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Iwata: More Unannounced Third Party Titles Will Come

Posted by Andy Green

"We hope to revitalize the platform with our strong first party lineup"

Nintendo has had a bit of a problem getting many third party developers to create content for the Wii U as the install base is currently relatively low.

Yesterday, Reggie Fils-Aime said Nintendo plans to boost the amount of consoles in the wild by releasing more great first party content. He believes the first party software will lead to more units being sold and therefore more opportunity for third party developers.

This stance was reiterated in the recent E3 analyst meeting, where Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said the following:

We hope to revitalize the platform with our strong first-party lineup, and then an enriched third-party software lineup will follow.

While showing off the company's third party line ups Iwata revealed there are some titles that are yet to be announced:

It is not my position to mention which titles each third-party developer will release in the future. However, more unannounced titles will come.

Naturally, these titles will be announced in the future by the relevant third parties and it's good to know there are more titles lined up.

Which third party releases would you like to see? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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erv said:

Are the games any good? Because I'm buying pikmin 3 and not "cool looking realistic protagonist with 60fps".



inky_bob said:

A surprising pes announcement would be great, but that's wishful thinking



Sakura said:

Can anyone help me? What is a low "install base"? Does it mean that code hasn't been worked out for all possible actions so all developers have to start from scratch rather than building on what's gone before?



sakkenijs said:

I would love to see kingdom hearts 3 on the wii u. It would make a lot more sense being on wii u in stead of xbone, because of all the handheld games.



MAB said:

All aboard! The Nintendo Life rollercoaster is now operating again




wasf said:

mmm...bayonetta 1 in time for xmas! easy port with different controls and off tv play, just grow the general odience...



Ichiban said:

Well its not like theyve had 3 years to prepare themselves.........................hold up



ungibbed said:

I really do hope EA comes back with quality titles along with Square/ENIX. While there are EA haters, nobody can deny the the largest publisher has the games we need.

Far better support from Ubisoft. I don't want no stinking dancing game!
So much more to wish for but it's 0430 here. I want sleep!



turnmebackwards said:

@wasf I agree I'd love to see the first Bayonetta game on Wii U as I've never played it & because of this means I'm not that interested in Bayonetta 2.



seronja said:

bayonetta 1 ( i still play it alot on my ps3 ), yakuza 1&2 HD, Disney Castle of Illusion HD, gta 5, murdered : soul suspect



XCWarrior said:

Don't blame Nintendo for the third party support folks.

It's 50% developers for porting over half-hearted versions of games in past generation, and 50% gamers fault for not buying the 3rd party titles that did see a full effort when they came to a Nintendo console.

I own more third party titles than 1st party on my Wii - nearly 70 games - all bought new. So I did my part. What did you people do?

If you don't buy 3rd party titles, don't complain they aren't coming.



Haxonberik said:

Really hoping Kingdom Hearts 3 is part of those titles. Anyway, that game has a long way to go and maybe a stronger install base will be enough to secure the port later on



bouncer0304 said:

I knew there'd be more coming! All we need is patience
Regarding Kingdom hearts, on the one hand, it's coming to ps4 and xbox one, which developers are calling 'next gen.' Then again, they've had a good relationship with Nintendo with the kh games in the past so there's always hope I think if it did come to Wii U, it would sell so well!



DESS-M-8 said:

Ghost recon, battlefield, GTA V, kingdom
Hearts 3, NHL 14, madden 25, FIFA 14.

Any of these would be nice



DualWielding said:

There are more third party games coming, but likely only movie tie ins and dancing shovelware, don't get your hopes up for quality titles..



SirMario said:

@XCWarrior The same with me except I do it on the 3ds. I bought the 3ds xl in Jan. of this year and already own 19 boxed games and about a dozen eshop games. Most of which are from 3rd party - brand new.

I hope that if ninty isnt recieving the 3rd party supports they had hoped for then they could at least publish more Platinum Game or buy more studios. I want Kingdom Heart 3 and Dragon Age please! What is ninty doing with a billion plus dollar cash reserves? I am a starving child, I need more more more!



Burning_Spear said:

@ScorpionMG How is Iwata doing his job? There is zero reason for anyone to develop for a console with a worldwide install base of 3 million, increasing by 30,000 a month. He signed off on a terrible launch plan and a terrible marketing plan. They've delayed more first-party games than they've released. Now, while developers, Ubisoft included, are walking away, he's giving us apologies and empty promises.



DarkNinja9 said:

@JuliaHR i would love to see that too

what gets me is that they can say third party will come but will it be released at the same time as the others? or will it be delayed for unknown reasons like they have before or if it has DLC will wii u get it too that type of stuff is what matters too

even having exclusives



wasf said:

agree , but i think something will be announced in the next Nintendo direct!



