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Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in Super Smash Bros.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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The latest Nintendo Direct didn't tell us when Super Smash Bros. is arriving on Wii U and 3DS, aside from '2014', but there was a rather pleasing reveal for the title. Little Mac, the hero of the Punch-Out!! series, arrives as a challenger for the first time.

The trailer, below, shows the pugilist in action and certainly demonstrates how well the development of the Wii U version, in particular, is progressing.

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Below (and above) are all of the images officially released to date for Little Mac. Are you excited about his arrival in Smash Bros.? Let us know in the comments below.

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User Comments (132)



Jayvir said:

It's decided. Goodbye Yoshi and Pit. Little Mac will be my only main.



Emaan said:

This is so amazing. Definitely adds more diversity to the roster!



Sparx said:

Captain falcon better watch his back, Mac has his own fiery punch



URAmk2 said:

Great news. Awesome trailer. Things like this make me happy i didn't sell my wii u.



ChuJelly said:

Very excited!!! Glad to see a fan-favorite choice finally in Smash. Now all we need is to get Goku, Shadow, and Pacman



dc_10 said:

It's a dream come true for me. I love the Punch-Out series and always wished, and knew, Little Mac would make the perfect and greatest addition to SSMB. Thank the Gaming Lords!!



rjejr said:

I've never liked Punch-Out but the Rocky opening was cool, and hes such a different type of character along the lines of the Fit trainer. Very nice addition.

2014 can't get here soon enough. Oh wait.



AlexSora89 said:

The 3DS Little Mac close-up screenshot is the best bit about the news.
Why? For two simple reasons:
1) it's finally revealed the ring is Little Mac's arena, which is cool and all
2) it means the two versions share more arenas than just Battlefield, implying cross-play is still possible.
Now excuse me, but I have a lot to gush about.
Oh, now I'm actually believing Isaac (or his son Matthew) will make it in the game this time around.



WaveGhoul said:


You know it! A dream come true i guess you could say! I'm just surprised by how quick he punches and how fast he is general, it's like something out of DBZ. Fox was always my number 1 pick for speed, but Mac completely obliterates Mcloud on every level.

Anyhoo, as extatic as i am, it would of been better if they made him look less realistic, a bit more cartoony and slightly unproportioned. He's clearly adopted his Wii Punch-Out!! look, but a bit more refined & nintendo-y which is a good thing!

Mega Man and now Little Mac, here's hoping Simon Belmont, Bill Rizer of Contra Fame, Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins & Pacman make the roster!



Gioku said:

I mean, Little Mac is perfect for Smash Bros., I'm surprised he's taken this long to be playable!



NintyMan said:

Yes! Little Mac was one of my requested newcomers. His debut video was awesome and he looks awesome in the games; Sakurai and his team did a fantastic job, He may end up being one of my mains!



Mask0Gears said:

The Mac is back.
Finally.... Little Mac, welcome to the family. Prepare to fight alongside King Dedede, Luigi, and Pit.



NintyMan said:

Now my dream of Donkey Kong and Little Mac battling it out again in Smash Bros. has come true. I love his character art with DK.



Peach64 said:

Excellent reveal trailer and a great pick for a Smash character. A million times better than the Wii Fit trainer.



Emblem said:

The reveals have all been awesome, i'm excited about characters i wouldn't normally even choose due to the way they have had their identities reestablished/highlighted.



Weedy said:

Great reveal trailer, suprised they didn't save it for the end of the presentation.



Funny_Moblin said:

@WaveBoy He better maintain his realistic look. What are you saying?...We already have enough unproportional characters, think of variety.



2Sang said:

The only really amazing thing from today's direct. He's certainly going to be one of my favorites to play as.



Funny_Moblin said:

Guys, what are your opinion's about Little Mac's K.O meter? Is it too cheap and OP, or do you think Sakurai will make it hard to obtain the chance of a K.O?



FilmerNgameR said:

@MrWalkieTalkie I think Shadow makes sense to be in Smash because he can punch and kick, throw chaos spears, and his final smash can be chaos control, chaos blast, or chaos shadow not super shadow cause that will make him a clone of Sonic but if Sakurai gets his moves right then Shadow will be an awesome addition in Smash!
I like your profile pic btw.



drumsandperc92 said:

@FilmerNgameR i'm with you! I want shadow!! but I've got a feeling tails or knuckles are much more likely to come before shadow. knuckles would have some sweet moves for Smash, but Tails could be interesting to play with as another temporary-flight type (think kirby) and use projectiles and tech weapons, could be very cool.



2Sang said:

I bet little mac is going to be like Captain Falcon except much lighter. The ko meter probably will not be as cheap as we think it may be.



TwilightAngel said:

oh my god im so happy about this little mac looks awesome now the only character i want in smash is midna but if she does not make it in this game then im happy with little mac.



Jayvir said:

As for the KO Meter, they didn't show the percentage that the other fighters were at when Mac hit them. They could have been at 200%+ for all we know.



AuraStryker said:

This is awesome! Not only is Mega Man in this game, not only is Lucario returning to the game, but LITTLE MAC?!

