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Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Off the rails

Announced over a year ago, Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails was one of the earliest Wii U download games to be confirmed. Now that it's finally here, has the wait been worth it, or should this game scram?

Although you're pretty much immediately thrown into the action, there is a little bit of a story to Scram Kitty. The titular cat, as well as a whole bunch of other cats, have been kidnapped by mice (talk about role reversal!) and are being held captive in a space station. Your job, as Scram's owner, is naturally to save them and thwart the plans of the evil mice.

As the game's title implies, rails play a big part in this game — in fact, the space station consists of almost nothing but rails. That's why your character pilots a sort of mobile turret that, you guessed it, can attach to and ride on rails. Each of the ship's many levels consists of tunnels, pathways and platforms all covered in the things, which allow you to go in just about any direction. Left, right, up, down, on the floor, on the ceiling, it doesn't matter, your vehicle can attach to anything.

In the event the rails are not all connected, that's not a problem either, because you can jump around as well as execute a spin attack which lets you do an extra high bounce, shredding any enemies you come into contact with in the process. At the start of the game there will only be basic rails, but you'll quickly start running into other types, like those that automatically move you in a certain direction, others that damage you when you touch them, and the video game staple of iced-over rails that make you slip. There's also a Super Mario Galaxy-esque gravity effect in place that automatically makes you circle around and back towards rails if you're detached for too long; it's a somewhat welcome mechanic, as the spin attack can be tricky for precise jumps.

That's not really the best way to deal with adversaries, though, so you can also keep it simple and use the mounted guns on your vehicle to fire at enemies from a distance — a much safer proposition. Although you'll start with a basic energy cannon of some sort, certain levels will allow you to pick up and use other types of guns, from laser beams to flamethrowers. Unfortunately, these are not permanent additions to your arsenal, so any additional weapons can only be used in the levels you find them.

In each level, your main objective is, naturally, to rescue the kidnapped cats. While there is a cat simply waiting for you at the end of each stage, you can spend some extra time to rescue up to three additional ones as well; these are rewards for picking up all collectibles, chasing down a cat that won't sit still, and finding and defeating a much stronger mouse. Although it might seem like a good idea to collect every cat in one go, this can exponentially increase the risk of dying, so it might be smart to just get them one by one, or at the very least leave the tough one(s) for a separate attempt. The game's first few levels only have one additional cat each, basically teaching you exactly how to get them.

A cool feature if you're having trouble with a particular level is that there is an overworld map with different paths, each requiring different amounts of rescued cats to open. If you're spending too long trying to beat one level, why not try going a different way instead? If you always rescue all the cats in every level you get to, you'll be opening lots of paths very quickly, so there'll be plenty of choice. There's also a 'Challenge Mode' as an extra — in which you charge through some of the more challenging levels from the main game with a time limit — so there's plenty to do.

While the game is, in most aspects, good clean fun, it is not without some flaws. Enemies can sometimes spawn in huge groups, and it is at times almost impossible to avoid taking damage, especially if the room you're in is particularly cramped. Not all levels allow you to farm for health drops, so this can be frustrating if it happens on the wrong level. The game also lacks any form of tutorial, so some things which should be obvious aren't — one type of platform which was opened up via a switch in one stage had to be broken using a spin attack in another one. We spent a while looking for a non-existent switch only to accidentally spin attack it a few times and break it later on.

Perhaps the biggest annoyance, however, is the fact that the TV screen is secondary by default. While it offers a much wider view of the level, allowing you to spot enemies that are completely off-screen on the GamePad, it won't last long — you'll constantly be interrupted with messages from Scram Kitty which, for no reason, blocks half the screen and zooms it in even further than the GamePad does, only to slowly begin zooming out again. While the allure of a much better view will constantly have you looking back up at the TV, you'll just as quickly find yourself looking back down again every time the moment is ruined. The final effect isn't entirely desirable, though you can switch the views (GamePad to TV) with the Select button; the game doesn't actually tell you this, so bear it in mind. You can use the Pro Controller yet, surprisingly, you still have to view the level select and menus on the GamePad screen regardless. While we understand the design choices at work, the emphasis on the GamePad — with Pro Controller support not fully optimised — isn't the best fit.

