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Wii U Summer System Update Pushed Back To The Fall

Posted by Damien McFerran

Update v3.1.0 U available now, but it's not the big one

Nintendo has pushed update v3.1.0 U to Wii U consoles worldwide, but it's not the big Summer update we were all expecting — that now seems to have been delayed until later in the year.

v3.1.0 U comes with some stability and performance upgrades, and permits SpotPass to function even while the system is on standby. The update also allows for the download and installation of software updates while the console is powered down. System updates can also be downloaded when the console is off, but don't install automatically — instead, they are applied when the machine is next switched on.

According to Nintendo, another update — presumably the big one — will be available between "the end of September and beginning of October".

Have you applied the update yet? Have you noticed any improvements? Drop a comment to tell us.


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SCAR said:

Not really useful as of yet. BTW, I don't mind delays and such. The update is still happening before other consoles release.



Boxmonkey said:

Another delay from Nintendo! It seems they are in a bit of a mess at the moment

Lets just hope the games they showed at E3 are not delayed (I won't hold my breath)



Jazzer94 said:

@SCAR392 Neither do I, but I think should of announced it closer to its completion cause now a bunch of people are just going to complain (like with every piece of Wii U related news).



LAA said:

If they're delaying the update, they better add the features users want (such as better accounts, achievements, messaging), or I'll by annoyed at them.
In fact, I feel they're trying to avoid public...communication atm. Doesnt seem like they've talked about anything since E3, at least as a company. I feel its because of the region lock campaign, I guess they want it to fade away so they can get away with not talking about it, still annoyed at nintendo about that. If they can list the reasons why they dont do it, and they're legitimate reasons, I may still be disappointed, but I at least know why, but they just ignore it.
They sure do listen to their customers...
Sony are quickly and steadily becoming my favourite company in how they talk to/about their customers lately.



LunaticPandora said:

Oh what a surprise. Please just get it the hell together nintendo, this year has just been one big embarrassment.



siavm said:

@LAA how are you annoyed it is not region locked. None of the other consoles they have released have done so. What makes this different? We have know it was region locked for over a year now now so come off that. And people say end region locking but never give a game as a example.



LAA said:

@siavm Thats not the point. The point is the place has become a more connected place over time, I want to know whether its just nintendo being old fashioned and not moving with the times, or theres a legitimate reason why they dont want to go region free. With both PS4/One being region free, the Wii U is in trouble, not only for being around £50 cheaper than a PS4, but offering less services and features.
It doesnt hugely affect me in particular I'll admit, but I want the CHOICE. I feel more for the people where region lock does affect them significantly more.



GiftedGimp said:

I'd rather have a system update delayed and working properly. Firmeware updates have a history of bricking systems when they are not tested properly and the more a firmware update adds the higher the risk of bricking systems.
I'm guessing rather than add 2/3 spaced out smaller updates adding a few new features Nintendo are trying to get a majority of the systems new features out in one big update.



RandomNerds said:

Another speed bump to the system menus would be appreciated. It feels almost as slow as the launch system software.



LAA said:

@GiftedGimp I agree, I'm not saying I want the update here and now, I'm just saying it better have the features people have wanted to justify the wait.



marck13 said:

Of course i want "it all and now".. That said, I think it's good they make the system updates in steps.



NMH-TRI said:

@siavm I say end region locking and I've given Disaster: Day of Crisis as an example...

I've also seen examples for Another Code R and most recently, One Piece. I'm sure there are A LOT more games in full English that could be played between plenty of English speaking regions if locking was lifted. Factor in people that travel for long periods of time, people that speak/read foreign languages and could enjoy foreign games...seems like a lot of missed sales and unsatisfied fans to me...



Jazzer94 said:

I just want to know what games currently available on Wii U justify the end of region locking, 3DS maybe Wii U don't really care either way.



