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Super Mario 3D World Drops Down UK Charts in Second Week

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Link Between Worlds is top Nintendo game in 19th place

Last week brought the PS4 to Europe, which made life rather difficult for Super Mario 3D World on its UK charts début. While it had been hoped that the staying power of the franchise may see it enjoy a strong second week in the UK market, today's all-format charts haven't produced the desired result, with Mario's latest down in 20th place. It's behind a range of titles on new platforms and others that are bundled with hardware or enjoying discounts; in any case, the all-format chart provides the best result, with the single platform chart on Chart-Track showing the Mario title way down in 30th place.

That's the only Wii U exclusive in the UK all-format top 40, though as usual there are a smattering of 3DS games carrying the fight; the highest-placed of these is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in 19th position. There's a suitably-themed Triforce of titles for the portable further down with Pokémon X and Pokémon Y in 23rd and 24th respectively; Animal Crossing New Leaf is in 25th place. Rounding out Nintendo's presence in the top 40 is Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy in 30th and Mario Kart 7, which drifts into 37th place.

It's certainly a crowded top 40 in the UK, with a gaggle of major multi-platform releases and Xbox One and PS4 launch games competing for places — eight of the top 10 are multi-platform games. Perhaps the actual sales numbers are positive for Super Mario 3D World in particular, though all we know at present is that it's struggling to keep company with other big-name games in just its second week. Let us know your thoughts below.


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RainbowGazelle said:

I would buy it, and Zelda Wind Waker HD, if they put the price down, but they never do with their first-party games. I refuse to pay £50 each for them.



MAB said:

Like I have said a hundred times already It is a bit too overrated and just another easy 1 up filled walk through the mushroom park for the MAB... The tribe has spoken, it's time for Mario to pack his poop and go down the green pipe for a decade or two



NintyMan said:

Well, according to Reggie, Super Mario 3D World is the cat's meow for us Americans, so we'll show you British how it should be!



rennandovale said:

Knack already outsold by Mario 3D world, when i see Knack selling well i know how badly is the Ps4 launch line up.



Peach64 said:

Gutted Bravely Default failed to make the top 40. People will call Square stupid for the direction they take, but when FF13 sells so well, it makes level business sense to continue that direction. Once again it's being proved how is Internet gamers are a tiny minority, and the games we consider major releases can often turn out to be flops.

Genuinely surprised that Mario didn't jump up. PS4 is sold out everywhere so PS4 software sales can't be high. @rennandovale Knack isn't really selling well. It's the 7th best selling PS4 game, the only PS4 games selling less than it are based on US sports.



Zael said:

ok but mario is doing better than forza 5.
the first 18 are all games like call of duty battlefield fifa gta5 nedd for speed batman just dance gt6
which are all poupular games
mario 3d world is better than all the 18 titles but we know that people don't understand much of videogames so i'm not surprised
we have also to say that the multiplatforms come out on 6 platform (ps3 ps4 xbox 360 x1 pc wii u) so you have to add all the numbers.
mario 3d is only for wii u which have sold 200000 units in uk ?
so it is clear that mario 3d world can't beat gta 5 in uk
for example
call of duty ghost
unit sold
200 000 on ps3
200 000 on ps4
200 000 on xbox 360
200 000 on x1
200 000 on pc
200 000 on wii u

super mario 3d world
250 000 only on wii u
0 on ps3
0 on ps4
so it is useless to compare multiplatform with exclusives



WiiLovePeace said:

Super Mario games are evergreen. Life sales of most first-party Nintendo games don't require huge sales in the first couple of weeks, they sell far greater over time. One of the big reasons 3rd-party developers are afraid of Nintendo.



Zael said:

exactly, nintendo games sell also after 20 years
call of duty battlefield etc only for a short period because the next title delete the previous



Zael said:

also, wii u has sold only 200 000 units in uk so it is impossible for mario to sell more than 200 000 units in uk
so it is clear that games like call of duty fifa etc. can sell easily more than mario. they are multiplatforms and there are mlillions of ps3 xbox 360 in uk which can support multiplatforms
So I suggest to not consider this data because it is irrilevant
Eventually we have to discuss why wii u has sold so little in uk or the global data for sm3d wolrd and wii u



Boukman said:

The UK is just a small part of the world. And where Nintendo is concerned completely irrelevant. US and Japanese charts are what it's about.



MadAdam81 said:

@Red3025 Ever played Battlefield Gears of Halo Duty? People get scared when things are too different. People get really upset over any changes between various games in these series, and they are all becoming more & more alike.



