmitigated mess, from top to bottom.

There were a few exceptions to the rule, and it's kinda sad to see them go before their time, but overall I'm not going to miss the service.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Plenty of memories on Pokemon white and platinum gts. Good times. Played a little Brawl as well, but I didn't play much of either mariokart online.



FX29 said:

Great memories playing Nintendo Wi-Fi. Most notable ones: Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Metroid Prime Hunters, Mega Man Star Force 2 & 3, Advance Wars Days of Ruin, and of course Pokemon.



AVahne said:

Ah, I remember trying to play Brawl online...horrible experience, however Mario Kart Wii was an absolute joy. I was a pure Nintendo fanboy back then (my stupid teenage years, where I forgot the joys of true gaming, i.e. enjoying games on anything and everything), so I didn't really know anything about online on other platforms. And I didn't really care, because MKWii was just so much fun. And then there was Monster Hunter 3(tri) need to explain just how amazed I was at how great the online was, especially compared to other Wii games.
Then a few years back I got The Last Story, and enjoyed the online portion after beating story mode. Just too bad that barely anyone was playing online, even after just 2 months after release.
Also that same year I got Phantasy Star Zero (DS game) for my 3DS and I remember being amazed at being able to find a Monster Hunter-style game on the freaking DS. Lack of analog movement and poor touch-screen implementation were definite flaws, but I played the hell out of that game just for the gameplay and story (I didn't have a PSP back then and couldn't enjoy MH on the go or similar games like God Eater). Online was fun as well, when I could find someone that is.
Ah...I'm gonna miss Nintendo Wifi Connection. Maybe I should've tried joining one of them final PSZ online runs....



Smug43 said:

@Windy There is Heroes of Ruin.. it has voice chat during game and while not exactly like PSO it's a pretty fun yet basic dungeon romp.. you should definitely check it out.. should be ab absolute bargain at this time.



Fandabidozi said:

Having never played Brawl I only have good things to say about ye olde wi-fi. Played MKWii and loved it, and have been using the Pokemon GTS from its release, up until the server shut down. Wish I had taken time to play more Animal Crossing DS and Tatsunoku vs Capcom, but it's too late now



fluggy said:

I was in the top 1500 World at War players.... Not that impressive until u realise the top 1000 were cheaters with 99999999 kills and 0 deaths. Gonna miss it and Mario Kart 2. The release of Wii Mini looks rather sinister and calculated now.



ToonLink795 said:

Fun times. I mostly played Mario kart Wii (put in about 150 to 200 hours online) and a little Monster Hunter 3 Tri. Over all I wont really miss Nintendo WiFi that much. Even though online gaming is gone for Wii I still have plenty of reasons to continue playing it for years since I have plenty of great classic games so I do not really need online anyway.



Grumblevolcano said:

I'll be missing WFC a lot especially because of Mario Kart Wii. Had so many great memories from that game and also liked the fact you could actually choose whatever race you wanted online even though it meant Luigi Circuit got raced on several times consecutively due to the same person. A bit concerned about MK8's online from what's been shown so far but hopefully more online titles will be announced at E3.

The other games I played online I won't really miss as the online wasn't that great.



Uberchu said:

Come to the Shockingly Electric light that is PS4 we have everything including backwards compatibility... no wait WE DON't.

Nintendoes what Sony(and M$) DON'T



StarDust4Ever said:

I remember in 2005 picking up Mario Kart DS at EB games and strolling down to PJ's coffee house for matchups. The wifi was unencripted so all was well. Honestly MK DS wifi matches were a mixed bag. Occasionally the games were fair and competitive but I often got faced with trolls.

One race I was playing DK Summit and I noticed on the map screen 4th player was stuck in the brush somewhere. 2nd lap I was keeping up right on 1st and 2nd player's tails, then all of a sudden the troll launched out of the bushes with a power star he had been saving - run me over, then reverse, and run me over again until the power star wore off. 3rd lap I was still lagging but fast catching up and he did it again, grrr. Then he disconnected right before I crossed the finish line and I got stuck in 3rd (last) place. Over and over I'd be in 3rd place and the player in last would disconnect right before I crossed finish, costing me the victory points.

I have noticed in the 3DS version, it you costs you big if you intentionally disconnect, or don't follow the rules. Squatting or driving backwards for more than like 10 seconds will get you booted and have 20pts deducted from your rating. Then Nintendo got off their bum and patched the Maka Wuhu glitch. I was very glad since it was blatantly easy to pull off unlike the Wii exploits where you had to be a pro to pull off. You had to join the them or take a hit, and 50% of racers always voted it!

But it MKDS wasn't all negative: my fondest memory was once on DS Yoshi Falls, 3rd lap, we were tightly bunched together fast approaching the finish line, and I got the draft boost and passed them all, netting my first 1st!

