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New Super Luigi U Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

New Super DLC for U

So, what is New Super Luigi U? It's not straight-up DLC, nor is it sizable enough to justify a full price retail game, so Nintendo has opted for a best of both worlds approach; it's available as either pricey DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U or as an inexpensive standalone retail game to be released at a later date. What does it actually deliver as a game? A lot of polished and slightly maniacal 2D platforming fun, and something rather different from the meatier New Super Mario Bros. U.

First up, let's address what's the same in this game. A lot of assets, for one thing — in particular the overworld, various level backgrounds and, of course, the iconic Mario foes. A first glance may make veterans of the Wii U's 2D platforming launch title nervous, but those fears of lazy duplication should be quashed within the first ten seconds of the opening stage. After an initial screen that looks the same, you notice that the stage clock is limited to 100 seconds, and there are more flying squirrels attempting to deplete your lives right off the bat. In fact, if you go in expecting the usual opening level kid gloves, a life will be lost. When playing New Super Luigi U you need to stop slouching, buck up and actually concentrate on what you're doing.

The stages are all-new variations, using the eight original game's world assets in fresh combinations, and that shorter clock — combined with tougher jumps and more enemies — immediately sharpens the mind. Suddenly you have to look for three Star Coins, preserve your powered up state and dash to a tighter time limit, and it feels natural. Luigi's new skill-set helps — which doesn't transfer to New Super Mario Bros U. in the DLC version, we should add — as he can jump higher, has slippier footing to handle, and a fantastic flutter jump. Initially the flutter jump feels peculiar, but using it becomes second nature and absolutely vital in later stages. It's truly satisfying to dash at full pelt through a tricky section, ending with a stylish flutter jump and mid-air twist to hit the top of the flag.

And so this new set of levels is at once terrifically fun and challenging. The majority of stages show flashes of creativity that perhaps were held back for later stages in the Mario original, but in this case are spread more evenly throughout. There are some memorable tower levels, including one with the most enjoyable 20 second belly slide in living memory, a stage with clever switch-activated platforms — and those are just immediate examples that spring to mind. Even those that don't push creativity too far play like a speed runner's dream, all sprinting and precision jumps, while successfully beating the clock having accumulated all three Star Coins gives a triumphant feeling.

So for experienced, capable platformer enthusiasts, this provides a blast of fun. The shorter levels do drastically shorten an initial run through, with four to six hours likely to be enough to see the end sequence. The likelihood is that you'll have left behind plenty of Star Coins, while more levels are there for the taking by collecting all of those goodies and finding secret exits; they're mighty secretive, too, with truly devious locations. These extra tasks will increase play time a good amount, so the right audience will get reasonable bang for their buck, particularly at the DLC rate.

Nintendo knows this game is for stronger players, however, with messaging making a point of mentioning a greater challenge on offer. That's fine, but makes the already-chaotic multiplayer a tough task, especially when the screen is packed with enemies and you're unwittingly bouncing off each other's heads. Less experienced players are given the accommodation of Nabbit as a character, who's indestructible in the face of enemies, meaning they only have to watch out for the dangers of pitfalls, lava or falling off the screen. But then that'll happen a lot, as there are pits everywhere, and when time is short experienced players will dash on and leave Nabbit behind — the mischievous rabbit seemingly can't be carried. In that sense the attempt to support weaker players in what is a tough game is admirable but, ultimately, misguided. If you're playing with friends or family that aren't confident gamers, play New Super Mario Bros. U instead.

It should also be highlighted that New Super Luigi U is just a Story Mode, so it's the main campaign and nothing more. As we've said, there's plenty to do, with various collectibles and secrets to find after the credits roll, but the Mii-playable challenges and the assorted extras of New Super Mario Bros. U aren't given their own fresh variations. That's fair enough at the price, especially in the context of the Luigi U logo simply being a side-menu to access when the DLC is tagged onto the Mario retail title, but worth remembering for those that pick up the standalone disc.