WYLD-WOO said:

Just like Mario Kart, I would expect to this in the top 40 of the UK charts for the next 2 year or so.



element187 said:

@Bazry RPG's are not as popular in the west.... Not when there is call of doody, FIFA and BF4... And Uhm knack and Ryse?



Widowmaker said:

Don't understand why people care so much about UK chart. It's just one country where Nintendo games aren't so popular to begin with.



rennandovale said:

Why Nintendolife is looking for trolls with this kind of article every day? Nobody care about UK charts, stop with click bait flame war articles.



WYLD-WOO said:

As this is a UK based website, I would hope we would see articles on the UK charts. I like to see whats selling Nintendo wise in the British charts, as I do in all countries.



PinkSpider said:

Mario kart 7 is still 37th and Mario 3d world is 30th something is seriously wrong. don't get me wrong I own and love mario kart 7 but seriously it's still in the top 40 that's some staying power. I think Wii U has had it... Well, in the U.K anyway



PinkSpider said:

@WYLD-WOO you seriously expect to still see this in the top 40 in the uk next week. It went from 14th to 30th in a week... It won't be hanging around



element187 said:

@rennandovale Its news so it gets posted. I'm not the least bit surprised with only 200k Wii U's in the wild in the UK.... The NES and SNES weren't as big there as it was here in the USA.... More American gamers are Nintendo fans. I believe Reggie when he said SM3DW is selling well in North America. The Miiverse community grows extremely fast, and vgcharts has some high preliminary numbers for NA (I know their method isn't 100% precise but it does give a general idea how a game sells).... Well high numbers for a Wii U game.

Anyone who thinks any single game will save the Wii U are fooling themselves. It's going to be many high profile releases along side of the price of the console comes down to a level where people would impulse buy it... It's going to be a long slog for Nintendo but the Wii U will be a profitable system in the long run (just not as the freakish nature the Wii was)



WYLD-WOO said:

Yep, I expect to see this in the top 40 for the next 2 years. If it does dip, I`m sure it will bouce right back in. Just look at mario kart



element187 said:

@MadAdam81 that's precisely why I don't play those games. I already played the first iterations, and each subsequent release is a glorified map pack. Nintendo takes the gameplay seriously in their sequels, I mean each Mario game is going to include the plumber in red turtle shells, goombas and bowser. But it's what they do with the gameplay in every game that keeps it fresh. I counted over 70 new ideas and several of them are new gameplay mechanics.... It's a lot like the galaxy games in that respect.

UK doesn't seem to be a very popular place for Nintendo and I'm guessing it never was. It reminds me of Japan and what they think of Xbox..... In fact that's precisely representative of Nintendo products there.

So why are people acting surprised by these numbers? Only 200k Wii U's in that territory, you can't expect the game to sell more than 200k copies, correct?



WYLD-WOO said:

Second-hand mario games hold a lot of value here. As Wii U sales increase with the release of titles like Mario Kart 8, so will the sales for Super Mario 3D World.



element187 said:

I do see one number on vgchartz. They claim the game sold 380k copies world wide, quarter a million were sold in NA so far. 20k copies in territories other than the big three. Probably too early for UK numbers. But this is only physical copies. I personally went digital.

That's probably the fastest selling Wii U game to date. It will probably catch NSMBU at this rate....... Not saying that's a lot, but for a system with only 4m in the wild is a 10% attach rate for its first 2 weeks.



DavidH said:

@RainbowGazelle why not buy the physical copy instead and save yourself ten to fifteen pounds and have something you can sell on at a later date?



Nintenjoe64 said:

Shock horror! Game sells less in second week of release than its first!

@readyletsgo @MAB
Have you finished it? I would say it is the hardest 3D Mario by a long way. (Worlds 1-8 are very easy).



readyletsgo said:

@Nintenjoe64 Played up to half way through world 7, got insainly bored with it. SM3DL is 100% better.

Fired up Pikmin 3 instead and loving that more. Too much Mario over the past few years. He needs a break for a few years.



belmont said:

@element187 I sort of disagree. All 2D Mario games I have (and I have a lot) seem almost the same to me with minimal changes in useless power ups. The same goes for other series too. Zelda is essentially the same game with just other dungeon layouts. This is why I sort of got bored of them. I don't care about fps games but friends told me that this applies to them.

However minimal change is not always a bad think. Why change something if it works, people like it and sells? In the end it comes to the genre you enjoy most. The same can be said for traditional j-rpgs. I still love and play them and a lot of them sort of play in the same way.



