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The Wonderful 101 Demo Coming to Europe Today

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And in North America, plus there's an awesome new trailer

Update two:

As some of the Nintendo Life community are now confirming, The Wonderful 101 demo is now live in North America as well as Europe. Thanks to all that let us know.

Update one:

PlatinumGames has just posting the following on its blog, confirming the demo in Japan and Europe and suggesting it's very close to arriving in North America.

Yes, fellow superhero fanatics, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The Wonderful 101 Demo is now available on the Japanese and European Nintendo Wii U eShop!

Our fans in the US will have to wait a bit more, but don’t start reading any long books!

We’ve been teasing you with lots of screenshots and information on this site for the past couple of weeks, but since a demo says more than a thousand pictures (I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes), we felt that the time is right to unleash an awesome sampler of the actual game for you.

If you’ve been reading this blog, I’m sure you’ll need no further introduction.

If you’re reading this very blog post, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE!?

Turn on that Wii U and get downloading!

Original Article:

Today brought us the snappy but super-colourful Nintendo Direct for The Wonderful 101, with the game's Director Hideki Kamiya introducing various characters, mechanics and footage to build excitement for the game. Based on some of the comments here on Nintendo Life and on social networks, the broadcast did the trick.

Also announced right at the end of the EU broadcast was a demo for the game, which will be available from 4pm UK time / 5pm Central European time. The North American presentation didn't mention a demo, so it's possible that its release in the region is being held back to closer to the full game's release date; the title hits Europe earlier (23rd August) than North America (15th September).

Also shown at the end of the broadcast in all regions was an extended seven minute trailer, which is packed with action and a fairly detailed run through of the plot. If you want the storyline to be a mystery to you then stay away, otherwise check it out below.

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Savino said:

I was holding my opinion till this ND.... but really, this game has no chance against the AAA titles that are launching in the end of this month till mid september.

That´s the problem with nintendo.. their timing are terrible...



Azooooz said:

By the way, JP Kellam from Platinum Games posted this interesting information:
PG_JP:"Oh yeah… if you think that was a spoiler trailer… that wasn’t a spoiler trailer. "



element187 said:

Either because the North American eShoip doesn't update until 12pm usually, or they will give it us in early Sept.

I'm really getting peeved by these release dates between the two regions... I thought making us wait an extra week for Pikmin 3 was bad, but they are going to make us wait 3 weeks after Europe this time before we play W101.

Europe has Wind Waker HD release date of October 4th.... Anyone want to take a guess when NA will get it? October 31st is my guess.

I can put up with all of that, but I will go absolutely mad stir crazy if North America has to wait any longer than Europe does for SM3DW.



element187 said:

@Marshi Maybe... but why would they announce their a surprise demo of their biggest market doesn't get to download it yet?



SkywardCrowbar said:

NoA is starting to rustle my jimmies with these release dates being later than everywhere else...

Also, when is that special announcement from Platinum going to happen?



Samurairu said:

This is one area where Nintendo needs to improve IMO. I don't understand region blocking or delays between regions, but even less things like a demo being available in one Europe, but not NA. I can see how this would annoy fans waiting for this title.



Whopper744 said:

NOA seems to hate demos for some reason...well I guess it's not just them. I just feel Nintendo could put out a few more demos than like, one a month, none being for any first party titles.



tchaten said:

Once again Europe gets something NOA doesn't. This year has been crazy. Why is Europe getting their releases weeks before NOA - no demo - that is just cruel and unusual



nik1470 said:

woo! wait! what am I doing there is downloading to be done! (just pre-ordered after that direct they should do more directs for exclusive titles)



Burning_Spear said:

America, let's keep cool about this. We're usually way ahead of Europe with releases, so it's only fair that we go second once in a while.



Dark_Link said:

I think Europe is getting more perks than NA right now because sales in Europe are absolutely horrible. Sales have not good in any region but in Europe it's worse. I think Nintendo is doing anything they can to entice more people in Europe to buy the Wii U. This is coming from someone that lives in California. I'm trying to think of why this is happening from a business point of view.



ThomasBW84 said:

If any of you in NA see the demo, post it up in the comments and I'll update the article. NoA's twitter, the Nintendo Direct etc have all been silent on it, which is why we've said it's in Europe (it's in Japan too, apparently).



Shambo said:

I loved how he moved like Mr. Iwata. But I loved all else even better. The visual spectacle was very similar to that of Bayonetta, and there appears to be way more story focus than what I frankly feared.