In addition, we also ran into a bug in one level where we had to hit four switches to open the path to the exit — we opened it up, but then proceeded to go and get the remaining cats. When we came back and were ready to escape with all four cats, for some reason the path was closed again, and no matter how we manipulated the switches we couldn't get it to re-open, essentially wasting half an hour of our time. We didn't run into anything like this in any other levels, but it's something about which to be cautious.

In terms of graphics and music, Scram Kitty isn't necessarily a piece of art, with fairly simplistic designs, but it's bright, colourful and gets the job done — each area of the ship has a different look and different music, so things are freshened up every time you decide to tackle levels in a different direction.


While it's probably not a top tier download title, Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails is still an entertaining and fun game, with big, challenging levels and have plenty to do. Being able to go to pretty much any level you want, as well as not necessarily having to save all cats in one go are nice positives, but because of several unfair situations, some awkward control setup issues and one instance where we got stuck, we would warn prospective buyers to be slightly cautious. At least two of those issues can be easily fixed with potential updates, however, which we'd hope are in the works. It's certainly worth consideration due to its positives, but doesn't quite sink its claws into the player.

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User Comments (89)



unrandomsam said:

It seems many of the the things the reviewer thinks are negatives I see as positives.

No permanent upgrades
No tutorial
No farming for health (I would rather that be impossible the whole time).



CanisWolfred said:

I wasn't too excited for this game and barely anything mentioned in this review sounds pleasant to me. I'll pass.



ACK said:

@unrandomsam I kind of agree in that not enough effort was put into explaining the game itself, as opposed to nitpicking personal pet peeves and quibbles. I understand the annoyances caused by some of the design decisions, though I'm not sure I agree... I only wish reading this review helped me understand the appeal (or lack thereof) of Scram Kitty and his Buddy On Rails better.



Drake said:

@unrandomsan I don't consider any of those negatives per se, but what happens as a result of the latter two (confusing solutions and almost forced damage) is quite annoying.

@ACK I think I mentioned pretty much all the core gameplay mechanics, you're navigating mazes, moving across and jumping between rails while trying to get to the end and rescuing one or more cats, depending on how many additional conditions you want to fulfill.



SecondServing said:

If it's not above a 8 or above, I'm not buying.

Forgive my closed-minded mentality, it's just that I like only the best games.



yoroppan said:

I'm pretty sure the TV screen and gamepad screen can be swapped. Try pressing Select?



bizcuthammer said:

@SecondServing it's comments like that that make me wish reviews didn't give numerical scores. You know, so that way people would have to actually read through a few reviews (which btw are simply opinions of a single person) and then based upon all the information given, use their own brains and decide for themselves if it sounds like a game they would be interested in.

Using a single number as the ultimate determiner as to whether or not a game is good is lazy and just one of many things that are wrong with the majority of gamers today.



gatorboi352 said:

"Perhaps the biggest annoyance, however, is the fact that the TV screen is is entirely secondary..... While the allure of a much better view will constantly have you looking back up at the TV, you'll just as quickly find yourself looking back down again every time the moment is ruined. While we understand the intentional nature of the design for others to watch and to perhaps encourage you to primarily utilise the GamePad, the final effect isn't entirely desirable."

See, to me this is an inherent flaw of the dual screen technology as a whole. If you notice, the most desirable aspect of the GamePad and Wii U in general is Off TV Play. But what does Off TV Play offer, at its core, that makes it so sought out above any other feature? The ability to play XBox/PlayStation like versions of games independent of the TV. What do I mean by XB/PS versions? Single screen gaming.

What the reviewer noted above in that quote is exactly what puts off a lot of people to Wii U: "What screen do I look at?"

