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Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams' Family and Addresses Petition

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"We will hold our memories of Robin close"

Earlier this week we reported the sad news that Robin Williams had died aged 63 years old, a loss that was keenly felt by many fans of his work. He's also fondly remembered for his relatively recently commercials for Nintendo, in which he appeared alongside his daughter Zelda.

Since Mr William's passing there has been a petition to have him included as a non-playable character in a future Zelda title, for which there have been over 90,000 signatories. Nintendo has now issued a response to the petition and its condolences to the bereaved family; below is that statement as provided to Polygon.

Robin Williams was loved at Nintendo. Our hearts go out to his entire family, and especially to Zelda Williams who we've worked with multiple times.

We appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close.

Once again we offer our condolences to Robin Williams' family and loved ones.


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S3OL said:

Which means it's still possible! I'm really glad that Nintendo has responded to this petition.



Alpha2797 said:

I signed it a few days back. I believe that this is a great way to memorialize Robin Williams. He was a Zelda fan after all.



smikey said:

It's certainly possible & would be nice but would likely only happen if Robin's family either requested such things themselves or backed the petition with their own signatures (neither of which they are like currently considering or have given much thought to)
Would be nice to see him in a village in hd on zelda u though



DarkLink95 said:

Would be really nice to see him in the game. He was such a great guy and loved LoZ.



outburst said:

RIP. Nintendo's acknowledgement is good enough. Although it would be nice/cool if they make a reference of him in-game. Although sayng it's cool is odd at this moment when the family of Mr. Williams are grieving.



GloverMist said:

I hadn't heard about this petition - I'd better go and sign it! Robin Williams was an amazing man, and this would be a great way to remember him!



Imagamerboi said:

If this was Microsoft they would be like "We are grateful that you miss Robin Williams so were gonna add him to a future game for only $10!!!"



WanderingPB said:

My deepest sympathies goes to the entire Williams family and i believe we all need to respect their privacy and time to grieve. This was a very respectful statement Nintendo has made and now im going to watch Aladdin, Hook and what dreams may come again.



Tops said:

I don't think anything should be done without his family's consent. Even though the petition has good intentions that's all it boils down to.



Mega719 said:

Doubt there would be a Zelda character named after him as usually they don't have common names



Retro_on_theGo said:

It slipped my mind how big of a Zelda fan he was. Heck, he named his daughter after the Princess, how could I forget! I think it would be beautiful of Nintendo to include him as an NPC in Zelda U.



wreckgar23 said:

I think dedicating the next (proper) Zelda game to him would be a nice gesture. Personally would be a little creeped out by him being an NPC



Action51 said:

This was the correct decision for the time being.

It's good that they acknowledge the petition, but they are wise to wait until a little time has passed before making an official decision because whatever decision they make is sure to upset some people.

Best use this time to remember a great actor, not fight about his inclusion in a future game.



3MonthBeef said:

People's emotions are high but we the gamers need to be objective. The petition is basically asking us to incorporate a real world element into a fantasy world; and mixing the two together would bring about the wrong kind of experience over the game itself.

Think a few years after the game releases, his presence in the game can be a sad undertow to some, while unintentional. Plus, an American actor in Japanese purely fantasy game? That's a lot of barriers Nintendo be crossing with their isolated universe. Its a lot to introduce and could set an unwelcomed precedence.

There's a stealing of thunder aspect to it which in the knee jerk reaction might be good but in the long run can mire the gaming experience.



Nintendo6400 said:

If Zelda ever went down the road of voice acting, I would always imagine Robin Williams dubbing one of those characters. RIP Robin Williams!



ecco6t9 said:

Find a weird sound that Robin Williams made.
Have the next shopkeeper make that sound.
Call him Robin.
Maybe stick a magic lamp in the background of the shop?



nik1470 said:

This was a very good response from Nintendo. I understand that Zelda williams had to shut down her twitter due to trolls so even if this goes nowhere at least its a positive show of how well loved he is.



rjejr said:

Princess Zelda could have a pet robin (as in bird, not in Batman) and she could call it Mr. Williams. OK maybe not Zelda, but somebody could have a pet robin named Mr Wiliams. (Thinking of somebody eccentric like crazy bug girl.) I'ld prefer something less obvious like that over an actual character named Robin Willaims.



