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Super Mario 3D World Double Disc Soundtrack Arrives on Club Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Europe and Australia included for now

Last year we shared the news that Club Nintendo in Japan received an awesome Super Mario 3D World 2-CD soundtrack; we were envious as the Wii U title has a number of outstanding 'Big Band' tracks that still stick in the mind.

The exciting news for gamers in Europe and Australia, who savoured the music while working through Super Mario 3D World, is that the same double disc album is now available on Club Nintendo in those regions. If you're in these territories simply head on over to your own regional Club Nintendo catalogue; the album's available for 3000 stars in Europe and 2000 stars in Australia. The official description says the following:

Jump back into SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD's Sprixie Kingdom with the game's official soundtrack CD! This two-disc collection features 77 tracks performed by the Mario 3D World Big Band.

As you can see in the images above and below this also looks attractive as a collectible. Unfortunately this hasn't been added to Club Nintendo in North America at the time of writing, but we hope it's just a matter of time.

Are any of you in Europe or Australia planning to pick this up?


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NintyMan said:

Oh, my goodness! Bring this to North America. I hope this becomes a trend!



MAB said:

I have 8000 stars sitting there gathering virtual dust so I might as well get it...I haven't even got the game yet and I don't really care



ricklongo said:

Where's my Tropical Freeze soundtrack, Nintendo???

I wish they'd sell it on actual stores, too, since Club Nintendo is not an option for us South American second-rate customers.



ikki5 said:

I wish NA would get a sound track album. We did kind of once but that was a platnium reward. aside from that, we never get them



DarkSplatoonLink said:

Had to scramble in a few surveys; I had some downloads still sitting unclaimed on my account, so I got my order in! My account is pretty dry for stars now, though; I've ordered a lot recently.
I'm glad I stayed up really late tonight!



ejamer said:

Does anyone have a rough idea of how stars (Europe) compare with coins (North America)?

This looks like a fantastic reward. Hopefully it becomes available in North America too!



NintyMan said:

I guess the downside if this comes to North America would be the ludicrous amount of coins you would have to have to get it. They charged so much for the Luigi statue and Yoshi shirt.



mystman12 said:

I'm excited for this just because it means we might get a Tropical Freeze soundtrack! I would order that the moment it would be released!



Jazzer94 said:

I'm not back home till Monday and by then they'll all be gone and I have enough stars to boot.



mystman12 said:

I'm wondering too... How do stars compare to coins. In NA you get about 60 or 50 coins for Wii U games and 40 for 3DS games. What do you get for this in Europe?



SphericalCrusher said:

That is awesome! I am approaching 700 coins again for NA, but I really wanted that Yoshi carrier for my Wiimotes... I'll see if it hits. Just been spending a ton of coins.



Starwolf_UK said:

I still want an option that requires me to directly spend money on these and other soundtracks. Paying someone £50 on eBay who paid Nintendo 3000 stars is not what I mean. I'm talking download stores like google play, Amazon MP3 or even ugh, iTunes.

@ejamer @TheWhiteFalcon Roughly 1 coin is 5 stars. So 600 coins? But I say roughly because Club Nintendo America nearly always gives post play surveys (here in Europe you need to register at release for these), intend to buy surveys still exists (these were around and then there is the fact that platinum prizes exist which give you freebies just for earning 600 coins in a year (no such thing in Europe, but slips that expire 3.5 years from release and earned stars expire after 24 months making it hard to earn many...which is intentional). Then on the European side you have things like double stars for first party retail games downloaded via the eShop (makes up for the price hike, maybe).

@Mk_II 500 for Wii U games? Are you sure you are not mixing up the double stars for eShop retail downloads in to that.



Mario_maniac said:

For comparison, Australia gets 250 stars for a full priced game, generally 200 for 3DS first-party games, and 500 for consoles.



