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Tue 23rd Feb 2010

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GreenSpleen commented on Organise Your Home Menu With New 3DS Update:

We have almost filled my sons menu screen with content. Maybe 10 tiles left. This will be a welcome addition.

Id like to see an sd card menu on the 3DS as well. It took way to long to get one on the Wii. I was hoping Nintendo wouldve already added this to the 3ds menu.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Jagged Alliance (DSiWare):

I actually have this PC game still in the box in my closet. It was a good game if you liked the genre but most of my time was spent on X-COM so this one took a backseat. This shouldve turned out better on the DS with the stylus controls. Im playing Shadow Wars on the 3DS now and loving it so no need for this one if it comes to US.



GreenSpleen commented on Nintendo Download: 7th July (North America):

Qix is just one of those classic addictive games that whenever I see anywhere(which is very rare nowdays) I gotta throw a quarter in. Luckily, my kids dentist has a free arcade in the waiting room with Qix and Donkey Kong on a cabinet so Ive been able to get my Qix fix lately.



GreenSpleen commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

Well after reading this I updated my Gamefly to another game out and have this game as the only one in my queue. If it ships today it should be a new copy and if I like it I can just keep it for around $25, drop my plan back down and just pay a few days of prorated fees(.25 a day).

This is a rather irratating move by Capcom to say the least. My son and I would like to have our own seperate files but I guess thats not possible Capcom, thanks.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64):

I loved this game and introduced my son to it a few years ago. We still play it on my old 64. I'd love to see a true sequel in some form or at least see Mario Kart steal a few ideas in the future. A full adventure mode in Mario Kart would be fun.



GreenSpleen commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

Im sure there will be a decent jump in sales this month with the E-Shop, Zelda and RE. I had way too many games downloaded on my sons DSi to just lose when trading up for a 3DS. So we waited until the file transfer was available and then bought one. We transferred 62 files over. Now all we need is a SD card menu for the 3DS... I dont understand why Nintendo gives so many channel windows with no way to fill them up...



GreenSpleen commented on Prepare for Celebrity Overload in Nintendo's C...:

Not knowing what the heck a Jedward was, I googled it and I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I cant stand my fellow American's obbession with celebrity but you people across the pond like some truly crappy crap. Why these two goofs were even given a minute of fame for badly singing old cover songs is beyond me.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun R...:

Ive played thru SkyCrawlers twice and Ive now bought this game and I can say with all certainty that Pearl Harbor is the more difficult game. I enjoyed Sky Crawlers alot(especially for the cheap price it can be had now) but PHT is the better game. I say this because, assuming that each game in the trilogy costs $7, a $21 game with the challenge, fun and graphics your getting is going to last you alot longer than SC does. I hardly ever died in SC but have done so more often in PHT so far. The challenge is more 'realistic' and I really cant complain at anything so far. Sign me up for anything at 700 points with this type of challenge, graphics and pure fun to be had. Kudos Legendo.



GreenSpleen commented on Nintendo "Happy with Virtual Console Pricing":

Its been a year and still no SD Card Menu update for the DSi!!!! Come on Nintendo, you made it for the Wii(finally) I need one for the DSi!! Ive stopped downloading games lately because Im sick of the moving and deleting on the card. It should be an easy fix, just do it already.



GreenSpleen commented on Nintendo Download: 10th May 2010 (North America):

Photo Dojo is awesome. Ive spent the past 3 hours taking pictures of myself and my 3 kids for the game. I wouldve happily paid for the game but the fact its free makes it even sweeter. My son has created fighters from posing his action figures, a giant stuffed animal rabbit and now his cat is wondering why we keep posing it different ways as well. Our fish tank makes the best background stage by far. This is such a genius yet simple concept and while Im sure it will wear thin at some point, its so funny that everytime someone new comes over he is gonna want to show it to them. Ive already downloaded it to all 3 of my kids DSi's. My 5 year old daughters 'fireball attack' is her baby doll with its butt out. This could be a huge hit if they ever make a retail version with more moves, special powers, boss battles, etc. Expand the roster, have fighters and stages already built in for a single player mode. Be able to combine pictres for backgrounds... the possibilities are endless really since its only limited by the playes imagination. I would gladly drop $20 - $30 on a fleshed out game like this ESPECIALLY if it included a 2 player mode for 2 Dsi's or even online multiplayer. Online probably isnt a great idea though... too many people will be taking inappropriate pictures for their poses... lol. Get this people, theres no way you wont laugh and enjoy yourself.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Ferrari GT Evolution (DSiWare):