LAA said:

@FineLerv I hate this argument.
Tell me one reason why it affects you?
You either aim to get them or your dont, you're not forced to.
Besides, like the PS3 recently added, you could have an option to turn the notification off, though knowing nintendo they'll probably not think notifications are needed anyway.



kereke12 said:

Oh you guys know what that mean? Nintendo is planing something BIG. If there doing that that could possible be that Nintendo could do another 3DS upgrade.......MAYBE Miiverse for 3ds?



SCAR said:

I'm sure they'll straighten things out. No matter what happens, people are going to complain.
Nintendo already has a reward system. It's called play coins on 3DS, and they said they're going to implement something similar for Wii U last year at E3. More proof that people don't read, and when they do, it's misunderstood.



FineLerv said:

@LAA I can understand why people want them and I still find it odd when people don't understand how I could possibly not want them. It's like they can't grasp the concept that people have a different opinion to them or something.

But, to clarify - I have a PS3 (which I play regularly) and an X-Box 360 (which I never play) as well as a Wii U (which is now my primary console). I got obsessed with trophies to the point where they almost ruined gaming for me. As someone who has played games for 30+ years, that's quite a life-changing thing. It's my nature, though, that I get OCD on these things. If they're in the game, I have to get them. You can turn off the notifications, but they're always in the background.

So, I now play everything on my Wii U rather than get hooked in by something which is just essentially a trivial and gimmicky marketing tool designed to encourage brand loyalty. People don't like multiplayer tacked on to their single player games even though they can just not play that mode. Why? Because it jeopardises the integrity of the experience. I feel the same about achievements.



Nintenjoe64 said:

We're all so used to delays now that we're going to be too easily pleased if games actually start flowing.

@FineLerv I hate achievements with a passion and it saddens me to see how the gaming world has all copied the same ridiculous style where your game gets interrupted to tell you that you've just walked 500M or died 3 times in a row. It works in some games but should be left out of most. I had 6 months without updating my iPhone apps and now all my games have the most cringe inducing superfluous achievements slowing up my games. It's almost as bad as Civ charging 59p for a Granary!

People bang on about Nintendo not having 'achievements' but if you ask me, they've got the best system (just not fully utilised yet). Everyone has a Mii and can use it for most games. That Mii has all of its achievements saved in the various save files. A program could easily be built to show how well each Mii is doing and I am glad that Nintendo hasn't tried to force the issue any more than just having the in-game goals/medals as achievements..



sinanziric said:

delays delays delays,, this is the worst Nintendo year EVER. 0 relases, nothing to play.



GiftedGimp said:

@FineLerv I'm not against achievments/trophies but they do override the gaming experience.There's too many people who rush through a game just to get as many achievments as fast as they can rather than explore and enjoy the game... I even know people who knowingly brought very poor games simply because it was easy to get all achievments/trophies.



CAM290 said:

What is the Big update even supposed to contain that makes it sooo big?



FineLerv said:

@GiftedGimp The first thing I used to do when I played "the achievement game" was to look at all the achievements and plan out how I played the game based on them. Almost all of the time, rather than extend the life of a game, they actually caused me to spend less time with a game.

Whereas previously I would play through games multiple times without a care in the world, once achievements became a thing I would only do something if it would give me an achievement. As one example, I stopped doing quests in Oblivion because all I need was the guild quests. And that is just one example of many.



TreesenHauser said:

So an update is delayed... wahh, people, wahh. So go ahead and cry because a big update that'll make the system run much better or add new features is being delayed until the end of September or beginning of October. Don't be glad they're making sure the update doesn't brick any Wii U consoles, don't be thankful that the Quality Assurance team will be doing their jobs, never-mind all that let's throw a hissy-fit because an update's being delayed!

It's not like games such as Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101 will be out by the time the update releases or anything. Be thankful that Nintendo's at least working on it.