Rafie said:

Nintendo games seems to come out in EU first, then U.S. That's fine. Normally on other platforms it's the EU that has to wait the longest after everyone. So they should get release dates sooner from time to time.

@sinanziric How's EU a bigger market than the U.S.?



Sensei_Clive said:

I have almost the feeling like watching a Pixar movie. it looks awesome, I'm not really interested though... I don't know why :/



sinanziric said:

Europe+Russia 711 million of people. How about North America USA, canada??? of course Europe is bigger market



SkywardCrowbar said:

@sinanziric: Yes, obviously all of Europe+Russia has a larger population, but slightly more systems and games are sold in North America. Larger gaming culture.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Ok. Well, I suppose that was the announcement. A bit underwhelming, but I'm used to that by now considering these last two Directs.

That said, I'm still super excited for this game!



Azooooz said:

To those who are asking why Nintendo is treating Europe better than NA, is because NoE sales figures are lower than NoA's. Once the problem is taken care of, things will get balanced.



HolyDiver said:

@Azooooz I don't see how releasing software early to Europe would improve Nintendo sales in Europe. Why not release earlier or at least the same time to North America where more people are buying, which could increase the hype for the game.



AJWolfTill said:

Combination of game Demo and spectacular trailer highlighting a more in depth story than I expected may just make me submit to this game



unrandomsam said:

@sinanziric Is it ? (The whole NTSCU market vs the whole PAL market) and by what definition ? (Africa counts as PAL but there is a fairly large part of it that are very unlikely to buy anything from Nintendo.) Net income per region is probably the only reasonable way to calculate it.



Sir420 said:

Don't start any long books! Blast! I just started The Brothers Karamozov yesterday!



MAB said:

World War NTSC vs PAL was the big surprise after the direct... FIGHT!



cornishlee said:

Am I the only one disappointed by that Direct? I was really looking forward to buying a new Platinum action title later this month. Now, I just don't know. It looked like a children's cartoon, complete with corny American superhero dialogue. I may download the demo, I may not.



banacheck said:

element187 said:
@Marshi Maybe... but why would they announce their a surprise demo of their biggest market doesn't get to download it yet?

The Wii U isn't selling well here so thay must be focusing on EU, to try and get it selling, hence the game releasing later in the US. Anyways off to download the Demo.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Thanks a lot NoA I got excited for a second thinking that I would play the demo of a game that's been pushed back by 3 weeks despite releasing a similar version in other regions of the planet. Looks like I was wrong again.



sinanziric said:

I see many people from 13 British Colonies unable to download latest wonderfull 101 demo.



Joffy said:

I'm pretty bored of the whinging about getting games late. We've put up for years and years in Europe and I can assure you some have been a lot longer than a piddly 3 weeks. Even now shin megami tensei iv says hi!



Byuu said:

It's quite ironic to see American dudes crying because they have few late releases compared to Europe when Europe used to wait (sometimes for ever) before having almost every title reaches its shores.



james_squared said:

I actually don't mind the earlier release date in Europe as this gives me more time to read reviews and watch gameplay footage to make a more informed choice. This is quite useful for games that I'm not entirely sure I want to buy such as Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101.



FiveDigitLP said:

Personally, I think they should just release anything that is in the English language at the same time. Is there REALLY that much of a difference between Europe and NA? I mean, I guess I'm mainly thinking of the UK...I do forget that it has to be translated for all of those other languages in Europe. Still, that would explain why games are often delayed in Europe, but I don't know why things are being delayed in NA.



SetupDisk said:

The trailer made me even more excited about the game. As for not having the demo I am pretty much in game overload right now anyway.



HolyDiver said:

@SetupDisk Same here. Pikmin 3, EarthBound, and probably DuckTales next week. As excited as I am for The Wonderful 101 I probably wouldn't play the demo right away even if I could.



Rafie said:

If the demo is too close to the release date, then I won't download it. I'll just buy the game outright rather than spoiling myself.



Samurairu said:

Iwata's MiiVerse blurb just came out and states the demo will be out later today for NA, so looks like it's probably a matter of scheduled times for server updates as stated by some others.



