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Mon 31st Dec 2012

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ZombiSlayer64 commented on ZombiU:

I've got this game, and have to say, Ubisoft, you are a bunch of absolute legends!!! What a fantastic game, I cannot get enough of it, even though I s**t my pants every time I hear the freaky moaning sounds of a walking corpse.
It's dark, scary atmosphere, never knowing what's around the corner that brings me back for more.
Those people who gave this game a bad score are just jealous and ticked off that the game didn't come out on the 360 or ps3.
My brothers love this game, my friends love it, and are getting it soon, just wish we could all play together online and if one of us gets killed, we control the zombie until we get killed, bring on ZombiU 2, and make it based in my home city, Melbourne, Australia