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Resident Evil Revelations Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

An evolution of evil

Resident Evil Revelations arrives on 3DS with a weight of expectation, both of the franchise it represents and as a major release on the revitalised handheld. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D may have landed first, but this is the one that fans have been anticipating. In a series renowned for its significant transformation and experimentation with a variety of genres, Revelations stakes its claim for an identity of its own.

For those in any doubt, particularly with the non-numbered title, this is a full entry in the series canon and not a spin-off. Revelations shares many traits with Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and the older titles, one of which is a significant focus on storytelling and setting. This title spins quite a yarn that’s set between the events of 4 and 5, with story segments presented in attractive rendered sequences that closely match the in-game graphics engine, and are grand in scope and execution. It won’t win any awards for scriptwriting, but it’s entertaining and has just enough corny dialogue to comfort Resi veterans.

The presentation of the story is absolutely integral to the experience, making it much more than padding between battles. Cut scenes are relatively short, and the plot drives the structure through 12 chapters of varying length: the longest can take over an hour to play through, while some are over in half that time. With longer chapters broken up into smaller sections, it’s clear that the experience was crafted with short gaming sessions in mind, though you'll often feel compelled to carry on to see how the story progresses. There is even a recap of previous events at the start of each new chapter, bringing further televisual flair into play.

Playing Revelations does feel like playing through an action horror film or, to be more accurate, a series of films. The action jumps between locations and time periods, with a number of characters at your command, from series favourites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield to new additions such as the well-bearded Parker. This brings a welcome sense of variety not only to the scenery but also to the gameplay, as Revelations takes multiple series elements and blends them together. There are lengthy spells of genuine survival horror, when bullets are scarce and enemies are worryingly hidden from view, while some spells ramp up the action to match the latest home console offerings, with hordes of monsters and bosses to battle. There are even some exhilarating on-rails and time-restricted sections, heightening the sense of variety that will either draw gamers in or potentially disorientate them. For those who approach the shifts in style and tempo with an open mind, it can be an exciting experience.

With the campaign incorporating different styles and challenges, it’s the controls that are most impressive. We’ve reviewed this title with the standard controls, excluding the Circle Pad Pro add-on, and the developers have succeeded in providing successful control schemes and enough customisation to satisfy almost all requirements. There are three button layouts available, with options for aiming and strafing fully interchangeable. Our preferred layout involved aiming with the right shoulder button and the Circle Pad, with the left shoulder used for strafing and moving while aiming. The ability to move and aim, as well as simplified weapon and medicinal herb management through both button inputs and the touch screen, means that the well-worn ‘tank’ controls from previous entries are a little more flexible and mobile.

Customisation is key throughout. Options are given to invert the axis or even aim with the gyroscope, a fun and functional alternative if not necessarily the most sensible option. Shooting can be executed through a first or third-person perspective: while third-person is the more traditional approach, first-person shooting adds to the tension and makes full use of the 3D visuals. Even the depth of the 3D effect has three settings, all variable with the console’s slider, the ‘very strong’ setting producing some of the most striking stereoscopic visuals that we’ve seen in any 3DS title to date.

While the campaign is varied and fairly lengthy, clocking in at over ten hours, Revelations is packed with extras and additional game modes. In the campaign alone you start with two difficulty settings, while completion of ‘normal’ will unlock the ‘hell’ mode, a New Game+ that allows you to retain weapons and items from the first playthrough. The standard setting is challenging in its own right, with boss fights a sticking point in the balancing of difficulty. We progressed well, with few deaths, until the first major boss encounter: in these difficult sections the otherwise solid controls can perhaps be a problem, with the dodge move – Up and B together with good timing – being particularly awkward.

In the grand scheme of things it's a minor issue overcome with a few run-throughs, with most sections suiting the control setup well. As expected, the hell difficulty pushes the limits, with enemies that move faster and absorb more bullets: skilful gamers will need persistence and practice to succeed. There are also Missions – or achievements – to complete, varying from killing a set number of monsters to successfully dodging 20 times.