Smitherenez said:

Just played the demo, and I did not like it. A bit too much action for me. It's almost a micheal bay film on steroids.



rixard said:

The demo is intense! Devil May Cry meets Pikmin meets a Pixar movie. I am sweating



AVahne said:

So...does that mean Americans will be getting the demo in September, since we're getting the game in September as well? Stinks that we get shoved to the side just because NoA wants to have a release every month.



SuperCharlie78 said:

Did you told us to expect some crazyness, Thomas?
I think they've gone far beyond that, that trailer is unbelievable



Smitherenez said:

@MAN1AC Let's just say that it is too chaotic. I can't see what I am doing and the game expects me to read tutorial popups within a second o.O Did I mention that there are explosions everywhere?



XFsWorld said:

After watching that direct of Wonderful 101, I've changed my mind........I'M GONNA GET IT!!



hYdeks said:

dear platinum games: it's NA or North America, NOT freakin US...that's like calling someone from Scotland English



BestBuck15 said:

Yeah Nintendo are really treating the Europeans better than the Americans, we are treated to more expensive hardware about $80-$100 more expensive than our American friends have to pay, we're so lucky =]



b23cdq said:

@cornishlee Download the demo. It's fantastic.

NA, you think 3 weeks is bad? We had to wait 18 years for Earthbound. 18 years.



FineLerv said:

Another reason to own a Wii U. Hate to always complain about it but I have way too many games on this system, and my backlog keeps growing.



Peach64 said:

They have their reasons for the release dates. They always have. It's not just some guys in a room saying to each, hey, let's make North America wait an extra month for this one. It's like movies. The last few years, Disney have brought out their big animated film at the end of the year, but they hold it back in Europe til about February of the following year, because there's a ton of data to show that's when kids movies perform best in that market. In World Cup or European Championship years, then Europe gets summer block busters early because everyone is too busy watching football during June and July.



MrGawain said:

I think the most obvious answer to this is sales for Europe peak in the School Holidays, June to August- this is why Luigi, Pikmin 3, 101, Disney Infinity, and Rayman are all being released during that time.

I'm betting America has a sales spike around August to September instead.



DESS-M-8 said:

@element187 Now you know how Europe felt for the last twenty years through the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube and Wii haha. Every major release seemed to hit US before here.



wober2 said:

It is weird, I am starting to like watching European Nintendo directs and ads more than NoA's. I live in the US. All those indie games showcased in the european direct, mmmmmmm!



Emblem said:

Just had a play of the demo with friends, i'm very happy my expectations have been met. I can safely say Platinum have delivered again on this one.

Multiplayer seems to only be local co-op from what i could see up to 5 players. Its mission based and very fun and easy to understand what's going on even though you all have your own hero teams thanks to colour coding. We had 3 players on a 22 inch monitor and it was fine, i'll try it on my 32 Inch when its free. I played with the gamepad and pro controller and both are intuitive and viable.

Story mode was cool, its has little (optional) tutorials that pop up if needed, i played on normal which was a decent challenge, i doubt you can button bash to the finish since a lot of enemies need to be countered and dodged. You can also transform into unite forms whenever you want not just at scripted events, so if you want you can turn into the glider and jump off any building. The options menu seems deep with a collection, item, tutorial, combo, hero and some locked tabs available.

Overall its looking like an awesome Wii U title, i'm glad they took the extra time to polish it rather then rush it out for launch.



james_squared said:

@X-Factor That's what I'm thinking as well. I was a bit on the fence about that title before. But, still I'll read the reviews and what not before purchasing. And, of course, try the demo.



james_squared said:

@wober2 Thanks for the tip. I just watched the Europe & Australia Indie Spotlight from the other day. Looks like a bunch of neat little games.



DiSTANToblivion said:

Just played the demo. It has a slight learning curve, coming to terms with control etc. but after you get the hang of it then it's addictive, challenging and pretty epic.



Metal_Slugger said:

I may skip the demo I want the game. I am not sure I want to spoil the experience of the day I receive it. I'll probably cave.



WinterWarm said:


I agree! I love demos, they're free. Lol, anyway, I'm STILL pissed about Ace Combat demo. >:[


It's not the choice of Nintendo Of America, but that of the developers.

So, "Why Platinum? Why?"



WinterWarm said:


Um, this comment deserves the very definition of 'No'. It' not out in North America, period. Whoever told you it was, lied through their video-game-loving teeth. I feel sad for you, actually.



luisesteban said:

A couple of hours ago Satoru has just post this:

"Good morning, it's Satoru Iwata of Nintendo.

