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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Makes Top 10 Début in UK All-Format Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The highest new entry of the week

After being pushed back from a Holiday season release, Retro Studio's Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze arrived in Europe and North America on 21st February. The UK chart results covering its opening weekend of sales are in — reflecting physical retail purchases only — and the platformer has managed to swing a positive start.

The UK all-format charts have DK's adventure coming in 9th place, a decent performance in the face of many multi-platform games; it was the highest new entry of the week. In the single format chart it actually secured 4th position, behind two iterations of The LEGO Movie Videogame and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. LEGO was a dominant theme — back in the all-format results — too, with an extraordinary nine titles in the top 40; it's also worth noting that of the latest movie title's iterations the 3DS version was third behind those on Xbox 360 and PS3 (a solid result) while the Wii U SKU came in behind the PS4 but above the Xbox One.

In terms of further exclusives duking it out in the all-format chart, a number of the evergreen 3DS releases have dropped out of the top 40; just Pokémon X & Y remain, with X in 27th place and Y in 30th.

Considering the all-format and individual format results together, it's been a solid opening salvo for Retro's platformer; perhaps as expected it hasn't defied the odds and stormed to the top, but it's keeping company with franchises and multi-platform releases still selling strong numbers.

Let us know your thoughts on these results, and whether you picked up Tropical Freeze in its launch weekend, in the comments below.


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User Comments (78)



Jazzer94 said:

The game definitely deserved a place in the top ten and Im happy I was able to contribute to the amount sold.



MAB said:

Nah! might do a late night eShop impulse buy one weekend this year sometime



Anguspuss said:

I bought it on the eshop. Yes it is another 2d platformer but plays great and looks totally stunning



Kirk said:

This is one of Nintendo's flagship titles for the Wii U, releasing on a platform that has very few regular big hitting releases to speak of, and 9th place on the all-format chart at launch is just disappointing imo but not surprising given how much of a flop the Wii U is and especially in the UK.

I'd be interested to see what position a game like Donkey Kong 64 launched at on N64 for comparison...



banacheck said:

This is what happens when I support a game, just watch Dark Soul's II & Infamous fly off the shelves in the coming weeks.



Bluezealand said:

I'm sure it did better in other European key markets, like Germany and France. The UK isn't exactly Nintendo Land.



LetsGoRetro said:

We will know the Wii U's fate by this E3 (or the few weeks directly after). Nintendo has 3 cards left to play that could save it. Mario Kart 8 is one, and it's a biggie. It's a definite system seller. If that doesn't start moving units in May, Nintendo is going to panic & go into overdrive & try to create a legendary E3 loaded with Zelda & Smash Bros. goodness (it's 2 remaining cards). If that doesn't set the industry and fans on fire, I am convinced Nintendo will be moving onto a different console by the next E3 and ditching the Wii U. I'm starting to think that is the reason so little titles are announced for 2014. What are there, 7 or 8? Maybe they're working on things behind the scenes like concepts, coding, etc. but aren't coding it specifically for Wii U because they want to prepare to bring it to a different console if needed.

If my theory is correct, they probably won't announce that they're ditching the Wii U, but they'll instead do the "3rd pillar" thing & just kind of let it fade. My finalb prediction is the third pillar will be a handheld/home console hybrid. Anyways, i could be completely wrong. This is just my opinion.



Everly said:

Nintendo isn't doing the Wii U any favors with the content it is releasing. DKCTF is a platformer and the Wii U already has 3. Super Mario Bros. Wii U, 3D World, and Ubisoft's Rayman Legends. 4 if you count the Luigi version of Super Mario Bros. Wii U. I suppose it is great if you are a platform lover, but I think it would have been a better move to add a different genre to the console, esp if they are serious about wanting it to sell.



lebad said:

Did you notice the enormous loading times when launching the game and for each level it is too long !!! Is there a patch coming to fix this ?????



wombatkidd said:

@lebad No, I didn't. Aside from game launch which takes up to 30 seconds, I've never had a loading screen last longer than 5 or 6 seconds. I'm into world 3.



Jazzer94 said:

@Bluezealand Doubt it will do much better else where in europe the amount sold is normally similar between France, Germany and the UK. Nintendo products sell well in the UK when they have plenty of games like the 3DS.