It's ultimately as a single player experience that this title excels, however, so the lack of non-Story extras and clumsy multiplayer are relatively minor asides. Dashing through the cornea-burning bright and crisp environments, popping along at 60 frames-per-second with tricky jumps aplenty is an absolute blast. Luigi shines, too, and even when riding atop Yoshi — or using the ever-adorable baby Yoshis — some may be tempted to ditch the sidekicks, as the green one is simply that much fun to control. It's all about momentum and jumping high, and for those up to the challenge it can give greater thrills than the more steady, reliable moveset of the original's cast.


New Super Luigi U is a terrific title for capable platform gamers, with intense and exciting bursts of momentum to put those thumbs to the test. What that does do, however, is make multiplayer even more awkward than before, and possibly puts the title beyond the reach of less experienced gamers, even with the indestructible Nabbit. The sense of the old is thankfully tempered by a fresh feel and clever level design, however, and even if the adventure won't last long for those without completionist instincts, it's fun while it lasts.

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User Comments (115)



Hunter-D said:

(Said in Luig's voice) "Good job!". Super review.

Cannot wait for my physical box!



Gridatttack said:

Looks cool. I wonder, who is the character who replaced mario in a 4p game?

Cant wait to play this and NSMBU (but I already beated newer super mario bros wii. so I can wait a bit )



Fudgewhizzle said:

I noticed a lot of people on Miiverse complaining about how they shouldn't have spent 20 Euros/Dollars on this DLC. Personally, I think people need to be aware of what exactly New Super Luigi U exactly is. It's quite a step up from the difficulty of New Super Mario Bros U and definitely not for everyone.

So far, I've completed the first two worlds of the game and I love it. Then again I'm a real platform game fanatic...



DreamOn said:

Its a fantastic game! It has really endeared NSMBU to me. I'm limiting my progression to make it last.



digga said:

ive got it and it is basically a whole game, so it is worth the 17.99, wereas say sum xbox game dlc may last 1 hour for 7.99, wereas this is bout 6hrs and prob 12hrs fully completed,, so it is dlc but at the same time enuff going for it to actually be longer than some games that get released



digga said:

also lets hope nintendo do this to all ther games now,, like extra temples in zelda and new islands in DK,,,



AlexSays said:

Its nice to finally see Nintendo join the 21st century and release something like this.



sr388survivor said:

@Fudgewhizzle I agree. This DLC pretty much has as much content as the handheld games, albeit with shorter levels but still, a fair price.

Oh and yes, the secret exits are very hidden lol.



sr388survivor said:

Also, for beginners you can play as Nabbit in the single player mode by holding down ZL (B on the Wiimote) when selecting a level.



james_squared said:

@Mqblank Yes, it's definitely challenging. It's very tempting to just play as Nabbit to get through some of the tougher spots, but that might be cheating.



ueI said:

Apart from invincibility, does Nabbit play identical to Luigi?



rjejr said:

I've seen the word "challenging" a few times for this so already knew what was in store, this review just helps solidify the fact that we won't be playing this until my kids are a bit older. I may never play it as I'm having a hard enough time getting through the NSMBU demo at Target. I really don't like clocks, I'm all about taking my time exploring and strategy.



19Robb92 said:



  • Is invincible
  • Cannot use power-ups
  • Cannot use Baby Yoshi nor Normal Yoshi

You can play as Nabbit in singleplayer by holding down "B" on the WiiMote or "ZL" on the GamePad while entering a level.



FineLerv said:

@odd69 I'll get it as a download. Traded in every single disc I owned a couple of months ago and felt liberated.



BF-Medic said:

Highly recommended! Find it more creative and challenging then the core game. Easily worth the price, and really nice to have it avaiable whitout an extra disc.



Mqblank said:

@james_squared I think you can only play as Nabbit in multiplayer. Playing the game with my nephew who is not used to these games makes it even harder still as he can just run through enemies and race ahead, leaving you behind or get in your way forcing you to an unfortunate death. Still, great fun!



RawkHawk013 said:

Awesome review. Definitely looking forward to experiencing New Super Luigi U in a couple months!



sinalefa said:

Getting this in about a week or so. I haven't gotten 100% in the original game, and this one seems to be big enough. I already have a hard time finding alternate exits and this one it seems it is harder in that regard!

