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Resident Evil Revelations Set to Infest Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Terrifies North America on 21st May, Europe on 24th May

Not long ago rumours spread around the web, like a virus we guess, that 3DS title Resident Evil Revelations was getting revamped for home consoles. Capcom has now issued a press release to confirm that the rumours were true, and thankfully Wii U is one of the platforms getting the re-boot.

Set to hit stores on 21st May in North America and 24th May in Europe — it'll also be available on the eShop at a later date — the title arrives on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC as well as Wii U; if it's going to get rid of the "3DS exclusive" tag, it's sure doing it properly. As well as revamped visuals, the title will also include extra content to tempt those that have already enjoyed the handheld version — there'll be a "terrifying new enemy", an additional difficulty mode, new items as well as the chance to play as favourite characters such as Hunk in the Raid mode. In addition, there'll apparently be significant interaction with, with themed content and online events.

We rather liked the original, as you can see in our Resident Evil Revelations review, as it combines action sequences common in recent series entries with more genuine survival horror moments. In terms of the Wii U version, the GamePad screen will provide plenty of opportunity to re-create and improve the excellent interface of the original — scanning similar to that in ZombiU seems like an obvious possibility.

Are you excited about this news, or would you prefer that it had remained as a 3DS exclusive? Let us know in the comments below.

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Knux said:

For $50? LOL, no thanks unless the PS3 version goes down in price either by discounts or the digital version is cheaper.



kkslider5552000 said:

Not to complain about Wii U having another good game but didn't Capcom say something about not wasting their time on ports/remakes for Wii U?



florecita said:

Im happy with my 3ds Revelations, Capcom just loves to add one or two new things and overcharge.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@kkslider5552000 My guess is that it was already in the works when they said that. At that stage in development it may have been a waste if they cancelled.

Or they could have meant "home console ports/remakes" when they said that.



Tasuki said:

@KKSlider: You took them serious? THis is the company that made all those remakes of SFII years ago. WHy would they not do the same for the Wii U?

I just finished the 3DS version this past October and I have to say it was one of the best 3DS games I have played. Might look into getting this on Wii U but there are other games I rather spend 60 bucks on than a remake of a game I already own, played and beat. However at least I wont need a CPP on the Wii U to play it since that came with a second analog stick already built in.



luminalace said:

While I am slightly disappointed because I own the game on 3DS, I am glad the Wii U is not missing out. Besides people who didn't play the 3DS version will be happy and I will probably buy it all over again.



ThomasBW84 said:

It's one of my favourite 3DS games, but the details outlined don't tempt me to buy it all over again, really. For those without a 3DS, though, this is terrific news.



florecita said:

Well I own res5 and res6 for the ps3. Res 5= sucks (except mercenaries). Res6=passes.
I 've just finished Revelations on campaign mode is pretty good but I would not buy this game again when I already own it. Just to fight a new "scary" boss, its not worth the money. But I think its a good buy for people who dont have it already. Besides how will they ever top Res4!?



Tasuki said:

@Thomas_&_Florecita: As I said I feel the same way as you two do. Its nice for people who dont own a 3DS or missed this on 3DS but to pay full price again for a game just cause they added a few minor things. NO thanks I would rather spend that money on a new game. Maybe if this hits the bargin bin I will get it.



SteveW said:

This is great news! I just wish I wouldn't have bought the 3DS version because I'd rather play it on a TV.



WaveBoy said:

Revelations is a 'good' entry in the series, especially if you can look past those lazy episodic mindless shoot outs which felt like cheap filler to extend the experience. I'd love to get the Wii U version for the new content, revamped HD visuals and just overall to play it on the big screen. But if Capcom isn't going to support pointer controls and ONLY the gamepad than i'm passing. Anyways, I've got a date with Barry Burton, I can't resist his manly ginger beard.

Agreed. If capcom doesn't include that as an alternate control scheme i'll be pissed. It's the most realistic and intuitive way to play ANY 3rd or first person title. I't's miles more immersive and fun in comparison to those stupid boring clunky twin sticks. Anyways, this may be a sign of RE5 & RE6 heading to the Wii U. Wouldn't be suprised since wii got RE4: Wii Edition, RE1 & Zero 'Archives' plus th two Umbrella Chronicals games. I'm pretty darn excited for this, but please Capcom....SUPPORT the wii remote Plus and nunchuck!



hYdeks said:

it's awesome that Nintendo is getting this on their Wii U system also Hopefully some other RE games that haven't hit a Nintendo console get on the eShop (RE5, RE6?)