By the way, I'm not trying to sound rude or anything. I'm just sick and tired of people on sites like these complaining about petty things.



andrea987 said:

It might not be the 'big' update, but this one 'small' ain't. 184MB don't sound too small to me. Will see if it makes a difference.



GiftedGimp said:

@FineLerv I was simular, In fact probably will seem strange to some but I hardly ever played through games more than once or ever 100% completed any game on Ps3, having moved on to a new game to earn more trophies, but on WiiU I have played through several games at least twice and 100% a few games, Lego City, NSMBU as examples and working on 100% other games.
Not having Achievments, for has liberated my gaming mindet.. I'm not looking at games at the perspective of What achievments need to be earned anymore and enjoying the games for what the games themselves offer.



LAA said:

@FineLerv No I do understand other opinions. The only reason I hear that seems legitimate-ish, is it can pull you out of the experiences.
I do understand about how you say trophies can "ruin" gaming for you. Sometimes I feel its a chore to get them, but I can also say trophies have gave me that motivation to aim for 100%ing games or doing things I wouldnt normally do, so I think they offer a greater benefit to. For the games that just seem too much work for just trophies, I just think it isnt worth it and leave it.
Again though, its an optional feature, and I dont think its very fair for people who just dont like the optional feature, to take that away from people who want it.

I think its cool you find Wii U is your primary system, nice for nintendo. I sadly dont think any nintendo console will ever be my primary system, it'd need a lot more 3rd party games for that, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy it just for the nintendo games alone, though we also have the X, Bayonetta 2, Watch_Dogs, Batman, which is probably the best Nintendo has had for 3rd party ironically and I dont think people are still quite so happy funnily enough.



DualWielding said:


They can talk about their reasons because their reasons are not consumer friendly..... its just like Microsoft could not just come out and openly say we want to ban used games so developers make more money... If they talk they'll give the lame squidpoop excuse of different cultural standards and rating systems that everybody knows its squidpoop and people would just get angriet at them...

Mind the language, please. --Raylax



heathenmagic said:

So much bad vibes about Wii U. Still playing on my Wii at the minute, but keeping my eyes on Wii U which I might get at some point. Probably a lot of people are like me. I mean, TVii still not out in Europe, and no Iplayer which I use a lot. But think once more games come out, it might get better



SCAR said:

There's another way to word this article:
"Wii U Summer Update Pulled Forward by Fall"
See, it's not so bad.



Araknie said:

It's obviously because they are adding more stuff in it, it's not like a game that most delays are technical stuff, an updated delayed means only more stuff.

Because they did one today and it's pretty useful, people won't say that, but thinking to wake up the Wii U every day just to check on updates was really boring, now i don't have to.

I have to keep doing that only with the 3DS but it's understanble, a portable works differently, you can't have it on sleep or buttery will run out, the Wii U works on direct power so this is a perfect solution.



Burning_Spear said:

I realize it is only an update, but Nintendo has absolutely zero credibility when it comes to any timetable related to Wii U. The only three things that occurred on time were the console release and the releases of Nintendoland and NSMBU.



FineLerv said:

@LAA Regarding Achievements: I think it's safe to say we're just on different sides of the fence and that each side has their own reasons for taking their stance. All arguments for and against are legitimate and are valuable in contributing to the discussion. Unfortunately, on the Internet it's often the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, so all we can do is shake hands and continue to represent our own view points.

Regarding third party: looking at the sales figure, it's just unfortunate that Nintendo fans don't seem to buy their games anyway. I'm just glad I managed to get Darksiders before it disappeared from the e-shop as it may be one of the few great 3rd party games I'll have the pleasure of playing on my Wii U.



FineLerv said:

@ferthepoet Is "not consumer friendly" the new buzz phrase around here that people use to discredit one another's opinions? Is this the new McCarthyism?



FineLerv said:

@GiftedGimp "Liberated" is the best way one could describe our situation, kindred spirit. I just love being able to have my own personal experience with games again. And, it should be noted that the Mii Verse lets everyone share these experiences better than any abstract Gamerscore or Trophy Level ever did.