Not only that, but when the GamePad is being used as the featured screen (as it is in this title and many other non-AAA titles) the screen itse;f doesn't necessarily lend itself in the way a gorgeous iPad or Android tablet screen would. It's 480p, resistive and really undesirable in comparison to a nice big HDTV that sits mere feet from you while you play.



MixMasterMudkip said:

@bizcuthammer I agree. People always seem to forget that a review is a single person's opinion, and shouldn't be the deciding factor on whether you buy the game or not.

Anyway, I'll pick this up once I get the chance. Even if it doesn't live up to what I was hoping I still want to play it.



DreamOn said:

Sounds like some will be waiting for patches and a price drop a la Toki Tori 2. Thats too bad.



accc said:

This looks like something I would rather play with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk than the gamepad. Actually, I wish all Wii U games could be played with the Wiimote & Nunchuk. The split controller setup makes it far more comfortable to hold than the bulky gamepad, and this game in particular looks like it would benefit a lot from pointer aiming. Please, Wii U devs, add Wiimote & Nunchuk support to your games!



gojiguy said:

@SecondServing That's a shame. I know many games with mixed reviews that are some of the best I have played.

Personally excited to but this come Thursday. It looks fun, has great style, and uses the gamepad in a unique way. Add in that its an exclusive experience and is inspired by some of my favorite games and I'm sold.



Prof_Clayton said:

I always wondered why this game got so much coverage everywhere.
I'm still wondering after that review.



LordGeovanni said:

I was on the fence for this game prior to the review. And Now...

...I am still on that fence. I just do not know yet.

Also, @SecondServing : That is a terrible philosophy.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Shame people are going to turn on the game because of this review (apparently a 7 is now "I don't know why anybody was looking forward to this-quality" instead of just good), but I'm still excited to play it.



Drake said:

@yoroppan Yes, the screens can indeed be swapped, however, that just means the GamePad has the zoomed out view which zooms in seemingly at random and gets blocked by constant messages.



andregurov said:

I've got a big enough back catalogue of games to tackle already, but this looks a pick up just as soon as I have the time to play it. Slowly but surely the Wii U is getting "choices" for its gamers to pick from.



shonenjump86 said:

Hmm, looks ok. I probably could get into a game like this. It will add another game for the Wii U for me.



R_Champ said:


I'm with you . I understand this may not be the best game out there: maybe the reviewer has a lot of good points. But I'm still interested enough to decide for myself. If I didn't play every game under an 8/10 score then half of my favorite-games-ever list wouldn't exist!



joey302 said:

Reviews are ONLY one gamers opinion and nothing more folks...just like the movies!



ricklongo said:

Man, the gamepad/TV thing might just be a dealbreaker for me. :/

And this, folks, is why the gamepad is a TOOL, not an obligation. I'm reminded of the way developers would ruin Wii games for me by forcing waggle controls where they don't belong. Damn shame. Let's hope they fix this soon with a patch.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@gatorboi352 This issue only persists with very few games. Off-TV play is just the simple go-to feature for developers who don't want to/can't plan the core gameplay around the GamePad, and it's no obligation, either.
ZombiU is a nice example of not knowing which screen to look at in a positive way, as it hugely increases the tension and makes you feel like an actual survivor.
Also, complaining about a controller not being able to compete with a TV screen is somewhat pointless. That was never it's intention, and the price would skyrocket if it did.

@ricklongo Just an easy dismissal. The GamePlay is a part of the console itself, no matter how you look at it. And taking a bad example as a reason to dismiss an integral part of the offered structure doesn't get you anywhere.
In the wrong hands, the GamePad might seem like a tool, but of course only the right ideas show its true potential - which is what Nintendo is working on.



jakysnakydx said:

@gatorboi352 I definitely feel tha the allure of second screen gaming is in fact NOT off tv play. I feel the possibilities for utilizing duel screens are yet to be opened. Personally I feel every game should have an off screen menu for items/etc like Zombi U and WindWaker as that is just superior gameplay.