Artwark said:

@MAB If you got a problem with the game, don't play it.

Don't try to hurt people's feelings here especially mine. :<



okamiki said:

@Boukman Maybe UK but the rest of europe, at least in my country, there are plenty of ninty fans.

Sure europe is the domain of PS...

But as someone said nintendo should reconsider their prices. One of the reasons i dont have more games it is because their games are 50€ for severa years and that cant just be.



elstif said:

Here we go again.
Like some other people said already, This is just a country and we all know Nintendo is not very popular in the UK

Can we at least get the number of sales in all the European countries/region, not just the UK?



ToneDeath said:

I've always felt like I was part of a minority group being a fan of Nintendo games, but this just makes me feel like an alien on my own planet.



readyletsgo said:

@elstif Yeah, why can't we get other European country sales of the week or month? I wanna know what games are selling well here in Ireland, or in France or Norway or Spain or even Germany (NoE base) etc no matter the platform but mainly Nintendo. UK is not all of Europe as some Web Sites seem to think.



Boukman said:

@okamiki @WYLD-WOO

Fair points, both of you. I understand this is an UK based website so I also understand it's focus. And indeed what goes for the UK also goes for the rest of Europe. That's why we get the crappy shop.



Melkaticox said:

Isn't UK that place where Knack outsold 3D World?

... ... ...
Nintendo should just forget about it.



Luffymcduck said:

I don't care about UK charts! I want charts from FINLAND!
... where Nintendo isn't really number 1 and there's only 5 million people.



Spoony_Tech said:

Abandoned ship! The Europeon market no longer deserves Nintendo. Doesn't seem they would be missed. Do it Nintendo cut the fat and focus more in NA and Japan of course!



Nintenjoe64 said:

@readyletsgo If I had stopped playing at world 8 I would have agreed with you and I would have been annoyed by all the hype if I stopped playing in world 7. There is a sharp rise in difficulty and a surprisingly large amount of stuff to do beyond the main map. Some of the later levels make "Tubular" and "Luigi's Purple Coins" look incredibly easy.



Nico85 said:

@Nintenjoe64 I was about to say the same thing about MAB's comment... granted i'm not the best video gamer but some levels are rally hard, and where are all these green mushrooms he keeps talking about?? I have actually never payed so much attention to collecting coins so that i can have 1 more life every now and then, cause man I do need them!!!



GraveLordXD said:

@belmont I agree with 2d Mario games being the same but that's about it
In no way is Zelda the same game over and over again same can be said for metroid and most of their other franchises



jayclayx said:

oh my, honestly I do not think mario kart or smash bros will do better than super mario 3d, this game its suppose to sell like hell on a nintendo console, sadly last nigh I read an article about amazon is boycotting nintendo 3ds sales offering apple and google devices with attractive discounts instead, this is really sad indeed.



DESS-M-8 said:

Given that knack and killzone are almost Gettin given away in bundles, they were always gonna outsell any normal release. Same with other games in too ten that game are offering for half price if you buy it with the console. That an the relatively small uk Wii u user base was always gonna result in lower numbers for super Mario world.
The uk market is saturated with teenage sillies that only want CoD an GTA irrespective I whether they're any good or not.
If Nintendo want UK numbers they need something mature looking, exclusive, loud, mindless and violent to get teenage males salivating.
AND they need to third party games in the same vein to back that up.
They don't produce a title like that? They will languish far far at the bottom forever. The 'casual' market has moved to tablets. This generation is now The gamer market and it is as strong as ever and to be successful, you need to appeal to that market. Nintendo fans from the nineties that are now 25-40 and game a lot, what do they play predominantly? GTA and battlefield? Or yarn yoshi and Mario world? Arguably, I'm 31 and play both, but the sales numbers tell you where the common market tends.
Wanna make money Nintendo? Appeal to the people that are spending it.



rjejr said:

Maybe we should only compare Wii U UK Sales to X1 Japan sales? If and when it ever comes out in Japan.

Question for the few people who dislike SM3DW: Are you playing it solo?

