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Nintendo Apologises for Nintendo Network Issues as Full eShop Services Return

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Information on Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter "as soon as possible"

As most eager Nintendo gamers will be aware, the Nintendo Network suffered extensive problems and downtime on 25th / 26th December, with a gradual but limited return to services — particularly the eShop stores — on 27th / 28th December. It seems that all is now fully up and running, with no update on limited access from Nintendo of Europe, and Nintendo of America now advising that all services are available.

Nintendo of America initially directed users to a Facebook post earlier today that led to a dead link, but that hitch has made way for the following clarifications on the company's Twitter account.

We suspect that the company will aim to bring Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter to the eShop as soon as network stability is ensured, as the apps were already arriving a good period after Pokémon X & Y hit stores. The eShop platforms have been live during limited and fixed periods over the past couple of days, but confirmation of 24 hour availability is certainly welcome.

Let us know your thoughts on the Holiday issues with the Nintendo Network below.

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Gridatttack said:

Now to wait for transporter

Hoping it doesn't takes too much time, since people who downloaded it on Japan before it got taken off can still use it.



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

Well... I was going to download code of princess... but then it shut down in my region...

I hope I'll be able to download it soon



AlexSora89 said:

So we won't even know about Bank and Transporter before 2014.
I'm glad Ninty sorted things out, but I also hoped we'd hear something before New Year's Eve.
Oh well, let's look at the bright side of things - the Pokéstuff we're waiting for will kickstart the same year will also bring SSB to our 3DSes. It's already something.



Gioku said:

Great news!
Get working on that Pokémon Bank now, Nintendo. Chop chop!



King47 said:

They should start selling GBA games I the 3ds eshop as an apology.



3DSfan134 said:

Well I guess it's back. The Nintendo eShop and all of the services are back and Nintendo gave us the "all clear" saying. All I can say is that Pokemon Bank and Transporter may be coming out on the eShop by next year I guess.



Wawawaaaario said:

I'm just glad that eShop came back to online even though the Pokemon softwares has been delayed. Just notice to Nintendo that releasing something big on Christmas day isn't smartest idea to do.



Yoshis_VGM said:

At least they acknowledged the problem and kept us in the loop while they were fixing it, unlike some company that totally ignored their red ring of death disaster...

Anyway, glad it's back up. I'm not a Pokemon fan, but hopefully they'll get those apps released soon so that people can stop complaining.



Jazzer94 said:

I just want Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter up and running before I have to go back to school.



B3ND3R said:

So people can stop whining and blaming Nintendo for not being quick to fix things... Right?



withoutdk said:

it has been working here for the last few days and better than before
Nintendo has been out there trying to make people understand the situation... that is good.... but a little treat would be nice... like a big discount on something nice



Olmectron said:

Okay. Now I just wonder what happened to Pure Chess. It was scheduled to release on December 26th in NorthAmerica. And I never saw an article about it being delayed, so, it's weird...



sinalefa said:

Glad to hear it is back up again. In fact this encouraged me to play more White 2 and I am almost at the Elite Four. So I will then be able to start X, get Torchic and access the Pokétransporter and Bank after the initial rush.



Samed said:

When Steam went down they give Left 4 dead 2 for free, when psn went down they give a lot of games (although the problem with the psn was the steal of bank information, really big problem). But Nintendo is not going to give anything, really?. It could am easy or really old game like the ones they already give in club Nintendo, so it would not be any big transaction money for them.



B3ND3R said:

@Samed they don't really need to people could still play their games on their consoles... This really wasn't that big a deal.



Gashole said:

S. M. B. 3: In case you're wondering, coming from Nintendo, it stands for Suck My Blocks (of memory), 3 times over.



BinaryFragger said:


Microsoft extended the warranty for every Xbox 360 console, gave free Xbox Live Gold to everyone who got the RROD and redesigned the console's components to prevent further problems.
If you're gonna bash a company, at least be factual about it.



BluesDrive said:

@Samed No, Steam went down because they gave away L4D2 and the insane traffic it created is what brought it down. They didn't give L4D2 because of the downtime.



TheLilK98 said:

You know when PSN got hacked they gave out free games...just saying...granted that was under different circumstances....



PinkSpider said:

I'm sure this wont be enough for some of the commentators from the last thread about this. They haven't offered up any free stuff....

edit Oh look :/

Why do people feel they have any right to get free stuff from this, it has not affected your life in anyway.. Other than your impatience.
What a joke....