I am only a fan of 'spectator view' when playing games that will ultimately have me switching hands with friends, which this game won't. When playing Scram Kitty, I will NEVER use the TV. It's main purpose is to allow others to have a better glance at what's happening so even say the director's/developers. I would rather have some relevant information appearing on separate screens. Clear the clutter from the gamepad/tv for whichever screen is not dominant.



jakysnakydx said:

What I like about NintendoLife reviews is that a 7 is still a good score. None of this '5 is utter crap and 10 is halo 4'. There's an actual spectrum being used here



ScorpionMG said:

@bizcuthammer ikr? maybe that's why i like gamexplain's new way of reviewing games without giving them numbers. You either like it or not. 7/10 is still good, same score as sonic lost world



Smooty said:

This game looks awesome! you guys really should stop caring about review scores...



jariw said:

I'm a bit puzzled by this review. IIRC, the ONM review said that GamePad/TV was selectable as the main playing screen. (And now the review by God is a Geek says so as well.) Also, the entire game design is to only look at the one screen, the secondary screen (the Scram Kitty TV) IS secondary - it's for people who sits around and watch the gameplay. Although the reviewer knows about it, I can't see why it should be hard to not look at the secondary screen. According to the eShop info, it should support the Pro Controller as well - why not use that if keeping visual focus is an issue? I'll check myself tomorrow...



luke88 said:

@SecondServing I understand what you're saying, i really do, I always have the same doubts about games with mediocre scores. I've heard good things about this game from other sources though. I think it's always a good idea to read over as many reviews as possible before you buy.

Also this is an exclusive wiiu game, made by an independent dev: maybe that doesn't make any difference? Personally though I hate the thought that lots of people won't get the game based solely on this review/the number at the bottom of it.



pr0t0man said:

@bizcuthammer ty this is the propuzzle'sh so many people just cause one guy didn't like the game doesn't mean you wount I love to death lamulana and that game doesn't tell you anything you can spend days running around trying to find out were to go next and I love that about the game no hand holding and it never tells you hey do this I spent 10 hours in that game one day just trying to find one boss granted to find a boss in you have Solve a bunch of really cryptic puzzle's look into it if you like really hard games



Emblem said:

@unrandomsam "It seems many of the the things the reviewer thinks are negatives I see as positives.
No permanent upgrades
No tutorial
No farming for health (I would rather that be impossible the whole time)."

Exactly, why are these considered flaws in a semi-bullet hell shooter?

Also the devs have repeatedly stated this is a one screen game with the other being for audiences, this is further established by the fact you can switch or even turn off the second screen. Why would you try to use both and complain about them?

No mention of how it plays with the supported pro controller either?

Indication of lengh?

High scores?

No offensive but this review is on par with what i expect from a non -Jose IGN review. I don't care about scores, I read NL reviews because more often than not they are long and in depth.



Sean_Aaron said:

If the screens can be swapped I don't see an issue there.

I like how some people are really picking nits over a game that's ten bucks but will happily gloss over minor issues in games that cost four or five times as much.

It's a nice-looking shooter at a budget price, not exactly a life-changing event that requires that much scrutiny. I actually would have bought this without the review, but I was curious about the game's structure. I read nothing off-putting here.



ThomasBW84 said:

We've made some tweaks with Marcel to clarify on some of the Qs you guys have had. He was aware of the option to swap the screens and so on, but the wording didn't quite make that clear. We've clarified that text now as Marcel and another member of the team both confirmed the feature.

That section's now adjusted, yet as it was a case of wording that caused confusion, it doesn't actually change the overall assessment or score. Marcel had given this a 7 knowing the screens could be switched, and it's still a 7. It was a case of mixed wording and me, as the proofer, mis-understanding like some others.

