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Mon 20th Aug 2012

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GSUSISBEAST commented on Team Ninja Interested in Another Nintendo Coll...:

I personally had enough of this. Metroid Other M "Divided fans of Samus Aran" only because it made them into two distinct groups, Group One: the ones who have read the Metroid Manga Comics, and Group Two: the fans thinking/making Samus who she isn't. "Our wish for a possible sequel? A little less of the baby talk." This is probably the most commonly used sentence to bag on this game. Samus has been a lonely and gloom person her whole life, since the death of her Mother and Father by Ridley. She has never had someone to love, or a child so when she finally met The Infant Metroid aka The Baby, she loved it as it was her own. Since Samus created this strong human bond with the Metroid, it's death cause depression to consume Samus. As if she lost one of her own. Which is the only reason Samus mentions "The Baby" throughout the game. If you still can't understand, think of it in this simpler way: When a mother gives birth to a child, she creates with bond of love that is forever present, when the child becomes deceased the mother goes into a state of depression. This is the same ideal scenario happening in the game. Also, please speak for yourself when you want to show your opinion, not all people agree with your opinion. That is why it is called an opinion. This had to be written.
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