MrGawain said:

Personally I don't think it's right for Robin William's death to be marked in LOZ. Why just him? Why not every celebrity that likes video games or has been in an advert for one? Plus what if the character is somehow inappropriate by mistake?

Nintendo is better off being subtley respectful with this statement and nothing more.



DiscoGentleman said:

@Tops exactly. And that's why Nintendo isn't saying the will or won't do it- they have to ask the family's permission to use his likelihood or whatever needs to be done legally speaking, and they're basically saying they aren't going to ask the family any insensitive requests just a few days after his passing.
I think it's a very good statement.



rjejr said:

@MrGawain - "Why just him?'

How many other people do you know who named their daughter Zelda after the princess?



DiscoGentleman said:

@MrGawain because his daughter's name is Zelda, named after the series, and she has been working with Nintendo for quite a few years doing some promotional stuff. Robin even did some stuff for a commercial. That's why.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

How about a portion of the proceeds of Zelda U go to funding for a cure for Parkinson's disease? Or Depression awareness? Honoring him in a game is cute, but it won't make the world a better place. Robin Williams made the world a better place.



Kalmaro said:

I really think nintendo should just keep doing what they are doing. It's said that Robin is gone but I don't think a video game is where they should be posting a memorial of him. Plus, he committed suicide which kinda tarnishes the picture.

It's not a good idea to just do him when they are other people close to nintendo who are also celebs and aren't getting recognize.



NintendoFan64 said:

It's nice that Nintendo gave their condolences. Robin made a lot of people happy, so it's sad to see him go.



Jayvir said:

The fact that Nintendo even acknowledged this is good enough in my eyes. They didn't shoot it down so I think there's a solid chance they'll do something special



Duct-Tape-Guard said:

I think something similar to the Chris Houlihan Room might make sense, maybe a specific thank you call out in the credits.



3MonthBeef said:

1. There are degrees of appropriateness and level regarding that, given the context centered around this discussion.
2. I know that. Be just as weird if the Final Fantasy VI remakes included Luciano Pavarotti or some likeness along side Celes during her Opera performance. It takes away from the immersion of the gaming experience.

Plus how does one capture Robin in the game? By the characters he played on screen or the man he was?

But that's just me with my opinion is all.



Goginho said:

If they do do something like this, then let it be something well thought through and out, something of higher value and worth. Of course, Zelda Williams should acknowledge this first and rightfully take part in the concept. She knows about LoZ enough and I'm sure her contribution would make the Robin Williams tribute all the more meaningful.



3MonthBeef said:

@MrGawain I agree. Gamer fans would find something wrong and that could hurt Nintendo. They shied away from the same-sex misunderstanding in Tomodachi Life so this I figure they will steer clear from incorporating into their games. Now other companies do this kind of thing: Mega Man using rock legend allusions Axl Rosered = Axl from Guns and Roses for example. But this is NIntendo.



SamirMalik said:

@3MonthBeef 1. This isn't the first time that a recently dead person appeared in a video game. Look up the Skyrim episode of DYKGaming. Granted there is a necessity of permission from the family.
2. If permission is granted then they could ask the family or fiends about how he was like. Even asking Nintendo's marketing team since they have worked closely with him from time to time for their ads.



Yosher said:

It would be nice if there was a Hyrulian King in the next installment and have HIM be called Robin. Would make sense, since he'd be the father of Zelda as well. But yeah even then it's questionable whether or not this is the right thing to do because there's bound to be some people who will find things wrong with it. I'd personally love if they'd do that though, but, y'know, I'm only one guy.



3MonthBeef said:

@SamirMalik Yes I agree other companies have done a similar thing. Bu this is Nintendo we're talking about it and they have a reputation of keeping this business strictly about the games. Not making subtle political commentary or otherwise. Like I said I thing for Nintendo's position it sbest to keep what's real and current in our daily lives separate from the events of the game worlds they present to us.

Again other companies can and do this sort of thing but, again Nintendo is more traditional in how they proceed. I mean they didn't include their former president in any game as some way of honoring him so to do so much for a celebrity I can see it from their perspective as kind of off base or out of character, which again could set unwanted precedence down the road.



FilmerNgameR said:

Make him be King of Hyrule, or an NPC who tells jokes with his name, or a big statue honoring a past king of Hyrule who was known to make others happy and laugh. Of course it is all up to Mr. William's family and Nintendo to make this happen. It would be very awesome though and a good tribute to Robin Williams, gaming wise.
EDIT: I just signed it.



