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Nintendo Titles Fail to Infiltrate the UK All-Format Top 20

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Super Mario 3D World does finally beat Knack, though

Monday morning means that it's UK game charts time, with the all-format results — perhaps unintuitively — making better reading for Nintendo at the present time. This is due to the charts being packed with multi-platform games, in particular, with single-platform titles placing higher when not coming head to head with four or more versions of these big-name games.

With Christmas getting ever closer, however, this week's placings are disappointing reading for Nintendo, though there are still a number of ever-green 3DS titles battling it out with the big boys. The highest-placed is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which shows decent longevity with a respectable 21st place finish; not far behind are Pokémon X & Y in 23rd and 24th (with X edging ahead) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 25th. Further down the chart we have continued placings for Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy in 34th and Mario Kart 7 in 38th.

There's a further drop for Super Mario 3D World as it comes in 29th place, though it does finally finish ahead of the PS4's Knack for the first time, a small-win over the often-bundled but poorly received (critically) launch title. New Super Luigi U squeezes into 40th place, but those chart positions don't suggest substantial UK boosts for Wii U hardware sales.

Once again 3DS games carry the fight well for Nintendo, but it seems the weight of multi-platform blockbusters is proving too much for the current portable and Wii U lineup to make a significant impact at the top end.


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Ony said:

UK is known for its non-interrest for Nintendo, so...



Jamesy2013 said:

Why do people keep saying the UK is not interested in Nintendo? All throughout the year nintendo titles have been in the charts, Animal Crossing New Leaf was second only to the last of us for many weeks, Pikmin 3 was in a similar situation being in the charts for a couple of weeks aswell.



Datasun_7 said:

@Jamesy2013 i agree, I think people are in denial if they think the Uk does not like Nintendo/colour. Let's not forget Mario Kart wii and how well 3ds software/hardware has done this year.



BestBuck15 said:

That is 100% true what you just said. I think most games in the charts are selling now 'obviously' but in a year or so sales will have dried up, but Nintendo games I think keep selling a lot longer because of the brand and quaintly.



Marshi said:

No surprises really, new console and multi platform stuff will always outsell older console exclusives,its just the way it works. What nintendo needs to do now who am I kidding nintendo dont care, iwata at the moment is doing the equivelent of a child sticking his fingers in his ears going "LA LA LA DI DA DA NOT LISTENING DA DA DAAA!"

Im sorry guys im just sick of defending a company that refuses change its outdated and potentially suicidal business practices



element187 said:

@Jamesy2013 that was during the year when there was nothing new being released on systems not named Nintendo. There was what, 5 big game releases all year on ps3 & Xbox?

3DS does chart because of the children market but again that was also during a year with not many big games was being released on the subhd twins, otherwise those would have been a dud too.



Jamester0722 said:

Nintendo games like 3D World always have long legs. Knack will probably just be a flash in the pan. Selling well while PS4 owners have nothing better to play.



RetroBillyT said:

Kind of disappointing , but bear in mind that there is a sales boost accross the board at Xmas, so although Super Mario 3D World may only be at 29, it could be selling a lot more than some of the higher-placed games did earlier in the year...



element187 said:

With Wii U failing in the UK, even with a game library that absolutely murders xBone and PS4, Nintendo is going to have to rethink that market completely. They will never even break even there, and Nintendo is a company that can't tolerate massive losses because they have no back up business to lean on in tough times.

200k, that's like Xbox in Japan territory. They would profit much better if they just let those 200k hardcore Nintendo fans in the UK just import the next console and cut your losses. They dumping millions in advertising for a pretty pitiful result.



JimLad said:

New Super Mario Bros Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit, Wii Play.
These are all games that remained in the UK charts for YEARS, so don't tell me the UK doesn't like Nintendo.
The difference between then and now is about 1.8 million hardware sales.
In short: the software isn't selling because the hardware isn't selling. (probably because it's more expensive and doesn't do anything exciting like the Wii did)



MrGawain said:

It is the all formats chart, which means when Mario is up against COD or AC4, its Wii U sales vs Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, AND Wii U sales. True the Wii U isn't doing very well, but comparing how a Wii U game is doing to one that has an install base of 100 million or so is a little unfair.



rennandovale said:

@Damo Yeah, i realise this, im from Brazil and read this site almost every day since november 2012, and i never seen so many UKcharts like i saw in the last weeks, (sorry for my terrible english)



element187 said:

@JimLad those IP's you named doesn't have a market any longer. Most of those casuals have moved on and not coming back, so their sequels won't chart. Mario kart Wii had a massive install base everywhere of course it will chart for a long time.