Wow. I cant believe you spent your 2000 points on that crap. Either you have all the other good DSiWare games or you dont bother reading the reviews. Theres alot of great games on the service but none on that list.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Wii):

I just traded this one back in for Red Steel 2 but I loved every second of it. I played it thru on both normal and hard difficulties. Using the nunchuk to fly takes a few minutes to get used to but it works really well and feels very natural. This game only costs $30 brand new and is alot of fun and unlike anything else on the Wii. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different to play on their Wii.



GreenSpleen commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

This game is exactly what the Wii needs more of. It uses the wiimote as it should be used and more than anything, this game is loads of fun to play. I meant to play for about 30 minutes last night and then get some sleep, well 3 hours later I was still playing and didnt go to sleep until 3am. I can understand if people have more than one console and want to play their 'hardcore'(Im starting to hate that label more and more) games on their 360 or PS3 but this should have been one of the ones you get for Wii. Honestly, if thats the case why even have a Wii along with another console???

This game rocks and was a day 1 buy for me. I really hope anyone out there that wants good Wii titles in the future will spend the money and support this game. Play the hell out of it and trade it back in for Monster Hunter 3 in a month, just get it!



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Red Steel 2 (Wii):

Picked up my preorder yesterday and played for about 3 hours last night. Its alot of fun, combat feels great and I LOVE the graphical style. This type of game would be SOOOOOO much fun if it had an online battle system. Im not even talking co-op either... a simple arena where you can customize your character and battle others from around the world would be awesome. Red Steel 3 please!



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Rage of the Gladiator (WiiWare):

Im not sure what people are looking at when they say the graphics are bad. This is a beautiful WiiWare game with good animation, lighting effects, etc.

For those wondering about the controls, it plays well with all 3 options: NES, Remote/nunchuk and M+. I prefer the M+ just because it allows more variety in swings and attacks patterns. I cant commend Ghostfire enough for allowing players all three options to pick from... why more developers dont give us the option to do so at this point is beyond me.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: Rage of the Gladiator (WiiWare):

This is one of my favorite WiiWare games. I enjoy it as much as my 8 year old son. Control is spot on, the challenge is there and the voice acting is cartoonish and funny to me. The snake head on Gargadon is amusing to my son.(and me). I cant recommend this one enough. WiiMotion Plus is by far the best way to play. I hope developers take note of how to make a good wiiware game and how to properly use the M+. Thanks Ghostfire!!



GreenSpleen commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:

Thanks Sean. I was hoping for at least 8-10 hours so if its more than that, well, thats awesome. Some retail $50 games dont take that long. This will probably be priced at 1500 pts and sounds worth every penny. March sure has turned into a major gaming month for me... Endless Ocean, Red Steel 2, Mega Man 10, Cave Story, Rage of the Gladiator, Max and the Magic Marker and WarioWare D.I.Y. Man Im gonna be one tired dude from staying up late! Tired... but HAPPY! Let the games begin!

@ Bigby

Maybe your just one of the youngsters... they seem to be the ones that dont get the retro gaming craze now days. I'm 35 and grew up on Atari, the NES, commodore 64, etc. Games dont have to look like James Cameron directed them to be fun and challenging. Ive got around 60 WiiWare/VC games and my 9 year old son has developed a great love for the old school games I used to play. I love telling him how when I was a kid games cost a quarter and there were these things called 'Arcades' we used to ride our bikes to and play all day. Of course we rode up hill both ways to get there and back....



GreenSpleen commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:

Cant wait for this one. Nice write up as usual Sean. Does anyone know about how long the game should take to complete? Thats my only complaint with some of the WiiWare games, they are great but usually end a little too quick.



GreenSpleen commented on Review: GhostSlayer (WiiWare):

I would give this game a solid 7. Its fun and challenging and worth the $6 download. The review says theres no difference in swords but the op guide says the different swords affect the special move action(you have a special move meter that fills as enemies are killed, activated with A-button) The level of difficulty, even on novice, is pretty tough and will give you a good challenge. Once the game is finished I cant see it having much replay value but because of the short nature of the stages I could see it as a good pick up and play experience, ala WSR. I highly recommend this to anyone with a Motion Plus.