ScorpionMG said:

@Burning_Spear So Its Up To Him If Developers Want or like the wii U to create games on it? I think not. If the devs Do not want to make a console game then they do not want to make it. Everyone Know's We've had a bad start, It Happened with the 3ds, and now its happening with the wii U, At least its a better start than ps360.
Until The 1st Party Games Come, Then the 3rd party games will come too. Just watch stupid EA coming back crawling because of the boost in wii u sales



piperrobbie said:

I hope that the new Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 pack will be localized for the Wii U since it's already coming to the PS3.



turnmebackwards said:

I'd like to see the new GTA on Wii U but won't happen would have been announced by now. A ZombiU squeal would be nice but haven't Ubi Soft just announced they will be cutting back on the support of Wii U after this year?
Yakuza 1&2 HD would be nice to get in Europe but again can only see it getting released in Japan. Aside from that I'm not too bothered would like to see a new Darksiders on Wii U & Sniper Elite V3 or a new Ninja Gaiden game because of how much I enjoyed Razors Edge. But Nintendo will be keeping me busy with the new Luigi U along with Mario 3D & the new Donkey Kong. Also Watch Dogs is another game I'll be picking up.



Burning_Spear said:

@ScorpionMG It is absolutely Iwata's responsibility to create a product that will attract developers. The best way to do that is by cultivating an install base that gives developers a sense that there are enough potential purchasers to make a game profitable. Iwata has the correct idea: First-party games will drive sales and build that install base. But he has not executed that idea. We got Nintendoland, which didn't carry the allure of Wii Sports, and we got yet another rubber-stamp Mario 2d platformer. Everything else we were promised has been delayed. And where is the marketing? When was the last time anyone saw a commercial or an advertisement for Wii U? This week's promotion aside, if you walk into Best Buy or Target to sample the console, all you get is a sizzle reel. I'm not attacking the product, I'm attacking the awful launch strategy.



ScorpionMG said:

@Burning_Spear oh so you clearly didn't see the advertisments that will be in 6 major tourist attractions for the wii u during this summer? And 2 of the places are in 2 different disneylands, and one is already there and all sorts of people are trying out the wii u.
I know you aren't attacking the product, it's just that i think your thoughts are invalid. I won't Continue this conversation, it's just Pointless.



GearsOfWarU said:

I'd like to see the Wii U get Titanfall , Lost Planet 3 & Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2!!!! Those 3 titles would be Awsome additions to My Wii U library



Savino said:

I will have to buy two consoles this gen again...
I will not skip so many great games that arent coming to wiiu!



CptStone said:

OK, $299 for a Wii U deluxe.. . and install base will go up. . .WOW I JUST GOT US SOME 3RD PARTY SUPPORT!!!



McGruber said:

Iwata is right that at this point the only way Nintendo can get 3rd parties developing games for the U is for Nintendo to release a bunch of system selling games, and I'm not sure the current lineup is going to do just that at the current price points...



BestBuck15 said:

I think Capcom might come up with something special or at least I hope they do, they did on Gamecube and Wii.
I know Nintendo said they don't need new ip's but they do and a price cut, which will no be mentioned until it happens.



redclow said:

Please please please, PLEASE! Let their be Monster Hunter 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3!!!



Nintomdo64 said:

Looks like we have another gamecube on our hands, which really, shouldn't suprise anyone. PS4 and Xbone cater to a different audience then Wii U. I don't know about you guys, but I bought a Wii U for Nintendo games and the occasional third-party exclusive.

That said, Nintendo screwed up the launch, big time. Honestly, as much as I like Iwata, someone a little more aggressive would do a lot better running Nintendo, imo.



Cyberbotv2 said:

My only wish is a Capcom game, namely Resident Evil 2. I also hope the virtual console/e shop picks up a little. I'd love to see them allow anything on it like modded N64 games. I want to buy a Wii U, and I just need a little more incentive, and I need to know why I should have a tablet controller.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@Lionsgate : agreed. The price for the console and the games are still too much. If they want to build a user base, they'll have to get the deluxe price down. And the game prices I think are too high. How rich are these guys? For a company on a downturn, they are still turning profit. Good thing I still have a backlog of Wii, GameCube and N64 games to run through.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@SirMario: that's what I don't understand. Nintendo is rich! How could they not have allocated more resources to create more games or help some third parties out with use of the tablet controller. Something is up, because I think Nintendo's hiding a lot.



dumedum said:

There were basically 3 games that I played on the PS3: Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, Resident Evil 5. (I) also had Assassin's Creed II. All of these were a shame to miss the Wii. All of these were addressed with the Wii U (Zombi U instead of Dead Space). So I don't have a problem.



andrea987 said:

Fifa, Destiny, and, even though I hate to say it, but the U need GTA too, to start selling better.



ricklongo said:

The funny thing is, I want third party games in the Wii U more for the overall health of the system than for my own personal enjoyment. There really aren't any non-Nintendo games I'm looking forward to playing, save Civilization V: Brave New World on the PC.