I wanted to let you know that we've just released our latest Nintendo Direct on the official YouTube channel.

In this Direct, Mr. Hideki Kamiya of PlatinumGames goes into details about The Wonderful 101 that will be released on September 15th.

The game's demo will be available later today. Thank you for your patience."

So there's still hope.



NMH-TRI said:

No one comment! They're 101 comments right now...oops. Still eagerly awaiting the NA demo.



Finntendo said:

Demo downloading....

And oh I wish in these Directs they'd use subtitles instead of dubbing, like they've done before.. God that was annoying dubbing!
And the game release schedule. I agree it's stupid that NA and Europe gets games in different time (Hey, Wii U was released in NA few weeks before Europe), but I guess they have reasons. Back in the old days, everything was released in NA first and if it was successfull, then in Europe (EarthBound is good example). I guess Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower and Last Story were quite ununsual thay their NA release wasn't sure for looooong time.
But IMHO, we are just different kind of players (Asia-Europe-NA)



Ron1212 said:

Guys, I live in the U.S. and I'm downloading the Wonderful 101 demo right now!

This isn't a joke, it's 933MB, and when you start up the eShop and scroll down there's info about the Wonderful 101 Direct and there's a "Demo Available" tab. Click on it and you should be able to download the demo.



banacheck said:

The game is pretty good but a bit too easy tho, the demo only has very easy, easy, normal. if the full version does not have hard & extra hard the game will be far to easy in my eyes, the camera can be a pain. There is an element of button mashing to the game, the only combo i came across was a two button combo A+B, This game is aimed at casuals judging from the demo, this does make me fear for Bayonetta2. Oh and the HUB has far to much crap on it, with the tutorial popping up blocking the bottom left of the screen, even after pressing L the thing still pops up.



zoroarkrules25 said:

I'm downloading this now, i want to see if it's something i should put on my september birthday list. I may buy it myself first though, if this is good.



potomas said:

Wow played demo its great.Took a while to get used to controls but after u do it's awsome.The best thing is it's the first original thing I've played for ages.



TOMBOY25 said:

@WinterWarm dont feel bad for me im in the uk and loving the demo (it really is awesome wasn't interested but buying it now) it was another nintendo site that i read it on but they've changed the article and apologised for the confusion.



Farmboy74 said:

Hmmm not to sure on this one, controls do take some getting use to. Does anyone know if you can control the camera? As at times I find scenery gets in the way.



DerpSandwich said:

@WinterWarm Wow. You need to chill. He just said what he heard, and you broke out the whole condescending "I'm sad for you" schtick. We're all friends here, no need for overreacting.



BillyCupid said:

Just played the demo... I'm disappointed.

I agree with the comments regarding 'too much action', it just feels a little too chaotic and messy for me (and the controls take a lot of getting used to). I'm sure there'll be loads of people who love it, and maybe I'll grow to love it in time, but it's just giving me a headache at the minute!



Quickman said:

@Joffy Not only did Europe have to put up with paying more money for inferior PAL ports (still makes me angry), but we had to wait a whole six months for most games after they were released in the US.

I think that they got off pretty lightly with the W101 demo..



MAN1AC said:

I just finished playing the demo twice and its pretty good. The hand holding is minimal which is great imo. The only issue I have is that once you complete a mission in an area you couldn't go back.

The controls were fine to me. I played it once while just using the sticks and drew them the next time. It didnt take long to get used to either.



marck13 said:

Wow, well that game seems better than i thought!

At first i was thinking they show a lot of the game alrady in the trailer - like movies do these days - but then the story seemed still inpredictable during the trailer. I don´t think they unvailed too much. There seems to be lots of content showed only very quickly that you definitely want to see more of..



marck13 said:

Where I live we still pay much more for games and consoles and utilities than in NA. To me it´s perfectly fine when different areas get different games earlier from time to time, i prefer global releases though (can´t resist spoiling myself through miiverse



Dreamcaster-X said:

Man after getting accustomed to the controls this game is a BLAST!! Took me about a half hour but now I'm kicking booty!! God this game is so much fun. Thank you Platinum for what's sure to be another stellar game!!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Oh no! We have to wait a few weeks longer than EU for this game?! Sarcasm
I don't believe EU even has a release date for SMTIV yet. Let's put things in perspective here fellow NA's. It's not a huge deal. Pikmin 3 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team both came/come out this month. Iwata-san is right when he says gamers have insatiable appetites.

