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RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die

Posted by Zach Kaplan

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Once you progress in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, out tomorrow in the US and on Friday in UK/EU, the way you play will forever be changed. That's because the game does not allow you to reset your save data. That's right – if you buy the game used or from a friend, you'll forever remain stuck with the previous owner's file and whatever they've unlocked.

While some have speculated that this is a move to combat profit losses to used game sales, Capcom has announced that this will not lower the value of preowned copies.

What do you make of this relatively unprecedented move? Let us know in the comments.


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irken004 said:

Interesting... what's to stop you from starting a new game and overwriting the file? If you can't, then how do you expect to even start a new game?



bboy2970 said:

@irken: You don't. Upon starting a new copy, a save file will be created. No deleting, no starting another one. Elite Beat Agents is the exact same way. Kind of irritating when I bought it used...



WesCash said:

That kind of sucks. I don't care about deleting highscore data, but what else will this affect? Hopefully everything (upgrades, etc.) can be unlocked in one playthrough.



Supremeist said:

Well isn't that quite stupid. Just one thing - Don't buy this game used. I am really excited for this game and still am but if I was ever wanting to let a friend borrow, It just wouldn't be a good thing to do. So that's a negative.



MattTaylor said:

This is awful, not only for resale and preowned markets, but often I like to revisit a game years later and want to wipe it clean in order to start the game from scratch. This really is a step in the wrong direction.



ImDiggerDan said:

Annoying your customers never increased sales. If this is done to combat sales of used copies, it will fail.



Ristar42 said:

I'm not really bothered about this game anyway, but would not want this tactic to become a trend.



Punny said:

That's a bit problematic if you want a copy of the game and want to start it new, but you can't find it in stores... I hope this isn't a trend that will continue for other games...



koops330 said:

This is bad because I can't afford a 3DS right now so when I get one odds are I will buy this game used because there won't be any new copies left. So I might just not even bother. If they do this to Revelations I'm going to be so pissed. Damm you Capcom



FonistofCruxis said:

I won't be getting this near release, so when I do get it, I hope there won't just be a pre-owned copies. What a stupid decision!



Knux said:

It's a good thing I am buying this new. But what the eff, Capcom?



Samholy said:

starting new games from scratch years later is what i like.
starting a new game over data you already did years ago kills the freshness of it.

i dont mind about this game, since i will probably never buy it anyway. but please dont make this a standard.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

What I think is that it's a scam they haven't brought voice chat over the online co-op play.

'Nuf said.



Wisconsin1 said:

It's not so bad now. But think about it 7 years down the line when there will be no new copy's on the shelf. This game will sell now, but make no long term coin. Capcom isn't helping the 3DS's legacy...



ZEROGAME53 said:

Well that's.......odd. Wouldn't that be kinda annoying for the player. And is there only one save game slot in the game. Does this mean the game has no replay value, or does the game erase itself, when you have beat the game?



daznsaz said:

are they trying to make it like pc games so you cant trade them on dont know what the problem is they make their money on the initial sale im still getting the game on friday but hope they dont start a trend



OmegaM said:

That was a bad move, I hate when you get something pre-owned and there isn't a way to delete save data, specially unlocked stuff.



Corbs said:

No way I'll ever buy a game that doesn't allow you to erase save data.



bro2dragons said:

I don't think this seems to have much of a story mode you'll want to replay again and again, anyway, but this still seems like a bit of a jerk move. The only way I could think this was a good idea is if elements in the game were constantly changing and adapting to your play style. But, this doesn't sound like what's happening.



Sneaker13 said:

I don't really see a problem. I'm not planning of selling it (still have many of the old games on GameBoy), so I don't really mind. Of course it sucks for people that do sell it (and the people that end up buying it).



DrKarl said:

Isn't Tetris DX for the Game Boy Color the same? If it's not, someone please let me know what to do to wipe the high score table. It is totally annoying that there is the name of some random dude who will forever be better at Tetris then me.