I love games like Super Mario World where they tell you which levels have a secret exit but they won't tell you where it is, so you have to comb certain levels and not the whole game.



BossBattles said:

this game excels if you're going for all the star coins. then it becomes a really good challenge.



Haxonberik said:

I bought it already, but I still have to clear two worlds pn the original. Still, I really like this DLC format (more of an expansion than extra levels), so I'll gladly support it so that Nintendo keeps this format instead of the NSMB2 one.



Dazza said:

@GamecubeLad interesting times for us certainly! As this is also going to be released as a standalone retail game we chose to do a traditional review this time.

If this was only going to be available as DLC, it's likely we'd have done this as a feature instead giving our impressions, but without a score



Oren87 said:

This is definitely on my 'I Want' list. I may wait for the boxed version as I'm still trying to get all the star coins in the original game.



GearsOfWarU said:

New Super Luigi U is a Blast !!! Anyone who enjoyed Super Mario Bros U will love this add on and I feel $20 Is a fair price... I am enjoying Super Luigi U



SanderEvers said:

This is really difficult BUT awesome none the less. Too many "modern" games are way to easy nowadays.

You'll have to get used to the Luigi control scheme and once you do you'll be a way better Mario-player for the rest of your life.



NintyMan said:

This sounds a lot like a New Super Mario Bros. U: The Lost Levels, only Luigi is the main hero of the game.

I'll wait for the retail version, since that green box would look flashy on my book shelf as a collector's item. I like a good challenge and I won't be playing multiplayer on this anyway, so bring it!



Giygas_95 said:

I was really enjoying this until I had to package up my Wii U and send it off for repairs...

Oh well, at least Mega Man Zero Collection gets to me on Tuesday!

Is the boxed version of Luigi U limited edition? If so, could it become a collector's item?



One-Winged-Pit said:

I think it is funny how often Luigi is about to die in that trailer. I wish I could get it but no Wii U.



Ootfan98 said:

When purchased off of eShop, does this show up as a sepeate channel on the Wii U menu, or do you have to load Super Mario Bros U to access this ?



timp29 said:

So do you still need the Mario Bros U disc in to play? Can you still go back and play Mario Bros U after DLC?

Basically, what @Ootfan98 said



warioswoods said:

In many ways I prefer these short levels over the main campaign. The gameplay ideas in each stage are more concentrated, without filler, and it feels as if every single level has something new to contribute.



unrandomsam said:

Is it as hard as the lost levels ? (Not bothered about Star Coins just want something reasonably hard to start with. I like the multiple exits thing that Mario World has).

I still have some life in the lost levels (Not done anything with Luigi or finished the world 9 where you only get one life (Or the bonus worlds - cannot use warps to get to world 9).

Lost Levels is good in that to progress you have to be consistent and do it right. (There is never any luck involved because to clear a world you need to do 4 levels.).



Kreegs07 said:

If I get the DLC, do I have to have my NSMBU disk in to play it, or does it just create a separate "game" on the Wii U menu?



ThomasBW84 said:

For those asking, when bought on the eShop this is add-on content for New Super Mario Bros. U. To access it you have to load NSMBU, and it's a menu on the top left. Without NSMBU you can't play the download version.



GiftedGimp said:

Didn't know about Nabbit single player cheat, but would rather have personal glory of keeping with Luigi. As I did on NSMBU I keep a save for single player only mode.. no touch screen malarky, or proper multiplayer,and I didn't use the Luigi's help box.
In NSMBU you only got 5 shiny completion stars if you never used the luigi help box so wonder if the Luigi dlc limits you from getting 5 shiny completion stars if you use nabbit?
I won't use the Nabbit cheat, Just in case, I want my Shiny Stars, but good to know as it'll help my 5yr old out.
The DLC is great and worth every penny for the price and the amount of content you get... It would of been nice to have some Luigi tailored Challenge levels but who knows maybe they will arrive as smaller, cheaper dlc packages in the future... possibly some for NSMBU aswell you never know.
The review is a fair reflection.