Beyond the campaign is ‘Raid’ mode, Revelations' alternative take on the Mercenaries levels in previous entries. There are plenty of short levels set in stages from the campaign, with the simple goal of moving from A to B while killing all enemies en route. It’s here that the performance-based experience points accumulated in the campaign come to the fore, with options of more powerful guns and accessories available to buy. Items and weapons are also picked up in the stages themselves, with your weapons and ammo carrying over between levels: finding a balance between chasing a quick completion time and seeking out all weapon ammo and items is vital. More experience points are gained based on ranked performance, with your character level and selection of weapons increasing gradually with progress.

This mode is available in single, local and online multiplayer, with the multiplayer restricted to two players. The online setup provides various filters such as region, difficulty level and selected stage, meaning that it should be possible to host or join a match that's suitable. Although there's no way to communicate with your team-mate, sticking together – using the touch screen map for guidance when necessary – definitely leads to better results, making it an enjoyable experience despite occasional issues with lag. The levels in Raid quickly become extremely difficult in single player, so jumping online or finding a friend with a copy of the game will be vital for working through the mode in its entirety, as well as chasing those all-important S ranks and achievements.

Overall presentation is exceptional: the graphics set a new 3DS benchmark, with detailed lighting and textures on display. The 3D effect is truly impressive, the added depth enhancing the immersion of the gameplay. When viewed in 2D the anti-aliased edges are smoother, while 3D increases the overall vibrancy of the visuals. There can be drops in frame rate on some occasions; never game-breaking but noticeable, while the shadows looks strangely jagged and pixelated amongst the otherwise impressive graphical effects. The sound is, in a word, outstanding, doing an exceptional job of causing frights, with the monsters and environmental noises particularly effective. With dramatic orchestrated music and passable voice-acting just about doing its bit, this is definitely a title to play with headphones on.


Resident Evil Revelations is a truly impressive achievement, and the definitive ‘mature’ title on the 3DS. With production values worthy of a home console release, a significant volume of content, a blend of the series’ different game styles and a subtly evolved control system, this title feels like a tribute to and progression of the franchise. There are some downsides though, including spikes in difficulty and drops in frame rate that are occasionally jarring in contrast to the rest of the title. All the same, Revelations has something to offer Resi fans old and new – there are few experiences on the 3DS more engrossing or exciting.

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User Comments (107)



Aviator said:

Looking forward to this. Played through RE5 the other day again and can't wait to see Jill



Slapshot said:

Great review Thomas!

I'm not the biggest fan of the newer Resident Evil titles, but I think I'm going to have to snatch this up and slaughter some zombies.



BenAV said:

This game keeps looking and sounding better and better.
Can't wait to pick it up next week when it launches here!



Ryno said:

I'm setting the over/under (O/U) at 18 months until Capcom makes this a downloadable game on consoles.



FonistofCruxis said:

As expected, this game looks awesome but I've only played RE0 and I'd like to play some more games in the series before I get this.



Shiryu said:

Lucky us in Portugal, the game came out with the Circle Pad over here today! Amazing, stunning game! And again I must note my sadness that I believe this could have been done on the Wii. As is, it's the finest Resident Evil game I ever played since 4. Too bad the Circle Pad Pro is exactly what I feared: Useless.



XyVoX said:

Sweet had this pre-ordered from Zavvi for £29 with the Circle Pad Pro included aswell, and its been dispatched cant wait. ps in my opinion LAST generation of consoles & games Resident evil 4 on the Gamecube was EASILY the best game i'd played, SHAME they cocked up and ruined Resident Evil 5 though wasn't even a Resident Evil game really.



Kholdstare said:

Great review but there's still one thing I'd like to know before I know if it's a buy or pass...
Does it disconnect from the friends list like Oot3D and Star Fox?



Henmii said:

Nice review! I still have to play the demo, but I'll do that in a few hours! The game gets pretty good scores. I have a feeling it will be worth buying. I guess I'll buy it this friday.

And people who are interested: There is a limited edition for pre-order, at least in Europe. It has a special sleeve and comes with a poster. But I didn't pre-order, so I just go for the normal version.



brandonbwii said:

Nice review, but you didn't mention the Keith Lumley stages. Are he really as annoying as some other reviewers he is?



ThomasBW84 said:

@Kholdstare - Not sure what you mean by disconnection from the friend list, can you clarify?