Anyone who thinks Kart or Smash will turn things around in the UK is delusional. Kart and Smash might push the UK numbers to where it's at in North America, which is still lousy.



Wolfgabe said:

@MrGawain Good point. Its silly comparing a relatively new system to two that have been out for years and have a much more established library and user base. Why can't we see just the single format charts? Mario might be number one there



WYLD-WOO said:

Does get very boring with the same old comments on here each week about the UK and it`s dislike of Nintendo. I always really enjoy reading this article each week.



Artwark said:

@matirishhh its the opposite as Miyamoto plans to retire and let the others be in charge.

Why can't people respect Iwata for crying out loud?!?



Damo said:

@rennandovale We report on sales figures from both the US and Japan, as well. And don't forget we're running up to Christmas - the most important time of the year when it comes to software sales, so you're going to see more focus on this kind of data.



WYLD-WOO said:

So, it`s not just Nintendo we dislike, its colour too. Hahahahaha……. Yeah, we are known across the World for our dislike of colourful things........



Worthy said:

@Jamesy2013 i'm from the UK and I also remember when the 3DS first came out and nearly everyone was slating it because according to the media 'it makes people go dizzy' and ironically that same media is now proclaiming the 3DS to be the best handheld, plus people don't seem to get dizzy or sick anymore because of it, lol!

Sadly we Brits seem to look down on Nintendo until sales rise in other countries and then we Brits suddenly change our tune and jump on the bandwagon because 'everyone else is getting them'... ie; like what happened with the original Wii.

BTW i'm not having a pop at my fellow countrymen, just pointing out how quick we are to change our tune when something is 'the in thing' at the moment and it's not just Nintendo as even iphone apps have a bandwagon. Seriously my mate said Bejewelled is rubbish and is another boring 'swap stuff to get three in a row' game... and now she plays Candy Crush which is basically the same thing, I WONDER WHY? lol!



orangespoon said:

@element187 i would doubt the UK operation is making as much of a loss as you imply; the 3DS is probably helping it break even or near enough... globally the Big N is doing OK and can take a console failure on a similar scale to the GC (but probably not more than one in a row of course, certainly not if the next handheld fails)



Jamesy2013 said:

@Worthy Exactly right the 3ds bombed until christmas 2011 since then its performed brilliantly, the wii u isnt selling very well anywhere however sales are reported every monday for the uk so people jump on that and claim stupid things like people from the u.k dont like nintendo



Boukman said:

It's not just a Nintendoproblem. The list is filled with boring shooters en stupid sport and dance games. Look at Tearaway at no. 36. That's a wonderful game as well. First decent game (except maybe assassin's creed and GTA V) is at number 21. Gaming more and more resembles the musiccharts.



Monkeh said:

I'm just stunned by the fact Angry Birds: Star Wars is at number 17, even though it's a game that's worth about 1 buck, yet it costs almost 20 pounds (30 euro over here in Holland, but since it's a UK chart I used the price).



Peach64 said:

Last week I showed disappointment that Bravely Default failed to chart, and some people criticised that as it had only been out for 2 days. Will these people ever accept that nothing sells more in it's second week, with a full seven days, than it does in it's debut, which is always only 2 days? It just does not happen. Video game sales are hugely front loaded. Even stuff that stays in the chart all year gets a huge percentage of it's lifetime sales in the first 2 days. The stuff that hits the top at this time of year is typically selling in the hundreds of thousands, the stuff at the bottom is selling a couple of thousand. You can spend two years at the bottom of the chart and it won't make up for one week at the top.

@Wolfgabe you can See these charts for yourselves every monday morning on The individual formats chart makes things look even worse as Mario is at 40 this week. There's a few 3DS titles in there though.

And the people still blaming this on the UK not liking Nintendo must have very short memories after the NPD figures got released last thursday. The PS4 and Xbox One are pretty close to surpassing the Wii U's lifetime sales there too, and there was no Mario in the top 10 either. It's really no different anywhere.



AJWolfTill said:

How do these titles fare in the platform exclusive charts? Considering these charts are putting all the Nintendo exclusives against the multiplatform new releases these results really don't seem too bad.



ikki5 said:

a lot of those games are across 5 or 6 platforms..... so of course they are going to do better.


