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Team Ninja Interested in Another Nintendo Collaboration

Posted by Mike Mason

Another M

Metroid: Other M divided fans of Samus Aran, but Team Ninja wouldn't mind giving the series another go — if Nintendo is up for it, too.

At Gamescom, VG247 asked Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi about the possibility of a sequel. Hayashi expressed an interest in working with the Kyoto company again in the future, in particular Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto. For now, the Morph Ball is in Nintendo's court.

“Unfortunately Metroid is kind of out of our league as it’s Nintendo’s game, but we’re still in close touch with co-creator Sakamoto-san, so we want to do something with him moving forward definitely. It really depends on what he wants to do with the game first.”

Our wish for a possible sequel? A little less of the baby talk.


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grumblebuzzz said:

I personally would LOVE a 3DS version of Other M. Yeah, some people griped about the story or whatever, but that particular version of Metroid would have worked GREAT on a handheld as far as game play goes. I feel like if Other M had been a launch title for 3DS (and maybe not had one particular cutscene that people had to complain and complain and complain about), then it would have been a huge hit. While I was playing it, I thought to myself, "This would make a great handheld game."



Lan said:

Oh eff yes, I loved other M, and it'd be even better with analog controls



Le_Gazman said:

Other M is probably my favourite Wii game, both Mario Galaxy games aside. Couldn't put it down for some reason and the graphics were great. Agree a 3DS version would be fantastic.



19Robb92 said:

Oh God no.

Even though I can only see them improving on Other M. I still don't want them to make it. IMO Team Ninja is a pretty poor developer overall and definitely not suited to handle the Metroid franchise, at all.

Give it to Nintendo EAD, they'll know what to do with it.



WiiLovePeace said:

I had fun with Other M. If they ever made a sequel all they'd need to do is bring it back to the "alone" style & not have her talk to anyone. But saying that I'd far prefer another game in the Metroid Prime series (subseries?) than a sequel to Other M.



47drift said:

Yes please. I'm one of those few who really, really enjoyed Other M. I still think it's more of a core Metroid game than the Prime series (which I also loved!).

Let's see another one happen, Team Ninja.



Bensei said:

Super Smash Bros. Extreme Beach Volleybrawl

...What? Somebody had to say it!



McHaggis said:

Although I agree with a lot of the statements about Samus' role in Other M, it plays very well and the story is pretty good.



Wildfire said:

Other M is actually one of my favourite games on Wii!!!!
Naturally I would love to see Team Ninja have another go at Metroid!



Hejiru said:

NO. Keep them away from Metroid. Give it back to Nintendo or Retro Studios.



grumblebuzzz said:

@Hejiru Nintendo itself apparently does not want it or they would have produced one since Super Metroid (not counting Zero Mission and Fusion). And I would only want Retro to take it back over if they wouldn't do another first person Metroid. The original Prime was great, but I never got into 2 and 3 because 2 had that annoying dark world where you died the whole time you were there and 3 had the hyper mode gimmick thing that I also found unenjoyable. I want either a 2D or 2.5D Metroid and Other M was as close to that as we've had in years and years.



Aqueous said:

I liked it. I would hope we can shoot missiles with out standing still if they make an Other M style sequel.



Wildfire said:

I love Retro and all, but as talented as they are, I think that it's time for Nintendo to let them do their own thing or at least work on other Nintendo franchises. Oh I don't know, but a certain starfox comes to mind!
Anyway, I think that people are pointing the finger at the wrong persons here. If you don't like the monologues and the way Samus is depicted, you should be blaming Sakamoto! He was the one who wrote the script and in charge of the project after all.



hYdeks said:

I would like a Metroid Other M sequel, as long as it's longer than the first game and they make the game feel more hardcore this time around. Sorry, but the first game felt like a casual Metroid experience, and I've ALWAYS known Metroid to be a hardcore series.



SkywardLink98 said:

I think we can ALL agree we'd rather see them work on Metroid Prime: 4

I'd still love to see a sequel to other M though...



chiptoon said:

I loved Other M. I'd be particularly pleased to see a sequel on 3DS while another first person title is developed for WiiU and a 2D one for the eshop. Pretty please Nintendo?



Mandoble said:

Other M is plain cheap garbage compared with Retro's ones, if TN wants to create another Metroid, they must be sure that Sakamoto is not involved.



