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Wed 17th August, 2011

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LN3000 commented on Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retai...:

It's pretty smart of Nintendo.
Not everyone wants to download, or is able to download, all of these games. So having a physical version of these games just makes sense, to the people who want to play the games, and plain business sense.

Personally, I have my 500GB external drive, and prefer directly downloading my games. I just recognize that not everyone has that same luxury ability.



LN3000 commented on Review: Myst (3DS):

Unfortunately, I agree that the DS / 3DS ports are really disappointing.
PLEASE, if you're reading this, don't let this versions score of a 1 to detract you from giving Myst a chance. The version on Steam, or on iPhone/iPad are well deserving of your gaming attention, and are ported directly by the original developers.
This is a game that has stood the test of time. (The whole series, in fact)
Just... not so much in terms of porting.



LN3000 commented on HMV Says You Can Now Preorder the Wii U in Bla...:

Kinda weird pre-ordering something without knowing how much it'll cost, or even when it'd be released.
Then again, I guess it doesn't do much difference pre-ordering now, rather than later. Although I never did understand 'partial' pre-orders either.

I'm not pre-ordering the WiiU. If I'm going to be getting it day-1, I'll be waiting in line for it at launch.



LN3000 commented on Feature: Remembering the Super Game Boy:

AHA! I KNEW I remembered playing Donkey Kong and Game & Watch Gallery in color, so I was confused when the 3DS Virtual Console versions were so flat and B&W.
I had emailed Nintendo support about it, and they seemed clueless about what I was talking about.
Glad to see that I am not crazy.



LN3000 commented on New Look Wii Released This Christmas:

Uh.... the Wii has ALWAYS been designed to sit either vertically OR horizontally. There is nothing SHOCKING or REVOLUTIONARY about 'that' bit of 'news'.

But like I said in the other article, I think it's rather lame if they're really pulling support for gamecube games. Maybe they're just updating the firmware to allow saving to SD cards...... ? #optimist



LN3000 commented on First Photo of New Look Wii Console:

Oh come on, I hope that this isn't going to be a main "redesign". I don't think Nintendo would pull a move like that and yank backward compatibility. They would have learned from Sony what a move that is. So hopefully that's just a bundle-only version, and not a "Ok everyone, here you go!" version.