Wii U daily is pretty good though occasionally you need to defend it when a moron reporter by the name of John.... (lets leave out the last name ) posts something stupid where he shows how he failed at math by not being able to add or count and english by not being able to read properly. lol



banacheck said:

The other consoles outsell the one year old Wii U in just a few days, and people think its a UK problem. Maybe they should take there heads out of the sand and smell the coffee.



ikki5 said:


it has only outsold it in the UK, Not the rest of Europe or the rest of the world. in NA, right now the Wii u and other systems are not that far off in sales. considering how the systems were recently released and probably by January, they will probably equal off for a bit.



banacheck said:

The Wii U took a week to sell its first 400,000 Wii U systems in the US, towards the PS4 one million in 24 hours US. A UK problem me thinks not.



Mr_Nose said:

@banacheck News can be good or bad, but the bigger problem is many of the registered users who use Nintendo sites to voice their animosity for Nintendo and it's console. It doesn't create a very welcome environment for the fan. Forums on such sites degenerate into 'for and against' wrestling matches.



ikki5 said:


yes, that's what happens when you hype a console like crazy and also manufacture more than the other for launch. but now the thing is, those numbers have dropped severely almost to what the Wii U is selling like now, there was even a week where the Wii U had actually sold more units than the PS4.

just so you know, the Wii U has sold more than double Xbox ones and the PS4 is about half way there now. With their sales dropping like flies right now, it is going to take at least a few months if not more to match the sales. If the sales stay what they are, it is probably going to take a little more than a year for the Xbox one, PS4 will probably go faster because Japan likes their PS4s where as Xbox.... they don't care.



electrolite77 said:


It's a UK based site. Other charts get published on here too. It is an indication of Nintendo sales. The US charts are almost the same-COD Number 1, then AC, then Battlefield.



electrolite77 said:


This is spot on. A low chart position in December will be selling more than. High chart position in February. These games are still making Nintendo cash.



BestBuck15 said:

Nintendo is not doing as well in the UK as in the US. I wonder why? Wii U in the states is $300 and Wii U in UK £250 which is equal to $408.
PS3 is selling with 2 games on amazon GT6 and Last of us for £189 with a 500gb hdd. Wii U is not that attractive and it only has about 2 good games on it Mario and Pikmin and they're both full price titles.



Peach64 said:

@ikki5 There's almost no chance it will take a year. They've sold 1.5 million Wii U consoles in the US at the end of November and 900,000 Xbox One consoles, and somewhere between 1 million and 1.6 million PS4 consoles. Do you honest believe that sales have dried up? Gamestop just announced they have 1.8 million people on the PS4 waiting list for a PS4 in the United States alone. Here in the UK if you tried ordering a PS4 in November you were already told they'd sold out every shipment in January. They'll almost certainly both surpass Wii U in a month or two.

People must be buying them for future potential, but make no mistake, there's huge demand for those two consoles, demand that was never there for Wii U. I don't ever remember hearing about Wii U waiting lists or crazy prices on ebay.

@vamkar Why is it not an indication? So far the US has followed the UK trends perfectly. Pikmin 3 did okay in the UK, then okay in the States. Wonderful 101 flopped in the UK, then flopped in the states. Now Mario does okay in the UK and okay in the States. At least Zelda made it into the UK top 10, which it did not do in the States. People are kidding themselves if they think this is not happening everywhere.



Dogpigfish said:

UK has a long way to go before it can be considered 'significant', for now just show us the European numbers.



ikki5 said:


wow 1.8 million? you'd think that the sales would reflect this.... and that it would be a more consistent sales per week if that were the case unless the variation of Manufacturing is really that big of a difference from a week to week basis....

also, just because something sole 900k sales in one month, does not mean it will be 900k sales the next month, even more so when that first month was it's launch time..... and there was black Friday sales.... I'd hate to see you trying to run a company if you honestly believe that the sales will be just as strong right after a launch the next month also during the time where you would get the best deals and people would be out shopping. You said it before in a previous post on how people mention that the chart would show only 2 days and therefore the next week would be better but it was never the case because the best time when something would sell... is it debut.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Nintendo was very popular in the UK for the last few years but the lack of early advertising or games and zero retail presence has killed the Wii U. There is nowhere to buy a Wii U in the UK. Go into a GAME or a supermarket and see if you can see one. You might be able to ask for one or see a few games in the corner but the retailers are literally pushing Nintendo into a corner. There are 4 consoles on display, 2 from Sony and 2 from MS. The reason retailers have sold out of Wii U bundles recently is because they took tiny numbers of stock because they didn't want to be left with loads of shelves like in January. They might still be able to turn it around but I said it from the start, the only game the UK cares about is Mario Kart.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The report that said it outsold the UK total in a day referred to the 150k pre-ordered PS4 consoles sold on day one compared to Wii U's 40K at launch and about 40K for the following year. PS4 is probably on course to overtake Wii U's 4.3 Million worldwide total either just before xmas or soon after but 12 months ago, people were reporting very strong 3 Million+ sales for the first few weeks of Wii U so who knows what will really happen