BrightBeing said:

I hope this isn't the new game that's going to be announced on the Nintendo Direct tomorrow!



PinkSpider said:

I'm all for it as long as the Wii U version is the one they work on as the main version and the xbox and ps3 get the ports. But seeing the way the Wii U is going with its ports we will get an inferior version.



Dogpigfish said:

This is an excellent game. Have beaten it multiple times on 3ds using circle pad pro. Would be nice on a bigger screen. I'll double dip if the price is right. Note: I've never played a resident evil game, but it feels like Gears of War and you can't go wrong with this gameplay. Additionally, the characters are too tough to ever make you feel vulnerable; so this is more action than horror.



DePapier said:

I'd better play it on the 3DS, thanks. I know what it means, porting all around like this. The Wii U version is gonna be one they won't really give a s**t about, leaving us with framerate issues and having competition claiming that the Wii U isn't even at powerful as the 3DS, blablabla, you know the tune. If it was a Wii U exclusive revamping, since the game comes from the 3DS I would have happily taken it, but I'll pass.



SpaceApe said:

From what I been hearing, they will be charging $50.00 for a year old game ? Any confirmation on this ?



Nintend0ro said:

Thank God this is true. Loved 3DS version. Hope Wii U version is going to look even better and yes, game pad is going to be perfect for scanning as well as a map, or even sorting the items



Grubdog said:

Already love it on 3DS, so it'll need something great like pointer controls if I'm going to buy it again. RE4 had it, so it's not much of a stretch right?



WaveBoy said:

As amazing as the stereoscopic 3D is(when it's set to 'very strong', the slider is maxed and in first person mode) you guys have to admit that playing Revelations on the 3DS's tiny screens was a bit akward..Maybe the XL fixes this, but as is on the original 3DS it had me wishing for a Wii or Wii U version so i could play it with pointer controls on the big screen.

RE just doesn't fare as well in porable form. experiences like these need to be on the big screen.



Ryno said:

Who didn't see this 3DS Evil exclusive lose its exclusiveness?

As a Wii U owner and non 3DS owner I'm am ecstatic to hear this news! Come on now Capcom, we know you want to bring over RE 6 to the Wii U too!



WispMetas said:

im still going to buy the one for the 3DS, i love my 3DS more than every other console XD



Magnet_Man018 said:

@Ryno_Chozo I'd rather see another cool exclusive spin-off like Revelations for Wii U. I tried RE6 and really, it's not that good...

And howcome you don't have a 3ds yet? You should buy one!



Weedy said:

I'm pretty sure all that extra content is already on the 3DS cart, it's just locked at the moment! I'm just waiting for Capcom to release eshop DLC so I can access it!!!



Ryno said:

@Magnet_Man018: Yeah I heard there was some mixed reviews on RE 6 but I am Resident Evil mini fan so I still want to play it. Another exclusive spinoff for the Wii U would be great but we know Capcom doesn't believe in exclusives anymore.

As for why I don't have a 3DS? I have a family so my video game time is pretty limited and it wouldn't get that much use. Though a Metroid 3DS game would be hard to resist.



Gustoff said:

Awesome news for those that haven't played it yet on a 3DS. I probably wouldn't buy it again because i have it on my 3DS. I've gone thru the story once and i'm in the middle of going thru it again. The fact that its coming out for the consoles (Wii U, PS3, 360) gives all a chance to play it, like my brother, that only has a 360. He's already made up his mind on getting it after me raving all over the game.



florecita said:

Not to get off topic but yeah you should get RE 6 if they release it for the wiiU. it still is a pretty good game (way better than the 5th one at least).



Smooth27 said:

Kinda weird feeling on this. Part of me is extremely flattered and proud that the 3ds is well capable of console quality games so far that people argue us the truest re: since not counting 5 & 6. Another part is that I fear since this game was so great that it even beat the console versions that I fear the next re 3ds game is gonna be less great to keep the consoles superior........ If we get another which they Saud after 6 they will thanks to how well recieved but lets hope things don't change.