My God, this game can not come any faster, can it?



Funny_Moblin said:

In my opinion, if Little Mac was in Smash Bros 64, Captain Falcon never would've joined the roster. I mean, he's a racer, his moves in Smash Bros are not from F-Zero.

Btw, how many people are motivated by Little Mac's Smash trailer and are going to work out now?



grimbldoo said:

@Funny_Moblin #42 @2Sang #51 @Jayvir #54
The K.O. meter originated in Super Punch-Out. To build up the meter, you would have to land hits without being hit. As you can see in the video, his damage stays at 26% while the meter builds up.
You already know that Sakurai likes to stay true to the character, why would you ever doubt that? And on the subject of Sakurai, he said that he was focusing heavily on keeping the game balanced, your doubt of his claim is very rude.



Funny_Moblin said:

@Jayvir I actually just saw the trailer again and paused at a moment where they showed it quickly, but Bowser was 231% right before Little Mac punched him. That's good then. I guess it won't be a cheap move. So you were right! It is over 200%!



Retro_on_theGo said:

So so happy for this. Mac's looking like my main guy alongside megaman right now! Between these two I'm totally fine is Snake doesn't make it back in. Although I hope he does. Great announcement!



Funny_Moblin said:

@grimbldoo thanks for the explanation. Right before reading your comment I saw the trailer again and Bowser was at 231%, and it's now much better now that you've said that he can't take damage.



BAGBOY said:

That's it Sakurai!!!! Now we're talking when you say that your aim is to make the perfect smash bros. game!!!! Little Mac is the perfect addition to the smash bros. roster, oh yeah!!!!!



grimbldoo said:

@Funny_Moblin #63
I'm going to assume it's kinda like Ike's final smash in that they have to be above a certain point in order for it to be an instant K.O.



Funny_Moblin said:

@grimbldoo I noticed though, that his K.O meter DID keep rising along with his %. Sure, he stayed at 26% for a bit, but before that the meter does not go down again if he was damaged.



evildevil97 said:

He was my most wanted newcomer. Glad he's in! I also love the poster style image based on the arcade games. I'm not a fan of the Giga Mac final smash, though. Would've preferred even having the FS just be tagging Doc Louis in and playing as him for a few minutes, even if it's exactly the same as Giga Mac. It never felt within Little Mac's character to magically bulk like that.

Either way, Mac is back!



BAGBOY said:

@evildevil97 Maybe Giga Big Mac isn't his final smash, it's just an extra skin of the character, like male/female wii fit trainer.



Funny_Moblin said:

@BAGBOY Nope. Right before they showed the giga version, he had that smash glow around him and the rest of the environment was dark.



BAGBOY said:

@Funny_Moblin MMMMM, you're right. Oh well, I was hoping to see a different final smash for him, like a series of punches before finishing the enemy with a star uppercut.



sketchturner said:

I normally don't get excited about roster announcements, but Mega Man and Little Mac do have me pretty psyched.



2Sang said:

Little mac was probably the most deserving person not on the roster really. Punch out is a staple in video game culture, and not having little mac didn't honestly make much sense. I can't wait to play as him, and maybe I'll even try cosplaying as him. I definitely got the height lol .



BlackStar9000 said:

YES! YES!!! Little mac is gonna be a DEMON in Smash and I personally cant wait, Megaman and Little Mac finally, two characters who sucked up a ton of my childhood with their games, I also hope this confirms a new Punch-Out title for the Wii U, With an huge roster and some multiplayer along with leaderboards, and endless fight mode where you challenge each boxer one after another with no breaks and hopefully some other characters to play as. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!



Captain_Balko said:

I am more hyped than I've likely ever been in my life. The moment he was revealed I freaked out. I got incredibly worked up, even more than the initial SSB4 E3 announcement. YES. YES. YES! 100% WILL BE MY MAIN. AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED THAT I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING TO EXPLODE! THANK YOU SAKURAI! YOU ARE A GOD AMONG MEN!



TeeJay said:

I've never played a Punch-Out game but Little Mac looks like a sweet, speedy, fast-hiting character judging frm the trailer. I love those types of characters! He just might become of of my mains.



Captain_Toad said:

Okay, mega man is my main, new wii fit trailer comes out, Okay wii fit trainer is my main, rosalina shows up, okay rosalina will be my main now Little mac shows up Okay little mac'll be AUGH!

This is my favorite trailer BTW!



jreed3842 said:

Great addition, I think! But... that picture on the Super Mario Glaxay Stage... looks like he's about to get sodomized by Bowser's Airship. Lol.



GalacticMario28 said:

I think the KO meter is a really interesting addition. I didn't see Bowser's and Mega Man's percentages, but I did see that black-red energy when Little Mac hit them, so they must have been at high percentages, which means the KO meter probably won't be overpowered, so that's good.



FluttershyGuy said:

"Yo, Peach, I did it!!!" Little Mac is so overdue for this, especially as SSB is a Nintendo fighting series! I can't believe it took until the 4th SSB game. He definitely looks like a go-to guy for me. So happy to see him in, as a Punch-Out player since the Tyson days!