Lets all be honest, nobody wants to hang out with the unpopular crowd.

And that is nintendo's problem, they need to sort their image out, It doesn't matter how good their games are, all the kids know is that nintendo ain't cool.

Never under estimate the power of perception and image, it's sad but true.



Peach64 said:

@ikki5 Have you honestly seen any PS4s or Xbox Ones in stores? They can only sell what they can make. They had months and months to stockpile them for launch, and they all sold. Now all they can manage is small shipments, and as I said before, they're selling out too. I don't believe they're going to continue selling over 900k a month, but if they can make another 900k available during December I imagine those would sell too.

I'm not saying they deserve to sell those numbers, or deserve to outsell the Wii U, but just pointing out it's not just the UK where the Wii U is going to have it's year lead wiped out pretty quick, it's everywhere. The UK market is fitting right in where the trends elsewhere, but every week people complain about NLife posting this chart, saying it doesn't matter.



Lord said:

If Mr. Iwata resigns at the end of the financial year lets hope Miyamoto does NOT take over because 1) we would loose that talent in the dev/production pool 2) we would never get any hardcore games 3) old franchises would be put to rest. Like f-zero, starfox, metroid.



Nintenjoe64 said:

So true, they're facing a massive uphill battle to sort their image out. They want to appeal to a family friendly crowd but most kids want to shoot humans in the face. The fact that many Nintendo games are playable by people of all ages means that once a kid hits about 10, they will not think it is cool to be playing the same thing that an 8 year old might. I think they might change things up with the Wii U because their demographic is mainly its older fans but they will probably do the opposite and invent a game that can be play by a foetus.

I don't think Iwata will step down. Investors will not be annoyed with how Nintendo performed through a global economic meltdown, a nuclear disaster and further increased competition. Not any significant investors anyway. I suppose the Yamauchi family might see it differently but I doubt they'd want to compromise the man who made Nintendo the most profitable company (per employee) in the world two years in a row despite where their image was at the end of the Gamecube era.



electrolite77 said:


Saying the chart doesn't matter is just a fanboy zealot thing. They need to play down bad news in any way. If Wii U sales in the UK were brilliant, it'd matter then alright.



jcags said:

I like clicking articles like this to see what excuses people from the UK come up.





I'm not saying mario needs to start shooting people, they can still keep their family image without being uncool. All they need to do is give some of Wii U's other games that same push they give mario.

Why not aquire HVS and fund a conduit 3 like sony did with killzone ? why didn't they show X or bayonetta 2 at VGX ? why not give mario a rest for a while and give fox McCloud the push he deserves ?

Why not advertise a little more ?

Dont get me wrong, I love my Wii U, but a console is only as good as its games and this is where I feel a bit let down. I didn't want another donkey kong or NSMB or a HD remake, they could have put that time and energy into something we actually want.

I think another problem is that its the same old formula every generation with nintendo home console



Jazzer94 said:

@Ryno Have you been to the UK recently have you surveyed a large number of UK console owners.... no so keep your misguided opinions to yourself.
@Dogpigfish It is one of the biggest gaming markets so of course its important.
@vamkar Thats like saying the US only cares about COD, Halo, GTA and Madden its just a stupid comment.
@element187 DS, Wii and 3DS show how redundant your second comment is as Nintendo is popular in the UK when successfully marketed like the 3DS is being at the moment.



phazon said:

@Peach64 actually my wal mart and gamestop both have ps4's and xbox one's in stock and they have been there for a while



PinkSpider said:

One of the best games nintendo have ever made, and easily one of the best games of the year, but defiantly the best platform game since Super Mario Galaxy is in 29th position in the U.K.... God it makes me sad to be English



Luna-Harmony said:

Go back in a time machine and say that about uk people in the snes era.
People in the uk love 3DS a train trip to london confirmed that.
The problem is micropoo and the xbox its taken over.



