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Nintendood commented on Review: Chronus Arc (3DS eShop):

I was hoping for better, considering that Kemco made Grinsia, which I thought was great after they patched the bugs. Although, according to this page, Kemco only published this one...

@Windy I remember you commenting on the Grinsia review, so how does this game compare to that one? (It seems the crashing was fixed, in case you didn't play it after the final update)



Nintendood commented on Crunchyroll Pre-Order Bundle for Etrian Myster...:

Crunchyroll was very deceptive in their advertising/description of this deal. They have "+ FREE DLC" in big letters, but that's just a trick. They gave no downoad codes or anything mentioning the DLC in the package or any of the emails they sent. Like every other time I've gotten a game that included DLC, I expected a card or slip inside with a download code on it.

It turns out, everyone who bought the game fairly early had access to the DLC of 5 quests for free from Atlus - but only for a limited time (still free now in Europe I believe, because of the delayed release). Since I had no reason to think Crunchyroll would purposely deceive people like that, I never thought to check on it until I finally had more time time to play the game just recently. That's when I realized there was no code(s) inside, and when I checked the prices it showed they would cost me $8.50 total.

So, not only was I fooled into believing that they were providing the DLC as part of the bundle, but now I don't get it at all. If they hadn't done this, I would've checked on the prices for the DLC much sooner - and would've realized it was FREE! They literally caused me to miss out on a deal that was available to everyone who got the game...

I plan to contact them and request compensation, but I doubt they'll be willing or able to affect credit on an eShop account, so I don't know what good it'll do.



Nintendood commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

I can understand wanting to know ahead of time if they're going to require a lot of screaming or shouting, but I think it's silly that he said "maybe someone has a moral objection to the content of a game, and they'd like to know what it is before they commit to it." If you're only a voice actor, you should be able to take any part. It's not like they have to do anything on camera. Unless it's something extreme.



Nintendood commented on Gotcha Racing:

This was released in Japan in July of last year. They've also got a demo available, so I gave it a shot. The original title is Gacha Racing, which I think comes from their name for the capsule machine. After you open a few capsules in the beginning, it asks if you're happy with the parts and says that if you're not, you can "retry the Gacha."

There's absolutely no 3D, which I always find disappointing. They could at least add a second layer of depth to the menus... I can understand if they thought it would be distracting during races, since you're always quickly glancing at the top screen to see what's coming. That wouldn't be nearly as distracting to me, though, as the fact that they don't compensate at all for the space in-between the screens! It gives the road a jagged look, and cars that could fit in the space between the screens are shown on both at once. I find it pretty disorienting, and the kind of rookie mistake I'd expect from a first time developer (but not Arc System Works).



Nintendood commented on Double Dose Of Sin & Punishment Arrives On Nor...:

Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Earth was the first video game I ever bought imported. I was super nervous about it because I was just a little kid at the time, and I never knew anyone else who had done it before. Importing games wasn't nearly as common back then, and there was almost no information on the reliability of the online stores that offered them. I had to save up money for six months because it was $70, plus $30 for an N64 passport adapter and some more for shipping.

Luckily, it all worked out and I loved the game enough to feel like it was all worth it in the end. It was like no game I'd ever played before, and felt very ahead of its time. The fact that it was only released in Japan, yet all the voice work was in English blew my mind. Not to mention, it had the coolest box art I had ever seen! I decided that I'd never part with it, and kept it on display in my room until the day I moved out.




Nintendood commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director's Cut G...:

Aren't they doing the same thing with Shovel Knight? I already own both, which sucks because I do like physical so much more. Like I really want Darksiders II and it's on sale for $10 in the eShop right now, but I'll probably wait and get a physical copy for twice as much.
Releasing physical games so much later like this is just going to make me hesitate a few years before I buy any new eShop games from either company.



Nintendood commented on McDonald's Happy Meal Boomerang Mario In UK Ta...:

@SmithJurd Were you planning on having more kids? I don't think three is too many, as long as precautions are taken to prevent a fourth. Plus, you're probably over the age of 23, right?

Not that it's fair, but how many are they allowed to have and keep in China? One, or maybe it's two... If you imagine living there and having to give up a child, how would it feel to see a 25-year-old with more than twice as many kids that never had to concern themselves with anything like that?

This is sort of a separate issue, but the thing that bothers me most is the scumbags in the US that don't even work, and literally keep having more children to get more support from the government. That's just encouraging the worst kind of people to be having more children, to go ahead and have them. I think people who don't make their own money should get the same or even less assistance once they've had more than three kids.