Emblem said:

How many Stars do I get for the products that I register?
Welcome bonus for initial registration as a member of Club Nintendo = 250 Stars
Registration and completing the survey for hardware:
Wii U console = 1000 Stars
Nintendo 3DS = 750 Stars
Nintendo 2DS = 500 Stars
Wii console = 1000 Stars
Nintendo DS = 500 Stars
For details on all systems, click here.
Registration and completing the survey for packaged software:
Wii U software = 250 Stars
Nintendo 3DS software = 250 Stars
Wii software = 200-250 Stars
Nintendo DS software = 200-250 Stars
Downloading software on a console linked to Club Nintendo and completing the corresponding survey:
Wii U software that is also available in packaged form = 250 Stars
Nintendo 3DS software that is also available in packaged form = 250 Stars. Completing the survey within 28 days after download = additional 250 Stars
WiiWare on Wii, Nintendo DSiWare on Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, Virtual Console on Wii = 50 Stars, (currently unavailable)



dumedum said:

CD's are pretty pointless in this day and age. I wouldn't spend coins on them.



MeddlingIdiot said:

Oh man, I'm about 1000 short and to make matters worse my Super Mario 3D World product code is telling me it's already been registered. It hasn't, I literally just scratched it of in a mad panic...



AdanVC said:

Now more than ever I'm so mad for three things:

1.- I've been wishing to own this Soundtrack since the first second it was announced on Japan.
2.- It's finally announced to be released outside of Japan BUT ONLY for Europe and Australia (Like WTF, Nintendo of America? REGGIE!? First you add a red box to Mario Kart 8 without the awesome Limited Edition Blue Shell figurine and now this!?)
3.- Even if it's released in America I would not have the chance to get it because I live in freaking Mexico!!!




Bulbousaur said:

I was going to save up for that Platinum Mario Galaxy soundtrack for just over 4000 stars, now I have to choose between two amazing soundtracks...



Ninhau said:

have 4500 Stars... here the "Mario Galaxy 2 2cd OST" is at 4850 stars, which is too expensive imo... but at 3000 for this one, might go for this, much more reasonable and has 2 cds too

dunno why australia gets it cheaper, though



Klunk23 said:

So to get an idea of how the European stars transfer to our coins, I looked at both the American and European club Nintendo shops to see if any items were the same. The only thing that was the same was the Yoshi screen cloth. In America it's 400 coins and it's 1500 stars in Europe. Some one earlier stated that a full price Wii U game gets you 500 stars. So it would take you the 3 Wii U games to get that. In America, it would take you 6 Wii U games plus 1 3DS game to get the 400 coins. Not to be that guy, but...that doesn't seem super fair.



FX102A said:

Well I've been holding thousands of game codes for years (unfortunately around 4000 stars worth of codes expired) but I believe I still have plenty. Will be typing em in tonight.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Klunk23 If you take into account the person who said 500 stars for Wii U games is wrong (it is 250) and Americans get post play surveys to puff up their coins it works out very much the same. But you can't really use item prices as a metric (it is only buying power, like a big mac index) the items are priced to get rid of your stars/coins (as these pro grammes run on a certain budget). If most users have a lot of coins, then the items cost more. Likewise you see how it is cheaper in Australia as their service is much younger so far fewer users have very many stars.



Emaan said:

That feel when you get excited but then it's not for North America



Lebon14 said:

@dumedum Because you aren't one that...
1. Collects physical CDs in general
2. Collect physical video game soundtrack
3. Collect anything video game related.
4. Horde music in FLAC or other lossless format

Is it me or NA just get the worse possible rewards. We always get BS.
I'm calling it: it's not a standard reward right now but it'll become a platinum reward for this year.



AVahne said:

Knowing NoA, this will never be in the NA Club Nintendo. I'd like to see them prove me wrong though.



MegaAdam said:

I seriously doubt this will make it to NA Club Nintendo. If anything, it might be a Platinum prize.



AVahne said:

You're not being paranoid; it's true.
And actually, I highly doubt that we'll see this as an Elite reward of any kind. If you noticed, the Platinum rewards have been getting worse each year.
Most likely, we'll be getting a folder and bookmark set this year. Heck, not even a set. Even more likely is that they'll have us choose ONE folder OR ONE bookmark from a slightly varied selection.