Having said that; I love how humble Nintendo is. "Thank you for your patience", they graciously say, and I thank them for their kindness. The problem is, nary anyone has any patience these days. With college and work I have learned how to be patient and be grateful for what they give us. I remember, just like pepperidge farm remembers, when Earthbound was nearly impossible to afford for the blue collar gamer. Fast forward to when they finally released it, and all of a sudden people were complaining about the $9.99 price... shakes head



Dreamcaster-X said:

@MAN1AC Yeah I agree, the gameplay really just "clicks" after learning the controls. Stick with it people, it doesn't hold your hand but by experimenting you will learn some cool tricks & find secret areas!



SparkOfSpirit said:

This is a pretty hardcore game, I can't imagine how hard the higher difficulties would be. The combat system is pretty crazy.

The game lends itself well to replays too, just like any good game should.



HAL9000 said:

The game is truly wonderful. I had a smile on my face the whole time. I love the little animations for all the heroes, and the whole super-power theme. I was pleasantly surprised that this is NOT an interactive movie but a game that is under your control. Awesome. They even use the pikmin whistle at end of mission mode! The controls are great when you get the hang of them. I like using the gun as my primary morph (with A) and then use sword strikes with y to keep enemies away. My favorite power is the reflective jelly.



Emblem said:

W101 jumped 10 places on Amazon UK WII U chart thanks to the direct & demo. It was 15 yesterday but now its sitting at 5, Pikmin 3 still sitting at number 1.



sinalefa said:

Just tried the demo. While it takes a little time to get used to the controls, it feels great to draw the shapes on the screen. Don't remember having played a game that feels like this before.

Definitely getting this one day one.



jayclayx said:

this game is indeed original and this is the kind of games the wii U need more, amazing gameplay and so on, however I personally didnt find this game interesting so I will pass this one and wait for bayonetta.



GreatPlayer said:

This game reminds me of Gunstar Heros, but has confusing control. Also, too many things appear at the same time and I just keep pushing the same button without knowing what is going on. I am also stuck in an area, not knowing what to do and thus cannot proceed.



GreatPlayer said:

@jayclayx I knew drawing circles. No, I was stuck in Mission 3, when I did not know I can zoom in into the building as the instruction in the game was not clear.

I just finished the demo and it has some amazing elements. I was particularly impressed by the area in which you need to carry a shield to fend of fire coming from falling trucks. But a lot of time I was frustrated with the control and me not knowing what is supposed to do in an area... This game is begging me to like it, but yet...



Wanderlei said:

WOW the game is great, its like a Vietiful Joe successor x10.

There is a lot to the gameplay and controls that are gonna take a while to master. I guess the casual 'pick up and play' audience might have a problem with this.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Well the problem is alot of people just don't want to learn how to play games anymore. They want to be taught how to do every single maneuver in the game without trying stuff for themselves. Hence "why can't Metroid crawl?" The controls took me about a half hour to get the hang of but once I started paying attention to the prompts I was axle to pull off some cool moves & the game got easier & more fun too. Nobody seems to have patience to learn gameplay anymore. It's disheartening.



GreatPlayer said:

@Dreamcaster-X A game is to provide fun not frustration to people who play. Some people like to spend time learning how to play a game - no problem with that. Others like to spend time enjoying a game rather than learning how to play. If I want to learn something new why don't I learn an interesting skill at school rather than learning how to play a game? When I sit in front of a Wii U I want to enjoy, not to spend at least an hour to master.

Wonderful101 is by no means bad. It has some wonderful elements. I just feel that it is reserved only for hardcore gamers who can tolerate a deep learning curve.



Dreamcaster-X said:

It's not that difficult of a game. Ninja Gaiden is a difficult game, this is nowhere near as difficult. I was able to start clearing enemies easily after 30 minutes & I would consider myself an average player.



GreatPlayer said:

I also feel that this game is showing the burden of Nintendo. This game tries to combine action, platforming, and problem-solving elements together, and it is an ambitious but challenging goal. Nintendo is probably trying to publish games that will please a wide variety of gamers, in contrast with third-party developers which only need to focus a specific aspect in one particular game. The risk Nintendo is facing (designing a game that integrative multiple aspects well) is that it is not easy.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Well the game was created by Platinum Games, Nintendo is only publishing it but alas Nintendo gets dogged for repeating their franchises over & over & when a potentially awesome new franchise springs up people complain for them trying something new & different???? WTH?????