Smooth27 said:

In my experience I've seen many console to handheld ports but not the other way around. Since the 3ds I've sseen monster hunter on Wii u and now this.



AceSpadeS said:

Capcom's statement was about "Late" ports, as I recall. Meaning games that have been out for sometime on other HD consoles will most likely not be ported to Wii U.

I might try out the PC version of this though, just for the shiny factor... But I'm more interested in that Dementium II PC.


Actually MH3 was on Wii first, then came to 3DS, and is now headed to WII U. That game has been going places.




I've wanted it for my 3DS for ages but don't want it without the Circle Pad Pro, so this is a great option for me now! What would seal the deal for me really would be Wii-mote controls ala RE4:Wii Edition! I much prefer RE5 with Move over dualshock, and my fave RE4 was the Wii version.



Zach said:

Super happy I can finally play this. I have a 3DS but it hasn't worked in ages, the repair would cost too much, so this is great news.



FarukoSH said:

In my opinion, one of the best RE games ever, top 3 if you ask me and one of the best 3DS games, and if they give me some WiiU-3DS connect im pretty sure i could buy this game all over again, so im happy that Console owners could get a good RE game for once

But... isnt 49.99 a little too much ? 39.99 or maybe 34.99 could have been a great deal, i mean the game is great like i said and in terms of content its worth it, but its still the port of a handheld game, and that doesnt sound NOWHERE good for console owners, in my opinion

Anyway, people hate on RE6, but forgets that RE5 was just as bad...



Bulbousaur said:

This is pretty cool actually. I already have the 3DS version though, so I won't be buying it again, unless I can sell the 3DS version and my dinner tray to equal out the cost. Didn't even think of the Wii U capabilities with this game, but this will be a pretty cool re-release



HawkeyeWii said:

Yeah I have it on 3DS already, if they were going to release an RE game on Wii U to coincide with the port for PS3, I would have rather had RE5 or RE6, or better yet both on one disc...



fluggy said:

Irrelevant if you've already played it on 3ds. Unless they set it soley on the zenobia and get rid of the boring action sections with those 2 goofballs. Really brought the experience down. Still, at least they've not threatened to port Resi 6 over. . . every cloud .....



idork99 said:

I'm all in favor. If you read back to the "Iwata Says" interview about this game, the team in charge weren't thinking of this game as a portable one at all. According to what I remember reading, they went into the production of this game as if it were a full fledged home console game. Anyhow, I'm in favor because I can't wait to see the reactions of the people who play this game for the first time and scratch their heads and think to themselves,"wow, what a great game...and this was made for the...3DS?" Yes! The same 3DS that has a stigma for being a perfect system suited for children. The same 3DS that you'd rather not play on because it doesn't have graphical capability like your home consoles!!...

Excuse my rant. I just personally feel that the 3DS is probably the most under rated system ever made. Also, I'm biased because, to me, it is probably (don't own a Wii U yet) the best system Nintendo has ever made. Japanese gamers are doing it right!



Nintex said:

Good to hear! I have the 3DS version and it is awesome. I will be definitely be buying this on WiiU for sure

Now Capcom needs to make a sequel or updated port of Resident Evil Mercenaries for WiiU!



rayword45 said:

Great game, but quite short. Hopefully this will have seriously amazing extras for the full retail price.

The 3DS version I picked up for $15.



Yosher said:

I'll certainly double-dip this one. I've enjoyed the 3DS version a lot, both off- and online, and I'll certainly do that again with the Wii U version when me and a friend both buy it!



FarukoSH said:

@Rayword45 Quite short ? the game takes around 10-12 hours to complete and thats on normal difficulty, and around 20-25 to complete the Raid Mode and more if you like Co-Op

Put it another run on the campaing on hell (around 12 hours) and you got at least 40-50 good hours in, and even if you just play the campaing once, you get around 12 hours, compared to how short (and more expensive) are game nowadays, this game its not short at all

I have more than 60 hours, getting S rank on all Raid Missions, and playing coop for fun



florecita said:


As far as story goes, I never pay too much attention to RE Stories so Im not judging based on that. But gameplay I liked the campaign a bit more in Res6 (Ive played several times now and mercenaries it's pretty fun too). Resident evil 5 just didnt do it for me. And also I havent played any of the old RE games, but yeah RE5 sucks



rayword45 said:

@FarukoSH The campaign took me about 7 hours. But add on about an hour each playthrough on all 3 difficulties and I got about 25 hours. I haven't been able to touch Raid Mode because of how bad the people online suck. Luckily my friend recently got the game so I'll see how good it is.

