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This Design For A "Game Boy Evolution" Sure Is Intriguing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A hi-tech system with fold-out controls

When it comes to Nintendo's next move in the portable gaming space — not that it's likely to be in a rush — we've seen a few dreamers with decent software come up with interesting ideas and flashy concept images. A notable recent example was the Nintendo smartphone, a potato so hot that we'll leave that one well enough alone.

In a step away from the phone angle, Kotaku reader Justin Quinn has produced a concept for the "Game Boy Evolution", as he's clearly had enough of this DS malarkey. Quinn is going for impressive specifications — a "5.3 inch 1080p screen, two cameras, 16GB of flash memory, 4G connectivity, a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM" — and a price of just $199, which is particularly ambitious now but not beyond the realm of possibility in a year or two. It wouldn't be a phone, but would serve as a tablet style device as well as a full on gaming system.

The fold-out physical controls do make this resemble a smartphone with a slightly flimsy controller accessory bolted on, yet could work in theory — plus there are two Circle Pads. A device like this would dump backward compatibility with DS and 3DS, of course, unless there was an optional cheap, low-resolution screen as an extra that would allow dual screen play on older games; clip-on accessories are becoming more common in the tablet space, in particular. It's not like the lack of 3D capabilities would matter, because we already have the 2DS.

It's all pure fantasy, but would you be excited by a system like this Game Boy Evolution?


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TomJ said:

Yeah, and maybe it can have a GAMEBOY ADVANCE VC library to go with it. Other than that I think it looks iffy.




No, it looks awful! It doesn't look like a Nintendo product at all. THough I guess that's what a lot of people want from Nintendo; something that doesn't look like they made it!

It looks too thin to have those circle pads for start, not to mention the pull out controls on a device that thin would be incredibly flimsy.



AlternateButtons said:

Nobody designs Nintendo products as unique or as well designed as Nintendo does. Leave it to the pros man. Nintendo knows what they're doing.



Shiryu said:

It's nice, but I prefer to differentiate as much as possible between my Nintendo portable gaming and cellphones. "The Nintendo Difference" if you will. I defiantly thank him for keeping some physical buttons, something that feels essential to me.



2Sang said:

It looks nice, but probably wouldn't be very durable. If something like that could be as tough as the original DS, I'd be psyched.



therube said:

I don't know about anyone else, but I've owned plenty of Apple products, and their minimalist design, while it works- is wearing on me. The LAST thing I want is for a company like Nintendo to start aping the look of an iPhone like every other handheld electronic company has.



FritzFrapp said:

I hope Nintendo never abandon the dual screen approach.
I still play my single screen handhelds, but there's something really appealing to me about that second screen and the general DS design.



haniwa said:

Looks pretty flimsy, like you could snap off the control slot-outs while holding with both hands



readyletsgo said:

Nope. I don't want Ninty to make their next hand-held like a tablet, just doesnt work. And the controls look awkward for adult hands on this mock up.

Stick with the slim but chunky DS/3DS/GBA design but updated please, with second circle pad for their next system.

It will be pretty balls'y for Ninty to move on from the DS design, but it will happen at some stage i guess.



Haywired said:

But surely if the screen were that big it could be backwards-compatible with DS/3DS because you could just fit their two screens onto the one big touch-screen. Though I suppose there could be a problem for any DS game that (for some baffling reason...) required closing the console for some gameplay gimmick. But then, isn't the 2DS backwards-compatible with old DS games...?

Personally I think it looks cool, concept wise. Though the actual look of it isn't very Nintendoey and could just be any other product out there. It looks far too serious, not very fun (though that seems to be how all consoles look these days).

I would love Nintendo to bring back the Game Boy brand.



readyletsgo said:

@Haywired I wonder if they would ever merge the GB and DS names to make a new Brand. DGBS anyone?

I want a new GBA Micro of some kind lol, love my pink one.



Tysamu said:

4G connectivity? No. Not necessary.