Haywired said:

Thank you @Peach64 @bananacheck @Jazzer94 @JimLad @jamesy2013

Every week it seems we have to fight the ignoramuses in the comments who think that "the stupid UK hates Nintendo" or "the stupid UK has terrible taste in games". Because the Wii U is doing poorly here (because of course it's doing soooo well in your region...)

To those who are routinely insulting the UK, I would say firstly, the UK market does matter. It's the third biggest market after the US and Japan and secondly you do know that the biggest selling console of all time in the UK is the DS. And among the biggest selling games of all time in the UK are: New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports Resort/Fit/Play, Nintendogs, Brain Training, various Pokemons, etc. The 3DS is also doing rather well here.

While I don't expect those people to remember because willful ignorance seems to be their forte, the UK charts from 2007/8/9 barely had non-Nintendo games in the top 10.



ToxieDogg said:

Are all the US posters on here who say that the UK 'doesn't matter' when it comes to Nintendo sales just completely burying their heads in the sand or something? Because Wii U games are charting no better over there. So should Nintendo dump the US as well?



Caryslan said:

I find it funny how people are running around these comments acting like the UK does not like Nintendo, or they have bad tastes in gaming because Super Mario 3D World is not selling the way they had hoped. Did some of you forget how dominant the 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf were during the summer? Or how many 3DS games have managed to chart this year in the UK?

Its easy to blame the tastes of gamers or act like Nintendo is trying to sell their product to dirty casuals who only want to play "COD:# 100!" or Fifa. But honestly, things are not doing any better in the other regions when it comes to the Wii U.

Super Mario 3D World had a horrible first week in Japan. Does that mean they hate Nintendo as well and have horrible tastes in games? Keep in mind, this is the region where the 3DS has dominated the charts for the entire year!

Same goes for the US!

People need to let go of this foolish notion that gamers are drooling morons who blindly follow anything Microsoft and Sony shove in their faces. Contrary to popular belief, most people don't hate Nintendo. If they did, the 3DS would not be the top selling system in one market, and at the top of the charts in the other two major markets.

Fact is, Nintendo's approach with the Wii U has been flat all year long. Where are the TV ads during football games and primetime shows? Sony and Microsoft have them all over the place! What major titles besides Super Mario 3D World did Nintendo have ready to entice buyers to pick the Wii U this holiday season?

Everyone loves to bring up the 3DS' recovery, but it had a major marketing push, had two major titles that sold units(Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7) and had a major price drop!

I'm not doubting that there are Nintendo haters out there, and the media does tend to have a sharply biased view. But people really need to stop this idea that people blindly hate Nintendo and have horrible tastes in gaming if they are not running out in droves to pick up a Wii U and a copy of Super Mario 3D World.

Its a great game, but the reality is that Nintendo has dropped the ball this holiday season. They banked on a single games to save the Wii U, and it got overshadowed by the launches of new systems. On top of that, the 3DS kept getting great new games, which results in even less of an incentive to pick up a Wii U this year.

Nintendo should have come out of the gate with several key exclusives, a blitz of ads on TV, and a focus on taking attention away from Sony and Microsoft. Instead, they went in there thinking Mario's name alone was enough to sell systems. I think I've seen more focus on selling the 3DS and Wii Mini than I have the Wii U!

So please, just stop with the whole "everyone hates Nintendo" stuff. If that were true, the 3DS would not be selling like hotcakes. The harsh truth is that Nintendo's approach to selling the Wii U is simply not working.



electrolite77 said:


The zealots just need to blame someone else for the Wii U tanking, even though it's Nintendo's fault. They'll blame Sony, Microsoft, the media, retail, the UK, 'dudebros', whorver they can point the finger at so they don't have to face up to it being Nintendo's fault.



Caryslan said:

@Hernandez But yet the 3DS and those same kinds of games that are becoming "niche" still sell very well in Japan, the US, and the UK. Animal Crossing New Leaf was a massive success that sold very well across those three regions.

Maybe the problem is how Nintendo is marketing and selling the Wii U. This was a make or break holiday season, and they only thing they have ready to go is Super Mario 3D World? This is their answer in the face of numerous major titles coming out, two new systems with tons of marketing and hype behind them, and two rivals that are very strong in the same market?

There comes a point where pointing the finger at everyone else besides NIntendo no longer works. Fifa has existed since the days of the Sega Genesis. Its not like that's a brand new series that came out of nowhere. It was around during the DS and Wii era!