@brandonwii - There's plenty of corny storytelling, and some characters really play into that. I didn't find any of the characters particularly annoying, but I can understand why some cut scenes could potentially irritate some. Even if you find that character annoying, he doesn't appear often.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

This looks and sounds incredible. Fantastic review Thomas. This will definitely be a day one purchase for me. And i'm not even a Resident Evil fan....but i have a feeling i will be...



warioswoods said:

Based on the demo, it's gyro controls for me all the way. The button combinations couldn't even come close to that precision and quickness, nor I suspect would the CCPro be worth adding.

I'm very interested in this passing mention of "hordes of monsters" in certain episodes. Is it like defending yourself in the village in RE4, requiring crowd-management rather than just fighting one at a time, or are you just referring to missions that feature many enemies in sequence? I've yet to see more than maybe 4 enemies on screen at once in any footage.



Link79 said:

Sounds like Resident Evil is back on track.
Those Wii rail shooters were decent but I really missed the traditional puzzles and gameplay of the earlier games.



ThomasBW84 said:

@warioswoods - I think they were clever in development as the most enemies I recall on the screen at once was around half a dozen. There are some levels and sequences where there are sustained waves of enemies for a period of time, and it makes sense to pick targets tactically when there are quite a few on screen.

As for the gyro controls, they work well. I prefer cranking up the 3D to its maximum setting, making the gyro option difficult to use. Undoubtedly it functions well (and I know not everyone likes the 3D effect), so some will definitely get good mileage out of it.



blackknight77 said:

THe demo impressed me. I loved the foggy filled dining area of the ship. I'll be picking this up with the other survivor horror favorite Silent Hill HD collection and Downpour.



WaveBoy said:

Sure the Gyro controls offer super quick and fluid precision which beats out the clunkyness of Analog aiming, Yet I find the Gyro controls not to be not an option(like in every 3DS game) considering the 3D effect is basically butchered in the process.

It's first person Analog aiming for me all the way, not only because it's a new & fresh perspective in the RE World but because the 3D looks absolutely stunning in that perspective. The sense of depth is just fantastic.



warioswoods said:


Yet I find the Gyro controls not to be not an option(like in every 3DS game) considering the 3D effect is basically butchered in the process

I honestly don't understand this, and can only hypothesize that I somehow have much more stable hands than many. I used the gyro controls exclusively for aiming and looking in OoT 3D, and in this demo; I can say with certainty that it was never an issue to move the system and still stay within the 3D spot.

Are we using the gyro differently? You're not supposed to tilt the system in any direction whatsoever; you just shift it around in front of you, always in the same plane. With the aiming speed set to 'high' in the RE demo, I only had to move it a few inches in any direction to have a great range of smooth, accurate motion. Never a problem with the 3D at all, and I'm quite picky when it comes to that effect.

This might help get to the bottom of it: do you have any trouble keeping the 3D when playing FaceRaiders?


Thanks, that sounds plenty intense enough. I look forward to some larger battles of that nature.



john2468 said:

Swiket said: "Supporting Capcom? I seriously hope you guys don't do this."

@Swiket We're not going to be satisfied with first-party titles forever.

Anyways, finally Thomas acknowledged the use of gyro controls! I might not buy the CPP, because using gyro is kind of exciting. It doesn't really bother me that the 3D effects will not work properly, because honestly, I usually keep the 3D slider down.



millarrp said:

the demo was intersting, I'm tempted to get this, but probably not at launch. I've found that the more I play RE titles, the less I like them....



Ren said:

It's a little weird that we complain when games are too easy but then complain when there are hard parts as well. I don't get how spikes in difficulty can be a bad thing. Since these are essentially interactive movies I don't see how an occasionally really difficult boss can be such a bad thing.



kobe1724 said:

@Ren Agreed. I enjoy a good challenge, unless it's unrealistically difficult. I'm actually pretty excited that this game's not going to be a walk in the park. Can't wait!



Dodger said:

I have no major problems with Capcom. They overuse DLC, they canceled that one Mega Man game and there was that one RE game where you can't delete save data. There are some minor things but I can overlook them because they've made a lot of quality games. If I boycotted Capcom then I would have to boycott Nintendo because they've done just as many stupid, annoying things.

Capcom makes great games when they aren't going insane with remakes and DLC. They made 3 really good Zelda games. That is a pretty good track record even without all the other great games they've made.