Tbh, it just doesn't feel like a Nintendo product. I would go for it having the flash memory, (exclude the ram), two cameras, and the screen size. Even the slide out controls are a nice touch but dropping clam shell design would kill it for me



xevious said:

Do not want. Doesn't look even remotely like a Nintendo-product or even a gaming console. I want my Game Boy to look like a Game Boy. None of this cell phone/tablet-bull!



Haywired said:

Oh yes, I love the Game Boy Micro! It was the perfect handheld imo. I have a silver one, but the pink one is awesome, it makes it even cuter than it already is.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This looks like an attempt to compete with smartphones and PS VITA at the same time... and I don't like these obviously competitive console designs.
If anything, Nintendo would come up with something the world has never seen before on a handheld.
GB was the beginning, GBC had colors, GBA had 16-bit power, DS had 2 screens + touch controls, and 3DS brought us glasses-free 3D. I don't know what they'll come up with for the next portable system, but nobody has ever been as innovative as Nintendo, so I'm certain they'll surprise us!



Cia said:

Looks like crap. Also, once you go dual screen, you'll never go back (unless it'd be something even better).



gurtifus said:

Remember that most of the customers aimed by Nintendo are children so this attempt is too flimsy to be a Nintendo product.



readyletsgo said:

@Haywired haha totally!!! Wish i had a silver plate for my Micro.

GBA Micro is close to the best hand-held Ninty ever made in my eyes. I remember re-playing SMW on it before the summer last year and thinking the controls were amazingly perfect on that system. Played it to death.

So when they released SMW on the Wii U I hoped on it and played it on the Gamepad, all I can say is, disappointment, I dont think I will ever play the SNES version on SMW ever again as the GBA version on the Micro is it definitive version, with the uber tight contols and the tiny screen making it look beautiful.

Just, a wonderful little, over-looked, system



jama said:

Slightly off topic: I hope Nintendo will never release anything related to the Game Boy brand in the future. I find it doesn't fit our understanding of gaming culture anymore. The Game Boy may be a device whose name is well-known, but the name excludes half of the gaming population (Game BOY, where's the Game GIRL?).

It's strange that they named it Game Boy in the first place. The games it offered weren't just "typical boys games". It offered plenty of games everyone--no matter the gender--could enjoy. Yet they still insisted on calling it the Game Boy for a long time: GB Color, GBA, GBA Micro...

Nintendo (3)DS is, in my opinion, a far more suitable title for a gaming device because it's neutral. Nintendo isn't just aiming to sell games to the male demographic, so it wouldn't make sense to name their device Game Boy Something. I'm glad Nintendo seems to have noticed that a more neutral wording of their hardware devices is the more inclusive way to go. Kudos!

They also aptly named their newest consoles Wii and Wii U, heavily emphasizing it's for EVERYONE!



okamiki said:

Well this is a call for power...

I hope they won't drop the 3D in the next handheld.



McHaggis said:

It's nothing special, it's not even a particularly good mockup. There's no originality in the design, and it doesn't look anything like a product Nintendo would make.



Einherjar said:

Give these pull out buttons half a year and tehy are so loose, that they wont provide a firm grip on the system. It has its reasons why nobody tried such a concept before.
I prefer a more bulkier design, thats why i (and im pretty alone with this) love the circle pad pro, since it adds a nice bit of weight and gives the 3DS system a nice grip.
Also, abandoning the dual screen setup wouldnt be a very good choice by now.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

As much as I enjoyed the ds and 3ds I do not want another DS family member it's boring at this point BRING BACK THE GAMEBOYS



ajcismo said:

Looking at that makes me wish I could visit Nintendo's R&D for a day and really see what they're working on.



Ronoh said:


So in other words, you want a PlayStation Vita? Because that's what that is.

When will people realize that software sells a system no matter what the hardware specs say. Hate on the 3DS hardware all you want - the 3DS currently has the best software lineup.

Also, there are different types of touchscreens. The 3DS touchscreen is pressure sensitive which is entirely different than the type of touchscreens cell phones and tablets use.



readyletsgo said:

@jama In a way you are right, but at the same time that is just EXTREMELY PC garbage, Game-Boy, no matter what age group or sex you fall into, people know it. Who knew what DS was when it was released in 2004 in the casual market. People dont care about the Boy name in it.

