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Mon 3rd Jun 2013

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DavidH commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (Europe):

With Toki Tori purchased first on the Wii U eShop — €5.99 / £5.19 until 14th November, normally €14.99 / £12.99

So it's cheaper to buy both Toki Tori at £1.79 and Toki Tori 2+ at £5.19 than buy Toki Tori 2+ at the discountred price of £7.79



DavidH commented on Nintendo Download: 10th October (Europe):

Hot Wheels World's Best Drive (WB Games, €29.99 / £24.99)

Is this getting a physcial 3DS release do you know? shame the Wii U/PS3/360 reviews for the game are pretty awful.



DavidH commented on You'll Be Able To Use Wii Fit U For One Month ...:

Can't watch the video at work, so the software is free and you just need to buy this stepper thing for $20. Sounds a bit too good to be true. Colour me impressed if it is right though.
EDIT no you will need to buy the "game" via eShop or retail.

Typo in there Damo - Decemeber



DavidH commented on Nintendo Download: 19th September (Europe):

Got my hopes up for some surprise Wii U releases this week with your headline bit of clarity re what's on the Wii U and what's on the 3DS would be better.

Wii U gets Mega, intergalactic pinball, AiRacing, gladiators and more



DavidH commented on Developer Interview: keen games Talk About TNT...:

I'm quite liking it so far (I'm in UK it's out here today), online leaderboards are good, but I think they are only for career mode? be great if someone could clear that up.
Sinalefa, you can customise loads in this game yes.



DavidH commented on Nintendo Download: 29th August (Europe):

See Bit.Trip Runner 2 has 25% off (until 12th Sept) on the European eShop, did that start today? not seen it mentioned on here or anywhere else today.
Great game for those that don't already own it.



DavidH commented on Pokémon Rumble U Figurines and Special Editio...:

I know, they didn't have that in store a little while ago though.
Guess they will be doing p'ex and taking the figures in exchange and selling them used too?

EDIT: p'ex answer is in the article doh.
Real shame about the "blindness" though, do however love the way you just place them on the gamepad rather the portal with Skylanders.



DavidH commented on Flipnote Studio 3D European Release is Delayed:

I see, took me an absolute age to try and log in here via IE (don't know if there's a problem) or I would have posted it sooner. Gave up in the end and used Chrome.
I'm just impatient for news of the update, like most gamers



DavidH commented on Japanese Wii U eShop Promotion Undercuts Retai...:

Trouble also with Wii U digital is if the machine goes pop so does all your digitial content with no way of getting it on your replacement machine.
And I think digital prices need to be at least a third cheaper than retail, due to no resale value etc. Though I'm probably in a minority of selling on my Wii U games when I'm done with them.



DavidH commented on Nintendo Download: 4th July (Europe):

@Sonic_Phantom, know exactly what you mean, I wish Pilotwings, SMW, F-Zero etc were each a couple of quid cheaper, but can't see them being put on sale anytime soon. Think they would sell a lot more of them if they were £3.99 each or something.