Nintendood commented on McDonald's Happy Meal Boomerang Mario In UK Ta...:

I never heard anything about Minions toys or Tarzan...
I know this whole "story" is fake, but it definitely bothers me to read about a 25 year old with five kids - regardless of what country it is. One or two kids is plenty, but I think when a woman has a third child, they should be required to have their tubes tied if they want to keep it. It's not like people aren't aware nowadays of how serious of a problem overpopulation is.



Nintendood commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario RPG Opens Up The W...:

@Kirk All five times that you used a semicolon in post #27, a comma would be more appropriate. Maybe DiscoGentleman can help you more, since I tend to only notice when they're out of place. What I never understood is why the keyboard's set up so that you need the shift button for a colon, but not for a semicolon. It seems to me like colons are much more common, so it should be the other way around.



Nintendood commented on Picross 3D Sequel is Heading to the 3DS in Jap...:

@iphys Yeah, they should definitely do that. Of course it could be played with just the buttons, if they're willing to put in the effort. They should allow it to be played either way, so it'd be up to the player if they care more about touch control or the depth of the stereoscopic display.

It will definitely be a shame if they release another Picross 3D on the 3DS, but don't allow it to be in actual 3D.



Nintendood commented on Chasing Aurora Dev Porting Electronic Super Jo...:

@gamemasterb Yeah, I agree. Everyone who thinks it shouldn't be censored should go to this link - the original post that came before the link above, so you can post that you wouldn't be interested in a censored version (even if you'd buy it anyway)...
If you read his post about censoring it, he's saying that he thought the sales of Groove City were hurt by the M rating on the Wii U, but there's absolutely no reason to think that was the cause. Huxxny already posted and made a good point on there, that the lower sales could've been caused by the higher price on the Wii U version.

Anyway, the Twitter thing that was quoted in this article is misleading if they are going to release the original censored on Wii U. It said:
A press quote of the game we're currently porting to Wii U. "Visually stunning, hilarious, and brutally challenging.", 9/10, Destructoid.
...but if it's censored, the 9/10 rating may not apply to this version, and there's a very good chance that "hilarious" would not apply, either. Almost everything I found amusing in Groove City would have been missing if it had been censored.



Nintendood commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

@GoneFishin Maybe I missed something, but I don't think anyone said that emulation of those consoles is illegal, just the ROMs that they're used to play. Yes, there's some perfectly legal software, but I don't know if I'd call it "plenty" ...certainly not when it comes to games that were actually released for the original systems.



Nintendood commented on Club Nintendo Adds Some Snappy Coaster Sets in...:

You guys are/were so lucky... there were never soundtracks available from the NA Club Nintendo (except for one as an elite status reward for the year). So many other items I was jealous of too, like that speaker set that held the Wii with a little sub-woofer and nunchuck speakers.



Nintendood commented on Mario Memories: Super Mario RPG Opens Up The W...:

@umegames Same here (except for the part about Xenogears), my first and favorite RPG! Playing as Bowser for the first time in any game was mind-blowing at 11 years old. Geno's my favorite character though, and I've always wished I'd be able to play as him in another Mario game.

NOTE: Did anyone else think of this game when they noticed Conception II's full title ends with "of the Seven Stars"?



Nintendood commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

@Xeonhawk In the same way that people consider having a digital copy of a game owning the game. Not in a literal way. Using another method to play Nintendo's games without paying for them eliminates the incentive to spend money on Virtual Console games. Technically, whether you think it's like stealing or not, having ROMs for games you don't already own is illegal.



Nintendood commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

I would be much more supportive of this if it didn't allow emulation. That would make it much less controversial, and less of a problem for Nintendo.
Obviously they're not going to want people to have free access to GBA and SNES games when they're still making money selling them with the Virtual Console. That's basically stealing, especially if you've never owned the original game cartridges.



Nintendood commented on Review: Fester's Quest (NES):

@GenoBeatsMallow Thanks, you're exactly right. If I was making a joke, I probably would've said something sarcastic. There's a reason why so many people "didn't think this game was that bad." ...Because it isn't.

I had always assumed it was bad because it's such a common game that nobody ever seemed interested in, but when I finally decided to give it a chance - I loved it! My opinion isn't swayed by nostalgia, because I hadn't actually played it until a couple years ago. That's when I knew for sure that you can't actually trust AVGN reviews, and that he's seriously lacking in gaming skills.



Nintendood commented on Review: Blocky Bot (Wii U eShop):

I was considering this one since it's on sale for half price now, but then I watched the eShop trailer. They're trying to be funny or something, but it's just so lame that it makes me sad.