I guarantee Ninty will bring back the Gameboy brand in some way shape or form in the next 20 years for nostalgic purposes, I mean GamBoy/GameBoy Color is used on the 3DS VC, its still a huge brand name for them, and prob always will be.



shigulicious said:

The next system must be backward compatible for 3ds/DS games. Add the second analog stick, up the specs and its all good. Simple. OR, abandon the second screen and make the handheld device connectable to a TV for a home console experience, using the handheld as controller and second screen options(backwards compatible again!)



SpookyMeths said:

Awful concept. It's like he just thought up all of the best specs and stuffed them into a 5.3" tablet. This would cost at least $300 at launch, probably $350, and games would all cost $60 and take just as long to make as console games (years, sometimes).

  • Incredibly useless full HD on a screen too small to even benefit from it.
  • No backwards compatibility with the last decade of Nintendo handheld games.
  • A networking system that the vast majority of the planet doesn't even have access to.

No thanks.



TruenoGT said:

It seems Nintendo generally starts with what makes a great gaming system and then designs outward from there, while this concept goes the opposite direction by bolting gaming onto a phone/tablet form factor. For a gaming focused device, this seems like a poor strategy.

I really wonder though if/how Nintendo will eventually incorporate the vertically oriented DS/3DS screen setup into their next handheld or if they'll break compatibility altogether. Maybe something like the Wonderswan which can be used both vertically and horizontally would solve the issue.



ricklongo said:

Dual screen is here to stay, I think. The second screen is so useful both in the DS/3DS and the Wii U that it would be quite the step backwards to get rid of it.



Lalivero said:

@Haywired There is a sliding sleep button that would equal closing it.

As for the topic, I hope they update the clamshell design; it's not exactly the most comfortable thing...



Stu13 said:

I don't think this is designed to replace the DS family, by any means. Hence the name. It is a neat concept, and wasn't the follow-up to the GBA originally reported to be something called Game Boy Evolution? That's what this is supposed to be. It could never work as a side avenue to the main line of DS units given the price it would command, but I still think it is at least interesting. I'd give this an official rating of 'Cool Beans'.



steamhare said:

I'd probably be afraid of snapping the thing while trying to play it. Although I'm ready for a new look for the next gen handheld, I'd still like it to be sturdy.

I do like the large amount of screen real estate, but I'd prefer reliable nintendo sturdiness with better ergonomics.



Ronoh said:

@ricklongo Agreed. The DS could technically do anything the GameBoy did - it just added more. I'm not sure where all this desire to go back to the GameBoy days is coming from as imo that's a step backwards.

It's amazing how many people don't understand basic game development. Higher specs are positively correlated with higher production costs, mainly because many game developers believe that they must make use of as much as the hardware as possible. This leads to longer game development schedules which leads to higher game development costs which is then passed on to the consumer. Not to mention the risk averse nature of high cost development, especially on a handheld console. The PlayStation Vita is literally living proof of this and yet people still want Nintendo to follow their lead.



Gioku said:

I think it looks pretty slick, but I really don't see Nintendo ever making something that looked like that... I also don't see them dropping the dual-screen format any time soon, either. Two screens works so well and lets you do so many amazing things!



hngdmn said: not want. Dual-screens should never go away, to be honest. I'm surprised Sony made the Vita with only one, clamshell design is the best for handheld consoles. It also seems kinda silly to aim for high specs in a handheld, the only reason they get so much support is because of how cheap to develop for they are.



Haywired said:

But all Nintendo's handhelds have had considerably higher specs than the last and their next one will likely have higher specs than the 3DS. I don't see how it's following Vita's lead. In fact, seeing as Nintendo has been doing the "more powerful handheld each generation" thing for a lot longer surely Sony is following Nintendo's trajectory if anything.



Ronoh said:

@Haywired I'm a bit confused. I never suggested that Nintendo wasn't designing increasingly more powerful systems with each release (GameBoy -> GameBoy Advance -> DS -> 3DS). Everyone does that and always has. I'm certainly not arguing that.