If people only cared about mature, brown shooters, than why did Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakining, and Pokemon X/Y sell so well this year in all three regions? If people hate Nintendo so much, why is the 3DS at the top or close to the top of almost every chart? Why is the Vita suffering in sales if Nintendo is so hated?

I love Nintendo, but they limped out of the barn this holiday season. This was a major chance to push the Wii U into homes, and the only thing they had ready was a Mario game. Compare that to the 3DS' holiday lineup which included a brand new Zelda game, Pokemon X & Y, and a new Mario Party game.

Its not just people blindly bashing Nintendo. The honest truth is that Nintendo deserves a large porton of the blame for the Wii U's problems. Yes, bias media and blind fanboys never help, but Nintendo is doing a poor job of proving why anyone need a Wii U. Where are the television ads? Where are the major holiday games besides Super Mario 3D World?

People need to stop pointing the finger at everyone else, and realize Nintendo is pretty much to blame for the Wii U's problems. Yes, they have issues with a bias media, but many outlets are praising Super Mario 3D World!

Its not all people who hate Nintendo! Nintendo takes their share of the blame for the problems they are having. They are repeating the same mistakes that they have made with their consoles since the N64.



JaxonH said:

Iwata resign? You mean the guy that took over during the Gamecube era and turned the business around the following generation, boosting home console sales from Nintendo's lowest ever (roughly 20 million) to Nintendo's highest ever (roughly 100 million)? You mean the guy who presided over the highly successful Gameboy Advance, the DS (Nintendo's most succesful gaming device ever, selling over 150 million units), and let's not forget the 3DS, turning the handheld around from a total flop to the number one selling gaming device in the world? That guy?

So despite Iwata's immaculate record of success for over a decade, all it takes is one year of disappointing sales for fans to turn against him? Logic would dictate that if anyone can lead the Wii U into success, it's him. He's proven that time and again. People need to understand, this is a cut throat business. You win some, you lose some- not every console will catch fire. Which makes Iwata's record thus far even more impressive.



123akis said:

if Nintendo made the Wii U with better graphics similar to PS4 & Xbox One, then third parties would have supported Wii U, but Wii U a great console!



R_Champ said:

LOL, go easy on 'em...they also have Benedict Cumberbatch...KAAAAHN!


I understand what you're saying with 3DS vs. Wii U holiday lineup, but in the United States Mario games tend to sell more than Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario Party combined. Just because some hardcore fans are angry doesn't mean they know more about the market than people at Nintendo counting the money.


Totally. Iwata has actually done really well overall. People crying over him to resign is just another facet of the negative feelings people are spreading about Nintendo in general...yeah, resign Iwata, so Vita can actually start selling or Apple can finally gain total control of the market with stuff like Angry Birds



JaxonH said:

You say all Nintendo had for Wii U was a Mario game, but I think you're forgetting Pikmin 3, New Super Luigi U, Wonderful 101 and Zelda Windwaker, not to mention the 3rd party games, big ones, like Splinter Cell Blacklist, Batman Arkham Origins, Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4, Deus Ex Human Revolution and even Sonic Lost World, all in addition to the excellent Super Mario 3D Land. There was NO shortage of big releases for Wii U prior to Christmas.

I know it's easy to start pointing fingers anytime things don't go the way we want, but this is one scenario in which I do not think it fair to fault Nintendo. They brought multiple top-notch releases in months leading to Christmas, they advertised, they did everything right. Sometimes it's just how the cookie crumbles.

But fret not. We are not investors, so slumping sales will not affect us as gamers. Wii U is just as excellent to game on with sluggish sales as it would be if it were selling gangbusters. Nintendo always supports its consoles 100%, and you can bet that even if Nintendo doesn't sell a single Wii U from now until 9th gen, it won't have any bearing on the games we get from them. I take comfort in that, and that's why I always buy Nintendo consoles day one. Cause I know the games will come regardless.



JaxonH said:

You know, I admire Sony fans- I really do. Take the Vita for example, a handheld which I bought at launch. It's pretty much well known how poorly the Vita has done, and it's misfortune is clearly evident by the barren release schedule. But you don't see Sony fans calling for Jack Tretton to resign, you don't see articles up on their fan sites talking about poor Vita sales, you don't hear any of them complaining about Sony or writing the company off. You don't hear any of them talking about how Sony should be doing this or should be doing that, or how they should be marketing differently...none of that.