GeminiSaint said:

I wouldn't mind a sequel to Other M. It wasn't the greatest Metroid game ever, but it was reasonably fun nonetheless.



noxusprime06 said:

i definitly liked this better then the metroid prime 1 and 2 since they had awkward controls (i do realize they are for wii controls like prime 3 now) so i say bring on another team ninja metroid hopefully for 3DS since there is nothing metroid oriented on the 3DS at all except for the ambassador program remake of metroid fusion and the 2 worst metroids (in my opinion) available on the eshop. i want to see new metroid for 3DS (and i realize there is a puzzle swap panel that has metroid but thats not really much of a game)



sketchturner said:

Personally, I loved the story, but everyone needs to remember that the story came from Nintendo, not Team Ninja. Also, I believe the choice to use Wiimote only and to switch between 3rd person and 1st person also came from Nintendo.



pixelman said:

Unfortunately Metroid is kind of out of our league

Yes, yes it is. So don't touch it again, thanks. >_>



Gullwing said:

Sure, other M was not the best Metroid game ever, but why it was that over-criticized is beyond me. Team Ninja did a pretty decent job!



motang said:

Cool, I wonder what they will make, maybe we can get a original IP out of it.



arrmixer said:

there are a lot of people bias toward metroid prime/retro studios... either because they never like the original metriod and super metriod or never really played them the first time around...

though Other M had its faults (little).. It was a massive production.. the battle AI, video cut scenes, good world design and story, voice acting (not my cup of tea but done well none the less...) all done on a none-HD system.. pretty good work IMO

I enjoyed playing the Other M series.. It wasn't Super Metriod but It will do... can not wait for the next one!!



Wesbert said:

I would enjoy another sequel, specially if it is similar to the end portion of Other M, with free exploration and Samus' independence restored ("I trust you have no objections, Adam").



moomoo said:

As long as Sakamoto gets off of it, I'd be fine.
Give it the Team Ninja depth that Other M lacked and it'd be great. The aspects of the game people hated were up to Sakamoto, not Team Ninja.



player310 said:

I loved Team Ninja's Metroid... The gameplay was unique, fun, and solid... and I don't have a problem giving Samus insecurities like any normal person... she's definitely a bad-ass bounty hunter and she's not a soulless robot or a butch character... Well done Sakamoto-san and Team Ninja.



Smitherenez said:

I did like the combat in other M, graphics where great too. But I didn't get that 'metroid' fibe from the game. There was barely any exploration, scanning should have been implemented better (my favorite feature from prime) and they should NOT let Sakamoto write the strory.



Malic said:

As long as its not liner, also Samus should not be a cry baby thanks



RR529 said:

I'm all for it. Other M had it's faults, but the story and portrayal of Samus were all on Sakamoto (Nintendo), so there's no way to blame them on Team Ninja.

At first, nearly everyone was blaming TN, but now it seems people are aware of the true cause of Other M's negatives (Sakamoto).



shonenjump86 said:

Hmm... Not the biggest fan of Metroid, so they can do whatever they want with it and I would not really care much. But Team Ninja really messed up with Ninja Gaiden 3, I really hope their next game Dead or Alive 5 turns out fine. I also wanna see how Ninja Gaiden 3 turns out on Wii U.



retro_player_22 said:

Too much 3D Metroid lately, I want a new 2D Metroid 5. They can have Intelligent Systems developed it just like how they did with Super Metroid.



sinalefa said:

I don't mind if they do. As it has been mentioned here, the biggest (and sometimes the only) gripe people had with the game was the portrayal of Samus, which came from Sakamoto himself. The game itself tried to do some things different, and as any experiment, it was a risk they took and fans did not like it. I guess they still prefer the silent, robotic Samus they grew with.



WaxxyOne said:

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Please find another publisher's franchise to ruin. I hear Microsoft could use some help and Halo: The Anime Movie Disguised as a Game With a Dumb Title sounds like a grand idea to me.



mamp said:

Sakamoto's script could have been better, I'd wanna see a sequel I just hope:
1) Better script, hire someone if they have to.
2) Better voice acting if they talk again
3) No more linearity
Other than that a sequel has no where to go but up, because it would have better graphics (at least on the Wii U), more control options, and a lot less technical limitations.



Neram said:

My hope for the next one (if any): Less baby talk, less sexism, less "Where's Waldo" moments, new power ups, new suits, and less cut scenes. Oh and a quieter Samus Aran.



Popyman said:

I think Other M was the only Nintendo game I just could not finish. Tried to like it, hated every second of it.



Korbin64 said:

Team Ninja is pretty bad at making games. They specialize in FIGHTING games where the most complicated plot is beat everyone and be the winner. They shouldn't work on a game where the plot can actually get pretty deep. The Metroid storyline is supposed to make you think (which is why the stories were told in logs and not a short movie) and scanning to learn every detail (of everything) was part of the fun; I was pretty sad to see that go.

