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Wed 26th Oct 2011

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sfogation commented on Rumour: GBA Ambassador Games Delayed to 2012:

@CorusFace so u saying that ninty is horrible and has an overpriced system and that sony hasnt done anything wrong well i gotta to that u are WRONG because ninty realized that and they fixed that with the price drop but sony doesn't learn apart from the psvita been a little too pricey they announced that a 4gb sd card specially for the system will cost $29 8gb like $60 or something oh all i remember is that a 32gb is around or over the 3ds price

don't believe me check it out for your self at



sfogation commented on Rumour: 3DS Video Update Lands on 30th November:

"this is not a DS, this is a 3DS"

thats what they should do here too in NA cause one day i went to walmart and was checking out some games and there was a guy buying a DSi and like 4 3ds games and i told that it wouldn't work on the dsi and he was like "isnt the 3ds just an upgrade with better graphics and 3D" and i said " no it a whole new system" so he was like "oh i didn't know that" -__-