I admire that, and think Nintendo fans could learn something from Sony fans. Just because a console isn't SELLING well, doesn't mean it's any less fun to play. And it's certainly nothing to get outraged over. Nothing to call for resignations, nothing to finger point and elaborate on just how bad a job the company is doing. Why? Because it's just not that important. It's ok to keep tabs on how well a console is selling, but lately fans are becoming nothing less than obsessed with it- almost as if it's a hobby all in its own for some people, keeping tabs on console sales and sharing their divine wisdom about how the company SHOULD be run.

Forget sales. It just isn't that important. I'm ok gaming on a console most people ignore. That's fine with me. Cause I know what's fun. And Nintendo games are most definitely fun. They really are. That's why I don't complain that much, because I'm just too happy playing all these awesome Nintendo games- I don't have time to be upset. Besides, most things people get upset over are, tbh, very trivial matters, and most of the time irrelevant to gaming anyways.



ToxieDogg said:

@JaxonH Sales are important, because without them a console will lose third party support, and may even get less first party support.

It's quite understandable that people are getting agitated, because a lot of us have bought Wii Us for full, or near full price and don't want to be left in a position where we're forced to spend hundreds again on another console just to play all the games we've been looking forward to from third parties, but have been cancelled (or not even considered) for Wii U because of low sales.

You're right that low sales don't make an actual console any less fun to play, but it'll (very) likely severely limit the amount of games that console gets released for it going forward. Does that not bother you even a little bit?



Jazzer94 said:

@123akis A lot better what are you talking about, SM3DW sold 19,360 in France, 24,083 in Germany and 16,942 in the UK now lets look at populations of the countries France 65,834,000, Germany 80,548,000 and UK 63,705,000 (Keep in mind these are estimates) surely if there is a larger population for both countries the game should be selling more yet the sales difference is relatively tiny please enlighten me to how this is "a lot better".



123akis said:

@Jazzer94 i'm looking at it in terms of where it appears in the charts, not the number sold. Super mario 3d world is 7th in the French chart and 8th in the German chart... but in the UK it's 29th according to UKIE and 27th according to VG chartz, they are different because VG chartz is week ending 7th December and UKIE is week ending 14th December



JaxonH said:

A fair point, to which I would say this:

While sales may indeed affect 3rd party support, I do not believe worrying can change one hair on anyone's head, and certainly won't change what's going to happen. What happens happens, no sense getting upset about it. My advice would be to just go with the flow. If the day comes you feel your gaming needs are not fully satisfied with the consoles you own, cross that bridge when the day comes.

Having said that, I would like to add that Nintendo consoles haven't been a mainstay for 3rd parties in over 2 decades. So I think we all knew what we signed up for when we bought a Wii U. I honestly wasn't expecting to see more than Nintendo's last 3 home consoles received, which is why I'm actually PLEASED with the amount of 3rd party games on Wii U.

I think Wii U, in just one year, already has more meaningful, worth-while 3rd party support than the Wii, Gamecube, or N64 got their entire lifespans. So even if Wii U never saw a single other 3rd party game, I'd be ok with that. I've already got more than I thought we'd get the entire generation. Everything from here on out is pure bonus to me. Now, sure I want to see more, of course, but again I see anything more as a bonus, not as something I'm expecting.

My favorite games to play are Nintendo games, but I do enjoy some of the bigger 3rd party blockbusters. Which is why it's nice that Wii U seems to be getting at least a few AAA titles- it's not getting much, but almost every port it's gotten is one that I wanted, so it works out perfectly. Just the right amount of additional games to round out the library.

If a person is a really big fan of 3rd party games, and wants the whole enchilada, then it's probably best to have 2 consoles in my opinion. PS4 or Xbox One for the AAA, and Wii U for Nintendo exclusives. That's the route I've chosen this gen, although unlike most dual console owners, my Wii U is my main console and my PS4 is my secondary. All comes down to personal taste really.

Sorry for the long response, I just wanted to be sure I was fully expressing my view on the situation.



boynerdrambling said:

@jaxonH You my friend are the only sane person in this entire thread.
@ToxieDogg wake up and smell the roses, no nintendo platform has had amazing third parry support since the snes. Anyone one saying other wise must live in another universe



ToxieDogg said:

@boynerdrambling Oh, come on now, you're talking nonsense. Anyone can name quite a lot of good third party game that came out on N64 and Gamecube, and the Wii had tons of third party support. It's you who needs to wake up and smell roses/coffee/whatever if you don't think Wii U is in a far, far worse position than any of those consoles in terms of third party support.