Finntendo said:


Hah, I so agree. I had SNES when I was kid, games cost about 100€. In release, you got ...two games? F-Zero and SMW? Am I right? Anyways, you got that console with SMW for Christmas.. then you got another game next christmas.. (after the early 90s recession) and you played those whole year. Now it's game overflow and most games are played thru within hours and then thrown in the corner and where's the next game.

Of course then you had no knowledge about games in other parts of the world since there was no internet. Or was very limited. So boohoo, week or two - play something else until the release



Oscarsome said:

Platinum Games is known for their difficulty. Look at Bayonetta. And can I say this game is just a perfect mix of Bayonetta and Pikmin? Seriously. That's how to describe this game.

I've done only one play through and I liked the game, but I didn't love it. The controls are, well, not that intuitive. They should be, it's just drawing simple shapes, but it's a bit chaotic at times. Not always, but sometimes. And I do like that there's minimal hand-holding, but there need to be times where obvious instructions need to be given (especially in the first stages ever). I had no idea how to save citizens by circling them. Still, I hope this game is successful because it's a fresh experience.



cornishlee said:

@b23cdq Ah, OK, yes, that makes sense now. Reading it with a hangover probably didn't help either, sorry. They definitely get worse as you get older.



SetupDisk said:

Downloaded the demo this morning, great fun. I hope the actual game has at least three more higher difficultlies though, way too easy. I was hoping for a challenge like Razor's Edge.



Ducutzu said:

I played the demo four times now. In my first few minutes, I felt a bit disoriented, as there are definitely lots of new things to figure out. But I am glad that I persisted. The controls are actually quite simple, and the action soon starts to make sense.

What I like about the game is that it's very replayable. You don't get bored playing the same mission again, because you get better and better at it. There are lots of secrets too.

Remember to gather your scattered men after a failed attack, and you'll have lots of fun.

For some reason, has removed the free delivery for preorders on WiiU games. Maybe it's just for my own country - I don't know. I talked to the support team on their live chat, and they say it's an internal error that needs to be fixed. They encouraged me to preorder the game and have removed the delivery charges from my order. Maybe this info helps some of you guys...



banacheck said:

GreatPlayer said:
@Dreamcaster-X because not everyone will sing 'Nintendo will live forever.' people are just giving their candid opinion.

You also have to be careful about giving your honest opinion on here, Nintendo fanboys well call you a troll.

I like the game but the combo depth isn't there, tapping X or A is a bit repetitive, the blocking window is wide open. The blocking window should fail if the timing is off, drawing the colour coded fist (red), sword (blue) & gun (green). Is neat & easy it works well too, plus your men can use the fist, sword or gun. Fun game..



GreatPlayer said:

@banacheck Permitting only positive as opposed to candid opinions resembles a communist regime. North Koreans sing "Our leader lives forever" every day. I am a person with critical thinking rather than blind beliefs. Plus, I am not the only person saying issues with the control in this game.



Dreamcaster-X said:

I'm far from a Nintendo fanboy. I respect Nintendo but I don't worship every game they make. I get crap all the time for stating I didn't care for Skyward Sword & I can't stand how they screwed up Paper Mario:Sticker Star, I was merely stating that the game isn't that difficult if you pay attention to the clues & prompts & I don't remember anyone calling anyone a troll for what it's worth!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I am in love with this game! I've played the demo 4 times now since yesterday and am just amazed by how engaging and full of character it is. I loved VIEWTIFUL JOE, VANQUISH, and MGR: REVENGEANCE; now here's one more title to add to the list. So glad I've kept my pre-order all this time! The second 'great' Wii U title. If MARIO KART 8 was releasing this holiday all of my doubts concerning the Wii U's installed base would disappear.



Farmboy74 said:

Played the demo again last night, played better than the first time as I am now getting better with the controls (rescuing people, launching multiple morph attacks etc). The game is still mental and chaotic and you can see a lot of Pikmin and Devil May Cry elements to the game. I have also seen the first impressions from IGN and yeah they didn't seem to be impressed.
But maybe this game needs the demo to get people to give a go and then persevere with it as there is a lot going on on screen and to draw patterns with the right stick to activate morph powers does take some getting used to as opposed to using the right stick to move the camera angle like on most games. As a new IP it deserves a least a try out via the demo.

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