Deadstanley said:

Got it as DLC. Really difficult game, especially for completionists such as myself, but that's something I welcome. As the article states, it's not your typical DLC. The price is definitely justified. I would have liked to see some better integration with NSMBU though. As others have stated, it's accessible from a menu item, which takes you to what looks like a different game menu. It would have been cool if they offered some new features in the patch that accompanies NSMBU, such as Challenges leaderboards and replay sharing.



SheldonRandoms said:

I'm waiting for the retail version, and it's going to look good next to New Super Mario Bros. U on my shelf, but until then..........i'll just play New Super Mario Bros. U, YEAH!!!!!



Emaan said:

Downloaded the DLC and I'm really impressed with the level creativity so far. Definitely worth my purchase :3



WesGrogan said:

Nice review, but for the record Boost Mode does return with Super Luigi U, which is a choice my non-skilled wife and I enjoy greatly and gives an alternate means of enjoying multi-player.



thepitt said:

Nintendo didn't conform to the lazy dumbed down gaming standards of this generation and actually made a game more difficult! Blasphemy! Don't they know kids these days have poor gaming skills and the rest of us must suffer so they can make money off of the same goofs who no longer get Grades in school because it might hurt their feelings that someone else did better.



marakassi said:

I pre-ordered the boxed version of New Super Luigi U last month, and I don't even own Wii U yet.

The game looks really cool, but I still going to play New Super Mario Bros. U first when I get the console. So exciting.



19Robb92 said:

You have to load NSMBU to access it. It's DLC for that game after all, not something separate.

Also, yes. You can go back and play NSMBU after you've downloaded NSLU. The DLC appears on the NSMBU start screen and you access it from there, vice versa if you want to go back to NSMBU from NSLU.



DarkNinja9 said:

havent gotten this yet sadly but how come everyone seems to say its really easy or they already finished it? i thought it was suppose to be harder levels



19Robb92 said:

The levels are supposed to be harder, but they're also a lot shorter. So that might be why people have already finished it.



Ketchupcat said:

The only bad part about this game is that now I have to wait to get Game and Wario, I don't think my dad would like me buying 2 games with his credit card in less than a week!



tchaten said:

@19Robb92 It can be a quick initial play through, but to 100 percent the game will take some time - even playing as Nabbit in single player mode. I managed to bypass entire worlds using fairly easy to discover secret exits.

I'm now going back to finish off the game and 100 percent it!



tchaten said:

@WebHead $19.99 times your sales tax like any other purchase - for me it was $19.99 - I live in New Hampshire and we have no sales tax



Alienfish said:

This game is actually better for multiplayer since the levels don't prompt exploration as much as they do just making it through the obstacles. So the only thing you have to tell people is 'hurry up' and not, 'wait, gtf away from that pipe!' I play Nabbit with my son using Luigi and I just play support, it works great.



Dogpigfish said:

Bought this for my kids and it was a mistake, fun though. Expect to be asked to help the entire time.



WYLD-WOO said:

Top review... At last a new hard Mario Brothers game. Was not going to bother after playing the very easy Wii U version original. Have I been playing Mario games for too long or are they getting even easier. So good to hear this is more testing to the advanced platform players out there. Please nintendo do this for New Super Mario Brothers 2 on the 3DS? Or is it on the way? Come on... It is the year of Luigi?



element187 said:

@Fudgewhizzle I can't believe people are complaining. Its supposed to be harder.. $20 is a steal for an extra 80 levels that are much harder than the 80 Mario levels.



Acampbell128 said:

This DLC is much more difficult then the SMBU, Although it is still very fun, some levels will have you pulling hair and looking for secret exits just to avoid them (.... world 2 mini boss castle!) All and all excellent add-on for the price. Would it had been priced at 30 instead of 20, i would be slightly upset.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I don't think beating the levels is all that hard, but I'm a seasoned platformer. However, collecting all the stars is pretty tough. Good review Tommy!



tchaten said:

@Dogpigfish why not show them the Nabbit tip of ZL to play as Nabbit in single player mode - that would be more kid friendly ...