Genesaur said:

eShop is down for a couple of days. Immediately purchases SteamWorld Dig and VVVVVV, as soon as access is restored.



B3ND3R said:

@canadianryan82 I wasn't replying to your SMB3 joke (which yes I understand, haha), but I was replying to the guy talking about the pokebank already having illegal pokemon and I didn't think it launched yet..



B3ND3R said:

@PinkSpider EXACTLY. People could still PLAY on their console, so it's not like they couldn't do ANYTHING with it at all... I don't get people, all they want is free stuff. Nintendo bothered to keep us updated on the whole matter, which is nice, AND they fixed the issue pretty quickly, which is even better! I don't think three days of no eShop (well, only two for me, I got on it Friday) really warrants that they have to give us compensation. There are so many great retail titles to play, why couldn't people just enjoy them?



BenAV said:

I assume this means we're back to 24 hours of eShop now, rather than limited to 12, considering I can still get on now.
That's good news, now just to wait for Pokemon Bank...



Gioku said:

Nintendo: Game Freak! We need to get the Pokémon Bank up and running!

Game Freak: I don't think we can do it, captain! We almost lost all power last time we tried it! I'm still not sure the servers can handle it!

Nintendo: We were already supposed to release it two days ago! The fans are waiting!

Game Freak: Alright captain I'll keep trying, but I got no guarantees!



sleepinglion said:

Nintendo seemed to handle this as well as they could.
While the holiday timing seems to be the biggest complaint, outages are kind of unavoidable.
They apologized politely, kept everyone updated, and had it resolved in a matter of days.
Let's see Sony do THAT.
Well done, Nintendo. No hard feelings, but if you really wanna smooth things over with US fans release SMB3 or ALTTP on the Wii U's VC New Year's Eve or Day.



ikki5 said:

for one, steam never actually said that giving left for dead 2 was compensation for steam going down. They said it was a Christmas gift but because steam went down, people just started calling it "compensation". Really, most people that wanted left for dead, got it within the last 4 years. Them giving this game away for free really would not have cost them much.

The PSN was a lot different as it was hacked, information was taken and it was down for 3-4 weeks, not a day or two like the E-shop was. Really, we should all be happy that the employees of Nintendo were willing to work over their holidays to get this back up and running. Nintendo does need to give us anything because well, we don't deserve it nor are we entitled to it.



Sean_Aaron said:

It took me a couple of tries to download Super Mario Bros. 3, but that was the limit of my inconvenience. Either they had back luck with a technical glitch at the launch of Pokemon Bank or their network wasn't ready for it. If the latter, well, that's a bit hard to believe really. It's not the outage that's the issue, but rather how it looks. Early days I found download speeds to be pretty appalling; Nintendo should be investing heavily in their network infrastructure if they're serious about their user community making use of it.

Don't blow it, Nintendo!



ikki5 said:


you should always be in a star trek mood because Star Trek is amazing and one of the best things that happened on television.



Highwinter said:

@ikki5 Steam went down BECAUSE of the free game and it was back up within a matter of hours. Sony suffered a major security breach and had their systems back up after a week, giving people a pretty significant amount of compensation in return.

What's sad here is that Nintendo's servers were down for almost two full days because of heavy traffic, nothing more. I'm not demanding compensation, but I also don't we need to all turn into fanboys, defending Nintendo's every failure. They should have expected this to happen (especially when they released Pokemon Bank at the same time) and should have been adequately prepared for it.

And no, unlike Steam, PSN or Xbox Live outages, a lot of people couldn't keep playing their games. It was fine for those of us who've had the systems for a while, but anyone who bought a 3DS or Wii U at Christmas was totally unable to any games that were bundled in those packs, because they're all digital downloads. That was the big problem.



LastLife said:

My brother lost his save file with 200+ hours playtime on Pokémon X through this Nintendo Network crash (along with his Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate). This holiday event has definitely affected some more than others. R.I.P. special furniture, shiny pokemon, and G-rank armor sets.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@LastLife If he lost his save data, it's because his SD card messed up, not because of NIntendo Network. The game doesn't use the internet to save data. It's all on your SD, as well as the game itself.



grumblegrumble said:

Pokemon. Sheesh. If I even liked Pokemon, I might understand, but I have always hated that little yellow creature. Gives me nightmares. lol I'm glad Nintendo addressed the issues publicly and let's hope that they are upgrading their servers as we speak.



