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Wed 26th Feb 2014

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mobilesworking commented on Rumour: XSEED Less Than Happy With Nintendo's ...:

@Damo It seems you failed to consult them before reporting this rumor, hence XSEED's Brittany: "dear everyone: stop publishing posts from random neogaf users like they're fact and freaking people out over non-existent bullshit." As a regular NL reader, I'd appreciate it if you'd find corroborating sources before spreading baseless information.



mobilesworking commented on Video: The Nintendo Life Reaction to Nintendo'...:

@EllenJMiller It's great to read this sort of response, which shows thoughtful, dispassionate reflection. I wish more Nintendo fans — and NintendoLife readers, frankly — were capable of it. Disappointment is understandable, but anger? That's right out, especially in a year as rich as this one has been and promises to be.



mobilesworking commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.2 Promises Stability, ...:

Is this error code related to lag in SSB? The last several times I've tried to play online the game suffers from intolerable lag. I'm not talking about frame drops; I mean I can see the battle commence, including the epic stomping of my arse, frame by frame by frame!



mobilesworking commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:

Pulled the trigger this morning after catching the tweet from Nintendolife. For comparison, I'm tracking a used copy on eBay that's set to sell for $65 USD, so this is not a bad deal by any means. Even if the bottom falls out of the collectible market due to (sudden, unlikely) eShop availability I figure I'll get my money's worth from the, you know, 70 hours of entertainment.