TwilightOniAngel said:

That's wonderful nintendo addressed robin william's death and his family. They even addressed the petition that's great, might happen but it's too soon to tell.



FJOJR said:

@Mega719 Yes but maybe a character that looks and/or acts similar to his acting style with a name that has initials "RW" would be a nice gesture.



retro_player_22 said:

This is awesome of Nintendo and I'm glad Robin is also in Super Smash Bros. 4 (alongside Zelda who he name his daughter after) whether as a Fire Emblem character in name or as a Mii custom fighter I could create. Robin Williams your greatness isn't forgotten. You can call the Zelda and Robin in Super Smash Bros. 4, Team Williams, now that's cool.



3MonthBeef said:

@whodatninja All they did was use his name. No likeness of his person was presented. I hope you don't mean the organ player. Nobody who found the room knew who exactly he was. Not exactly a potential lightning rod of controversy.



KikReask said:

Doesn't have to be much of an appearance. Maybe just include a Tingle styled character who runs a farm and is blue skinned like the Genie. Could even just be a minor character who does the regular sword tutorial thing.



Rin-go said:

I think a tribute should come from the heart. That a tribute to someone gets petitioned strikes me as inappropriate.



shaneoh said:

Many Nintendo fans die each day, should Nintendo honour all of them by naming a character after them?



Prizm said:

It's probably the wisest thing for Nintendo not to announce anything now, it's too soon.



Prizm said:

@shaneoh oh god, that's like saying why honor your own deceased family member when so many other people died on the same day. The Williams' have a unique connection with Nintendo.



shaneoh said:


But it's not a family member who has died. It's not a person who has driven Nintendo towards innovative gaming and financial stability. The connection you speak of is merely a name and if anyone else were to do that then they wouldn't get any of that attention. I don't see anyone creating a petition for Bob Hoskins, which would be equally ludicrous.



Bender said:

@Captain-Falcon I don't think they've made that decision official yet.. I know it's something that people WANT Blizzard to do, but I haven't actually seen any official posting that says they'd do it..



NintyMan said:

It's nice of Nintendo to hold off on something like this when feelings are still raw. Nintendo didn't clearly rule it out either, so the idea will still live for a while.



Bender said:

@shaneoh well, he did a lot for Nintendo and is a pretty unique and famous person... And a dang good actor (go watch Insomnia).. If Nintendo wants to commemorate something to his life then that's up to them. No need to be a total jerk about it.



shaneoh said:


It's only terrible because people choose to focus on a thread rather than the whole pattern. Train wrecks get less publicity than this.


Me a jerk? When people choose to commemorate one person and turn a blind eye to anyone else who doesn't have a bit of glimmer to their name?



Crimzonlogic said:

@rjejr Or a funny robin character named William can pop up somewhere during the game. Talking animals have shown up in Zelda before.



Crimzonlogic said:

@shaneoh He may not be a family member to any of us or Nintendo, but he was a beloved person to many fans. So what if we don't know him personally? He made us laugh and was an outgoing in his support for Nintendo. That's worth a quick reference somewhere, I think. I'm not saying it has to happen, but it would be a fitting and quite nice way to memorialize someone like that.



shaneoh said:


Believe it or not, nearly everybody is beloved by someone, but nearly all don't get the attention RW is getting. Why don't they deserve the same amount of tribute on their death? Hours of news stories, ridiculous petitions and forum threads are a bit more than a "quick reference somewhere." The statement provided by Nintendo above is more than some people get upon death.



Gen0neD said:

I think it should be an end of game character that comes up to Link and Zelda and thanks them for saving his wife and unborn child. Then tells them that he's going to name it after them. "If it's a boy Link and if it's a girl Zelda." Then have him lean in to whisper to Zelda, "I hope it's a girl..."



Ralizah said:

No. Just no. Please keep dead celebrities out of my Legend of Zelda games, please.



KnightRider666 said:

It's a shame what happened to him, he really had a lot of talent. It's nice that Nintendo recognizes him.



Crimzonlogic said:

...I never said that less famous people don't deserve tributes. o_o
RW is very famous and popular though, so it's understandable that a lot of people would want to pay tribute. That's a thing that happens. Well-known people get more attention than unknown people.



shaneoh said:


I never said you did. What I said is "Why don't they deserve the same amount?" Why is it acceptable? Simply put, it's not. Fame and fortune does not equate to more rights or special attention and provisions.