LastLife said:

@BlatantlyHeroic No, there was nothing wrong with the SD card. It was due to a system transfer.

@Gioku Exactly. He got a brand new 3DS XL for Christmas and in his excitement began a system transfer from his old 3DS. Everything went fine until the very last step where an error occurred. His old system was wiped and he had to re-download all of his digital software, after which none was compatible with the save data on his old SD card.



dumedum said:

@PinkSpider children are too spoiled and feel too entitled. If your parent didn't update the console before the Christmas rush then he's apparently lazy. Terrible really.



WaxxyOne said:

Sony gave away a couple games from a (very) limited list.... after keeping quiet about the fact that all of your credit card information had been stolen weeks earlier.

Microsoft tried their very best to ignore the red ring o' death until the backlash became too great, then extended the console's warranty specifically for the RROD issue and redesigned the console to reduce the chance of it happening again.

Nintendo's online services have intermittent issues for 3 days and you guys all want free crap. Come on. This may have caused some of you a minor inconvenience when you couldn't go buy a new game without waiting until morning when the service was available. Big freaking whoop. I'm sure everyone would like free stuff, but Nintendo is under no obligation to provide it, especially with an outage this minor.



WaxxyOne said:

@LastLife Has he called Nintendo support? I'm sure if he explained the situation they could reactivate the license on his old 3DS so the files on the SD card would once again be compatible. Worst case scenario, he'd have to send it into their service center so they could manually fix it.

Unless he wiped the SD card, that is...



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@dumedum He's not right, and neither are you. When you have a deadline, you have to have your product done by then, no exception. They also should have anticipated the rise in traffic. Stop defending Nintendo for their mistakes. Idealism loses to realism.



LastLife said:

@WaxxyOne Yes, I eventually contacted support after trying to research the problem from various sources. I talked to three different support members over the phone and all of them basically stated that it is a unique problem and they were currently unequipped to solve the problem. They gave me a few suggestions like trying to connect to the eShop again to trigger the final step of the transfer, but I've tried everything.

When I view the memory settings on the system, it still shows save data for all of his software, so he still has the data on the SD card, but when he launches the game it acts as if he's playing it for the first time.



remlapgamer said:

Nintendo cares about it's customers and I'm sure they fought as hard as they could to resolve this and i would say they did it rather quickly. Thank you Nintendo.



TwilightAngel said:

finally they fixed it at but for me it was sort of working and now i can finally download castlestorm.



Manaphy2007 said:

some say its ninty's fault that they did not anticipate the server outage, i say they are wrong and they do need to experience the server outage so they can quickly fix the problem. its like this, no job means no experience or if you dnot train your weak pokemon they will never gain any experience (without the exp share), its the same difference so hopefully they learned from this in a positive way



KryptoKrunch said:


Err.. Left 4 Dead was already offered for free before Steam went down.

PSN was down for over a month and people had their CC info stolen. Sony was pretty much forced to offer a free game.

The Nintendo Network was down for a couple days, yes and Nintendo should've better prepared for it but this was minor compared to the PSN fiasco.



B3ND3R said:

@KryptoKrunch minor is an understatement... This was beyond minor compared to that... Nothing was lost, and it was fixed in two days for me



Samed said:

Ok, you had gave me a lot of good reason, really good reason, And even though Nintendo don't owns nothing to us (I never said it in that exactly way) it would be nice from Nintendo to give some club nintendo games prices to select for free, if they are giving those anyway (with coins, but the coins are gifts anyway) just for inconvinience, it would not hurt anyone and would be nice. And I love Nintendo, but this kind of things is why I love even more Steam, although right know I know the L4D2 was not a gift for the shutdown, that kind of gesture are even better because the were given the game just because them want to do it.



TreesenHauser said:

I don't get why so many people feel like Nintendo owes us something for this outage and the delay of Pokemon Bank/Transporter. Sure, delays always stink and outages are never fun, but come on. It could have been much worse. Nintendo could have outright cancelled the Pokemon apps, or worse, we could have found out that the outage was caused by a group of hackers like what happened with PlayStation Network a few years ago. At that point, all online services would have been shut off completely until everything was secured.

Fortunately enough, the Pokemon apps are coming back along with a better-running Nintendo Network. I mean, I could understand if game downloads, eShop funds, or whole purchases vanished, but other than that, Nintendo doesn't owe us anything. I'm just glad everything's up and running again.