My problem with Team Ninja is they threw out the thinking; they made Other M linear; they put ALL of the story in long cut-scenes;and they made Samus a wuss. I don't mind Team Ninja's involvement as long as they don't do what they did in Other M, and look more towards Metroid Prime as an example. Retro Studios revolutionized the game while still maintaining the original feel of the game; having Samus talk (about her problems) just won't cut it. This isn't a therapy session, so work the emotion into the story so we FEEL the emotion, not SEE it.

Out of all my problems with the game, this one was the most obvious to see; they made the game so that only the scenery seemed realistic. All of the creatures in the Prime games looked natural and made it fun to scope out the well-camouflaged aliens. Team Ninja made the creatures look like cartoon-ish clay-matian figures. Their versions of the creatures were just plain unnatural.

@Gamesake: I don't think it was Yoshio Sakamoto; he wanted her to be portrayed in a certain way and Team Ninja couldn't find a way to make it fit with the "complex" stories they're used to making. Besides, he directed some of the best Metroid games to date; and he supervised the best game trilogy ever (in my opinion), Metroid Prime.



RR529 said:

@Korbin64, You say that Team Ninja wasn't able to portray Samus the way Sakamoto wanted, but here's the thing, they had no influence on how she was portrayed. Every single bit of the story, and how it was shown, was up to Sakamoto.

Team Ninja was brought in to give the combat a more fluid "Ninja Gaiden-ish" feel. If your problem with the game was the gameplay, then you can blame TN. They didn't fail to actualize Sakamoto's vision, because they had no influence on that part of development.

While it also true that Sakamoto was in charge of the Prime games (and Fusion), the point was HE wanted to do something different, HE was wrong, and it didn't work.



AlternateButtons said:

I wouldnt mind them handling Metroid again. Other M was pretty good but calls for some improvement. Thus, they should be given another chance to blow us away.



luminalace said:

Other M was very good and one of the last games I really enjoyed on the Wii! Nintendo were responsible for the story which is where the game was really a let down! Other M proved that sometimes having no voice acting is the better option!

I think Tecmo/Team Ninja should get another stab even if only for a sequel to Other M!



I-U said:

Yeah, I really want to see the next pointless fetch quest they come up with in this series.



Gridatttack said:

No. Please not another "Other M".... :/
Maybe another game that resembles the prime series. Or better, a new 2D metroid that looks like NSMBW. (3D enemies, background, but 2D platformer)



WhiteTrashGuy said:

OTHER M was a great Wii title. The remote was used amazingly. Having to flick to dodge while shooting missles felt awesome. The biggest problems were difficulty and length. WAY TOO EASY for a Metroid title. And set it on a planet/s. METROID: FUSION felt more challenging and was even longer.



ThreadShadow said:

Seriously it may be Sakamoto who needs to take a break because the gameplay in Other M wasn't the bad part of the game imo. not as good as Prime series, but not bad at all.



AntiGuy said:

oTHER uUm???? never heard of it, nope, never happened lalalala la – ♪
All kidding aside, I really hope for Retro to take over the series again, please God...



PuppetMasterIX said:

I'd be okay with this on one condition:


Seriously, it wasn't Team Ninja's fault that Other M turned out the way it did. Sakamoto controlled and demanded every solitary thing about the game and Team Ninja was doing what they were told with no input. Sakamoto was the one that wanted all of those excessive monologues, the convoluted item system, and all of that jazz. He's a complete hack. If a more qualified individual from Nintendo or Team Ninja had creative control, it would make a better game, sure thing.



WaxxyOne said:

Yeah, I have a problem with the gameplay. It was the most god-awful thing I've played on the Wii, and I played Red Steel the night the Wii came out. In fact, I have a problem with everything about Other M. And don't try to convince me the freaking developer of the game didn't have input in how the story was presented. They might have been handed a script outline, but they're the ones that rendered it, added bad voice acting and dull cutscenes that do nothing but waste your time, etc. Team Ninja should stick to their own trash games and stay as far away from Nintendo's IPs as possible.



Henmii said:

Well, I don't think we will see a Other M sequel since Other M bombed drastically! Well, I still appreciate the game! It was very brave from Nintendo to try something really different with the franchise! Even if it couldn't live up to the Retro studio titles, it was still fun and worthwhile!

I first want to see a new Metroid made by Retro, but after that I wouldn't mind a Other M sequel. But something totally different from Team Ninja could also be fun! Who knows!