I think perhaps where's there's confusion is in the subjective term "considerably" because the degree of improvement between the original GameBoy and then the GameBoy Advance and then the Nintendo DS and finally the Nintendo 3DS is fairly consistent. Whether you consider the improvements to be "considerable" or not over time, that's up to you. If anything, they are consistent. There's small improvements, small improvements, and small improvements - not small, small, huge as would be the case if we went from the 3DS to the Evolution.The hardware gap between the 3DS and this GameBoy Evolution is significantly larger than any improvements Nintendo has ever made before between hardware generations. This Evolution concept is really powerful when you compare it to the 3DS.

I'm simply saying this degree of an increase in specs isn't necessary and in fact, it's more similar to the PlayStation Vita than anything Nintendo has done before. Both the Vita and the Evolution have high screen resolutions, have touch screens, have dual analog sticks and buttons, have 3G/4G support, and have the specs to allow console quality like graphics. In fact, we should be asking what's different between the Evolution and the Vita rather than how similar it is to any Nintendo product.

In any event, hope this clears up some confusion around what I posted earlier.



FilmerNgameR said:

I don't get the hate this looks pretty sick It makes the 3DS XL look like a cheap plastic toy! XD



andrea987 said:

Not bad, but not a fan of the super-thin pullout controls. If they were on the bottom slide-out part, and built to last, and made to connect wirelessly to your smart tv (basically working as a gamepad), why not? Add in the smartphone capability and it'll fly off the shelves. No more handheld + home console, one device does it all! 9th gen, anyone?



sketchturner said:

"He's clearly had enough of this DS malarkey."
Yeah, he isn't the only one. Since Nintendo got into handhelds I have owned a GB, GBC, GBA, and Micro. But Nintendo lost me with the DS, 2DS, 3DS.
Personally I think this mockup looks great aside from the slideout controls. And for the record, the Micro was the best handheld ever, IMO. I still play it.



jama said:

@readyletsgo What do you mean by "EXTREMELY PC garbage"?

What I'm trying to say is that there is an underlying message with naming a device Game Boy. That message is, at its core, that it's a toy targeted at boys (not girls).

In the beginning, 1989, when the Game Boy wasn't a well known brand, Nintendo could've chosen a neutral name. Why did they decide to add a gender-aspect (Game BOY) to their handheld brand? Were girls not worthy? Was it too much to ask to come up with a gender-neutral name?

I think, back then, the people at Nintendo probably thought that gaming really was mostly for boys.

Of course, today, people know what Game Boy means and who it's for. Or do they? Because I'd argue Nintendo helped establish this group identification thing where gaming was something that boys do, not girls. They helped define that gaming is something girls don't do. This didn't show in every single product they released, but it showed in many important ones: What with Game BOY, Virtual BOY, and almost all the heroes of their games being male (Mario! Link! Donkey Kong! Fox! Captain Olimar! etc. — Samus was a very welcome and needed change of pace, but not enough!)

Again, I'm really glad that Nintendo changed direction when they introduced the DS and Wii families (no gender-aspect to their names!) Their software changed too, see Nintendogs, the Brain academy games, Wii Fit, and so on. Their products became more inclusive. While they're of course still tending to the old games and brands, we can see that even the old franchises are slowly becoming more inclusive (NSMBWii doesn't have female playable characters, Super Mario 3D World does--please please don't let this be a one off like SMB2).

Nintendo games and hardware are now designed to be much more inclusive. I'm not saying that everything should be inclusive, but since I'm sure that girls want to play Mario and Zelda games, why not give them a heroine to better identify with (same gender, etc.). I hope they'll continue to steer this course into the future...



RetroRider said:

The concept and design of this is pretty nice, but obviously nothing nintendo would invest in.

I would rather prefer a handheld console just for older nintendo games remade into higher quality and maybe add new features to the games such as multi-player. Sure the 3DS has remade a few games of the nintendo 64, but a system just itself made for complete remakes would be really nice. Ranging from SNES to Game Cube would make it a must have for me. Of course the system and games itself wouldn't cost much. So many older games out there are way better than games are today IMO, and having a system full of classics would thrill many I suppose.

