By now you might have seen our coverage of the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze commercial currently airing to promote DK's latest outing, and it's a fun showcase of gameplay and character that definitely paints a charming picture to drum up some anticipation. Today, a UK version of the same trailer has just arrived to do the same thing, and despite using the exact same visuals it definitely has a way of making itself stand out...

While the original North American version has a fairly innocuous, calm and cheery voice-over, the UK commercial has gone right to the opposite end of the spectrum and brought in the well-known English actor Brian Blessed to provide narration. He's hardly the most subtle choice, known for his booming explosion of a voice and enough jolliness to keep Santa Claus going for a decade, but when partnered with Nintendo's wildest franchise he makes for a roaring good match.

It's worth a watch even if you've already checked out the original version, solely to see the difference a change in voiceover can make. Good ol' Mr Blessed gets progressively more and more excited by the prospect of the Kong family's revenge, to the point where you can almost picture him leaping up onto the recording studio's table in triumph. There's a sense of goofy adventure to it that the American version misses out on slightly, with the added bonus being that we can actually picture Blessed and Donkey Kong himself getting along quite well if they were ever to meet. Either that or he'd join the walruses of the Snomads.

You can watch and compare both versions below, so be sure to leave a comment telling us which you like best!

NA Version

UK Version