That and one other time I had raced the same guy multiple times and we were on Rainbow road. I botched the race bad by falling off one too many times, so I turned around to go the opposite way. He saw me driving backwards and proceeded to follow. Round and round we went backwatds around the track until the timer expired. Good times!

I never could snake to save my life so I'm glad that mechanic was eliminated in Wii and 3DS and MK8 in favor of automatic boosting during powerslides.

Also I never really experienced hackers or pro exploit glitching (Grumble Volcano, Mushroom Gorge, Wario's Gold Mine, and much later Coconut Mall), but I found the World Record time trials for those courses very entertaining to watch. I managed to successfully download all 32 World Record Ghosts two nights before the service closed. My VR rating is permanantly stuck at a mediocre 4720 pts though. 544 wins; 911 losses...

Finally, I've owned Excitebots Trick Racing for years and never realised there was an online mode to it. I went thumbing through my old Wii games looking for anything with the wifi logo. I had incredible fun playing Exitebots online until 5:30am on May 20th. I slept and got up at 12:30 to find wifi permanently disabled. So I had my first and last Excitebots races online during the wifi twilight.

Another fond Wii memory was playing Super Strikers Charged over dial up! Yes, you heard correct. My mom still didn't yet have broadband in 2007, and I had set up the Mini Mac Airport as a wifi router to connect my Wii. Believe it or not, it was possible to update and access the Wii Shop over dial-up. Imagine watching Mario run across the screen for 3 hours whilst downloading Sin and Punishment.

Anyway, my Game Cube collection walked when our house got burglarized in December 2006, shortly before I got my hands on a Wii. So I was happy when Super Strikers rereleased on Wii, and I was quick to grab it. Unfortunately, the "Bowser" event was gone, periods weren't long enough, and the game was a little too over-the-top with custom powerups, tilting fields, and Super Smash goals scoring up to six points instead two. So I eventually traded it in for the Game Cube version. I know, blasphemy! But I did manage to connect on wifi and play several rounds to completion using the Mini Mac as a router for our dial up connection. I won like one round as well! Fortunately my mom caved in and got broadband in January 2008 after our IP pulled the plug on their old dial-up servers due to lack of use. I was a happy camper from then on...



Mahemoth said:

How come nobody mentions the online MH tri. I enjoyed that the most. Battallion wars was also quite fun.



SebCroc said:

I played MKDS to death. The smoothed out D-Pad on my DS proves it. Online mode was definitely a highlight, I had so much fun with it! I remember being in a race with a hacker who managed to boot the Pipe Plaza stage as a racecourse one time. Unfortunately, I got disconnected after going through one of the pipes



AJWolfTill said:

It does! Yaay, Goldeneye was one of the few games in which the online multiplayer actually sucked me in at all.
I played Brawl once or twice but it was severely broken.
Did anyone else ever play Guitar Hero online back in the day? It worked really well until every other person picked In Flames or Dragonforce repeatedly.
I never got to try Hunter's multiplayer which is a shame.



AyeHaley said:

@GamerOZO Yeah I hated having to change my wifi connection just so I could play online for a few minutes. After a while I didn't even bother to do so and skipped online on DS/DSi.



PGS_71 said:

Yes, that fits with CoD Black Ops and MW3 both still working as I pointed out in my earlier post. So yes, hopefully the Activision games are on different servers and will stay!



Rensch said:

Back in say, 2005, I didn't have a Wi-Fi network at home. This was still quite common at the time, so Nintendo had a solution for that: a Wi-Fi dongle that would fit in the USB port of your computer. In retrospect, the thing was ridiculously overpriced. Getting it to work properly was rather annoying. I remember trying out Mario Kart DS. While the service was plagued by disconnections, and some of the coolest courses in the game weren't even available in multiplayer, the fact that I could play a handheld game online was a revelation.

Two years later came Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the first two Pokémon games with a much-desired online mode. For the first time ever catching 'em all was not quite as impossible as it had been before. One of the most brilliant yet flawed innovations was the Global Trade Station. Put a pokémon up for offer or search for one you want and see what people want in exchange. On paper it worked well, but in practice people would ask for lv. 100 Palkia in exchange for their awesome lv.3 Bidoof. Hackers and illegitimate lv.1 shiny Dialgas and Kyogres littered the system.... and continue to do so to this day. Why even allow players to ask for a lv.1 Mewtwo. It never happens unless you cheat.