I do love new games, but there is just so many older games out there that were pure gems. I can't really see this idea happening either, but man would that be cool.



CorporalPegasus said:

it looks nice, but not really nintendo-ish
And i think the screen is too large, i want a thing that fit in my pocket.



Morpheel said:

Yeah... No.

If they'd want to make a stand alone tablet (and hopefully not one as ugly as that) I'd rather have them make a new name than to leech on one of their older products.



Unit_DTH said:

I really don't want a "NinteniPad", I like the gamepad for Wii U and I like the 3DS, but this thing just doesn't seem like it could even be close to a reality. The concept is intriguing, but that's all.



electrolite77 said:

Not a chance Nintendo will make anything like that. For a start it'd have to be portrait orientation to allow BC with the 3DS-easily done with a single screen. It'd have to be more durable (though it'd be interesting to see how different options would sell-a plastic, tough machine for the kids and a stylish machine with the same games but better media capabilities for adults) than that looks.

However it would be great to see the iconic Gameboy name back. Give variations on 'DS' a rest.



Mytoemytoe said:

This is what we would get if the next Nintendo console were a hybrid portable/home console. The tablet screen and fold out controllers would function as a second screen GamePad, but if you took it on the go you'd able to use it as a portable game player.

Of course, battery technology would have to improve for that product but I can envision a future where it would be very successful for a company like Nintendo, who'd be able to focus on making great games for one console.



Inkling said:

No. Just, No. We need a new system, not a new Game Boy! If it had a different name and no slide out controls, instead normal, I would be fine with it. (Minus the 4G)

By the way, I know this is fake.



Phle said:

Well, I like it, but I feel like one screen would be a setback for Nintendo. It should be able to play DS and 3DS games. 4G, big high resolution screen and works like a tablet sounds good actually. This thing looks a bit grey. It doesn't say "fun" in any way.



NewUser said:

Doesnt look like a nintendo product at all. It reminds me of a similar thing showcased recently by AMD, but, yeah. Bad idea for nintendo console.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

It looks fine except for the "pull out controls". That's a terrible idea. And, as someone else mentioned, it doesn't say "Nintendo" when looked at either. Reminds me of an Android based device. EWWW!



Williaint said:

I don't think "evolution" is a good name, and I highly doubt it would be used. With the 3DS doing so well right now, I doubt there will be a new GameBoy until Consoles are phased out.
May as well be a Wii U G-Pad slim.



T7L3RB said:

I would love a return to the single screen gameboys of the past but then again I tried playing my SP the other day (my favorite handheld of all time) and it just didn't feel right without the touch screen.



TheRealThanos said:

That is WAY too ugly to be wearing the Nintendo name, what an insult. Also, as many have already said, the pull-out sides look way too flimsy and the whole design of it looks nothing like a Nintendo product. It's a knock-off Huawei phone with controller flaps. Instant fail...
@jama You are quite wrong you know, WAY too many assumptions. The name Game Boy has NOTHING to do with the target audience being boys. Since it is YOU that would be playing with the handheld, the 'Boy' in the name is pointing to the device being your servant (your boy, so to speak) offering you enjoyment in the form of games. You have to forget how you would literally interpret it and try to think in an Asian frame of mind, if that is even possible for you at all. But taking their roots into account and how they look at things you could at least come closer to understanding. Also the English words that Asians come up with (just look at Anime for examples of that) are often either a bit child-like grammar wise, or plain wrong, but still somehow fitting in the frame they are set in. The perfect example of that in Nintendo's case is all of their handhelds: they simply gave them names to explain what they are (Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Advance SP, Advance Micro, Nintendo DS (Dual Screen), DSi and 3DS/2DS) instead of coming up with the fancy names that others did and do. Also here's another fact to disrupt your assumption that the name of the handheld could in any way result in the consumer thinking it was only for boys, straight from the online encyclopedia of gaming history:

"Game Boy proved to be incredibly popular among girls. In 1995, Nintendo revealed that their research had found that 46 percent of Game Boy players were actually female."



ningeek185 said:

Okay, this is just awful. First of all, I can't see Nintendo making a handheld/laptop/smart phone anyway, so whatever. But seriously? I think Game Boys are done with, and I'm totally cool with my GBA SP!