Wolfgabe said:

@Kirk Its actually not that bad considering that Mario 3D World never even made it into the top 10. UK means practically nothing without the rest of Europe anyway



The-Ninformant said:

@lebad I bought the disc version and have noticed the ridiculous loading times too. The game plays great once your in the level, but I'm hoping for a patch or something to improve this. Donkey Kong country returns had loading times as well but the animation was smooth between starting a level and the over world screen, but the animation in tropical freeze seems to have a hiccup. I'm still loving the heck out of this game though!



Spoony_Tech said:

@LetsGoRetro Sink or swim Nintendo won't bring a new system out till as early as 2017. Even if they are the only one supporting it. They have to give it 5 years or else risk losing even more fans

#9 this week. # 39 next if not out of the top 40 never to be seen again. Now I can see this doing better digitally in NA with the Best Buy deal. I'm thinking of dl just because of that!



readyletsgo said:

@LetsGoRetro 'My final prediction is the third pillar will be a handheld/home console hybrid'

Only thing I disagree in your post since the 3DS is doing way too well right now in the east and west. Maybe in 5/6 years.

But yeah, I can see Ninty ditching the Wii U in a year if it doesnt pick up (which its not, open your eyes people). Yes people will be angry at them if they do that, but us fans, who seem to be the only ones who bought/interested in the Wii U will buy the next one, whatever it will be. They can afford a few failures. They are not Sega, they can take lots of chances at the end of the day.

The Ps4 has sold 5.3 million in 3 months in the west alone, just sayin.



Fearsome said:

I purchased it the day it became available. Very good game, surprisingly difficult.



Emblem said:

Great game regardless of its chart position. My best music artists never hit the top ten, doesn't stop them making great music.




For a country like the UK where most of it's gamers just wanna play fifa and COD, coupled with the fact that the Wii U install base in the UK is tiny, 9th place ain't to bad.

Well anyway, I did my bit for Wii U in the UK and got my copy from argos day one after I finished work.

Oddly enough me and one other guy was in the que getting it, and they were the last 2 copies.



rmeyer said:

@LetsGoRetro it's a neat idea but I doubt anything like that will occur. Nintendo just needs games lots of them, even the 3ds is looking weak this year with some lackluster titles. Bravely default is no monster hunter



Sean_Aaron said:

Day one download here; only one level down, but it looks beautiful and I like the fact it's not an epic length.

I thought the chart numbers were good considering it's only marking physical sales and how sparse Wii U numbers are supposedly in the UK - unless it means no one is buying software here anymore?



Pj1 said:

Just looked at the charts, interesting the Lego Movie video game sold more on X box 360 than any other console and the 3DS version outsold the Wii-U version! WOW!! Thank You for supplying a link for the V.G chart....



nungi said:

Don't think U will die.It has at least a 6 year life span.if these so call developers would make games for U(just like they do for the the New platforms) and bring in a little creativity or skill(and there should be no problem cause this is what you love to do) and quality and there should be no reason it should not sell like Mario and Zelda and in the long haul so unless game makers start thinking thinking outside this closed up box and saying Nintendo games sell only that's a lie if you have a goal to create something it should be of quality.and compared to the same way of playing games from ps4 and x1 I think U will stand the test of time.developers saying its too much work for them to do something good where everyone could talk about and want to xperience they make crap and want $60.guess they want U to suffer from no games and take their time to make for other platforms,don't know if they want money from Nintendo.look at Ubi if legends was available on U at launch or December I don't think it would sell on next gen hardware but they delayed a finish product so you see it's plain to see.that they know the potential of this platform but want Nintendo to kiss their ...look at ea no FIFA not even FIFA something is wrong when you make a port of a port for something that's least some ports could have few tweaks different name and it would of sell but when you have people reviewing your products over and over they know whats up and in this Internet world we know instantly to buy or not to buy.the game pad is the future no question and soon the competition is going to have the same thing if U is no longer in production.know U have a tuff battle with not only with ps: x1but with people's pockets right if Nintendo made three or four shoot em up with blood is going to make a difference.have tons of developers doing that already and it's same crap aim,shoot,kill everybody,boss,next level doesn't require much skill or thinking need metroid show them what time it is and destroy the competition and open up the 64,cube floodgates theres more than enough games with a lifetime of difficulty that set the standard for



erv said:

Bought it, digitally which doesn't count towards these numbers. I love it so far, it's excellent - very much worth it.



nungi said:

Think 3ds version is cheaper of Lego movie and everyone have a 3ds



rjejr said:

Good job with title - 9th place and not a single "only" came in at 9th or "just" makes it into the top 10. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks
Kinda sad though, I was expecting more rage, nobody even seemed to notice how 2nd in Japan seemed so much more worse than the UK Good start to the week though.



Peach64 said:

A little disappointed in that. Wind Waker, Pikmin 3 and W101 all debued higher so it can be done.



rjejr said:

@Spoony_Tech @readyletsgo @LetsGoRetro - So anybody know the limit to replying to people

Next year - 2015 - sounds good to me for new hardware, maybe unveiled at this years E3. The 3DS will be 4 years old next March and it hasn't had an upgrade yet, only an XL. Nintendo sold the DSi 4 years after the DS (which was after the DS Lite).

I know the DSi wasn't completely different from the DS but it did add a camera and more importantly internet. A 3DS U or more likely 3DS 2 w/ tv out - preferably via the Wii U so people buy 1 - lets them transition away from the Wii U while also supporting it. If they give 4 years for Wii U support I think that will be enough, which would be 2 years after a 3DS 2 so they could move on w/ a more powerful home dock connector for the 3DS 2 - that will be the true fusion hybrid we all know is coming. The new 3DS 2 should also function as a 2nd Gamepad for multplayer on the tv. Why the 2DS doesn't I don't know. If the 2DS did hook up to the Wii U then maybe I wouldnt expect a 3DS 2.



electrolite77 said:

9th? In February? That's not good but then I doubt much more was to be expected.

Interesting to see the site pander to the zealots by steering clear of using howwible words like 'only' and upsetting any delicate sensibilities



Spoony_Tech said:

@rjejr Here is why the 3ds will never hook up to the Wii u, it will make the upcoming ds games to the Wii U mute! Why get a game on the Wii U if you can just play it through your 3DS.



Jamesy2013 said:

For those people who are claiming the U.K dosent like nintendo, Mario Kart Wii is the best selling video game ever in the U.K at 34 million units...



Yorumi said:

I'm mixed on this game but kind of disappointed. It's an ok game, but as mentioned we're being flooded with platformers. I didn't play dkcr but I was kind of expecting a dkc game like the snes games. It just feels kind of lazy on a lot of points, and certainly doesn't feel like the snes games at all.

It's not a terrible game in and of itself, but it falls well short of expectations, and just feel kind of mediocre all around. So I'm not really surprised it's not tearing up the charts.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Looking at the glass half full, that's 9th in physical sales. Who knows how many folks decided to just download it from the eShop...



GuruOfGreatness said:

Glad I could be of service to help get there lol Pre-ordered from GAME (got my free key ring too lol). Game looks absolutely incredible, plays beautifully and feels epic. I'd recommend it to any Wii U owner. Only issue (and I'm glad I'm not the only one, is the loading time. I thought the game had jammed at one point). IMO though, DK is a good enough game to add to the list of games as to why someone should/might go and pick up a Wii U. Good job Retro/Nintendo



unrandomsam said:

@Bluezealand The UK is Donkey Kong Country land as you can see by these results. The fact is Rare made the PAL SNES games work properly when hardly anyone else did. (Once a 60hz SNES mod enters the picture then they stand out less)



NathanVS said:

I like how some are turning this as something negative. This doesn't count as a full week also. The sales are great considering the situation.



rjejr said:

@Spoony_Tech - Good point. But I've never known Nintendo to be good about making sense. Everything they do gives me a headache.



CapeSmash said:

THIS game gets in the top 10 during its launch, but 3D World didn't when it launched? What?