Nevertheless, it remains and always has been a 7, and hopefully the relevant sections are now nice and clear.



yoroppan said:

"Perhaps the biggest annoyance, however, is the fact that the TV screen is secondary by default."
Now that's a deal breaker



DiSTANToblivion said:

Definitely buying this. All the negatives don't matter to me and I don't care about some number at the end of a review.



SheldonRandoms said:

In other news, the evil krill have abducted the whales, so now you gotta save them now......as a whale, on the whrales, with his buddy!



PJR0cks said:

yeah I agree, the off screen when you can't use the tv is great and I use it a lot, but for example in FIFA, my mini map is on the gamepad, and I can barley use it, if I look down I can't see the game, the only way you could really use it is in co op games and off tv, the whole dual screen thing doesn't work well in most cases.



AyeHaley said:

I don't care if I have to wait for an update, this game looks awesome and I want to support the developers for creating a game for Wii U...with kitties. Definitely buying it tomorrow!



sinalefa said:

The only number I care for is the price that I will be paying for this on the eShop. Which is quite low if this is as unique of an experience as it looks and sounds from some other reviews. Still day one for me.



jariw said:

@ThomasBW84 The revised review is less confusing, but IMO you should redesign or remove the scoring system on NL, since it currently doesn't give any useful customer info. NL gives Child of Light a 9/10, but yet you don't mention that it lacks any really useful GamePad functionality (when there are sooo many things where a RPG should use the GamePad). NL gives 9/10 to the Wii U VC version of Advance Wars, a board-game-like GameBoy game with very crude graphics and sound. If NL judge each game from an arbitrary angle, giving games a score doesn't make sense.



Drake said:

@Mandalore No, high scores/completion times are not saved, except in...

@Emblem Challenge mode doesn't really offer anything new, you just get thrown into random levels from the main game and have to complete them within a time limit, although you can still look around for extra cats. It's basically just exactly the same thing but without a level select screen.



ManateeBlubber said:

I don't know, I bought Yoshi's New Island and enjoyed it since it was my first Yoshi game. My point is, there are some bad games that are so bad that they're good.



ricklongo said:

Okay, if the screens can be swapped, then I'm game. It will probably have to wait until I finish Child of Light, but chances are I'll get it before Stick it to the Man. So much for a game drought.



ricklongo said:

@Kaze_Memaryu You misunderstand me. I love the gamepad. I just think you shouldn't force ideas into it when they don't belong. Lego CIty Undercover scanning? Awesome. Pikmin multitasking? Awesome. Forcing you to play a game on the gamepad while your flatscreen TV sits there doing nothing of note? Just plain wrong.



timtimdaunholy said:

Im getting it got to support Wii U exclusives. It looks fun and hard. Also thanks to the review ill be switching screens and know how to.



dkxcalibur said:

7 is not bad. I had very very high & unfair expectations for this game so I was disappointed to see a score of 7 because right away I was second guessing whether or not to download this game. I thought about it and I believe I'm okay with the negatives and I'm going to keep to my plan of buying on day one. I believe the reason for some of us using reviews as the "final say" in buying something is because we have limited time or money and must choose wisely. Unlike some people, I believe there's plenty of games to play on the Wii U and I try to finish or give each game a fair amount of play time to justify spending my money before moving on. Couple this with a busy schedule and I don't buy and play as many games as I once did. If makes for for very careful/thoughtful research prior to purchasing and I skip on great games that I would have purchased if I had more time/money.



jariw said:

@dkxcalibur - Here are other numbers (links in the Scram Kitty eShop thread):
ONM - 9/10
God is a Geek - 9/10
Expansive - 8/10
EDIT: Eurogamer - 8/10
EDIT: EDGE - 8/10



gojiguy said:

@R_Champ Exactly! Add on top of that every other review so far has been a 9/10! Sometimes I don't agree with nintendolife reviews and that's OK. Different people have different tastes.