SCAR said:

It looks fragile as hell. All these mock ups look like they would break so easily... Game Boy isn't coiming back, probably, but the specs they have would probably be fit for a new Nintendo device.



unrandomsam said:

@Guitardude7 Nintendo's build quality has gone down the toilet recently. It has more in common with the cheap chinese junk than e.g Nokia or Motorola. (The Nvidia Shield looks to have decent build quality. Over its lifetime Nintendo stuff ends up costing lots of money so it should be the best in every way and it isn't).



DanteSolablood said:

I guess the marketing for this concept would be easy...

The Gameboy Evolution: Why be different?

Nintendo has kept itself alive over the last few years by being unique and setting itself apart. The moment they just dump out a tablet with the latest specs they'll find people turning to the Vita/Vita replacement which is pretty much the same thing.



SamsonCat said:

Those slide-out controls look horrible. Imagine holding it like that for long periods of gaming. Looks like an over glorified tablet if you ask me.



jama said:

@TheRealThanos @electrolite77 How many people in the US and in Europe would approach the Game Boy from an Asian point of view? I'd say most will just use their own culturally influenced approach, not the specific Asian one you propose. You can't expect all eight or seventeen or thirty year olds to care about Japan when many of them just want to play the new Pokemon or Super Mario.

You say the 'boy' in Game Boy doesn't have to do with a gender-aspect but rather with derogatory language? Boy means 'servant'? Boys serve other boys? What image is being conveyed here? I think it's more likely that Nintendo really just (at first) didn't care much for the female audience thinking that mostly boys were interested in playing their games.

And then I suspect, to their surprise, research told them otherwise! But much cultural (gender-aspect related) damage was already done when they started to change gears!

Food for thought: Why did Nintendo name it the Nintendo DS? They could've gone for Game Boy DS. It would've been a perfectly apt name, no? Instead, they chose Nintendo DS. They didn't just choose it randomly.

I think you underestimate how much influence language has on us human beings (consciously and subconsciously). Certain words or uses of words carry certain meanings.

Sorry, this particular example relies on use of profanity, which we do not allow here at the Nlife Network — TBD

Example 2: Why do we say something is 'lame'? Why not 'bad' or any other variety? 'lame' is derogatory against certain people who have disabilities, yet we use it commonly to show that something is 'bad'. So, on a language level, when something is bad, we sometimes use 'lame' to express this. So there's this kind of association of 'lame people' and 'bad'. That is something that's culturally coined.

Example 3: In British English you usually say "the family ARE", "the team ARE", etc. emphasizing that "family", "team" etc. consists of several individuals, not just one. British English emphasizes the individuals. In US English you usually say "the family IS", "the team IS", emphasizing unity. There's a cultural and historical background to that. The UNITED States of America also was 'united' on a language level.

More information regarding language and video games (I've taken some of the examples from that article): I can highly recommend this article, it's a fantastic read.

I think Nintendo realized this and is now slowly changing their attitude towards creating and marketing their products. Which is awesome!

PS: I would like to ask you to stop insulting me. Criticize the text I write, but don't attack me personally please.



FilmerNgameR said:

@T7L3R Yes the original 3DS looks tight! It's lame how Nintendo made the XL plastic in the inside the outside looks okay btw.



HappyHappyist said:

obviously not, it only has one screen.

this is not a gameboy. this is in no way affiliated with Nintendo. this looks like some kind of tablet with buttons. this is a gaming-focussed smart-phone. i know nintendo would not be stupid enough to pull something like this in a million years.

It's ridiculously focused on the visuals (having such a tiny bezel, the screen taking up 95% of the space on the front of the device, 1080p, "console-quality" graphics, a stupidly high-megapixel camera). nintendo is about games, not pretty graphics. It's probably overpriced, and also likely easy to break. looks ridiculously uncomfortable too.