Yoshi said:

Better work towards platinum, then. Because we all know it's going to be a platinum reward.




NintyMan said:

If this was the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze soundtrack, I'd be even more disappointed. All regions should enjoy those good tunes!



Nik-Davies said:

How long does it take for Club Nintendo to update and let me use the stars I've just registered some games. It's still saying I only have 2200. Where on other pages it says I have the 3000



DrMonk said:

Just ordered... man, I was feeling comfortable with over 10,000 stars recently but the invincible music is almost ending!!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Argh, dammit! I'm sharing my account with a friend, and he just got himself the card deck... now we're 2850 stars away from this awesomeness...



Vhyper1985 said:

Mine's on it's way

I always worry about spending stars since we never know what's going to be added to the store later which could be better, I missed out on the Luigi's Mansion statue & now they are going for silly money on Ebay & the like! Hopefully i'll have some time to build up stars again between now & the next decent item....



unrandomsam said:

@Lebon14 I think NA on the whole has the best possible rewards. (Stuff I would otherwise have to spend money on.) Other than the SNES Classic Controller which I never got in time I think everything else is utterly worthless on the EU Club Nintendo.



Goginho said:

Dang. I really hope this stays on the catalogue for a long time, since I had to use up my points I saved up cause they were expiring. Man, I dislike that rule, I could've gotten that no problemo :/



BearClaus said:

You know, I would probably go out and buy games just to get the coins necessary for my brother to get this.


Ehh, too much money. I'd gladly pay twenty bucks for it, though.



shaneoh said:

Perhaps we get it cheaper because we've got bugger all else on CN

Just ordered, look forward to it arriving. Got the SMG and LoZ OoT 3D soundtracks in my car



readypembroke said:

@ricklongo I wish that Nintendo would release all of their game soundtracks at retail stores. They could release the soundtracks at GameStop only for $10 each. I would buy all of them ASAP!!!!!



Chouzetsu said:

Meanwhile in America, we have these AMAZING and TOTALLY WORTH IT... Wii Remote wrist straps...
I really hope this comes to the states though. I don't have 3D World but I love the soundtrack.



Spooky said:

I am so glad I haven't taken the surveys of all of my downloaded games, there should be enough waiting in the wings. I just wish the Club Nintendo Europe site was quicker!



Not-Another-Ad said:

Might as well get myself it because I have about 7,000 stars gathering dust,as some still yet to add.



absuplendous said:

How enviable! I have no hope for seeing this as a standard reward on the NA Club Nintendo, but I suppose I have a potential reason for trying to reach Elite status this year.

If nothing else, I love seeing new traditional Mario artwork.



dumedum said:

It really has nothing to do with video games or boxes. You can't play a video game by going to frwakin YouTube. CDs are obsolete to 99% of the world sorry
@vonseux- the quality is not better in any way. The rip of the file is the same. People DL in any format they want. Its not records.

And to clarify, I do like CD's, I have a huge collection back home, from the 90's. But right now I wouldn't waste club nintendo points on them. I got the Majora mask cd as a reward but not by choice really.



ricklongo said:

@dumedum Well, there are enough people interested in them to have them sold out at Club Nintendo. You don't want them, and that's fine. There are plenty of other Club Nintendo rewards I wouldn't want either. Fact remains that there is an audience for such products, as much as for Zelda posters or Pikmin shopping bags.



Nik-Davies said:

Mine arrived today. Surprising how high quality it is and how incredibly quickly it arrived.



Dudemario89 said:

I currently have 3020 club nintendo........But I live in NA so yeah , This soundtrack needs to come... NOW!!



ZukutoBen said:

Was about to get this CD until I saw that the UK Version of Club Nintendo didn't have it in their stars catalog anymore.I tried asking them and they said that they can't confirm if it will return to the catalog.

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