As far as gyro controls, the controls for OoT 3D, Face Raiders and SM3DL work fine. Doesn't mess up the 3D or anything. The MK7 gyro controls are what don't work for me. Using the 3DS as a steering wheel is completely different from a wii wheel or other gyro control games like Face Raiders because the way you tilt the system in MK7 ruins the 3D and you can't move your head with the system without ruining your neck for no good reason. Completely different then using the 3DS as a slingshot. Even with the 3D off, using the gyro controls is really distracting because you can't always see what is going on when you keep moving the course around. /rant



Detective_TeeJay said:

A 9? I played through some of the demo and hated it. The character and controls felt stiff. I'm not much of a shooter fan though, much less shooting weird gross monsters, so I guess this just isn't for me.

When I saw the first monster my first reaction was "Omg yuck!" lol



FluffyNinja said:

Being able to put the audio on Japanese with english subtitles is a wonderful option that they added to the game. Not everyday that you get to do that.

Really can't wait for this game! Been playing the crap out of the demo.



DraculaX said:

Can't wait for this game to come out. Before I preordered this I only played RE 4 and RE 5 and loved them, but I felt bad about not playing the originals. So I've decided that I would finish RE 1, RE 2, and RE 3 (the PlayStation versions) before Revelations comes out. I've just recently beat RE 1 and RE 2 and I'm two-thirds done with RE 3 (on hard mode). I've got about 2 weeks left, so I think I can do it.

@MasterJ I know, I haven't been satisfied with a first party Nintendo game since Super Mario Advance 2.



jpfan1989 said:

until I played the demo I wasnt at all interested in the game but playing the demo had me sold It felt claustrophobic and felt alot like the original, I'm buying this game.



joevox316 said:

@Mayoman95 Even though I'm pretty sure this game would give me nightmares, it's not necessarily that it's just scary. I want to go see the Hobbit, which contains creepy goblins. I don't want to play Resident Evil, which contains creepy things. What does me in is the creepiness, the nastiness, the blood and gore, and pervasive sadism (Pyramid Head, anyone? among other things...). It's just too gross for some people. (I don't like games that make me feel like a pocket of Hell opened up somewhere lol)



WaveBoy said:

The wait is killing me! 12 more days baby!!!!
But, "Barry, WHERE'S BARY?".....Anyways, "I hope this is not Chris's Blood"...."Chris is our old partner Y'KNOW!?!?!?!"...." Don't OPEN that DOOR!"

With that amazing RE dialogue out of the way, I'm hoping Barry somehow makes a minor appearance....It would be incredibly awesome if one of the flashback gameplay segments contained Barry as a playable character.

Just Imagine a scenario where he's at home with his family when all of the sudden an outbreak occurs and zombies are trying to break in his house and it's up to you to protect your family...Simple yet completely random i know. Yet There are so many awesome possibilities with the flashbacks, but of course they must tie in with what's actually going on in Revelations which is a no brainer.

And If anybody spoils anything i will Mega blast you into space!



nickcarney said:

I was unaware that Gyro controls were available. @warioswoods — I myself and I'm sure many other people don't have much practice moving the system with the 3D on. That sounds like it would take too much effort even if I did get good at it. Personally though, this is the only game I've played so far where I think it looks better in 2D. 3D makes the textures look grainy and sometimes they really clash with the 3D. Everything looks much smoother in 2D imo.
One question — with gyro controls, can you use the circle pad to move while aiming?



WaveBoy said:

I feel like the complete opposite. If anything, The 3D effect makes Wall textures for example seem a bit jaggedy from a distance. Other than that everything is razor sharp and is given such great depth...Rather than 2D's soft, dull and flatter look....I can't imagine NOT playing this game in 3D.

As for Gyro controls, i feel that they're the best control scheme, but there's a bit of a learning curve when walking around and turning when doing so. It's worth checking out if you plan on playing it in 2D, since the Gyro controls basically degrade and mess up the 3D effect.



accc said:

@nickcarney Yep, you can move while aiming, at least in first person mode. Though you can't run, you can only walk.

I'm really in love with how well the gyro controls work in this game and OoT and Face Raiders. To me, they work just as well as a mouse does on PC shooters, and they completely eliminate the need for any game to use dual joysticks. I don't have any problem keeping the 3D effect while using them, either. To me, the gyroscopes are the 3DS's best feature. Now if only some more devs would actually make some games that took advantage of them!