Some observations: Evidently Mac doesn't like tall, hot chicks in space suits making fun of his size. I LOLed! Now, why didn't Mac have moved like these the 1,001 times I lost to Iron Mike? Next, I wonder if we'll get bikes, Statue of Liberty, and pink sweatsuits in SSB too? Think of it, SSB linked to New York City, USA.



Turbo857 said:

Finally!!!! I knew it but it's great to finally see'im in action. Now all we need is that Ike reveal and we'll have the best smash yet!



RetroRider said:

That fact that everyone knows that he was long overdue makes his reveal that much more satisfying. And with him now in, the only newcomer that could make me even more happy is Spear Waddle Dee. But that's not very likely.



FilmerNgameR said:

@drumsandperc92 Almost all of the Sonic characters can fit in Smash really well like Blaze, Silver, Knuckles, etc. but if they don't make it then hopefully a future Sonic game will use them properly. I just want to see Shadow back in action again and the other characters too but especially Shadow!!



FilmerNgameR said:

@Funny_Moblin Yes I have that game but I think it's time for another game starring Shadow again I really enjoyed watching the cut scenes of him being all bada$$ and dark which I think suits him pretty nicely. It's been 9 years for crying out loud I want to kick some a$$ with him again! lol



FilmerNgameR said:

@Funny_Moblin Yeah but he would probably be just a rival or something. I would rather have Shadow in Smash so I can finally send Mario flying to the sky yelling "MAMAMIAA!!!!" after using chaos BLAST!



Haxonberik said:

My main prediction for a new character just came true! I'm so hyped for this game right now!



Genesaur said:

I could do without Doc yapping all throughout.

His Final Smash should transform him into Mike Tyson.



Henmii said:

Cool addition to the roster! I wonder If Doc Louie (or what was his name) will do commentary during every battle! Could be the case!

Also: The unexpected, gritty looking cartoon intro: Is this a hint to a upcoming Punch out?! Who knows!



jahasnell said:

I'm super excited for Little Mac because he's a great Nintendo character, but why are people begging for so many third party characters?? To me, Smash is all about Nintendo's first party ip's kicking each other's cans. I can accept Sonic and Mega Man because of their rich history with Nintendo (as a huge rival of Mario in Sonic's case). Even Snake's inclusion in Brawl, while cool, made little sense to me as he was only in two games on Nintendo systems. Am I alone with this?



michaelshellman said:

how could i not see this coming so many pictures with the boxing stage in it, lil mac is a great idea for a character i cant wait to play.



The-Chosen-one said:


No you are not alone in that

Me also i want smashbros to be all Nintendo, with only max 3/4 third-party as VIP guest characters. Sonic and megaman they really fit the franchise as old time rivals lol, and sega really supports Nintendo.
As for megaman, Nintendo should buy the franchise and make him firstparty.

I hope there will be lots of cutscenes in the game like endings for every character and intros.

I think we will be getting this game at Christmas (i hope we dont have to wait that long) Nintendo has so many characters which they can put in smash. so i am curious who will be the next



tom_q said:

I was playing the original Punch Out as the trailer started yesterday so it felt double exciting, almost like my choice of game made it happen.



Artwark said:

Best reveal ever. I love how Samus pokes at little Mac, only to get hit back!



Pit-Stain said:

A really great addition to the roster! I thought he wouldn't make it because his moveset may not be interesting, but Sakurai proved that any character is possible to join (not all of them)! Also this proves that assist trophies from brawl are able to join (Little Mac was an assist trophy), so I'm hoping for Isaac from Golden Sun.



SphericalCrusher said:

I have been calling for Lil Mac since the new SSB was announced and yesterday, my wish was granted! Now just to get Chrom and Knuckles, the other two I am hoping for!



Lalivero said:

That trailer was all kinds of good.

@Pit-Stain Isaac is on my hope list as well, along with Shantae. Maybe Isaac can get Grand Gaia as a FS?



erv said:

I love the diversity, definitely makes me want to play the game even more.

I am still looking for the legendary captain falcon as a playable though:)



RetroRider said:


Wow, really hope you are not serious. They can make a move set for any character, and Waddle Dee actually already has some moves unlike Captain Falcon. So this would really just turn into a poor argument.



Henmii said:

So far we have 5 newcomers: Little Mac, Megaman, Rosalina, Villager and Wii fit trainer. Not a bad crop, if you ask me! And maybe there's even more in store!



KiwiPanda said:

That sadistic little Villager... is really starting to get to me! He's just yelling for Little Mac to obey in that picture... shivers



Moshugan said:

We demand a cell-shaded mode like briefly seen when Samus appears!
That look gorgeous!



Moshugan said:

We demand a cell-shaded mode like briefly seen when Samus appears!
That look gorgeous!



jeb_leeds said:

Looks like a C-Stick monster! New existential threat to make up for the loss of meta knight X(



Funny_Moblin said:

@RetroRider Spear Waddle Dee...I could think of numerous character's that have a much more deserving spot. Plus, King DeDeDe already throws Waddle Dees...please don't make a Smash game. Thanks. Would you include Gooma too? LOL

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