Jono97 said:

Sorry guys.. I HIGHLY doubt nintendo will release anything like this. Based on their previous consoles... They'll probably keep the pattern of thick bezels, plastic screens, low pixel count, terrible cameras, plastic build, very slow operating system (seriously nintendo?).. Yeah.. you get the point.. Basically, when it comes to hardware with nintendo. never get your hopes up.



FilmerNgameR said:

@T7L3R Yeah its those big screens that make the XL awesome but I kind of miss playing on my luxurious aqua blue 3DS it's so nice to look at 8D.



T7L3RB said:

@FilmerNgameR I'm selling my original to a good friend...don't really need two of them. It was tough for me to pick which one to keep honestly the original is just so nice to look at but ultimately those bigger screens won out. The XL also seems to fit my hands quite nicely which is also a big win in my book. Just wish they had upped the resolution for the bigger screens but it's a minor complaint. And no more fingerprints! As beautiful as the original is the thing is a fingerprint magnet!



kurtasbestos said:

Oh sweet it's a tablet! I've never seen one of those before! Even better, it's not backwards-compatible! I'll take eight!



edcomics said:

I'd like to see something very different from Nintendo, but not like this. My main beef with tablets and touch-screen phones is that they're vulnerable to damage in your pocket or handbag. I had a phone whose screen was damaged, and I still have no idea how it happened. It was simply in my pocket. What I do know is that the old flip-top phones never had that sort of issue. Those suckers were tough. I view a handheld game system the same way. I want it to be tough. Durable. Portable. I want it to fit in my pocket comfortably.

And, quite frankly, I would like it to be called GameBoy. That's one thing I like about this concept.



TheRealThanos said:

@jama First off, where exactly did I insult you? I haven't called you names and there is no swearing in my comment. I only made an observation based on your comment, saying you were quite wrong, and you were and with your answer to my comment you throw in another bunch of fresh assumptions and misinterpretations that are mostly based upon (perhaps your own?) perception. You're not dealing with some smart nosed kid here; I'm a well educated 43yo IT sales & marketing specialist and I know what I'm talking about. In business I've also dealt a lot with Asians so I do indeed know their frame of mind and way of thinking, which I have already partially explained. And no, I don't expect young children to think with an Asian frame of mind, I asked you to do so, to help you understand why Nintendo gave the Gameboy that specific name. Once you get behind that way of thinking, you can let go of Western perception and not see it as derogatory or gender specific. I admit that using 'servant' as a translation may have been a case of bad choice in words on my part, so perhaps I should have said 'sidekick' as in: your little helper, and of course in a good way. What I was actually trying to convey here is that while you made it seem that the name pointed to the users, the name ONLY points to the device itself, with no derogatory/gender related hidden message in mind at all. So in short, the device is a Gameboy, not a game machine aimed at boys.
And so the influence you are talking about should probably be attached to Western society. It is somehow a pet peeve of us to over think things or, as in the not so fantastic article (that, to be fair to you, I have read entirely, including all the links in the article, but I thought it was very opinionated and one sided) you linked to, philosophize things to death that shouldn't be philosophized at all, but just enjoyed and taken for what they are: electronic entertainment. Some with a dose of realism (such as shooters, which even when they are 'realistic' are mostly Hollywood inspired and over the top, sort of based on the truth, but should be taken with a grain of salt since hiding away for a bit usually won't heal bullet wounds in real life. Which is why the point they made about the difficulty setting was rather ridiculous and made me laugh), but most of it just fantasy related.
And as for the name of the DS: Nintendo didn't realize they were doing something bad at all, because they weren't. I already explained to you why the names are used. You can accept facts or keep your own opinion, either way, Nintendo DS aka Dual Screen just let's the customers know that they will buy a handheld with two screens, nothing more, nothing less. I only gave the handhelds as an example, but the same goes for their consoles (NES - Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES (SuperNes) - an improved Nintendo Entertainment System, N64 - Nintendo 64 bit console, GameCube - a cube that plays games, Wii - a console aimed at the whole family, a console that we can play, and of course Wii U, both we can play, but it is aimed at you, the core player). And the Wii brand of course once again going back to the simplifying (in this case phonetically) of English language by the Asians, but the name also (because the Japanese language is character-based) incorporates an icon of multiplayer, the 'players' as such being represented by the two i's in the Wii name.
And the language examples you gave, well I have my own thoughts about that. I've seen all examples before you were censored, so I know what you were trying to say and to a point I can understand that, but it depends on the person and the intent. If I say to you that you 'throw like a girl' while at the same time you're a big muscular football player, then that doesn't mean (to me) that a girl is weak, but that the big muscular guy made a bad throw. To emphasize how bad the throw was, you compare it to the throw of an untrained, non-muscular and smaller human being, which could very well be a girl, although in my circle of friends we'd also sometimes use things like 'you throw like a 5 year old' but does this then mean that being a 5 year old is bad?
However, if I would say 'you throw like a boy', the intent of the remark would be lost and the person it was directed to could answer with his own smart remark, like for example 'yeah, a big muscular boy that is going to kick your butt if you don't shut up' or simply 'of course I threw like a boy, since I happen to be one'. Using words like lame, dumb or like in other languages diseases or demons to curse has NOTHING to do with insulting the people or groups that suffer from these symptoms. If your argument is unfounded, flawed or broken, it is lame because it is a synonym: lame person = broken/disabled person, lame argument = broken/flawed argument. I cannot be responsible for what other people do or say, but when I use words like that (and I hardly do) then I certainly don't direct them at people, but at the thing they do or say. Interpret that as you like, but I mean it in only one way. There are no hidden meanings to my words. I'm VERY direct and that may come off as arrogant or aggressive, but that is not my intent. It's just me being myself. And nobody's perfect.
And on a final note I want to comment on the language example you gave, because unfortunately it is also flawed; it is not as black and white as your example, and while I will (of course) address this from an American point of view, I think that @electrolite77 can judge that from a British one. In American English, collective nouns are almost always treated as singular. In British English, it often depends on whether the speaker/writer sees the noun as a unit or as individuals. So as an example you could say the family is well, and that is used both in the USA and the UK, and when using are, it is to point out the individuals within that group, for example: we are a family of doctors. Actually, I could say that it was now my turn to be insulted, but I'm not insulted, although I do think it is a bit presumptuous for a non-native speaker to tell the native speaker how his language should be used. I'm an American, but I have been living and working in Europe for well over 30 years now and I speak several languages, German included, so I would probably be able to manage quite well in Austria. It would however, NEVER cross my mind to tell you about grammar in your own language, let alone tell you how to use your own language. Just stop to think about that a while and without feeling attacked try to look at it from that point of view.



FilmerNgameR said:

@T7L3R Well I gave my classic 3DS to my sister now it's covered with stickers but I've never noticed finger prints on my 3DS but I've had on the XL. o.0



SpookyMeths said:

@Ronoh "Both the Vita and the Evolution have high screen resolutions"

Even Sony knew better than to put 1080p into a handheld. It's completely useless on a screen that size and, as you said, only greatly increases budgets and lengthens development cycles.

The Vita has a display of 960x540, only a quarter of the resolution of 1080p. This mock-up also has 4x the memory of a Vita.



DaveGX said:

How is this in any sense of the word an "evolution? This would basically be a portable Wii U GamePad, onl thnner and more prone to accidental damage. What would really be an evolution is, and not so as to jump ship, but maybe advance away from the touchscreen market and back into the VR/AR market with an HMD. 1 reason I say AR is because while walking outside earlier, i had this amazing idea considering Nintendo seems to want to utilize NFC; I figure lots of people also seem to want a Pokemon MMO or maybe new Snap, and while it might not very MMOish, picture walking around, venturing into wherever, and your odds of them popping out randomly or color/environmentally suitable places, and acting as they naturally should. Now picture capturing them, real-time NFC battles (or possibly online friends connected via Wifi (3G/4G via SmartPhone so as to cater to mobility/portability)) with voice and possible gestures, possibly even caring for them or alternate training means of allowing them to gain level-up experience. While it may take away some/a lot of the better features, this to me is just 1 example of hat an evolution should be.

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