But even then, the fact that a Diamond player like me could get his hands on a Pearl-exclusive Murkrow in exchange for Diamond-native Misdreavus was wonderful. No more getting together with friends and buying clunky link cables to get that one elusive Pokémon like we used to as kids in the schoolyard. No, you'd just put up that Misdreavus and within an hour or so, you would have yourself a Murkrow from some nameless dude in Japan. Fair trades were usually rewarded. Sure, it felt less like socializing, but it was so much more streamlined and easy than before.



NintyMan said:

Because I had very poor internet back then, I never played my DS online, and when I got higher speed internet years later, I only sometimes played Mario Kart Wii online at home and mostly played it in a relative's house. What little I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl online was mediocre at best. For me personally, I won't be missing Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection at all.



Drawdler said:

I already wrote about what I did before WFC closed down. Besides the Wi-Fi Plaza, I don't think I'll miss anything else too much, and with the Wi-Fi Plaza I'm only going to miss it much because SoulSilver is my favourite DS game.

I never got to play any Wii game online (I might have played Mario Kart Wii but I don't really remember it), but I did play a few DS games. Friend Codes were really a pain, though, and because a lot of the DS games I wanted to play forced you to use them I didn't get to play any much (never got to play Tetris DS multiplayer over Wi-Fi /cries/).

My fondest WFC memories outside of SoulSilver's Wi-Fi Plaza come from Animal Crossing: Wild World. I remember going on Animal Crossing Community (as GamingMaster_76) and getting to know a couple of people there. It was actually the first forum I joined. I stalked the site for a while before I did join, then I asked a few people if I could add them as a friend on the game once I did. I remember getting someone to cheat in a bunch of rare flowers and all the Mario items into my town for me (I still have the Mario items in my main room, although all of the flowers are probably dead by this point). I was such a noob when I joined ACC... But good times, discovering the Internet. It didn't last long, though, I ended up leaving that site and haven't played with anyone from Animal Crossing Community for years.

I played Mario Kart DS for a bit. I remember seeing people "jumping around" on the screen and I thought they were using cheats but now I know that they were just snaking. I actually beat some snakers without snaking.

I also remember one time when I went on the GTS. I don't remember which Pokémon I wanted (it may have been Shaymin) but I remember seeing someone ask for a Level 100 Arcanine. I used my Action replay to nab a Level 70 one on the route after Jubilife, caught it with a Master Ball, then Rare Candy'd it up to 100. I'm still wondering wether the person I traded with was okay with getting a Pokémon that I so blatantly cheated for...

I still remember the reason I wanted to set up WFC in the first place. I wanted to download the Wi-Fi missions for Pokémon Ranger. I'm glad that I pushed to get WFC for that, since otherwise I wouldn't have set it up to play games.



SphericalCrusher said:

I was watching a Mario Kart Wii stream on Twitch right up until the point where the servers died at 10AM EST. It was pretty cool. For me, my Nintendo WFC memories consisted of: Pokemon (Various) battles/trading, Goldeneye online MP on Wii, Conduit 1 and 2 online MP for Wii, a little Smash Bros online when I could, and some Mario Kart Wii online (and Mario Kart TV). Didn't really use it outside of these.



retro_player_22 said:

Well, it was a good times while it last. I wish it could go on forever too but like the many online games (Phantasy Star Online Episodes: I, II &, III, Unreal Tournament, Super Mario Kart - via XBand, Street Fighter III: Third Strikes, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, etc.) that came before them, those old networks that serve those purpose can't stay active forever.



Luffymcduck said:

"Unfortunately, the way the game ranked you online was a double-edged sword - the higher your point count soared, the more points you would lose if you came in any position below 1st place. What ensued was a desperate struggle to come in first every race."

Ah, Mario Kart Wii online. I was always happy to find that I´ve just lost 200 points after disconnection error. Really killed my interest for ever trying to achieve 9999 score.



booopn said:

My most vivid memory on the DS is not being able to connect as my router didn't support the outdated WEP protocol. Things like this are what people mean when they say Nintendo doesn't get online.

On the Wii I had much more success. Brawl was a lagfest and broken whenever I tried it. But I did have much happier memories of Mariokart Wii, improving my times for every single course so that I would be in the top 10 percentile. The best feature was being able to watch the top scorers race and learn the best lines through the course.

My other fondest memory is playing Mario Strikers and improving my game by leaps and bounds when I learned new ways of scoring from other people. That game has such great depth and balance and is criminally underrated for competitive play. Most importantly sharpening my skills online enabled me to learn the skills to win the extremely challenging Striker Cup!



rhyno14 said:

@Nintendo_Ninja at first I wasn't aware of the WFC closing down, i was just about to try and trade some of my crown jewels... that i spent hours soft resetting for lol. Guess i can just keep them now.



Jay219 said:

i really hate it when i see some new consoles come and old consoles go mario kart wiis not fun anymore without nintendo wifi!

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