Melkac said:

@AJ_Lethal Not a Wii U successor, a 3DS successor that combines both handheld and home consoles features.
Or at least, that's what the rumors say...would it really be any surprise? Nintendo would be developing for only ONE console now, so they'd probably abandons the Wii U...but having to develop for only one console means MORE GAMES!! METROID WINS, STAR FOX WINS, SONIC WINS!



Giygas_95 said:

The game is super fun. I was on the third world last night, and man it was just beautiful (the graphics and level design). My favorite was either frantic fields or scorch n' torch.



CaPPa said:

I think that's a great result for DK in the UK (seeing as it's all about Sony there).

The game is awesome. It plays great and looks great too; I can almost feel that fur.



JaxonH said:


Only 2 previous 2D platformers. 3D platformers play differently, feel differently, and are different experiences entirely. It's a different genre. I know they both have "platformer" in the name, but they are different genres, just like RPG and SRPG are different genres.

If having 2 titles of a specific genre means Nintendo shouldn't put out another, then we're going to run out of genres real fast here. We already have 2 FPS, we already have 2 fighting games, we already have 2 3D platformers, we already have 2 action/adventure games, we already have 2 high octane action games, we already have 2 survival horror games, we already have 2 racing games, we already have 2 stealth games... see what I'm saying here?

If there were like 15 2D platformers, then you'd have a point. But the Wii U had no more 2D platformers than it had any of 10 other genres. No matter what kind of game they made, there was already going to likely be at least 2 of that genre on the console. Mario Kart 8. There's already 2 racers, heck there's already 2 cart racers, but no one will complain about that. Just platformers. Idk why people single out THAT genre but not others. Wii U is the only system where you can find good 2D platformers, and right now we've only got 3 in a year and a half. Not to mention they don't have many 2D platformers left to make for the entire gen. Maybe Kirby... that's about it.

Most importantly though, there was a distinct absence of 2D platformers for around 15 years. It wasn't until NSMB Wii and DKC Returns on Wii that we finally got a taste of solid 2D platforming again, after 2 generations of the genre MIA. there are only 3 main line 2D platformers Nintendo makes. Mario, DKC, and Kirby. Kirby is very easy, and Mario, while not easy, isn't exactly hard either. DKC is the ONE platformer made for the hardest of the hard core gamer. The ONE platformer, and franchise for that matter, that people like me can play and push our technical reflex skills to the max. It's a speed runner's paradise, as evidenced by the DKC speed running community and the incorporation of time trial video uploads.

I know you may not have wanted this game, but many of us did want it, and we had no more 2D platformers on Wii U than any other given genre. But to me and many others, Tropical Freeze isn't just another 2D platformer, because that would lump it in with other games like NSMBU, when this game is in a category all of its' own. Like I said, there's really nothing like it anywhere in the market. Let us have this ONE game, then I don't care if we see another 2D platformer for the rest of the gen.



JaxonH said:


Except, ya know, that weird thingy they do where they release the funnest games we've ever played, like DKC Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Fire Emblem Awakening, Zelda Link Between Worlds.... ya know, that thingy they do. When they do that thingy, all the headaches in the world can easily be forgiven



atomicjuicer said:

This game is better than anything I've played over the last 2 years (and I've pretty much every console).

Congrats Nintendo and Retro! It's gorgeous



Great_Gonzalez said:

@Funny_Moblin Well not by too much but it's noticeable maybe all my practice in returns has upped my skill level though And I haven't started collecting all the KONG letters yet just going through game getting what I can then going back I'm sure they'll up the challenge a bit



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - But they always release them at the wrong time and/or on the wrong system.

OK, only 95% of what they do gives me a headache.



Funny_Moblin said:

@rjejr I don't mean to offend you, but do most Nintendo games themselves give you a headache? I think I've seen you complain about difficulties in games, I remember Returns was one. Could this by any chance be a casual gamer's headache?

Maybe it's the games the cause you headaches. Maybe you should stick to Wii Sports, Kirby Triple Deluxe is good too, there might be some other casual Nintendo games.



Funny_Moblin said:

@JaxonH That makes sense. There are 2D platformers that go by difficulty. Kirby, easy. Mario, medium. Donkey Kong hard.

I haven't played Kirby's Epic Yarn, but I do know it's stupidly easy. But let me now talk from experienced. Years ago, I played Kirby Superstar Ultra on the DS.