Nintendood commented on Reminder: New StreetPass DLC Games Offer a 'Th...:

@Scary_Old_Lady That was almost always true in the past, with the US getting earlier release dates, but I have seen quite a few the other way around lately. For example, some of the DLC for Hyrule Warriors came out 2 weeks earlier in Europe. When games are released even later than that in Europe, it's often because they're adding the extra languages, but releasing something later in NA means it's something very minor. I think if there's an issue that'll delay either release by a couple weeks or less, they should just hold off on the other one too and release them both on the same day. Considering how long it takes to make a quality game, they should be able to manage enough patience for that.



Nintendood commented on Review: Chariot (Wii U eShop):

The button layout makes no sense at all! Is there any option to change it? The B button is the easiest one to hit by accident, so it seems like the worst choice for reset (although you did say to hold the button, so that's a little better).

For me, thanks to the SNES controller which uses the same ABXY layout, the only button that ever feels like the right one for jumping is B.



Nintendood commented on International StreetPass Week Details Confirme...:

I lost my original Reggie Mii for some reason, but I didn't care for it anyway. I was upset when I lost my Honest Abe (Lincoln) Mii though, cuz that one was actually cool! I decided to try that exploit that I read about on here, but didn't realize he wasn't being sent out anymore!



Nintendood commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS):

Despite the overly positive review, this looks disappointing. Nothing would be better than a new version of Tetrisphere in full 3D! That one still beats any other Tetris game in my opinion - though I still own and love the original on NES, Tetris Blast (GB), Tetris Plus (GB), Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES), Tetris DX (GBC), The New Tetris (N64), 3-D Tetris (Virtual Boy), Tetris DS, Party Deluxe on Wii, and Axis.



Nintendood commented on Review: Tri-Strip (Wii U eShop):

The original Game Boy wasn't nearly THAT green! It also didn't look so faded, with much better contrast. Why make it look worse than the original games did?

Also, why would you release it on the Wii U instead of a handheld (3DS) like the original Game Boy? Even if only one screen's used, that would make a lot more sense.



Nintendood commented on Gallery: Wii U Owners React to Screenshot Remo...:

I can't believe they still haven't made a Miiverse community for Shin Megami Tensei IV! I'm sure they'd want to disable screenshots for it, considering the phallic designs of some demons and the one with a totally exposed erection, but it seems like way too popular of a game to not have a community!



Nintendood commented on Review: Story of Seasons (3DS):

@Dooyoo That really bothers me too, when there's no way to preview a game's use of 3D. It's been a few years and it's still rare for the eShop to properly display 3D screenshots of games!



Nintendood commented on Uniracers:

@motang I know I'm about four years late answering your question, but I'm sure the reason it won't be released on VC is the same reason Nintendo was forced to stop production of the game back then, a while after it was released. In 1987, a 4-minute short film called "Red's Dream" starring an autonomous computer-generated unicycle was added to the end of a Disney movie. This later allowed Pixar to sue DMA Design for copyright infringement, halting this game's production...



Nintendood commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams GamePad Sound Pa...:

I already own the game from when I got it on sale, but haven't played it for more than a few minutes. It looked great, but I was disappointed that the TV-only sound hadn't been patched yet. Until reading this, I wondered if it would ever actually happen...



Nintendood commented on Review: Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (Wi...:

I don't get why so many people think that a 7 is a low score. The way see it, and the way the scores usually are on this site, 6 is an average score. Games that get a 6 are still worthy of a purchase when it's something that interests me/you personally. Anything above a 6 should at least be given a closer look by everyone, until they know enough to make an informed decision!

By the way, has any patch been made for this game?



Nintendood commented on Review: Alien On The Run (3DS eShop):

Based on the demo, I don't think this game is nearly fun enough to ignore the fact that G-Style has completely overlooked implementing the 3D effect AGAIN... I put up with it for Crazy Construction, but only because I think that's a much more enjoyable game.



Nintendood commented on Review: Mario Super Sluggers (Wii):

Right, it would make more sense to wait until a reviewer who doesn't dislike the sport has time to review the game. Also, the reviewer seems to be unaware that this is just a slightly upgraded version of the GameCube game Mario Superstar Baseball.



Nintendood commented on Review: Tappingo (3DS eShop):

I like how the trailer is updated for the sale (5/1-5/15), but it still says
"Over a 100 puzzles to solve!"
(cuz that's read - over a one hundred puzzles...)
@Kitsune_Rei I haven't played it yet, but it seems you're the only one that noticed (and mentioned) that you could finish puzzles with pieces in the wrong place. Did you figure out why it does that or how to prevent it?