Unit_DTH said:

Been looking forward to this one for a while now! Got Child of Light last week and getting this, this week. Loading up on great games for the Wii U, then there is the impending doom, to other games in my collection, that is MK8! I'm liking the eShop more every week, don't much care about the VC, just keep the great indie titles coming.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@ricklongo Okay, that was my fault, sorry. But I completely agree with you, although I play Off-TV whenever possible.
It feels pointless to be included in a game that makes nothing of the Gamepad otherwise, and that's really sad. I wouldn't mind some delayed releases if it meant some actually practical use of the Gamepad and its strengths.



markybbop said:

If it was released a couple if months ago when there was nothing out worth playing, I would have bought it on day 1, now im not so sure. It really bugs me though why this game hasn't been released earlier. It will now lose sales in my opinion



luke88 said:

@Unit_DTH Stick it to the man and knytt underground would make worthy editions if you don't have them already. Hear what you're saying about mk8 though. : )



Unit_DTH said:

@luke88 SITTM is one of the next one's on my list, I thought about getting it as a free DL for my PS4, but I would rather give the dev money for their hard work than get the game for free. Also, Knytt is another one that I want, but will have to wait until my funds replenish for that one.
It's funny how much doom and gloom there is for the Wii U, I always brag on the eShop when I hear that nonsense. If you think there aren't any good games for the console then you don't have one, or you are just belligerent about having fun.



JaxonH said:


Everyone does.

With that said, just because he gave it a 7, doesn't mean it's a 7. It means HE thinks it's a 7. And he could have an opinion differing from the majority here who will play the game (and I actually think he does). I'll play it tomorrow and report back. But after watching quite a bit of gameplay, I'm convinced already this game is going to be beyond amazing.

This is actually my most anticipated eShop release behind Shovel Knight. I'd recommend looking for a second (or third or even a fourth) opinion before taking his 7 as gospel. Hate to see anyone miss out on a great game over a minority opinion review.

Official Nintendo Magazine: 9/10
Edge: 8/10
Eurogamer: 8/10



BearClaus said:

@SecondServing The problem with that is that reviews aren't always on the mark. So if a reviewer happens to misunderstand an aspect of the game, or happens to be completely unqualified for the job (note: I am not referring to this review or its writer), then you're barred from a potentially perfectly great game.

Read multiple reviews for a game, and you're golden.



Pod said:

Still going to get this.
The more attention it gets, the more serious they will be about fixing the few flaws in there.



sinalefa said:

"though you can switch the views (GamePad to TV) with the Select button; the game doesn't actually tell you this, so bear it in mind"

I got the game and found that this is not true. When you pause the game menu has the text "- switch screens" at the bottom.



Technosphile said:

Downloaded it this morning. Crazy difficult. Reminds me of Megadrive games in general for some reason.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I saw a few videos that showed the character being able to shoot to his left and right instead of just forward, was that taken out of the game or is it a combination of buttons that I dont know about?

Anyway, it's been alright so far but some of the controls are very frustrating. No control options in the Options menu, needless tips put up on the screen at a time where you die if you try to look up at the screen. A lot of parts werent thought out, just kinda cobbled together. I've played flash games with more thought put into the design than this game.



Tate24 said:

Download Scram kitty not based on this review though! Seen ONM review who gave it a 9 which I believe it deserves. Games awesome extremely tricky getting that cats that run away from you is complete nightmare. On community one developers posting helpful tips and showing videos of sum extreme skills.

Above comment I find hilarious never played flash game that been thought out well! Most them just been cobbled together.

Anyway Scram kitty is pure arcade, teeth gritting fun. It will piss you off just enough that once you switch it off you'll be thinking about switching it back on again to have other go! Meow! ^^



AlexOlney said:

This game is tremendously challenging and although at times I had to put it down because it frustrated me, I soon came back to it, cloying for more.



BestBuck15 said:

I'm a bit surprised by the low score from NL. Gamecentral gave it a 9 and they are tough but I appreciate a Nintendo magazine that is not afraid to score games as they see fit.