Knux said:

Oh sweet, I can't wait to play this!
Jill's butt is a nice bonus.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I liked the demo, but might wait for a cheaper price and more spending money. I've never played a Resident Evil game before, so can I enjoy the story without the other games?



Mok said:

This will be the first Resident Evil title I purchase. I loved the demo and I'm craving for a game that doesn't have colourful mushrooms, fairies, singing rainbows or paddling indians in it. Incidentally I get my salary tomorrow so it's a day 1 purchase for me.



Mok said:

@Sam_Loser2: You might wait forever if you want the price to come down. Usually the games on Nintendo don't fall much in price. I'm sure you can enjoy the story without the other games, I haven't played any other RE game but I'm buying this anyway. I loved the creepy atmosphere in the demo.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Ren - Challenge is fine, but there were at least two points (both boss encounters) when the difficulty was out of proportion with the rest of the campaign, quite a significant spike. I didn't mind other challenging sections, but to go from a good challenge to teeth-gridingly difficult with no notice was an issue. It didn't happen often at all, and after a few attempts I figured out tricks or tactics to get through these sections. I mentioned it because it just threw off the balance for a short spell.

@MattEriks - Unlike the typewriter save-points in RE4, for example, this game auto-saves fairly regularly and often before enemy encounters. You're unlikely to lose more than 5-10 minutes of progress with a death.



matirishhh said:

Great review, this is what I was expecting. My copy is on the way, so I can't wait to get my hands on it!



KAI7321 said:

I got a confirmation it was sent out yesterday, to honor the release date time, they send it in such a way (2nd class post) that it arrives with you on release date ( do this too and it always takes 2 days from when they ship). So if you pre-ordered, like me, then you should get it tomorrow.



3dbrains said:

Very nice write up.
THIS is why I just got a 3DS again! sold my original launch one because of screen scratching problems but I think I will live with it to play cool games like this on my lunch break and on the bus to work.



alLabouTandroiD said:

As expected then. (At least after seeing the other phenomenal review scores on metacritic and gameranking.) Nice.
Guess i''ll order this beast this weekend, most likely without CCP but hopefully cheap enough to feel comfy if i decide to get it later.
Seeing it's set between RE4 and RE5 makes me hopeful that we'll get RE5 on a Ninty console soon. 6 too, please.



JayArr said:

Oh Capcom, love your games but hate your business. So I'll pick it up used sometime.



PinkSpider said:

Quick question somebody mentioned an irritating character in the game, is that just down to another bad dub. Coz I will be playing the game in Japanese will be the first time I have played a resi game in Jap language.
I can't wait only 1 day to go it better turn up tomorrow zavvi!!



NintenHero said:

@2 Yeah the game is awesome, but I don't like horror games so I can't buy it sigh I've played the demo though.



Weedy said:

Didn't realize you could increase the 3D depth, just played the demo through on the highest setting and it looks great.
Also tried out Gyro aiming for the first time and it certainly helps for head shots, made Hell mode a lot easier.
Now I just need to raise some funds for the actual game.



Expa0 said:

Never gonna get another RE game again after the disaster that is 3D Mercenaries.



bahooney said:

Meehhhh, I wasn't too impressed by the demo. Maybe when this drops to, like, 10-15 bucks



OldBoy said:

Mine should be here tomorrow along with the bundled Circle pad (£30, ha bargain!!). Can't freakin wait. Nice review!!



cheapogamer4life said:

Aww. Lucky EU gets this tomorrow whille we have to wait another few days. Guess it couldnt hurt to beat the demo a couple more times though.



Gamer83 said:

The demo, though very short, was enough to convince me that Crapcom finally got it right with this series again. Can't wait for this game to come out. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are a blast but it'll be nice to give them a little bit of a break in favor of some old school Resi.



Csabo001 said:

Tried the demo, like it very much, zavvi despatched mine with cpp, but i'm from Hungary, so I think I will get it just next week.



Karakato said:

Will be getting this game no doubt. Loved the demo, I'm sure this game will deliver. I especially can't wait to see Jill and Chris' more... suggestive parts



Dodger said:

As far as 3D seeming blurry or not, I think it really depends on your eyes. I find the 3D on the 3DS screen to be quite smooth. Stuff on the 3DS can look just like it would in real life if they get the depth right and make stuff be far enough back in the screen (which they didn't with MK7. I like the game, just saying because this is the second time I've knocked it here) However, when I try a 3D TV with glasses, it looks really blurry and pixeled around the edges of objects. I know my mom thinks that the 3DS screen looks blurry when she looks at it and Dad can barely see it at all unless he is just looking at a photo that isn't moving or something.