_exalt said:

I don't see why people are complaining about transferring Pokgened Pokemon over to X and Y.As long as they have legit moves and stats they should be fine.



leymour said:

@TheLilK98 Sony .... they gave free games partially to avoid a lawsuit. To receive those games I had to sign a digital waver (those things people click accept and dont read .. Yeah those!) that said I will not sue them in any form. Then I was able to dowbload the games.



Zero_Revolution said:

Yeah, and we're just lucky Nintendo has actually made up for many of these events in the past, like the 3DS price drop. It may be completely different from this, but Nintendo doesn't need to give us some sort of gift every single time something like this happens.



ccanfield1 said:

I'm glad they got the eShop back up and running before the end of many of the sales. If I had missed out on some game sales because of the outage then I would have been really upset. Since it didn't and it just delayed my purchase a few days, I'd call that a minor inconvenience.



Obito_Sigma said:

This was all nice and everything, but we could all live without the Eshop for a week or two. It's just the fact that we have been waiting for Pokebank and SMB3 for months now. Now that the Eshop is back, we have delayed dates on Pokebank and SMB3... I'm not sure why I'm using 'we' a lot, but I'm sure that I'm not the only one waiting for SMB3 and Pokebank to come any day now. Maybe if Nintendo said back in August, "SMB3 will be released early next year," then maybe I wouldn't be as disappointed as I am now.



GraveLordXD said:

@Samed dude seriously stay with steam long enough and you will see more problems, when you can't connect you can't even play the games you paid for it is DRM after all that's just one of the many problems with steam I could go on and on
Not to mention the same time the eshop was down I couldn't even get on steam for almost 2 full days because of the same reasons this type of thing happens to everyone not just Nintendo
Thing is by now all of them should be more prepared



I-U said:

October 4th was the release for Pokémon X and Y, but a key feature to connect with the previous games has been lacking for over 2 months. Now it gets delayed. Nintendo has been very unprepared lately.



Megumi said:

We're talking about Steam now? That thing is ALWAYS having issues. >_>



Sparx said:

All Nintendo owes us is a better network and maybe extending the sales



realar said:

Now Nintendo, how about a release date for Flipnote Studio 3D, K?! SICK OF WAITING ANYMORE!! No more delays, stay on schedule, release when you say you're going to release something!!



Qeuix said:

I think Nintendo should also give us a update on Flipnote Studio 3D on it's development status. I think that would be nice and would probably calm things down further. Ninty doesn't need to lose anymore money than it already has.



Gioku said:

@realar @Qeuix basically, from several emails sent to Nintendo from various people, we've found out that the release of Flipnote Studio 3D has been "suspended indefinitely"; I'd be surprised to hear anything about it any time soon.



realar said:

It says TBD on the official site and is in the Future Releases on the eShop. It is coming, just tired of the silence.



Lil-Devil said:

well least this all means the U must have sold pretty darn well for xmas.and thats a good thing (:



Gioku said:

@realar: Plus, the online services were shut down in the Japanese version similarly to how SpotPass was shutdown for Swapnote in all territories, so I'm sure that's not helping, either...



ikki5 said:

@LastLife then why doesn't he transfer the old data on the SD card to the new system? (you may need to do this on a computer with an SD card reader)



B3ND3R said:

It saddens me that even though it's all fixed up everyone is still upset Things like this happen, so don't get too fired up..



Nintendo6400 said:

is anyone else having trouble with their prepaid cards or is that just me. Please let me know



Zero_Revolution said:

I'm pretty sure Flipnote Studio 3D is still coming, Nintendo hasn't officially confirmed it being cancelled, they simply haven't mentioned it at all since that Nintendo Direct it was revealed in...



Webby-sama said:

Thursday is that new Bravely Default demo. Let's have no more problems until I after I get it downloaded.



PaperLucario said:

Finally have the eshop credit to return to the courtroom and shove the attorney's badge in everyone's face once more in 3D.



LastLife said:

@ikki5 How do you mean? The original save data is on the SD card, and that card is inside the new 3DS XL, it's just that his games won't recognize it.



ikki5 said:


hmm weird, I know I had an issues similar but I was able to just used the old save data and transfer the save data for my games it back over. I am not sure, maybe yours messed up at a critical time in the transfer or also, I don't do digital downloads much so really, most of my save data was not a downloadable version of the game. Best option would be to contact Nintendo by phone and ask them.



electrolite77 said:

I doubt Nintendo will give away anything free (their servers would probably just crash again!) though it would be good Customer relations to do so.