Crimzonlogic said:

What's this about rights? So just because the average person doesn't get media attention we should ignore that a celebrity person that was dear to us passed away? I was heartbroken to hear that he died, and HOW he died especially, even though I don't know him personally. Many, many people feel the same. Why's it so wrong for someone so beloved by so many to have a tribute?
People die all the time. It's sad, but you aren't familiar with most of them. But sometimes you grow up being familiar with a person and really come to like them, then of course you are going to be sad when they die.
It just really sucks. Death is stupid.



shaneoh said:


Yes we should ignore it. Many people whom we don't know would have died in our life times but have had a meaningful impact on us even though we don't know it. A tombstone and an obituary are enough for most people, why shouldn't it be the same in this case? The "unknown" deserve as much tribute as the "known."



rjejr said:

@Crimzonlogic - "Talking animals have shown up in Zelda before. "

Impossible, nobody talks in Zelda games

Sorry, pet peeve of mine, I'm still waiting for Nintendo to make games like it's the early 2000's. Though I did realize in Windwaker Link actually speaks, he says "follow me" just like Abe did in his Odyssey. I almost died of a heart attack. Not that I want Link to speak, I'm kind of fond of the silent hero myself, but if they are going to pay people to mumble gibberish just pay them to speak english, or preferably japanese.

Talking robin named William works for me though, I'm fond of talking birds. My favorite:



shaneoh said:


Yes because it is so wrong to believe that people should be treated equally.

Also there is nothing wrong with my reading or what I read



KryptoKrunch said:

I can see the developers of Zelda U throwing in a little easter egg/tribute to Williams. How about in a graveyard(most Zelda games have graveyards) there could be something written on a tombstone honoring him.



Action51 said:

@shaneoh - I really should not address the trolling and the stupid, but I'm a sucker so here goes...

Remember the guy who worked at the coffee shop down the street from me?

  • no because you did not know who he was

Remember those decades of comedy, and movies, and TV shows, and commercials, and awards won by Robin Williams?

  • yeah, most of us do

You know how you honor people that you knew or were aware of in your life in a way that you feel appropriate?

You know how you don't honor people who pass on that you didn't know and there is no shame or failure on your part because you simply did now know them? any of this getting through?



sykotek said:

I normally keep these sort of thoughts to myself, but how about a free/paid DLC combo that reskins or recolors the new Link as a stylized Mork in red jumpsuit, the one with an upside down triangle on the chest and space helmet.

Have the paid version be identical to the free version, but instead donates to charity that helps people dealing with depression.

People that want to pay honor to Robin Williams in Zelda would get to, those who want to help further, could donate and those that don't want it, just won't download the DLC.



shaneoh said:


So you don't care if a person dies as long if you don't know them?


The general disregard for humanity in this piece of "news" is depressing. I'm out of here.



DarkNinja9 said:

idk i just feel its a bit messed up to later mention him in a future game when im sure he would of been glad to have been added in a game when he was alive to see it and enjoy that



outburst said:

I'm a bit in @shaneoh's side here. Although he could have toned his post down a bit to avoid offending LoZ and Robin Williams fans (I am RW fan). Nintendo already acknowledged it, now it's up to them and the family of RW if they decide to put RW in-game in the future. If they do make a reference of him in-game, then it's cool. Just don't paint a negative image on Nintendo if they don't. But Nintendo having a close relationship with Ms. Williams only means a higher probability of RW being included in-game if Ms. Williams will allow it.

I wondered why there wasn't a popular petition to include Bob Hoskins in the next Mario game?



SetupDisk said:

Why would you care if a person dies if you didn't know them? If you did you would be destroyed minute after minute as so any people die. You can try to do something to stop some situations that are preventable. I volunteer and donate so I know I am making some difference.

If I hear about someone I don't know dying of old age well fine that's life. If I hear about someone killing a baby I might be enraged about the death or the sentence but I don't go through all the stages of loss.

If Nintendo does decide to do this it is not valuing his life over others. It is recognizing someone they have worked with in the past. Someone whose death has affected more people. Someone whose death has helped expose the misconceptions about depression and mental health that are still out there. Someone whose death has affected more people. It doesn't make his life more valuable, it just means more people have to heal from the loss.