Traxx said:

Maybe most of you should get the idea behind this game: this isnt about a progressing story, you cannot "miss" anything in your playthrough since this is an mission-based game. The idea behind this is to start any mission again an again to get better and better.
The impact of not being able to erase data or start from the scatch maybe hidden in detail, especialy considering the new skill system: hopefully you are able to completyl overhaul skill sets. If not, your char maybe stuck forever with a gimp skill-set.
The impact on Online profile data is much more obvious: if you trade this game, you will trade your online achievement and profile as well.



MegatronD said:

I was gonna buy this game used to begin with, 'cause Mercenaries Mode never really meant anything to me me in RE. But now, that's a no sale. Oh well, more money in my pocket. Thanks Capcom. waits for StarFox



RadioShadow said:

@bboy2970: You can delete "Elite Beat Agents" save data. Just hold A + B + X + Y + L + R at the Nintendo iNiS screen and an option will come up about deleting the save. Funny thing is, it doesn't state this in the UK Manual.

So here's the plan: Buy a copy of this game and don't open it. PROFIT!

Being serious, this is a bit of a silly move. Capcom must have programme something in the game to stop it being deleted. Once a 3DS save dumper/uploader becomes available, this won't be a problem.

Thinking about it, what happens if the save corrupts? That would most likely, just reset the save file.



Traxx said:

Maybe just switching the 3DS continuesly on and off while running RE_Mercs3D will erase data.

@DrKarl: some older games, especially GB games, provide button codes to erase data, sthg like keep holding start/select in a certain game screen, then pressing another button.



2-D said:

Seems like a bit of a random thing to decide. They should put an option on that lets you delete your save

In all seriousness, that's like saying you can only boot it up so many times. Just plain unnecessary.



NiBar said:

Thia game is a high score challenge, based on the bonus first seen in resi 4 and also in resi 5. Dropping you into a small level - one of eight in total taken from the aforementioned games and givin 5 minutes to rack up points. Who wants to erase their records ? nobody, so capcom made it impossible, clever guys, and ofcourse you can play the game over and over again and preowners have some records to beat. not bad..



MeloMan said:

Hilarious... stipulations, stipulations. "Buy new or else". If it isn't one thing it's another in gaming.



Issun said:

Oh well, if I had to choose a game comming out on the 1st of July, it would have been Solatorobo, so nevermind... And getting god mode from the get-go doesn't disturb me at all.

"Capcom has announced that this will not lower the value of preowned copies."
HAHAHAHA ! From what I've heard, used copies of the game cost 500 Yens in Japas, so take that no impact on value ! (In fact, it is a great way to make me buy the game...used



MarioMario said:

I wasn't planning to buy this right when it came out, but I guess I won't be buying a used copy sometime down the line either. It's not a game that's extremely interesting to me, but I really wanted to try it out eventually. Even renting will be out of the question if I'm not one of the first people to get my hands on it



Blaze said:

Well, I haven't read the whole article, and it may be mentioned somewhere, but it's basically so that Capcom can gain more money from sales, cuz nobody's gonna want to play a finished game. For Mercenaries fans:
For me ???



weirdproq said:

Wait a minute, if you finish the game you won't be able to play it again from the beginning and then soon all the copies will be played all the way through and then no one can play it again, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!



Wisconsin1 said:

I'm still getting the game. Did yall hear? The chainsaws don’t decapitate you! What’s up with that? It’s a rated M game, COME ON Nintendo!!!



default12345 said:

I'm not too bothered as I rarely play through games more than once unless they're absolutely amazing. I can see how this would annoy those that want to buy it preowned, or trade in etc



Supremeist said:

Maybe later on Capcom will get so much complaining on it after everyone is done with the game, and possibly release an update where you can delete your save data. This is a really dumb decision! I think every game should have an option to do that. Whatever though, I'm picking up a brand new copy anyway. You better be able to start the game over again on the same save data though..