Wanderlei said:

@LAA HAHAHAHAHA Sony just released update that bricked PS3. They are one of the most anti-consumer corporations on the planet.



KaiserGX said:

I got nothing against achievements but I got something against the trophy system,



TheAdza said:

Am disappointed. Sick of Nintendo delaying everything. How can anyone be happy with Nintendo all but walking away from the Wii U with support for the first half of the year and beyond, just so they can have a big end of year? Already Mario Kart is pushed into NEXT year. Seriously. WTF Nintendo.

Thankfully the 3DS is keeping my Nintendo love alive..



luminalace said:

This update has improved loading times again, so the Wii U Ui is getting better incrementally. I wonder what the major update will do!



XFsWorld said:

By the time I get my Wii U everything will be updated, great games will be out, and some game prices will be a lil lower.



Dogpigfish said:

The system seems pretty stable since the last update. I'm not sure I care for another, but i know how these thing inevitably go.



Drobotic said:

Being able to download while the system is off has come in handy for when I want to download a game and I have to go to bed.



GiftedGimp said:

Nintendo only Stated the next update as a Summer update, and didn't give a specific date or month. End of September isn't that far off the Summer season.
Besides MS and Sony and every game publisher has announced something at sometime to be realeased during on season or another only for it to be a month or so into what is technically the following season.
Jeez, End of September/Begining of October is virtually on the transition from Summer to Autumn (Fall).
Nintendo owners just want to be negative at the slightest reason it seems, maybe its a knock-on effect from the general media negativity towards Nintendo gradually wearing away peoples will to actually not be negative towards Nintendo.



banacheck said:


Sony are quickly and steadily becoming my favourite company in how they talk to/about their customers lately.

I wouldn't say that on here, the Nintendo police will not like it.


HAHAHAHAHA Sony just released update that bricked PS3. They are one of the most anti-consumer corporations on the planet.

Wow how ironic, Nintendo did the same thing with the Wii U, does this also mean Nintendo are also one of the most anti-consumer corporations on the planet, and you can add DRM to that as well.

I'm not bothered about the update being delayed as it doesn't effect what few games i do have for my Wii U, until Pikmin3, Wonderful 101 & whenever Super Mario 3D World releases, than another wait until 2014.



GiftedGimp said:

@TheAdza Mario Kart 8 wasn't pushed to next year as Nintendo never said it was due for release this year.
As far as I know Nothing from Nintendo has been officially announced for this year only to be pushed back to next.



GiftedGimp said:

@banacheck WiiU update didn't brick the system, Turning off the system, either intentially or or not during the install did... which applies to every device that has updateable firmware.
A couple of Ps3 Firmware updates and MS has had one from memory have bricked systems withput outside influence... I know I lost a Ps3 because of it.



kyuubikid213 said:

@LAA I don't see how Nintendo should be worried about region locking the Wii U and 3DS... It's not like the majority of gamers even care... Just so long as I can get good games localized to NA, I'm fine. And if certain games don't get localized to NA, I know there are games not localized to EU, so it doesn't matter.

I've still got good games and all of the important heavy hitters will be available everywhere anyway, so I'm fine with region locking.

Anyway on topic...
I got an update this morning and I thought it was the big one, but considering the initial system update that you have to do when you buy the system could render the Wii U system you just bought a $350 hunk of wires and plastic if done wrong or rushed, I welcome a delay. Just so long as it's out before the PS4 and XB1 hit the market, I'm good.



ultraraichu said:

@TreesenHauser You took the words right out of my keyboard.

I (hopefully others too) rather Nintendo take their time for quality control and improvements then release a possible lacking/ buggy update that people will react more negatively about.



rjejr said:

So how long before the next post where Iwata apologizes because updates on HD consoles take longer than they thought?