URAmk2 said:

He commited suicide. He doesn't deserve to be in a Zelda game. I feel for his family, but not for him. Just my opinion.



AyeHaley said:

Dear gawd so many complaints...There is nothing wrong with this and its normal for people to grief about losing someone who isn't a friend or family.
He was a wonderful comedian and who knows how many people he has changed the lives of just by being a kind and funny man.



Kalmaro said:

@URAmk2 That's kinda my thing too. If he was like, maybe someone who died from cancer or something he couldn't have handled then I wouldn't have had issues with him being in a game.

With him committing suicide though, it just feels odd trying to honor someone who does that.



theberrage said:

@shaneoh Are you omniscient? Do you know the names of all the people who died between this post and your response? If the answer to both is no than I think it's time to get off of your moral high horse.

Here's the facts. You don't know the name of a single person that has died in the world (outside of friend and family) unless the news tells you.

Many people knew the name Robin Williams and have great memories with family and friends because of his movies. Many people were touched deeply by his movies (Mrs. doubtfire helped many cope with divorcing parents).

Someone made the choice to start a petition to honor him and 90k+ signed! also their choice.

Instead of complaining about this on a nintendo life comments section maybe you could start a petition and have people sign it to honor all of the dead unknowns. If you really care.



Crimzonlogic said:

@shaneoh I'm sorry, I just can't ignore his death. He was one of the few celebrities I loved, and the whole deal breaks my heart. I grew up with this guy. I will mourn him if I want. I will mourn the people I know of. If I had the omnipresence and time to know and mourn everyone that dies, then I would, but I cannot. It's not humanly possible to do so. So stop giving people flak for not being able to do so! Say you aren't a jerk all you want, but you ARE being a jerk about this.



marck13 said:


I'm fine with the two of you expressing your personal opinion, but let me tell you that your opinion seems strongly to be linked to your unawareness of what a real depression is and what it does with and to you! We are talking about a serious mental illness here.



URAmk2 said:

I like how you assume people are unaware of the effects of depression base on our opinion on this. You don't know the type of people involved in our lives. You don't know if we have personally dealt with this in one way or another. So don't assume you know what people have been though because they dont have sympathy for an actor you like.



FJOJR said:

If some lucky random dude named Chris Houlihan can get in then surely Nintendo can do something for Robin Williams.



Nightsider said:

When we watch DYKGaming Zelda next year after Zelda U comes out, they will show a ton of hidden things relating to Robin Williams. That would be cool.



Kalmaro said:

@mch @Crimzonlogic
Don't take my opinion as ignorance please. I know full well what depression is and how you are not in a rational state when deep in it...

I also know that it is never 100% unbeatable and that anyone can struggle through it provided they seek help from friends and family and medication. Robin Williams had more access to this than most other people that suffer and he still just gave up. That's why I don't support the decision to make a memorial in a game for him.



Crimzonlogic said:

@Kalmaro Seeking help is not easy. I'm going through this, and seeking help is the hardest thing I have ever done. I can understand why he didn't seek help, if he didn't. Even with help, sometimes it is just so difficult to overcome. I don't feel like I can overcome it sometimes. I have had those times, sitting on the bus stop, where I felt that the best thing I could possibly do was hurl myself into traffic and end it. I just don't like hearing people look down on those who are depressed and suicidal. It makes me feel bad about myself. But I know this stuff isn't my fault. It's hard to overcome.



Crimzonlogic said:

Maybe I should delete my comments before I get attacked by trolls, but I don't want to not say anything...



Wolf said:

@smikey I think Zelda will grant permission, because she is named after the princess and is a huge LOZ fan herself



Dpishere said:

This actually has me feeling quite sad as I had many great childhood memories of watching him in movies like Jumanji. He will be missed for sure.



Windy said:

It would be fitting to put Robin Williams into a game. His death hit both me and my wife hard. Not only that we grew up watching Robin Williams. But in a way actually watching him grow up through the years as an actor and a person. Parkinson's is a pretty brutal thing to have as we took care of my father in law who had it and demensia. I wish he could have found a way to manage it and treat us to more smiles. We'll miss ya Robin Williams. Or maybe we'll see you in the future



SecondServing said:

Well, there's hope.

But honestly, if he's not in the game it's okay. It'd just be a cool little thing.



Kalmaro said:

@mch @Crimzonlogic
Don't take my opinion as ignorance please. I know full well what depression is and how you are not in a rational state when deep in it...