I'm not a big 2D Mario fan, I won't even bother playing them solo, and I can't recall any difference between NSMBWii and NSMBU, but I'm really looking forward to playing this w/ my wife and kids. My wife only plays Skylanders, Lego games and Mario Kart but she'll play this. If it were just me I might skip this, but good family "games" - not party game mini collections like Nintendo Land, Wario, Party or Rabbids - are few and far between.



withoutdk said:

well... when buying nintendo games.. i know that they are top quality.
if i need to pay a little more than regular games then i do so... i only pay around 35-40£ for nintendo games anyway



Nico85 said:

@jayclayx I find it really hard to believe that amazon would boycott such a good selling product as the 3ds, and even if they did they certainly wouldn't be promoting Apple products, they would try to push their own tablet... And besides, announced SM3dW was n1 on their best sellers chart just a few weeks ago.



datamonkey said:

It's very sad seeing such a good game selling so badly and being largely ignored but I have to say Nintendo have made their own bed with Wii U and they have to lye in it...



RainbowGazelle said:

@DavidHolliss I always buy physical copies, but they're still extortionate. I could just about justify £40 for the Mario game seeing as it's new, but Zelda, no matter how good it may be, is a remake. There is no way they should be charging full retail price for a remake that only took 6 months to make. There's nowhere near as many people to pay, than if it had been a new, full game, so full price is too much.



Peach64 said:

@Nico85 Every game has two days of sales in their first week, and that first week is always higher than anything that comes after it. Gran Turismo 6 and WWE 2K14 came out on the 6th too. If a game is not top 40 in their debut week there's next to chance of it ever being in the top 40.



eaglebob345 said:

Why keep reporting on a market who's majority just wants FIFA, CoD, and other "mature" titles? It is just not Nintendo's market. There will always be fans of all 3 console makers in these kinds of markets, but the UK market is just not as diverse as the US/North American market or the rest of Europe. I love how the Wii U sales pick up nearly every where else, yet you guys, and many other sites are still stuck on the UK market. Again, it is dominated by shooters and sports, on top of what seems to be a love for the best graphics on the "mature" consoles. It is just a group mentality thing. I knew a guy at my school who sold his 3DS and Pokemon game for a PS4 even though all of our friends have a 3DS. It's the "mature" image he wants to have. I know for a fact that he had enough for the system already, he was just embarrassed to have a 3DS. It is simply a maturity thing. If you like a game just play it, it is as simple as that. I couldn't care less about what people think of the games I play, but that's just me.



IronMan28 said:

"Mario didn't sell well in Texas" is basically what this article might as well be titled.



RainbowGazelle said:

@LDXD Yes, but the point I'm making is that they shouldn't be charging full price for a remake. Other companies generally don't. Take Deus Ex from Square Enix. It only came out a few months ago and is already £15-20. Also, $40 is only £24 max.



Marshi said:

Super mario 3d world could have been the next galaxy,sunshine or 64-esq adventure it STILL would have had similar sales. How on earth could it sell well in the shadow of new consoles? Love or hate the ps4/xbone its still new tech and everyone always goes silly over new tech. I mean look at far cry 3,that sold terribly because it was released the same day as the wiiu.
What people are not comprehending however is that in a few month games like knack and killzone will have minimal sales whereas mario will still be steadily achieving decent sales. This right here iI why I HATE sales talk. People jump to conclusions without looking at the bigger picture



GraveLordXD said:

@RainbowGazelle deus ex is a horrible example it was also $50 on Wii u and is only a few years old anyway
Not to mention Nintendo games hold their value you can even sell their games and get more money try selling a madden game that is 2 years old and see if you get more than $2 for it I dare you



Peach64 said:

@eaglebob345 The UK chart is far more diverse than both the US or Japan charts. Pretty much every well reviewed game of the year had been in the top spot upon release, while we've also seen games like Ni No Kuni and Minecraft reach number one which are pretty far from the mature games you say are all that succeed. I don't see any big Wii U games doing any better in Japan or the US. Pikmin 3 was 2nd in its first chart in the UK, and 10th in the states. Wind Waker HD was 4th in the UK chart, outside the top 10 in the US etc. People are acting like the UK is an anomaly but it's not.



RainbowGazelle said:

@LDXD I'm hoping so. I've heard good things and I'm getting it for Christmas. Hopefully I'll enjoy it just as much as everyone else seems to!



ThumperUK said:

Nintendo has not bothered promoting the WiiU in the UK so it is hardly surprising when potential gamers don't bother with the system nor why sales of games remain poor!!

While I am sick of hearing about what ever Reggie has said, at least Nintendo has an active spokesperson in the US,......the European marketing team is camera & media shy, and the WiiU in particular deserves better.



GraveLordXD said:

@RainbowGazelle if you like RPGs with a really cool futuristic setting you will more than likely love it
For some reason it kinda reminds me of shadow run in a way not sure why. Deus Ex is a gem you'll see what I mean when you start playing it



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Peach64 I am glad you cleared that up, people keep talking like the UK is some Nintendo graveyard. Mario Kart Wii has sold millions of copies in the UK alone.