@GiftedGimp - "Nintendo only Stated the next update as a Summer update, and didn't give a specific date or month. End of September isn't that far off the Summer season."

You get a NL Trophy for reading a calendar correctly, most people can't. My son's birthday is Sept 17th which is always in SUMMER but nobody believes it since school starts 2 weeks before that. We always take him to a baseball game and play outdoor minigolf or have a picnic b/c it's summer.

As for Trophy's, I like when they pop up on my PS3 if they're amusing - like "Ball Buster" for breaking 50 barrels or something - or letting me know I've finished a section in continuously flowing games, unnecessary in games w/ Score screens like DMC. But I've never been addicted to them. I still don't have a PS3 Plat and most of my games end w/ between 50% - 78% (R&C:ACiT). I have gone after some Achievements in "casual" games like Swords & Soldiers and PvP but only b/c those games are short and the achievements quick enough to either get or not. And I don't care at all about "total" scores. Though Sony did send me a nice T-shirt for their extremely short lived rewards program a few years back.



GreatPlayer said:

I'm don't mind the delay but it can imagine that people will got pissed if Nintendo delay mk8.



tchaten said:

The latest update made my Wii U quite fast and responsive - it felt like a very nice update and have no complaints about "waiting" for another update - love how NintendoLife turns pudding into mud.

Glad to have the most recent update as the system is as I expect it to be - anything else is just gravy



SkywardCrowbar said:

I had added a bunch of eShop titles since the last update, and my Wii U was starting to run kinda slowly. It would also crash in the Netflix channel, but that seems to have been rectified with this update.

Can't wait for the big one!

Keep in mind that Wii U will be running very smoothly AND have a solid library of games AND have backwards compatibility AND have the best selection of retro titles on the market AND be the cheapest AND have the biggest, best exclusives by the time XBone and PS4 come out. If consumers don't like that, then I don't know what's wrong with them.



Wanderlei said:

@Subie98 @banacheck That never happened, it was people turning off the Wii U during updates.
watch the insults, please — TBD

Nintendo delay a update - Nintendo suck, they are doomed.

Sony brick consoles with a OS they have had for entire gen -
Sony are the best.



LeVideoGamer said:

The update I downloaded today has made loading times noticeably faster. The SpotPass feature is nice, too.

The 'big' update, whenever it comes, should make loading times even shorter between applications. It needs to enable me to use my Nintendo Network ID on my Wii U and my 3DS, interact with Miiverse on both consoles, and link Virtual Console purchases. Virtual Console games should be housed under one channel on the home page, because with 13 VC games already, it won't be long before my entire menu is filled with retro games. It should enable an achievement system for those who want it. Cross-game chat is a must. I should be able to access my NNID on a friend's Wii U, and we should be able to be logged on at the same time. When a friend signs in, I should see that as a pop-up on screen, not just a blue light on the Gamepad. And for crying out loud, I should be able to use TVii!



tchaten said:

@SanderEvers Overall they are great and love the content they put out - sometimes they over blow situations like this though - we got a nice system update that speeds up the console to where it should have launched at - instead of saying its good that we got a system update that fixes a lot that was wrong they instead say they turn it into mud ...



element187 said:

@LAA Achievements cost money. Servers to hold and serve this information costs money. it forces devs to implement it. Indie devs can least afford to implement and shoe horn it into their games.. you heard that Ubi, EA, Activision are worried they wont make their money back from just porting their games over to the Wii U, but you want to add even more development costs so developers have to shoe horn it into their ports..

Forced achievements is terrible. It should be optional to each individual developer as it currently is on NIntendo systems..... Sony is now charging for online multiplayer to cover the costs of achievements, if Nintendo follows suit I'll stick to PC gaming where its always free to play online.



LinktotheFuture said:

Why all the hate?