MadScientistMan said:

well, does this at least have the ability to have multiple save files, oh well not that bad for to many people, but for companies who rent out games like Love Film, then there's a problem



Megatron2000 said:

Lol at the WTF tag
This is a really dumb move what's next a Monster hunter tri game that you can't restart?
Please capcom stop this madness



GreenSpleen said:

Well after reading this I updated my Gamefly to another game out and have this game as the only one in my queue. If it ships today it should be a new copy and if I like it I can just keep it for around $25, drop my plan back down and just pay a few days of prorated fees(.25 a day).

This is a rather irratating move by Capcom to say the least. My son and I would like to have our own seperate files but I guess thats not possible Capcom, thanks.



jkshaz said:

Seems like an odd choice by Capcom. I had only a little interest in this game to begin with but I don't like the potential precedence it would set for many of their games I am more interested in.



Gavin_Rozee said:

For anyone in the UK, I highly recommend you don't buy this game in a few months instore at GAME or Gamestation (New or Preowned). It'll have someone elses save file on and you'll never get rid of it because the staff like to play on stuff and still sell it as "New".

I bought a DS Lite brand new from Gamestation once. It had already been set up, and was covered in greasy fingerprints, and had the name Elliot on it. Of course I immediately returned it and the guy at the till; Elliot, gave me my refund. Heh.



MarioMario said:

Maybe I'll buy one so years down the line I'll have the only copy that hasn't been played through and it will become extremely rare to have one without any progress on it



Joetherocker said:

Even if I bought it new I like to start over sometimes, so that kills all hope of me ever buying this game.



Weskerb said:

You can probably corrupt the save file by doing something your not supposed like switching it off while saving. Then it'll be forced to create a new save file.

@JusticeColde Capcom have been known to do dastardly things like this before. Like Final Fight on the PSN, which wil only let you play when you are signed in online. (stops you sharing game between different users).



timp29 said:

Ever had a game where you later realised you saved it in a point where no matter what, you would die? I've done this before. Or exactly as Billy-beauts says - what if your save file becomes corrupted? Surely there is more to this story.



pepsilover2008 said:

i wonder if you can save over old games, or corrupt it somehow, im sure someone will find a way around it



y2josh said:

Glad to hear Gamestop isn't going to make 75% profit off of this game used.



Slapshot said:

@Corbs Took the words right out of my mouth, and for the record, the downloadable video of the game on eShop didn't impress me a bit.



Bankai said:

I was actually going to buy this.

For being obnoxious, Capcom, now I'm not.



hobbes said:

No way in hell am I buying this game now. Sorry Capcom, but I don't like feeling screwed.



SwerdMurd said:

i can't say i really understand that decision...doesn't seem to have an upside.

Granted, I don't buy games used or sell them back, so it won't really affect me. I hope that doesn't affect sales negatively, which in turn affects my ability to get online co-op buddies.

Still, if it hurts Gamestop, more power to it.



Doma said:

It's time to cancel those pre-orders, people! Demand a fix before you even consider a purchase, otherwise you're just giving them the incentive to continue using these f**ked up constraints.



hobbes said:

I hope this backfires majorly. If it sells well, it is like telling the gaming industry that this sort of crap is acceptable. So yeah, I hope this game bombs.



rjejr said:

This is beyond wrong. I already won't buy my kids - each of whom owns their very own legally obtained DSi - games with only 1 save file (yes we are all aware this excludes all Pokemon games). I've already purchased several used games from Gamestop where I had to delete the previous save files. This would be returned IMMEDIATELY if I weren't able to. I've been checking every game I buy to make sure it has multiple save slots, it never even occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to delete a previous save. Madness. (PS - I've always played JRPGS so I'm used to always having 3 or 4 saves going at a time, you never know what unbeatable boss is around the corner, or what character I forgot to talk to, so the idea of only a single save slot hurts my brain.)



XCWarrior said:

I don't sell my games, and barely buy used ones, so they can go ahead and do this.



spzero15 said:

After I beat a game I like to start over new and play thee game a bit different. So in order to do that i would have to buy the game two or three times. I'm not going to spend my money on a game i can only play once!



k8sMum said:

to those who think this isn't a big deal, just wait. this is only the beginning of more and more (or less and less) control over what one really buys when purchasing a game. it is much easier to let 'rights' slip away than gain them back.

for those who don't need to ever sell their games, fine. but there are some who can't keep buying without resorting to selling/trading.