UK is an excellent market for Nintendo, the Wii U had almost zero coverage (except the odd bit of Wii U bashing from major media outlets) for its first year and nearly every Wii U owner bought SM3DW and all the new Wii U owners probably got d/l code for SM3DW. Did people honestly think that Mario would sell more copies than the number of consoles?



matey97 said:

@rennandovale The UK love Nintendo mate I'm 34 and Nintendo have always been popular here in Manchester anyway,and Mariokart on Nintendo platforms is massive in the UK speak to anyone in Manchester about Mariokart and they like it trust me,the online on Mariokart wii is still being used alot in the the UK and on the whole Mariokart and COD are the biggest 2 games in the UK,END OF........sales prove it,Mariokart sells huge numbers in the UK 10 times Marioworlds always so stop spreading false info...Hmmmmmm



matey97 said:

@MAB Chillout when wiiu's sell so will Mario3DWorld simple,knack will stop selling thats the facts,more facts WiiU for the last 2 weeks has outsold ps4 in the US ??? and is the top selling home console in japan at present,it's picking up in the UK as well,let me say when Project CARS,Mariokart8,X,Bayonetta2 are all out with Smashbros and Zelda on the horizon wow,wiiu will sell 12 million consoles a year worldwide for like 3 years straight....



matey97 said:

@Peach64 WiiU is selling huge numbers in software considering the sales attach rate in each country.....they say only 680,000 software sales in UK in 1 year like its bad this is not including digital which was easily the same again if not double but anyway 200,000 wiiu's sold in the uk and 680,000 retail software sales equals every single wiiu owner has bought 3 games plus each,thats very good.....



ex-sight said:

There are too many Mario games these days, and after galaxy series - all mario games feels "the same of the same" and boring to play



eaglebob345 said:

@RainbowGazelle Thanks for the heads up, no wonder the news seemed so off. I have been hearing a lot of good things here in the states, but not on this site, and now I know why.



Marshi said:

@datamonkey Really? Im sure I saw that over xmas fc3 had sold only 500k copies. I mean I can appreciate that lifetime sales have now reached 6 mil,but then thats just my point. I think by this time next year mario 3d world will have sold multiple millions of copies.
Just like mario kart 7 creeping into 37th place this xmas despite being in its 3rd year of sale,i think mario 3d world will also be an evergreen title for nintendo



GamerJunkie said:

I guess Nintendo 1st party lost its luster for this generation of gamers.

To me 3d world is awesome, I thought it would sell lots of units and be a top seller for a long time, but Nintendo failed to advertise it the right way as always, so they are screwed now.

I don't see how any other game can be better than 3D world from Nintendo. Only Zelda maybe, but who knows when that will be done.



Luigi789 said:

( sigh ) i hope people don't start with the nintendo doomed thing seriously thats so annoying its a billion dollar company there not going anywhere specially when the 3DS is doing well, if the Wii U does fail oh well nintendo can survive



Luigi789 said:

but nintendo does need to work on their advertisement seriously why is that difficult for them they did it for the Wii and any other nintendo console why is it so difficult to advertise the Wii U



Doma said:

@Spoony_Tech lol, if Nintendo were to withdraw the WiiU due to failing in certain markets, they'd have to 'cut the fat' worldwide and focus on the 3DS.

@ex-sight Indeed that's true. I haven't bought a game with Mario's face on the cover since MK7, and i intend to keep it that way.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

Jesus you folks in the UK have a sad taste in gaming... After seeing Knack so high on the chart I wanna cry for your people.



Mahe said:

@Marshi There are over 4 million Wii U owners looking for new games, and new purchases constantly being made due to the Mario & Luigi bundle and Wii Party U, as well as loads of people who might get a Wii U if it didn't come with the Gamepad and if the games were more interesting. Peddling Mario 3D World to them this holiday was a complete misstep.



DreamDrop said:

True, Nintendo isn't doomed never was never will be. The only fact is that WiiU is living on the edge, any moment and it could fall into the abyss or soar into the sky. Let's see what 2014 brings for the WiiU.



McGruber said:

Personally I hope it fails. Nintendo needs a wake up call. As good as they look , been there done that titles like Mario World, DK, MK8, and even Smash Bros are not going to save that system.



zool said:

@RainbowGazelle I agree. Either Nintendo wants the Mario bundle to look as attractive as it can, with a free £50 game. Or maybe because Wii u sales are low games sales will be low, so Nintendo have to recoupe costs somehow.