Dragonfly224 said:

Great Review! I just downloaded the Demo (Late, I know...LOL) I can not wait for this game! Day one purchase for me.



MattEriks said:


how is the save game system? Are save points/room rerely seen? Is there any checkpoints?

I would like know. i hope its better than tho old RE games where you had a limited supply of typewriter ink



Artoonic107 said:

i got the demo on my 3ds and i found the game to be pretty good even though i played only the first 5 minutes, but hey thats what demos are for. i have also played dead space so and even though the horror factor is nowhere near, it still can compare to the fun you get from it.



Ren said:

I heard so much about Dead Space and when I played it it was just bad. Not scary and not even very fun. The demo of this was easily far better. I played through the demo and then noticed in this review that you can turn up the 3d more so I went back and cranked it up and WOW! Incredible, easily the best 3ds experience I've had, unbelievable. I wasn't into buying this since I'm very selective about retail games but I think I'm sold on this now, just the demo was a blast and amazing to look at. I hope Nintendo can take a hint from this game, online features, many unlockables, game modes and fantastic realistic graphics and sounds. Finally a Nintendo game that is part of this Generation of games. This really eases the pain of waiting for a WiiU.



MattEriks said:


in normal mode how important is there to not miss with the guns? I have heard that one dont have so many bullets so you have to hit with almost every shot?




Uh, this may not sound smart, but I'd like to get this game asap. Even if I don't have a 3DS...yet.



Tate24 said:

Am sooooo skint cant afford buy it at moment

which am really sad about!

I will get it! but my January payday wasnt good!

Hopeful ill be able get in February.

(fingers crossed) :-



ThomasBW84 said:

@MattEriks - The game auto-saves quite regularly, and almost always before a gun-fight, so it should be fine.

Normal difficulty is challenging, though you don't need 100% accuracy, it expects you to miss sometimes. As I said in the review, there are a couple of bosses where the difficulty spikes and ammo becomes very limited. These may take a few attempts to beat, but once you figure out where all the ammo is it can be done



Kirowan said:

Thanks for the review. I enjoyed the demo - I'm hoping there are zombies somewhere on that murky ship.



XyVoX said:

Question is what's it like to play with the Circle Pad Pro compared with the Standard controls, does it make it play better etc?



WolfRamHeart said:

Great review Thomas. After playing the demo I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to get this game but your review makes this a day-one purchase for me. Even better that Capcom just reduced the price of the game by $10 for folks here in the US.



boob said:

have just downloaded demo, slow on the uptake huh, played for like a couple of minutes and had other things to attend to. i wondered about functionality without circle pad pro. now i hear aim is controlled with gyro, hope its good i'm jumping straight back in. could this be the reason for only one circle pad and is a good enough reason. is circle pad pro just for die hards???????????



TimboBaggins said:

I really want Resident Evil to return to its survival horror roots. At some point around 4 and 5 the gameplay got usurped by the FPS craze. As a result, Resident Evil 5 plays more like a military sim and the zombies are not really that scary anymore. I really hope this game is better - I played the demo and its pretty cool, but the zombies look more like aliens.



rkolegends said:

I think it deserves a 9 as I do think it's the best game on the 3DS so far. Capcom have brought the series back to it's old roots. I like the new characters I hope Parker will be featured again in another Resident Evil game. Now I'm just blasting my way through Raid Mode I like the leveling up system.



matirishhh said:

I finished it.
I would rate it 9.5/10
Revelations is better then RE5, not as good as RE4 but very very close.
I actually finished all RE games and can easilly say this is one of my Favourites now. I also played with Circle Pad Pro which is an awesome piece of equipment, especially for people like me who have bigger hands.
CAPCOM has put some real love into 3DS to which I'm very greateful.



carson said:

I just finished the game. It might as well be a 10/10. It is the best game for the 3DS by far, after all.



steveex said:

Revelations was my first Resident Evil game and it was fantastic. Best game on 3DS by a long way.



cheapogamer4life said:

10/10 finished up my first play through up last weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. Had the 3d maxed out plus the gyro controls on the whole time. Very excited now to try online a little more and get started on hard mode.