WolfRamHeart said:

Capcom will probably allow you to reset your save data but only after you purchase a DLC unlock code to do so.

Seriously though, there is absolutely no way that I am buying this game now. Stop screwing over your customers Capcom.



crazyj2312 said:

This summer is going to suck. OoT is here for me and yeah I plan on doing four runs (first run, Master Quest, Run with 3 hearts, Master Quest with 3 hearts) but there aren't enough games to tide me over...



zyxion said:

i didnt want it anyway i hope capcom dosent pull this mess with revelations thats not fair any way there are some of us out here that cant afford to buy new games all the time why would nintendo even allow this



Wheels2050 said:

This isn't the first time Capcom has done this - I bought a copy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival for the GBA a month or two ago (obviously used) and when I got home realised that I couldn't delete the save data. Someone else had already unlocked everything, so it felt a bit pointless to play it.

I even emailed Capcom who admitted that it couldn't be wiped. Ridiculous.



Capt_N said:

This has to have something to do w/ piracy, &/or sales figures. I hope this actually isn't some of the anti-piracy feature set Nintendo has included into the 3DS to prevent hacks/piracy/etc, but rather something isolated to this Capcom game.

I hope Caps doesn't start doing this to all their titles.



Wesbert said:

The sad aspect is that if this game doesn't sell, Capcom (and others) will merely claim it is due to mature titles not selling well on Nintendo systems and stop making them. After all, no one asks you the reason why you didn't buy a game.



TheUnknownGame said:

What the h*ll? Why in the world would they do this!? I was planning of getting this game used, but no, appearently ya got to buy a new copy! Making Save Data unresetable should be BANNED!! D*mn it Capcom, you REALLY out-done yourselves...

If they do the same thing with Relvations, IMMA GONNA BE MAD!
(Geez, I sound like a raging fanboy...)



Chunky_Droid said:

I wonder what kind of battery is inside a 3DS cart? I remember the GBC ones being the same as watch batteries that you could replace if need be. I'd say same case here if anyone's willing to open a cartridge up and have a look.



DrCruse said:

Better start hoarding unopened copies of this game. They could be quite valuable in years to come



Einherjar said:

I dont know what hit capcom, but their decisions are getting worse by the day :/ How can you piss of so much fans in so little time ? You want to kill the reseller market ? Easy thing...MAKE YOURE GAMES CHEAPER !



DarkKirby said:

I don't really care. I understand why they made this decision, and I don't buy used games. Actually I've been the victim of this problem before, where I purchased a "new" game that had data left on it from another player. Thus, I do not support people returning games to stores that they finished quickly and decided they don't want anymore.



Traxx said:

This fuzz is out of proportion. "reviewers" already bashing this game to the ground while never having touched it.

Seriously, stop writing BS like "so this game can only be played once?!".
Read closely: This game can be played FOREVER...!

RE:TM3D isnt the first and wont be the last game that cannot erase it's data. Crazy fact: there is already another 3DS game that doesnt allow deleting saved data...



motang said:

There is no good reason for this other than Capcom wants to discourage used game buyers.



Henmii said:


And to all the people who wanted to buy the game: WAIT UNTILL THEY FIX THE SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!!

Good show Nintendo, Really good show!!!!!



Linux_Man said:

Not going to support a game that has player unfriendly mechanics. The ability to start a new game is a basic feature of all games with saves. I really don't understand why it seems like every game company hates their fans. Nintendo has all but alienated their "hardcore" fan base in the West by not releasing a bunch of games that Japan already has, Capcom has now made this senseless decision. Sony has been removing features from their PS3 since day 1. Etc.



SkywardLink98 said:

@Henmii It's not Nintendo's fault, Capcom made the game, Nintendo didn't.

(Back on topic) I'm not to upset by this, I don't really reset my game once I've beaten it. Except a couple of years later. And, I don't buy used to often because I always seem to get the broken copies.

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