What they need to do is:-
A) Sort their server capacity so it doesn't happen again
B) Keep big online product launches away from the likes of Christmas Day
C) Preload games instead of taking the lazy option of including a download code.



electrolite77 said:


People who bought consoles with a download code, eshop credit or downloadable game cards and couldn't access them have every right to be very annoyed. Nintendo took money for a product and failed to provide the product. In any walk of life that is not acceptable.



Webby-sama said:

There's a difference between "I'm annoyed by this situation. I'm considering returning this product because I am not satisfied." and "This is the worst thing that ever happened to anyone anywhere! Nintendo are a bunch of scheming evil monsters who will cause the next World War! I threw this new console-turned-paperweight at my wife and she's bleeding now and she doesn't even blame me because she knows Nintendo made me do it! My oldest son broke the disc for Super Mario 3D World and stabbed the dog because he can't play his brand new 3DS that I got him for Christmas! I'm not sure if the dog will make it but I wouldn't be surprised if he responds with his own kind of violence because I know how Nintendo screwing me over can upset him! This, of course, is assuming that Nintendo hasn't already brought on a zombie apocalypse that will turn my dog into a zombie who will bite my family and make my bleeding wife and upset children into more zombies! Thanks for all you've done for us, Nintendo. I hope you BURN!!"

I apologize if I went too far. I get carried away sometimes.



themac2001 said:

Balls. Just spent my remaining £5 on games which was originally supposed to be for Pokemon Bank. Oh well. Guess i'll have to use my other £60.



Chris720 said:

Its nice they kept us in the loop so we also knew what was going on. At least they fixed the problem before New Years so that's commendable on their part.

Good job Nintendo! Now then, where's our free gift for having to live with no eShop access for days?



AlexSora89 said:

There are free gifts in similar cases, but given this lasted just a few days, I don't see such a cause-effect relation.

Although "Now then, where's our free gift for having to live with no eShop access for days?" seems somewhat tongue-in-cheek.



AlexSora89 said:

Puh-leeze, I've seen enough interwebz to get sarcasm when I come across it besides, though, I'm still waiting for GBA titles. Releasing them only on Wii U flat-out doesn't make sense.



Chris720 said:

@AlexSora89 I don't understand it either considering the 3DS can run them without any real problems. However I'm guessing they'd need to fix the emulator so that we can 'pause' the game by going back to the Home Screen.

I'm guessing its down to the 3DS not being powerful enough...



Windy said:

@BlatantlyHeroic LOL I agree with you. I was being Sarcastic about @Dumedum because he has been getting into it with people in other threads. As for the Christmas debacle there is no excuse for what happened. People paid Millions of dollars to nintendo in Eshop cards. The Eshop should have never crashed with amount of money they paid on any day for that matter. It's fixed now and it is a rare occurrence for nintendo. Hopefully it wont happen again. I sure am not getting rid of my 3DS I love that thing too much LOL LET'S GO BRAVELY DEFAULT!



DarkNinja9 said:

starting to think pokebank is a bad idea... so many hacked mons in wi-fi battles today and it will get worse >.<



DarkEdi said:

Downloading 2 VC games in my Wii (not U) to celebrate. And downloading 2 Wii U ware games in my Wii U to celebrate, and downloading 2 3DS games to celebrate.



Dark-Link73 said:

@Wawawaaaario The problem wasn't caused because Nintendo "released something big on Christmas day", it was because hundreds of thousands of people got new Wii U's, new 3DS's, and eShop cards for Christmas so I bet you most new and current 3DS/Wii U owners tried to log in at the same time on Christmas day to set up and/or access the Nintendo Network.



I-U said:

That's a bigger issue. Nintendo not being prepared for a successful holiday. Hopefully they get it straight very soon.



tanookisuit said:

It's not good the network went down, but if it's primarily failure was being blown out by the mass amount of new registrations that really isn't such a bad thing. Maybe a heap of them were first time Wii U owners, and we all know they need that right now considering their abysmal advertising and naming efforts confusing the masses along with a lack of a good stream of games up until more recently.



LztheQuack said:

@BlatantlyHeroic I will give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt here. With server malfunctions happening so often for so many companies, I don't think it's easy to prepare for or anticipate at you might think.



StarDust4Ever said:

And the US Wii-U eShop is crashing with a white screen in the early twilight hours of January 1st. Bravo Nintendo; I was looking forward to Dr Luigi but apparently I can't get it now.

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