Sir_Deadly said:

I loved it my first play through and I enjoyed the Raid Mode they have. I think if Ubisoft were to release a AC for 3DS or really any company for that matter, they should take note from Capcom. It looks like a home console game and the controls are great once you get use to them.



SonicTheBluBlur said:

@Soviet-Dictator Try plugging it into your surround sound, turning the volume up, and turning the lights off in the middle of the night (3DS simulated surround sound is amazing but not true surround sound but more like true 3D sound).



Carnuss said:

In my opinion Resident Evil Revelations is the best 3DS game (my rating: 10/10). Not just for survival horror fans, because it is a spectacular and realistic action/exploration/shooter game. Recommended for adults, because face-to-face battles, violence and blood are strong elements (and it is really scary sometimes). Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (the flagship of the same publisher, Capcom) is the only game that rivals it. But MH3U is tougher in many aspects (according to my experience with 50 hrs), although the landscapes are much more varied, the game is more complex and playtime could be infinite (however it lacks the online multiplayer option, which will be included in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming in early 2015). I have not seen Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D, but I heared that it's shorter and simpler than RER (although online gameplay is also offered).

I completed the Solo Campaign in Resident Evil Revelations in 30 hours at (the easiest) casual difficulty level. The online co-op capable Raid Mode consumed so far 45 hours out of my time (but I've seen players with 900-1000 hours gameplay times). The graphics, the background music, the sound effects, the voice acting and the cut-scene videos are all excellent and constitue high-quality parts of a video gaming industry masterpiece (later ported to Wii U, PS3 and X-Box 360). The 1,7 million sales of the 3DS versions excedded the combined numbers of the other 3 mentioned later ports of the game. The developers crammed many content into the game. For example you can complete the Solo Campaign at 3 difficulty levels (after completion a New Game+ option becomes available, conserving collected weapons, accessories, ammo and upgrades). In Raid Mode solo and online co-op options are also available and it's possible to unlock new characters (with different skills) to play with. StreetPass and Play Coins functions are cleverly used (described later in details).

There are 2 save slots (with copy and delete options). I found that the Solo Campaign flows generally at a slower peace in 12 Episodes (divided into various number of phrases where the person of the player, his/her partner, the location and even the time in the stroyline changes rapidly phrase-by-phrase), whilst Raid Mode offers a vivid and true life-death challenge (especially by the high number of monsters popping out of every corner). In the Solo Campaign, the underwater diving section was my favourite (at the end of the game), whilst Raid Mode offers 20 stages of standalone or online co-op mayhem, topped by the Bonus Stage, the entire Ghost Ship. In the Solo Campaign you collect ammo, customization kits and new weapons as you discover and scan the new areas. Scanning secret handprints or foes (dead or living) provides bonuses. Player can change and customize weapons only at special weapon boxes. In Raid Mode the player receives custom parts and weapons after each completed stage and can spend earned Battle Points and even collected Play Coins in the Store for weapons, custom parts, ammunition and other extras (such as herbs, grenades, etc.). By StreetPassing (locally or by completing a stage in Raid Mode) the player can earn Supply Missions (generally for ammo, herbs and grenades, but there's a rifle to unlock) for the Solo Campaign and Wanted Missions (defeat StreetPassed players as monsters for weapons or custom parts depicted as crowns on the stage selection screen) or Infection Missions (StreetPass other players who posses the same virus infection for exclusive custom parts or collect StreetPass hits for level 50 weapons) and possibly Monster Hunting Missions (kill the mentioned number of beasts for BPs - for example the completion of Stage 2 results in such bonus mission) for Raid Mode. Remember that you can manipulate received StreetPass missions by turning off Auto Save in the Options and logging out (without saving) and in again when checking the Missions section of the Main Menu. After reaching a certain level (at least level 36 or to be sure, the maximum, level 50) if you accumulate 6-10 StreetPass hits (without checking/saving them) an Infection Mission may turn up. Manipulate StreetPass Missions to receive Infection Missions, because the rewards are exclusive, if you can turn them up and unlock them (by collecting the required infected/standard StreetPass hits). Infection Mission types (how to unlock them and possible loots): Progenitor Virus (requires 4 of the same type infected StreetPass hits, for Auto Loader, Gluttony, Full Burst and Grenade Launcher custom parts), T-Veronica Virus (requires 8 of the same type infected StreetPass hits, for Cornucopia 3, Cornucopia 4, Cornucopia 5, Power 6, Critical 5, 3 Burst and Piercing 2 custom parts), G Virus (requires 20 infected StreetPass hits, for Cornucopia 3, Cornucopia 4, Cornucopia 5, Power 6, Critical 5, 3 Burst and Piercing 2 custom parts), T Virus (requires 10 infected/standard StreetPass hits, sadly only for acquiring level 50 weapons, which is unefficient, because you can grab them by unlocking the manipulated appropriate Wanted Missions). Best exclusive custom parts: Auto Loader (for constant firing), Gluttony (for hand guns/machine guns and shotguns/rifles it offers constantly the other pair of ammunition from the inventory if their ammo runs out), Grenade Launcher (shoot grenades from hand guns/machine guns/shotguns/rifles) and Cornucopia 3 (replenish ammo for hand guns/machine guns), Cornucopia 4 (replenish ammo for shotguns/rifles) and Cornucopia 5 (replenish ammo for magnum guns). For more information check: GameFAQs Resident Evil Revelations (3DS) Weapon FAQ by Moonlightnite.