WindWakerLink said:

this game sounds like "coin rush mode" from nsmb 2 but "with out the coin rush." XD
I originally planned to get this in june till I saw that green box! "dang man! I want that green box!" XD now I gotta hear people having fun with this game which is fine but it hurts to wait when I can easily get the dlc now. Hahaha!!



theberrage said:

I'm having a little buyer remorse so far. Should've waited for the review before purchase. I was a bit game hungry, being a Wii U owner. I don't like the 99 second levels. Controlling Luigi is not fun to me.



thepitt said:


I understand. Most gamers want the games to play themselves for them. Investing time and energy requiring the use of grey matter is a very difficult thing to do these days. With all of these guides, faqs, videos and instant help from stangers "gamers" these days barely ever beat a game themselves (if ever) and must resort to petty cheating.

It's okay, us older folk understand!



kobe1724 said:

@odd69 umm...a lot of people. Why does it matter that it's DLC? It's cheaper than the boxed copy will be, and out WAY earlier. Ever thought of that one?



BossBattles said:

@theberrage get better at controlling him. that is the whole point of gaming, to learn new gameplay skills and master them and have fun. he becomes more enjoyable than mario once you get used to it.



ledreppe said:

Do u have to have a save file with a completed game of the original game to access the dlc. I lost my original save file, and can't be bothered having to start again to play Luigi U!



Gridatttack said:

After seeing the edge magazine comment of this
"but on occasion it dangerously approximates a fan-made ROM hack"

I say its true. Saw a couple of LP of it, and it has some characteristic presents in rom hack of the DS and wii games.

Thought, that doesnt make it bad in any way



johndevine said:

This DLC was fantastic, I finished it at the weekend and it took roughly 15 hours according to my play records on the Wii U.

As a serious Mario and Nintendo fanatic I really enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U.
The additional challenge of the Luigi DLC is fantastic. Genuinely some of the toughest 2D Mario levels I ever played.

Fire Bar Mountain was my favorite level in the original version but Fire Bar sprint in New Super Luigi U may just be better!

I had such a great weekend playing it!
Thank you to my Girlfriend, who took herself away for a few days, which made it all possible!



johndevine said:

Oh, annoyingly, I cannot play the DLC on both my Wii U consoles.
I know this isn't new news. It is still annoying.
That's my only gripe with Nintendo, sort out the DRM and I will be loyal forever!!!



Knux said:

This seriously looks fantastic. NSMBU was the most fun I had with a 2D Mario platformer since SMB3, and this even looks better than NSMBU. I'll wait for the physical release because Nintendo ties all downloads to your console and the packaging looks sweet. I can't wait!



sleepinglion said:

One of my favorite additions was Wii U Pro Controller support. It's a shame Nintendo didn't offer it from the get-go =)



Luffy said:

I just bought this and played 2 levels before I had to go pick up sister from airport. Are all the stages 99 seconds? wth!



unrandomsam said:

Star Coins is not a fun way to spend your time playing Mario. (It is fun playing it at at full speed with the run button held down).

Best is courses that are difficult to finish at all (And can only be done at full speed without making it even harder). Should go straight to small mario if you get hit as well. (That was a bad thing to change for Super Mario Bros 3).

This DLC fad means we will never get an official level editor. (So no actual decent levels ever again).



alvieao said:

I couldn’t resist waiting for the physical version of New Super Luigi U, since it sported a sweet-looking cover and I still prefer buying games boxed. While the game’s visuals and thematic worlds are identical to NSMB U, Luigi U’s stages are much shorter yet difficult. Come to think of it, these stages are well suited for Luigi’s returning abilities like the flutter jump and slippery traction from Lost Levels.

There have been many 2D Mario hacks and mods over the years, but Luigi U is essentially an official one. Otherwise, you can basically say it’s NSMB U: The Lost Levels starring Luigi. Nevertheless, New Super Luigi U is a fantastic expansion that offers much more challenge than the Wii U original while also still very fun. Cheers to the Year of Luigi!



leo13 said:

New Super Luigi U is my FAVORITE 2D Mario (or should I say Luigi) game and I’ve owned and played (I can’t quite say conquered because I only got to 8-1 on the Lost Levels) all of them except the DS NSMB. It’s super fun. I love the harder difficulty and the faster pace.

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