MJKOP said:

Hey! I live in Northern Ireland, my last three purchases were 3D World, NSMBU, NSLU, Zelda: ALBW, my tastes in gaming are just fine!



Neram said:

@MAB Yeah, that would be a decade or two of HELL. Do you even own the game? Have you beaten it? Or did you just play it at someone's house for 10 minutes and call it a day? You're probably too busy playing Fifa on your PS3 to give it a real chance anyway.

These sales figures are for the market that Nintendo does the worst in. Obviously fun and cartoony games don't appeal to the average person in the UK for some reason, but that has always been the case. Racing and Fifa are the main games over there. The headlines will look much different once the North American figures are revealed. The place where people have good taste in entertainment.



ljb88 said:

Knack is outselling super mario 3d land, I've had enough; good bye cruel world.



Mahe said:

@Neram Always like that, even when the Wii was the best-selling console in the UK... give me a break.

UK is price and value sensitive, and Mario 3D World just isn't delivering on the value. Neither is the Wii U unfortunately, equipped with the cumbersome Gamepad which is practically an anti-value device. The Gamepad lowers the Wii U's value as a console, but it raises the price. It was a horrible mistake from Nintendo.



MJKOP said:

@Mahe says you. I'm new to Wii U, really love it so far, and I love the Gamepad. I got a Wii U, NSMBU, NSLU, 3D World, & a Mario Remote Plus for £267. I'm very careful with my money but I believe I got a good deal & I went for it



unrandomsam said:

@Spoony_Tech The 3DS is doing pretty well in the UK. Maybe the Bible Belt in the US is what is saving NIntendo ? (Parents who won't buy Satanic games or something similar).



Luigi789 said:

@Mahe thats your opinion i like the gamepad i think thats the best controller ever made , atleast nintendo is trying something different unlike ps4 which the controller is the same thing as the ps3 controller and that goes for the xbox too same controller each generation



Luigi789 said:

bravely default has released huh never noticed lol whoops but in my defense i didn't see it in any stores.



Mahe said:

@Luigi789 You may like it, but it's driving many potential customers away from the Wii U, thus weakening the console's future prospects, and causing constant criticism from the people who don't like the Gamepad, because it's forced upon us with all of its poor implementation.



Captain_Toad said:

@Mahe Yeah, the gamepad price is so driving the wiiU down the gutter, even though the PS4 and Xbox1, (the more expensive consoles) is selling more than the WiiU at the moment....
(case in point Knack on the ps4 $460 selling more than the 3d world on the wiiU $310(basic)-$360(premium).)



ToxieDogg said:

@Peach64 What? WWE 2K14 came out over a month ago (on November 1st) didn't it? Or did I just get my copy through the post really early?



Chomposaur said:

@RainbowGazelle i don't know where you are shopping for your games but i picked up 3D World for £38 on games are dirt cheap on there too the same with Windwaker.
games are so much cheaper online, i haven't bought anything from GAME in years



SuperMinusWorld said:

@MAB This isn't a Mario problem. Mario sells (almost always). This is a Wii U problem. The console is a tough sell when people don't seem to get the point of the controller and, for anther $100, you can get a PS4 with a ton of hyped upcoming games. Plus, the marketing has just been outstanding for PS4 (and XBOne for that matter).

Also, go play the last few worlds and tell me you didn't have a hard time with a straight face. Come on now. No one's just that good. And I've been playing Mario games for a long time. 3D World is a fantastic game. Wii U is an unconvincing system (although I love it).



GreatPlayer said:

If Nintendo does not think of something to resurrect the situation PS4 and Xbox One will win over.

It is unfortunate that Nintendo is only the company that is willing to make non-violent and non-sexualized games. That was the reason I purchased my Wii U. But, Nintendo continue to make easy games which dampens my interest in. After Mario U I vow not to buy another Mario game without demos.



RainbowGazelle said:

@JogurtTheYogurt Actually I usually buy my games from I was just saying that Nintendo usually set their retail prices too high, and never have any sales of their games. £38 still seems a bit steep, but maybe I'm just really stingy.



Haywired said:

Again with all the "well UK always hates Nintendo" crap in the comments... I'd reply individually, but there's too many! You do know that the biggest selling console of all time in the UK is the DS. And among the biggest selling games of all time in the UK are: New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports Resort/Fit/Play, Brain Training, various Pokemons. The Wii U is doing badly in the UK, which guess what; it is everywhere!

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