I-U said:

Poor Sakamoto and Team Ninja...They underestimated the bias towards Retro Studios' Prime Trilogy and how far fans are willing to go to undermine titles not done by them. I could acknowledge complaints more if they weren't mostly exaggerations, especially in regards to Samus Aran's portrayal which the article either sides with or mocks. I wonder how Other M would have been received had Nintendo released the same game just with the Retro Studios slapped on it. It would've been sent to overrated glory.



19Robb92 said:

I seriously doubt the game would have been more well received if they slapped another developer on there. Metroid Other M did lots of things wrong that Metroid games usually don't do. Samus talking, taking away the feeling of being alone, Samus obeying Adam etc. etc. The list just goes on. All of this happening right after the amazing Metroid Prime Trilogy that definitely raised the bar for 3D Metroid titles to the skies.

I think switching developer wouldn't change anything. Renaming the whole game to something else could work though. Cause from what I've heard, most people don't consider Other M to be all that bad by itself, but they consider it to be a very bad Metroid game.

Had it been something other than a Metroid title, It might have done better.



SKTTR said:

I consider Super Metroid and Other M the only true revolutionary ones in the series. Super Metroid was a market failure, but loved by a few, and never got the recognition it really deserved. and Other M has the same sad destiny. What happened? Is Metroid Prime Nintendo's CoD virus?
Let Retro Studios kill Starfox but don't let them touch Metroid or Donkey Kong ever again



DeMoN-13ruce said:

metroid mostly is made as a fan service nowadays they should do the same forstar fox and f zero

they need to add mutiplayer to metroid:Pnintendos halo sort off...and why not samus<3

but other m still was profit



accc said:

Team Ninja was only responsible for Other M's gameplay and graphics engine, both of which were fantastic. They had nothing to do with the crappy convoluted storyline. I say give them another shot!



misswliu81 said:

my thoughts:

whoever came up with the storyline- sakamoto that is- needs to either write a better story or leave it up to someone else.

whoever came up with the idea for samus not to be able to use her weapons unless she was told to do so by adam and the 'concentration thing' in order to replenish lost health- ridiculous ideas

whoever decided that samus cannot move whilst in first-person mode - again, this should never have been considered in the first place.

the voice acting i didn't have an issue with- i felt it was more of a case of the actress being made to make samus sound like that; and not that the actress was awful.

as for team ninja, i for one would not want them involved in the next game- but if they are indeed developing metroid for the wii U, they need to take into consideration the faults and criticisms pointed out by some of the fans regarding the gameplay and the controls of other M, and to use those points of criticism, in order to help them make a better metroid game.



NintendoLand said:

@AntiGuy Retro Studios needs to leave Metroid alone.

They need to work on new projects like Star Fox etc. and last I heard Nintendo let them work on an original IP for Wii U. So that's exciting.

As far as the Other M storyline. IF YOU DIDNT "GET" IT, YOU WEREN'T THINKING HARD ENOUGH. sad but true



Korbin64 said:

@RR529 : I think the story could have worked, but trying to tell it at the right times in a game is tricky. The log method worked, and quite well; but when all of the story is thrown into a cut-scene instead of told bit-by-bit it ceases to become important (like if you're spoon-fed your school work). The story could have been better, but it was still pretty decent. If Team Ninja was to come back to work on another one, I'd want them to take hints from where Retro succeeded.

@misswliu81: I hated not being able to move or scan in first-person mode; it just felt unnatural.

@accc: I didn't think the controls were that good; they should have used the wii remote.

@SKTTR: Retro didn't kill Metroid. They only made four games, and they were amazing games.

@NintendoLand: The story wasn't half bad in Other M; it was where the story was told that was bad. It was a matter of bad timing; you can't put a cut-scene about your sadness in the middle of an anxious and tense place.
It would be like Chuck Norris crying about his puppy that died when he was five while he repeatedly punches a guy in the face in Expendables 2.

The battle with MB was just plain bad. That was the easiest final boss battle in Metroid history; I guess all of the difficulty was saved for the Phantoon battle.



Bassman_Q said:

The main issues I had with Other M were mainly in the gameplay department rather than the story. I felt they handled the story fairly well, though they shouldn't have had so many overly-dramatic scenes for Samus. Plus there were a few plotholes. But again, I mainly had issues with its game design choices, such as a lack of analog control, the lack of health/missile pickups, and Most Importantly, the linear nature of it all. If I could choose where I wanted to go next, I would've forgiven all of its shortcomings. But no, the game plays like an interactive movie more than anything, so naturally I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to. Definitely not worth the $50 initial purchase price.



bezerker99 said:

I had to check my calendar just to make sure today wasn't April Fool's Day. Clearly this is a joke from Nintendo.