GTA V would be cool, I guess, but it's really got nothing on new Zelda / Mario / Donkey Kong.



Bluezealand said:

I want an exclusive Beyond Good & Evil 2, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3 and a Final Fantasy VII remake. Thanks in advance!



AJWolfTill said:

@Bryon15 THIS, there is really no excuse considering its not a Sony exclusive + the portable fanbase.
I would love Capcom to drop a watercolour cherry bomb on our asses with a new Okami announcement.
Destiny and future Ubi support would be great. Other than that I want to see games like Murdered: Soul Suspect and Evil Within.



brucelebnd said:

a lot of non A list 3rd parties games have been announced.

Medium, Angry Birds Trilogy, Putty Squad, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Jett Tailfin, and others.

nothing that's going to wow anybody but it's something. but what people forget about are the indie devs who do support the Wii U. they are technically 3rd parties.

people complain all the time about big 3rd party studios playing it safe and repackaging the games, so who cares if the Wii U misses out on some of those? I'd rather have indie support because they usually make better games.



Yorumi said:

I feel like 3rd party support as it's argued with nintendo is one of those things people just assume and don't think much beyond their initial assumptions, even seeing if they're good assumptions. First of all there's this assumption that 3rd party support is summed up in its entirety by about 3 or 4 companies. Nintendo can get thousands of 3rd parties interested, and a good few big ones, but because they don't have EA suddenly there's no 3rd party support.

Then there's the notion that nintendo gamers don't buy 3rd party games. Well considering how many of them went out of business in the past few years not a lot of people in general are buying their games. I think it's a little unfair to sit and say nintendo needs to bend over backwards to court people who have totally unsustainable business models.

We have an explosion of creativity and new ideas going on and people really want garbage like EA? Go ask anyone who bought simcity how much they lied and screwed their players with that game. It's a downgraded sc4(heck I'd argue it's a downgraded sc2k in all areas except graphics) for 6times the price and that's really want nintendo should be going after?

If people really want the same templates stamped out over and over fine, but for me I'm perfectly happy with lego city, or creativity like sonic lost world, trine, mighty switch force, and hopefully at some point twisted dreams(cause I'll buy that game again just to play it on the gamepad).



SCAR said:

You guys realize that bigger 3rd party companies(besides indies) releasing games will be more important when there's actually other consoles on the market, right?
If Wii U gets Destiny, GTA5, etc. games on Xbox One and PS4, people will automatically see a game console being sold for $350 vs. $400 w/o a tablet controller or $500, still getting the same games.
3rd party games don't matter until Xbox One and PS4 release, because those are the type of games they are aiming for.



SCAR said:

Oh ya, Wii U is the only console with free online. That is win, and so is the GamePad.



SetupDisk said:

It's still very simple, if they increase the install base more will develop for the system. It's not like it's known if the Xbox One or PS4 are going to fly off the shelves at launch. They might face the same problem, especially with most of their games also having a version on 360 and PS3.



Yorumi said:

I think the install base is just an excuse because they don't want to admit their bias against nintendo. Until the last couple years the wii absolutely pounded the ps3 and 360 into the ground. Even after they've caught up some these last few years it still nearly doubled the sales of the other consoles. Did 3rds go support the wii? Nope. Oh but the hardware right? They didn't have to release the same games they released on the other consoles, most of these companies have multiple IPs and lots of teams.

The snubbed the system, and when the wiiU started out with quite an impressive launch they snubbed it too despite being the successor to one of the best selling consoles to date. It's clear that even when nintendo has the best selling console in a generation they'll be snubbed by these companies so clearly the install base is just an excuse and not the truth.



SuperCharlie78 said:

Oh Iwata boy, why are you so blind?
Your 2013 first party line up is far from being "strong".
If you invested your money instead of going easy with your low budget more of the same strategy, maybe we should talk about a strong line up.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@DESS-M-8 : Nintendo needs to push that fact about the tablet controller. They must show why this could be the most unique system this generation.



Burning_Spear said:

@Yorumi The point about the Wii having sold 100 million units and still being ignored is well taken. But there was still a decent amount of third-party games. Wii U had very little support to begin with, and it's getting worse, not better. Sheesh, even Ubisoft is backing off. There is just no money to be made unless you get a near-100 percent purchase rate.