Welcome to the real world. Delays happen. No one is going to die because of a delayed update. I am disappointed, but it isn't a big deal at all.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@heathenmagic, agreed. I want to purchase, but I'm not getting suckered in as I was with the wii, cube and 64. I think alot of people on the fence are waiting for a price drop, and/or repackaging with a game/ extra controller bundle. I sense something big coming right around their next firmware update. Patience is key.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@TheAdza, I don't think Nintendo is concerned about the hardcore that bought the wiiu on release. They are setting up for a monster winter, where they will rope in families, kids, and people that haven't bought a new system in awhile like me. Nintendo's thinking, hey we can push the user base and game attachment rate 20 to 30 million with the release of Wii FitU. Be patient. I'm waiting it out by playing RE:0 on my wii. Game is tough. I love it.



Ecto-1 said:

To my knowledge, Nintendo never said what exactly the summer update would do or how big it would be, so I am not sure where anyone is getting that this is just a minor update and that the "big one" has been delayed. As far as I can tell based on the info I've seen, this is the summer update and they have announced that the next update will be released in late September or early October.



GamerJunkie said:

@Cyberbotv2 That's probably true. They said they were making a console for more hardcore gamers with Wii-U, but the console hardware is weak compared to the other 2 and developers already gave up on it, so Nintendo will go back to what they did with Wii and have the family/kid console. It won't sell as much though this time because during Xmas the other 2 consoles launch and will have all the hype and commercials, ads on TV, magazines, etc. then.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@GamerJunkie , I do think Nintendo is going to have alot of trouble advertising. If they can show why that game pad is useful( I would show virtual console games), show why anyone should buy this system rather than a PS4 or Xbox one which are hugely appealing. But that's another point, how many of the non hardcore audience will be picking up those machines. No backwards compatibility on either machine, more money on another console, the ups and downs of a new system with new firmware and new users. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo as we saw last year are not immune to this. If I was a new videogame customer walking into a store, do you know what I would buy? A PS3 with a huge catalog of varied games. And I think we'll see that trend with the sales at the end.



McGruber said:

Yea seriously, the delay is OK as long as this update is actually adding features people want. The menus and everything can still be smoother, but we need a better account system most of all, and they need to fix "Wii Mode" and the Wii Shop/eShop mess.



NMH-TRI said:

Delay it to make it better? No problems here. Everybody else that's crying...really!? No, you're all right. Ninty needs to hold to their announced timeframes. That way we can have updates that brick our systems (without interrupting the power). We can have incomplete games released that need multiple patches applied for a playable, enjoyable experience, To make deadlines they'll also be able to cut sections of game out and add as DLC later, maybe they'll even charge us for it



SetupDisk said:

Didn't they already speed up the times? Since the last big update my system loads games and returns to the main menu in about a quarter of the time or less than it used to. Also my system has frozen once since that update and I play it all the time.



LAA said:

Wrong attitude to have really.
For starters we should simply have that choice.
Secondly, some games sometimes dont make it to every country sadly, this is where region free helps the gamers.
Thirdly, A lot of a generalisation to say most gamers dont care, there was a big campaign for region free/no DRM for PS4/One a while back and there is one for Wii U now, you cant ignore that and say most dont care.

@element187 I may have read some of it at least...
But regardless... Nintendo... did sell most most current gen consoles right...?
Its doing very well right.
Surely they should pass value onto its consumers...right?
If anyone, they are the ones who can DEFINITELY afford this, I just get the feeling they are being either cheap or purely ignorant, if not, why cant they answer?
We shouldnt worry about money problems with them anyway. They're the ones providing a product and service, they cant just say, we cant afford the things you want, but buy it anyway!
Well done for posting some of the first legitimate arguments I've seen though.
I cant really say if it costs money for indie developers or not, but seeing most indie developers on Wii U develop elsewhere, which do require achievements, I dont think its particularly a problem for Wii U.
I'd say it would more likely nintendo could do this than Sony anyway, seeing they took a beating from PS3 issue.
Plus, wouldnt nintendo want more people to buy their consoles? The only people it seems nintendo need more of buying their console are hardcore gamers atm, what better way to get such people on board with services such as achievements, messaging and true accounts.



element187 said:

@LAA every little feature costs money. That cost needs to be passed on to the consumer, so what you are asking Nintendo for is to implement something that not every user wants, and make them pay for it.