2 things by being short

A. A single campaign playthrough was pretty damn short. 12 is generous, I've seen an average of 7-8 hours with no known speedruns (X-Scape on DSiWare lasted me the same amount of time for a single run, probably longer and I payed half (would've payed a fifth if bought both on launch day).
B. Kid Icarus: Uprising spoiled me with the slightly longer campaign and larger amount of overall content. Plus the achievements system didn't suck in KI:U.



renaryuugufan92 said:

i'm glad that they are porting this to the wii u instead of RE6, i played RE6 on the ps3 at a friend's house, and the contant action commands every other second a zombie or monster would jump out at you got quite annoying imo and i always felt Revelations was what RE6 should have been due to Revelations having the action gameplay from RE4 and 5 but with a nice focus on claustrophobic don't turn that corner to quickly scares that the early games were well known for~ However with that said its unlikely i'll be getting the wii u version tho, cause i got the original on the 3DS a year ago~ ^^"""""



Doma said:

Best of the (very few) games worth owning on 3DS atm. Might buy it again on PS3 after a severe price drop.



Einherjar said:

So, i quess i dont need the "circle pad pro XL" anymore... will this thing ever see the light of day ?
Anyway, im looking forward to this. Revelations was a very good game. One of the very few games, where i didnt see certain plot twist coming from a mile ago. And the Raid mode was absolute gold



RedRocBoy said:

Must buy when it drops, I got the original on 3DS. Don't care about the price, I'm a Resi fanatic. Just glad to have some Resi on my Wii U!



SubZer023 said:

Capcom Go to Hell this was an Exlcusive for 3ds and on top of that yall added RaidMode with a new higher level called infernal,and a New Character Which is Hunk plus 2 player Campaign Co-op yeah Capcom Go to hell. Yall Better give us Something Better then im Very dissapointed!



sinalefa said:

I will pass. I have the game on 3DS already, and I won't give Capcom more money for another lazy port. This is the last Capcom game I have bought because they put some effort on it, so I would rather have a sequel than the same game, higher priced than the original, with a few extra bells and whistles.

I would rather buy RE6, at least that has same console co-op so my bro could play it too.



brooks83 said:

I went in thinking RE5 was gonna suck and ended up thinking it was a pretty good game. Have yet to play RE6 though.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I already have this game, Capcom. No thanks. My friend should be happy to hear about this though, since his l/r buttons don't work any more.



siavm said:

That leak that had all those rumors last year is starting to be turning true.



SetupDisk said:

I am pretty sure this is still my Favorite RE game, slightly beating out RE 2 and Remake. Awesome game that is way better than both RE 5 and 6. It's great that this is getting a chance for more players to experience it. The development team had mentioned they wanted to make a direct sequel to this game. If the new versions sell well enough this might come true.



danschemen said:

I would love this game to come to consoles. I own the 3DS version already but I live to buy and replay games I already own cause it gives me a reason to go back and play it.



Shock_Tart said:

amazing game, i wonder if they will make a co op storyline option like they origonally planned to do but just didnt have enough time to put it thorugh. it would be definatly worth getting on a consol that gave its look and resolution a much better form.



CanisWolfred said:

Oh Capcom, when will you ever keep your word. But whatev', I didn't buy the 3DS version, but I might pick up this one. Probably on the PS3, though.



asusanto said:

Never own this game on 3DS & 3DS console. I might pick it up, but, I think I'm gonna wait until it hits lower price like $30 on PSN.



andreoni79 said:

Yeah, another old game sold as new! How can someone be happy for this ...? They should port Gamecube's games that new gamers don't know, like Resident Evil 0 and Rebirth, for 30 $/€...



JulioSince1990 said:

This was not even that good of a game. The story was crap, the enemies too repetitive and the setting was not used effectively! I did somewhat enjoy it but it's nothing compared to Resident Evil 4!



Jumpman said:

This re-release will be a great pleasure to people who don't own the 3DS title, but as it has been said before me, it doesn't warrant a re-purchase.



Goku said:

if Capcom can make a late port of Resi 6 for the PC why can't they make it for the WiiU

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