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Male, 31, Russian Federation

I'm programmer from Russia, start to play games almost 20 years ago on Dendy. Now I prefer platformers, Atlus RPGs and japaneese games in general. Like a Wii U, hope there will be more good games for it.

Sun 8th Dec 2013

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Widowmaker commented on Talking Point: Miiverse Can Promote System Uni...:

Waited for 3Dverse with impatience. It definitely has a lot of "white noice" messages. But there are a lot of fun and meaningful ones too. And you can easely find people with same gaming tastes as you.

I prefere to use Miiverse to share some thoughts or interesting moments from my games and usually get quick and friendly responses. Ability to save messages offline is very helpful, but it need editing.

Also I hope to see closer integration with 3DS games in future - like bottles from WW HD or guest Mii in Nintendo Land park. It was fun and unique experiences.