I also know that it is never 100% unbeatable and that anyone can struggle through it provided they seek help from friends and family and medication. Robin Williams had more access to this than most other people that suffer and he still just gave up. That's why I don't support the decision to make a memorial in a game for him.



URAmk2 said:

So people who don't share your views are trolls? Nice logic. No one is attacking you. If you truly believe in what you say stand by it. The thought of deleting your posts should never cross your mind. Not a good look buddy.



ghosto said:

They should add a goofy side quest with a character that resembles Robin Williams.

The people trying to shun him for committing suicide should do something with their lives instead of trying to ride the coat tails of a dead man into obscurity.



Kalmaro said:

@ghosto or perhaps you should learn to stop bashing people just because their opinion doesn't match yours. You shouldn't hate on someone for not thinking like you.



TheRealThanos said:

@shaneoh Although I do agree with you that other people passing away deserve equal respect and grieving, or at the least some moment of reflection, such as with great disasters or accidents, you must surely understand why it is slightly different in Robin Williams' case. It's quite simple: he has done commercials for Nintendo, has a deeper connection to them that even Nintendo themselves acknowledge and he was an avid supporter of the Legend of Zelda series. To top it all off, he named his daughter Zelda because he was so into the game.
Bob Hoskins was a great actor, but he hasn't done a damn thing for Nintendo other than making that horrible Mario movie that even he himself didn't like, so that was hardly a good example of you, unless it was sarcasm...
Anyways, Robin Williams was a great actor, a great comedian and an all round great human being, even taking the time to talk to the average joe in the streets when they happened upon him, without all the usual star behavior that so many actors and famous people put on display. He was very down to earth and always kind.
Putting him or references to him in a game could even inspire people in some ways, once they get to learn more about him and what kind of person he really was.



Crimzonlogic said:

@URAmk2 No, no, you misunderstood! I wasn't calling anyone here trolls. I know from experience that actual trolls might start coming at me with nasty insults out of left field if they learn that I have a disorder. Though, it's mostly just youtube where that has happened...I'm not sure if there are any trolls here. I'm not going to delete my comment. I was just a little uneasy about mentioning my problem...I don't like insults, even when I know it's just a troll trying to get a rise out of me. Part of my brain always tries to convince me that the insult is true.



marck13 said:


Why do you think that I talk about "people" and everybody's opinions?
I was responding to YOU, based on YOUR comment, which stands and speaks for it selfs:
"He commited suicide. He doesn't deserve to be in a Zelda game. I feel for his family, but not for him."
Yep, and you are granted your opinion.
And my opinion was simply, that one who writes like this might be neglecting - due whatever reason - what a real depression is capable of.



Windy said:

@Kalmaro I totally agree with you that he took a bad way out. There is so much help in regards to Parkinson's these days. I have a lot of health issues myself and would never think of taking that way out. There is too much good life to live and people to meet with places to go. I still would love to see a Cameo of Robin Williams in a Nintendo game. For one it would probably mean a lot to his kids who aren't really kids anymore but I do believe gaming is still their hobby



DinoFett said:

Today...Too soon Tomorrow, Non Playable to Playable and don't for get his friends John Belushi and Andy Kaufmann whom sadly passed before there ever was a Nintendo console.



Henmii said:

I think its pretty nice what Nintendo did there. And mister Williams in the next Zelda: That would be a nice hommage!



DarkNinja9 said:

seems like this took a turn come on guys chill if it happens its ok if it doesnt then its ok too its the family and nintendos decision now



URAmk2 said:

No sir you were speaking to me & Kalmaro let me quote you:

"I'm fine with the two of you expressing your personal opinion, but let me tell you that your opinion seems strongly to be linked to your unawareness of what a real depression is and what it does with and to you! We are talking about a serious mental illness here."

Keyword there you used is TWO so you were refering to BOTH of us. Two or more human beings are just cause to use the word PEOPLE. I never one said you talk about everyones opinion. I was speaking on behalf of Kalmaro & myself in respone to your baseless assumption about the both of us. Go back and re-read the post cheif. So by all means have your opinion, but dont try to twist words or backpeddle.



BlackHearted1 said:

I was going to make a long post about how you guys are making a big deal over his death but meh, his death doesn't sadden me at all, he was a good actor, but everyone dies so I see no need to stop and make a big deal about it. Just move on and forget.

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