Nintendo has the right attitude about it, that each game individually should make the decision on whether or not if it has achievements. Nintendoland has it, NSMBU has it, ZombiU, AC3 also have acheivements in it... If many games already have achievements built in, why does Nintendo need to force it system wide?

Nintendo also has a lot of indie game exclusives to their system. And a lot more indie exclusives are on the way, and you are basically asking Nintendo to force indie devs who have very very limited resources as it is to force them to implement extra features in their games. I just have to shake my head at any platform maker to take steps to FORCE things on developers. Microsoft being the worst and most draconian in this regard.

One of the biggest pluses the Nintendo console has going for it is its not a PS360. And the only reason why I purchased it to compliment my PC and instead of a console from sony or microsoft... I do not see why some people want to force others into something they want, NIntendo is taking the right approach to allow to remain on a game by game basis, where it should be.

Why is it so important to you anyways? If you need arbitrary goals set for you to motivate you play a game, then perhaps you are playing the wrong games?.. I only play games that the natural gameplay keeps my attention. Perhaps you should play good games to remain motivated instead?



Marioman64 said:

"and permits SpotPass to function even while the system is on standby."
...this wasn't a feature already? the Wii did that, Wiiconnect24 and the awesome blue light and all that



LAA said:

@element187 Or Nintendo can sell things at a loss like Sony/MS do, which they don't like doing, and now it's looking like they'll be forced to do that because a £50 decrease from a PS4 isn't enough, should be good for me and you though if they make an ambassador program!
And again, you're treating achievements as a forced system, players either choose to engage with it or not, there's no forced about it.
As for why I care about it, we'll for starts I should mention that they need to be tied to an account to be the most worth it, gives you competitiveness with friends, gives you things to aim for and I guess jut the pride of your account's achievements. It's just sad when even mobiles are ahead of Nintendo as even they include achievements, but yeah I doubt they'll add it anyway, they've already admitted they're struggling with HD development... 7 year old technology, so dot have much hope elsewhere, the only real next gen feature Wii U has (In terms of software at least) is the miiverse, shows how great the Nintendo community can be anyway, then you add that it's gaming focused and can have benefit to people stuck in a game or whatever, it's a really cool feature.
I should also just state, I don't buy games for achievements if that's what you're hinting at... My achievement/trophy level doesn't mean that much to me, as I've said, it's give me more motivation to keep playing games, an example I remember was in Halo 3 trying to mowdown someone in a mongoose, got it by accident in the end, but yeah, mostly my experience with them has just give me value with the game, pushes me to do things I wouldn't think of usually and, well a lot of things really. If none of that is for you, then just don't bother with it. You talk about being forced things you need to pay for, I've paid for TVii and I don't care about it and it isn't even in UK yet, paid for video chat, doubt I'll ever use it, surely game focused features should take priority over other features?



LonDonE said:

@SCAR392 are u serious? nintendo now are not only delaying games constantly, now they are even delaying updates! LOL thats too funny, oh nintendo please for the love of god,sort your poop out!!!!



Henmii said:

Speaking of updates: In the beginning you needed to download a big update before you could start playing! This update took up a lot of memory-space and could brick the console if your internet connection went out! My question is: Do you still need to download that update when you first start-up the console?! Or has that issue been solved?



Sir_Deadly said:

I actually hope they release an update that puts a streaming type service on Wii u like PS4 has on it!



SCAR said:

PS3 has been being poopy since release. This nothing compared to the disappointment PS3 has been over the years.
There's literally an update almost every week for PS3, and it doesn't do anything most of the time.
I like video games, but I'm not gonna cry online every time something doesn't always go to plan. Patience is a small price to pay for a good console.