SMW said:

I would love that. My only complaints with Other M were Nintendo's fault anyway. (No nunchuk, goofy story and characters, and Samus acting like a wimp). Remove the extra humans and all will be well.



Chrono_Cross said:


How is Super Metroid "loved by a few"? It's actually one of Nintendo's most acknowledged titles. And it wasn't that revolutionary gameplay-wise. Whereas Metroid Prime is/was.



accc said:

I thought the d-pad controls were flawless. There wasn't a single instance where I found myself wishing that it had analog movement. My only issues with the controls were being unable to move in first person mode and not being able to use missiles outside of it.




I personally had enough of this. Metroid Other M "Divided fans of Samus Aran" only because it made them into two distinct groups, Group One: the ones who have read the Metroid Manga Comics, and Group Two: the fans thinking/making Samus who she isn't. "Our wish for a possible sequel? A little less of the baby talk." This is probably the most commonly used sentence to bag on this game. Samus has been a lonely and gloom person her whole life, since the death of her Mother and Father by Ridley. She has never had someone to love, or a child so when she finally met The Infant Metroid aka The Baby, she loved it as it was her own. Since Samus created this strong human bond with the Metroid, it's death cause depression to consume Samus. As if she lost one of her own. Which is the only reason Samus mentions "The Baby" throughout the game. If you still can't understand, think of it in this simpler way: When a mother gives birth to a child, she creates with bond of love that is forever present, when the child becomes deceased the mother goes into a state of depression. This is the same ideal scenario happening in the game. Also, please speak for yourself when you want to show your opinion, not all people agree with your opinion. That is why it is called an opinion. This had to be written.
this was edited for a reason — do not attack other users here at Nintendo Life, up to and including staff, as per our Rules. please don't do it again — TBD



Malic said:

she should not be a cry baby she is a bounty hunter that tracks down and kills aliens for a living she should be more of a bad #%? Than darth vader, but hey thats just me I guess



I-U said:

@SMW How much of the game do you have to ignore to reach the "Samus is a wimp" conclusion? You're certainly not considering any battle she has within the game. I honestly think you are, like many, taking one cutscene from the game and using it to define the entirety of Samus' character within Other M. We got to make sure to bash down Metroid games until Retro gets back on board, right?



Vincent294 said:

@I-U Haven't played this so I can't judge, but she sounded like a complainer enough. I'd love to see Retro doing Metroid again, but Team Ninja can do it again. Just Nintendo of America and the storyline guys need to go back to the drawing board in some respects (personalities and voice acting).



Gen0neD said:

I just opened an account. Just so I could say, for the love of all that is good and holy. NO. Please no and never again. Retro all the way.



I-U said:

If you haven't played it, why even bother making a comment? I'm addressing her being a wimp. If I were to ask, could you even give an example when she's actually complaining?



chiptoon said:

Samus has nothing on the whining and complaining coming from those who didn't like the game, and don't seem able to accept that many of us consider it utterly great.



Malic said:

@chiptoon I actually enjoyed the game very much my biggest gripe is how liner the game was and the whole switching to first person thing to shoot missles, but lets face it metroid was pretty much flawless before other m



accc said:

@bezerker99 Spamming the d-pad doesn't always stop you from getting hit. For instance if you're facing multiple enemies or facing an enemy that attacks multiple times in rapid succession (such as Ridley), if your sense dodge takes you directly into an attack then you're going to get hit.



Zausimo said:

Other M articles certainly have a way of generating comments, don't they?

In my own quick summary I loved Other M for the parts that were good (general gameplay, boss fights, graphics, mixture of gameplay modes (2D, third person, first person)), enough so that I could ignore some of the groan-worthy dialog. Keep in mind I thought the story and cutscenes were entertaining, I just feel like with the actual dialog progression we warped back to 1996's Resident Evil level of presentation. In reference to the parts I liked, TN was responsible for that, so I would give them another stab at it.

One (minor) thing that needs to be gone in any sequel are those high heels on Samus' Zero Suit. Equal parts illogical and sexist, such a dumb idea...



warvad said:

People actually support Other M?

I know some people have bad taste but wow.




I think they SHOULD make a sequel to Other M but I think it would be more suitied on the 3DS and they should make another sequel to the Prime seris but have it be on the WiiU. I think we can ALL REALLY agree on that right? I mean were all fans here we shouldn't be picking sides we can still have both!!

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