Yorumi said:

@Burning_Spear This goes back to the point about 3 or 4 3rd parties being treated as the entirety of 3rd party support. EA acts like EA, and heck just to make the point lets say Ubisoft is backing off too. Ok that's two companies. Sega has increased support, more new indies come on board every day, and they just announced thousands of devs interested in the console.

It's confirmation bias, ignore the thousands that are joining or increasing support and focus on the tiny few that arn't. It's not that I'm saying they couldn't have better 3rd party support, it's just not nearly as bad as people like to imply. I also don't hold to the notion that any loss of any 3rd party is automatically a bad thing.



Emblem said:

@SetupDisk Someone gets it, people believe PS4 and Xbone are going to have phenomenal sales at launch when the truth is they will be lucky to match their last generation launch numbers.

Time will tell i guess but alot of the big developers have stated repeatedly they are spending too much to produce games for too little return this generation. There are only two options in this case, 1 cheap out and don't use PS4 and Xbone to their full potential to save cash or 2. Develop games on a lower budget scale for the Wii U.



SirMario said:

@Cyberbotv2 Conspiracy theory: Iwata is a secret agent for Sony; Miyamoto is a cyborg who is Iwata's body guard; Sony and Nintendo are actually the same company created and founded by a guy in a Luigi costume.



Sakura said:

@t_vo Thanks! Just showing my ignorance! Was much less complicated than I imagined ti turns out...



NMH-TRI said:

@Doma Awesome reference. Definitely a great movie and how the Nintendo/3rd party discussion feels.



Phle said:

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the game I really would love to get on Wii U.



R_Champ said:


I'm not much of a Kingdom Hearts fan myself, but I think it'd make some Sony fans very unhappy if Nintendo got both KH and X.



takyon98 said:

good on him for addressing that. But he also needs to start advertising it this fall so people will buy it for xmas.




Grand theft auto, Dead Rising, more games from Grasshopper Manufacture, Tango and Platinum games, Bioshock, Tetris, Street Fighter, Journey



element187 said:

"Are the games any good? Because I'm buying pikmin 3 and not "cool looking realistic protagonist with 60fps".

@erv You know the only console thats going to have 60 frames per second this gen is Nintendo, like every gen, they are the only publisher that targets that speed... PS4 is what 8 times faster and the Wii U and not a single PS4 game shown off was 60fps.... same with Microsoft being 3 times faster than the Wii U, and like Sony not a single game above 30 fps.

Depressing. Gaming in 60 frames per second is what everyone should be doing. It feels fluid and fast... going back to 30 fps feels like watching a slideshow. Thats Nintendo's biggest advantage.



HelioGuilherme said:

I hope Nintendo do partnerships with other major like Ubisoft know that EA is a big company and produce more great games I do not question the football on the Wii U, but I would very much like other hardcore games they produce, but for now it is very difficult. I also really like the Rockstar imagine playing GTA 5 and Max Payne online on the Wii U would be really fantastic, I see many games being introduced to other islands and few good for Wii U, I have a little hope that soon the Wii U will have many good games children or hardcore!



ACK said:

We'll see. You have to wonder about the Microsoft (regarding them paying third-parties to hold off announcing their ports on others platforms).

One thing is for sure though. Look at what Nintendo is focusing on (core franchise for all ages) and it's hard to ignore they've left a gaping void that happens to coincide with the type of content third-parties seem obsessed with this year. I doubt that third-party executives are so ignorant that a few of them won't recognize the opportunity and attempt to capitalize in the event Nintendo's franchises catch holiday fire like they tend to.



GreenDream said:

Nintendo will get plenty of 3rd party support when Xboned flops around like a fish out of water.

Don't forget, Nintendo has $billions of spare cash in the bank, while Microsoft is flopping around and Sony is selling off their assets and going for broke because they're managing money so poorly. Nintendo can afford to be conservative with 3rd parties.



RedRocBoy said:

The Divison,GTA and Destiny. Would be awesome, don't understand the crazy secrecy about games that's coming to the Wii U. Just tell us dammitt!!!!



DangerousDreams said:

Id love to see mirrors edge 2 for the wii u and no more heroes 3.

As for methods to drive console unit sales and entice 3rd party developers to make game for the wii u, I think Nintendo should bundle the wii u with the pro controller. I just feel like, having your audience readily able to play all type of games created for the wii u, without any sort of hurdle to overcome or compromise on controls to do with, is beneficial for both, 3rd party developers and consumers.

Consumers won't have to jump over hurdles to play 3rd party games and 3rd party developers won't have to worry about consumers having to jump over hurdles to play their games.



JJtheTexan said:

I think Mr. Iwata was speaking in general terms when he said "unannounced titles will come". I doubt there are many (any?) unannounced third-party titles in development right now, unless he's referring to indie games for eShop release only.

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