Stargazer said:


I haven't gotten super far but I assume some levels have a power up that fits that description.

I don't know what control options you need. Movement is on analog or d-pad, B jumps, Y shoots, L button changes weapons, minus button changes views, right analog moves the camera a bit for the zoomed in view.

The 'needless tips' try to take advantage of the dual screen set-up. You can use the zoomed in view exclusively if you like.

If you can show me a flash game with gameplay mechanics this good and level design this clever then please let me know. Everything seems to be designed with the utmost care to me.



BertoFlyingFox said:

@stargazer I dont think it's a power-up. Here's a trailer from February where I saw it, right at the 00:44 mark:

He spreads his guns a little bit, which I felt was an awesome draw to the game because it gives you a bit more wiggle room during intense sections with limited rail angles.

Binding of Isaac and MeatBoy were a-mazing flash games, one with roguelike dungeons and the other with stellar level design, both with silky smooth movement. Final Ninja is another flash game that I feel had great gameplay mechanics on par with Scram Kitty.

As for what control options I need, well any would be welcome. Options are always a good thing. Maybe I dont want two jump buttons and two shoot buttons, maybe I want to switch the shooting and jumping to L/R triggers in order to move more naturally. Sorry, that's a glaring omission here, especially when even indie demos are providing more control options than this.



TTGlider said:

I've been absolutely loving this game. I agree that the secondary screen commentary is a bet of a gimmick so far. But the 'feel' of playing this game is very unique, and lately that's exactly what I've been looking for; something really fresh. This is a pendulum parody shoot-em-up! I'd give it an 8 and it would be a 9 if it had a more traditional tutorial and slightly prettier backgrounds.



dumedum said:

This is a surprisingly great game. I say surprising because the reviewer did not 'get' this game. The use of the dual screens here is quite fantastic it puts you into a unique atmosphere. There are no games like this on other platforms letting you choose what to watch what to glance... it's pure fun and fascinating.

The review is also still plain wrong. it absolutely does tell you explicitly that you can switch the screens and how.



sarethums said:

Why are these comments upside-down? Im not getting this game due to this "with Pro Controller support not fully optimised" im a huge hell shooter fan and this looks really cool but with bs tablet controls the fun will be ruined.



Dave24 said:

The only thing that kill this game are really cripple controls and stupid design choices, like looking on gamepad all the time and the info from the cat being on TV - that is really stupid.

It's not bad, but still a wasted potential.



ToxieDogg said:

Wow, some people really don't 'get' how the second screen is used, do they?

The only time there's any benefit in looking at the other screen at all is when it shows you where the 'Scaredy' cats have run off to (and it's VERY useful for that)...otherwise you can just play the entire game using only the TV or GamePad screen.

Superb game, and it's a shame that a minority few don't 'get' it.



wreckgar23 said:

I agree with the score. Review doesn't mention the difficulty level though, which can be ridiculous early on and I feel is quite uneven, with some later levels being more forgiving. Experienced getting stuck on one level like the reviewer. Best played with a second player to keep an eye on the TV so that they can give you the tips and cat locations that are sometimes displayed on it!



Nintendood said:

I don't get why so many people think that a 7 is a low score. The way see it, and the way the scores usually are on this site, 6 is an average score. Games that get a 6 are still worthy of a purchase when it's something that interests me/you personally. Anything above a 6 should at least be given a closer look by everyone, until they know enough to make an informed decision!

By the way, has any patch been made for this game?



GreatPlayer said:

This game reminds me of Super Monkey Ball - people either love it or hate it. I can see why some people will love this type of game, but I do not like this one. The control is somewhat unpredictable.

I usually do not mind difficult game, even though this game is difficult at the beginning. It's the control that is difficult to master.



Mrclaycoat said:

This game drives me nuts! The Kitty popping up on the screen drove me crazy and the controls are a bit weird making the feel of the game never quite consistent. I'm going to keep at it for a bit longer but so far I'm saying 6/10

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