Getting through the levels wasn't very hard. But BOY, how difficult it is to find all the hidden treasures. Seriously, some treasures even require you to restart some levels if you didn't time things right when exploding a bomb block or something. I actually should go back to it, haven't completed it.



rjejr said:

@Funny_Moblin - Nintendo made a 10 point difficulty control option in 1 of the SSB games, from 0 - 9, and Kid Icarus also has a similar scale, so nobody should really complain about those games being too hard or too easy. I won't bother w/ Luigi Levels though b/c I don't like to be rushed, and I'm in no rush to get KDC:TF b/c I know it won't be a walk in the park and I like to enjoy my games, not rage at them.

But that's not why Nintendo gives me headaches, they just seem so clueless at times. Why make a Luigi Mansion sequel on the 3DS when the original was on the Gamecube? Why make a great action game like Kid Icarus on the 3DS when the Wii U could have really used a stand-out game like that? Why was Pikmin 3 so late to release when they had about 10 years to work on it? Why don't they advertise the Wii U? Why come out w/ a home console so similar in hardware specs to the Xbox360 and PS3 5 years after those consoles released and when they were being replaced by better hardware? Why release a $99 Wii Mini that includes Mario Kart when the Wii U is selling so poorly and MK8 is so far away?

I'm sure's theres more, but that's my point.



Funny_Moblin said:

@rjejr Ah, I see what you're saying. You are right, I've thinking this too. The Wii and DS had no problem, because the games were so distinct. DS games were pretty much made for making it portable. But with the 3DS, there has been a big improvement, making people like you and I question why such games can't be made and improved on the Wii U.

Heck, Kid Icarus Uprising was barely portable, due to the controls, they even offer a stand for the 3DS, so what the point? U agree, many of the good games for the 3DS could easily be on the Wii U.

Hopefully, Nintendo's next console with be one that fuses handheld and home console, AND is more powerful than the Wii U. Even though this is a good idea, we need to see how Nintendo can pull this off.



JaxonH said:

@rjejr Many of your questions you don't understand because you don't have a PhD in business marketing. Alot of times, it just boils down to both systems need games, and 3DS was in trouble before Wii U. It needed good games first. Pikmin 3, Idk what took so long, probably they had other priorities.

Now, as for advertising the Wii U, Idk why. But keep in mind massive advertising campaigns can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Just something people should keep in mind.

In the end though, personally, I don't let any of that stuff bother me. I like all kinds of games, and usually whatever they release is something I end up loving. Sure, I may want specific games, but because I enjoy whatever they release, I don't stress out if I don't see the game I wanted to see on the system I wanted it on.

Alls I know is I have tons of fun playing Nintendo games every day... Been having fun gaming Nintendo for many years, . And still do to this day. Now that Tropical Freeze is out, I can die a happy man lol. Whatever happens the rest of the year, for me, it's icing on the cake. Like Mario Kart 8



JaxonH said:

Just try to remember that playing video games is supposed to be fun. A joyful experience in your life. If you're ever at a point where you're stressing, perhaps take a step back and reevaluate. Paying games is supposed to be fun! Enjoy yourself

Tropical Freeze is hard, but, it's really, really fun. It's just such a great game man. You can buy items like crash guard and green balloons for falling in pits and stuff, plus you don't have to get the KONG letters. You're gonna love it, whenever you do get it



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "Many of your questions you don't understand because you don't have a PhD in business marketing. "

No, but I do read alot of online articles written by people who supposedly do have degrees in marketing and they don't seem to understand Nintendo either, so a least I'm in good company

My ABD (all but dissertation) didn't quite get there PhD is in sociology, but it all went kabloey near the end.

And I'm sure we'll enjoy DKCTF when we get it, but right now nothing can tear them away from Minecraft. I'm beginning to think that the game has subliminal messages or something, they are so addicted to it's nothingness.



Funny_Moblin said:

@rjejr I wouldn't insult Minecraft. I think we can all agree that it created a genre of it's own, and it allows people to build with creativity in a way that hasn't been done before.



King_Johobo said:

I just bought my Wii U this week and I've had this game since yesterday and it is friggin stunning!

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