I've seen that experinced players on the net used only their knives against any types of foes. It was efficient even against level 50 Skagdeads on the Promenade Deck of Bonus Stage 21 (the Ghost Ship). If you hit them continously they cannot swallow you.

Last remarks: many complained about the difficulty of the complicated boss fights/escape scenes, they should accept that Resident Evil Revelations is not an easy game. I have not experinced many slowdowns (only a few during the Solo Campaign). Because I played Raid mode using a free public WI-FI hotspot, unfortunately I've experinced many difficulties: many unsuccesful connection attempts and many aborted stages due to the unexpected termination of connection (after enemies and the partner have freezed). In case of slow connection enemies moved slowly, the partner shoot like a crazyman standing still, doors opened slowly and loading times were very long. Once the entire game crushed during an online Raid Mode battle due to a fatal communication error. Many times, in Stage 18 (at Abyss level) the guest player closed the valve at near the end, but could not move forward, because the steam did not disappear for him. Because I turned 3D-depth to the lowest level, I experinced no problems when using the periscope of rifles. All-in-all, all the flaws I have experinced were only minor, thus not degrading the overall fun of gameplay.

I've played it online in August, September and October 2014, unfortunately the number of 3DS players decreased significantly on weekday evenings lately. Still not a bad result for a game released in February 2012 (more than 2,5 years ago).

I will regret if Resident Evil Revelations 2 entirely misses the 3DS platform (according to recent news).



Carnuss said:

Some additional details:

RER is huge, if you download it from Nintendo eShop (lately there's been a 50 % discount in Europe), it requires more than 25000 blocks (~ more than 4 GigaBytes). I suppose that the cut-scene videos in the solo campaign (with prologes) equal a full feature movie.

It features handguns (4 types), magnum guns (3 types), machine guns (4 types), shotguns (4 types), rifles (3 types) and a rocket launcher (sadly with only one shoot). There are 3 legendary weapon types: pale rider (magnum), drake (shotgun) and muramasa (rifle). Other uncommon weapons: Handgun G18 (with machine gun like fire rate) and High Roller (a machine gun with very slow fire rate).

As you can carry only 3 weapons at the same time with you, I've experienced all sorts of weapon sets and thus prefer the following set of weapons in Raid Mode: Handgun G18 (against weak monsters), Magnum Python (ideal against stronger, slow foes) and Rifle PSG1 (equipped with the exclusive online custom parts from unlocked Infection Missions: Auto Loader - offering continous shooting - and Gluttony - in this case, offering additional machine gun ammo from your inventory (+ 700 rounds) - it becomes a heavy machine gun like strong weapon, perfect for strong Skagdeads and Final Forms of Abyss).

You can unlock 9 characters (as far as I remember well) with different skills (everyone has 2 extra skills), many have at most 3 playable customes. Of course, every character has his/her own phrases and voice acting.

All-in-all, great and unique game in my opinion.

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