Subie98 said:

People are so ungrateful and undeserving. A fair amount of these posts are ridiculous. Nothing any of these company's do for a lot of you people is enough. With the exclusion of Microsoft. They're getting what they deserved.



Subie98 said:

I get it that we all invest money in these systems and they owe us a fun experience....but not everything under the sun and respond to every person crying. People are crying the memory isnt big enough, its not powerful enough, they aren't making the games I want them to bring back, its not region free. If you're all so unhappy go buy a system that is what you want instead of focusing on every little thing the wii u isnt. You all bought the system knowing how nintendo is run. Its nobody's fault but your own. The sooner its learned, the better. .02 edit if my opinion makes me unpopular here, cool. Its the net. No f's given.



JaxonH said:

@LAA They already did list the reasons, at least a month ago, and yes, they actually are VERY legit reasons. Remember, Nintendo is not like Sony and MS. Nintendo doesn't just design consoles and own a couple studios here and there. They develope, publish, and promote virtually every game worth owning on their consoles. They're a massive company, with countless games, franchises, localisations, hardware, etc... Their most compelling argument was the fact that different regions and countries enforce different guidelines, laws, and restrictions for gaming media. The only way to maintain general compliance is if they keep games made for different regions in those regions. Sony and MS don't have scores and scores of studios and 1st party games to modify to comply with an international standard that would fall into compliance in virtually every different country in the world. The brunt of region free implications fall on 3rd parties, not Sony or MS. Not so with Nintendo. Remember, Nintendo is a different KIND of company than Sony and MS, so it's not fair to judge them by the same standards when it comes to region locking. Furthermore, without region locking, some localizations may never have happened, as the importers would have imported, and the market for a localized game would have all but disappeared. And that would piss me off if games like Xenoblade could only be played in Japanese. Also, systems like Vita can have account for other regions, BUT only one account per system! So you'd still need to buy a 2nd console to play Japanese games. Well, the same applies here! If you desire to import games, you can do so! Just buy a 2nd console, a Japanese console, and you're all set! Now you can import to your heart's content. There are many other reasons why it just wouldn't turn out well for Nintendo OR us, the gamers, but you'd need to read up on it to understand all of it. For example, when a game is considered for localization, they must predict the number of people who will buy it. If half those ppl imported it first, then they'll never buy the localized version, it will flop, and they'll never localize that franchise again. Then we ALL lose. Also, localized games are given an allotment of advertising dollars, and if a share of the market for that game import instead of buy the localized version, it's hard to see how effective that advertising was. Sure, an ad may have convinced half a million people to buy the game, but if 200,000 import it from Japan because it's released there first and they don't want to wait, it'll make it hard to gauge the effectiveness of those advertising dollars. The problems go on and on. It's just not a practical option for Nintendo.



Beta said:

@LinktotheFuture Exactly! And people imagine that everything can be done in a whim. Don't like delays? Why not just get people to work under you and try to make the game/update yourself? I seriously don't mind waiting if we'll be sure that there won't be any damage done to my system by it. And besides, doesn't that mean you can get even more features and nice polishing? I don't understand people anymore... Complaining about every little bit they can complain about

@Subie98 Words of a true sane gamer.



BlackStar9000 said:

@siavm Mario and Luigi Dream Team, its out NOW in Eurpe, the same damn language that I speak, so why not offer the digital version for NA NOW and then send the boxed copies later like with Super Luigi U? Instead I have to wait until August 11, Point made!



siavm said:

@BlackStar9000 the game is in more languages there and localized in Europe. If you want region free replying to a comment I made is not going to change it. And it is a extra month is not going to kill you. Japan gets it a week after Europe. I am not even going to get it next month. I will probably wait some months so it bothers me not. And like I said we can go back and forward things will not change. Super point made!

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