The Wii U has only been out for a year and it already isn't even getting generic yearly games updates (ie FIFA, WWE etc) which are normally guaranteed sellers on ANY system, doesn't that tell you anything? Heck, even the original Wii got a FIFA release this year. You people are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land if you think the Wii U's not in a worse position with third parties than previous Nintendo consoles have been. A lot of upcoming games have either been cancelled on Wii U, or the Wii U's just been plain ignored in favour of every other format, this site's been full of the doom and gloom reports this year, more than I've ever seen.

Feel free to keep burying your head in the sand though.



Mario90125 said:

The NES wasn't even very popular in the UK. The Master System, ZX Spectrum, and the Commodore 64 were the dominant video game systems.



electrolite77 said:

Nintendo have never had as much third party support as e.g. Sony but all their consoles have been greatly improved by third-party support. Anyone thinking otherwise needs to take their head out of the sand or 'stop living in another universe'. Nintendo have never been alone.

N64 had Rogue Squadron, Turok, Quake 2, ISS, Resident Evil 2, Mystical Ninja, Rocket, World Driver Championship, Beetle Adventure Racing, Tony Hawks, Wipeout, The World Is Not Enough and Rush 2049 for the N64.

GameCube had Super Monkey Ball, Rogue Leader, Resident Evil remake/0/4, Timesplitter 2, SSX, Soul Calibur 2, Viewtiful Joe, Prince of Persia, NBA Street V3, Beyond Good and Evil, Burnout 2, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Ikaruga

Both of those got FIFA and Madden each year too.

Even the Nintendo consoles that struggled for third-party games would have been much less attractive without the support they did get.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH Definately don't agree about the Wii U having better 3rd party support than the Gamecube which had a good selection of brilliant stuff from both Capcom and Sega (More importantly it was made for the hardware not ported.) and the difficulty was still reasonable.
I don't know what makes modern multiplatform stuff so poor because e.g Shenmue 2 is fine on dreamcast and Xbox. Seems like they just stopped bothering with any optimisation at all. (Fzero GX can do 4 player 60fps any modern console game should be able to do likewise. Premium price should mean a pretty much perfect product not what traditionally happened with a pc below eecommended specs



unrandomsam said:

@Hernandez The 3DS doesn't have all types. (60fps framerate and reasonable difficulty leaves you very few choices).

It has lots of games that might have been good at 60fps. I.e 3d land / nsmb2.
Some ports and childrens games.

The DS has a much more varied selection across most types.

Contra 4
Megaman ZX / ZX2
Nanostray 2
Decent Castlevania games (if a bit easy).

(Nothing really on the 3ds that is basically even close) .



NMH-TRI said:

Your convo could've been a lot more informative
Friend: So, you think I should buy a Wii U?

Me: It has Mario, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Zelda WW, Monster Hunter

Friend: Cool, cool... what about Killzone or Halo? Does it have anything like that?

Me: Metroid hasn't been announced for it, so nothing exclusive yet. It does have Deus Ex: DC and COD.

Friend: What about Forza or Gran Turismo? Something like that?

Me:Need For Speed Most Wanted U...Mario Kart, Sonic Racing Transfomed, the last two aren't "realistic" racers though. Project C.A.R.S. will be released on it along with 90s Arcade Racer

Friend: But I can still play the latest FIFA on it, right?

Me: Not a Wii U version, but it's a backwards compatible system so you could get the Wii version, but something like that would be better for PS4 or X1 for graphics/gameplay

Friend: Oh well, I'll probably buy one for my girlfriend anyway, so she can play some RPGs...

Me: There are currently 2 RPGs announced for the Wii U, not one...X looks fantastic and the other is a crossover of two great RPG franchises

Friend: So, why did you buy a Wii U again?

Me: Because it has great games both released and announced, off tv play, and is backwards compatible which opens up the entire Wii library

Not that I think you should be selling Wii U's, rather Nintendo should, but downplaying it is what's sad. Your friend was interested and you Cblocked and misinformed.



JaxonH said:

That's a bunch of bologna.

Any time you specifically list games a console doesn't have, of course it's going to sound like alot. This is what I would tell your "friend":

The Wii U is a Nintendo console, which means one thing- it specializes in NINTENDO games. It doesn't have any of the games you listed, but, because it has NINTENDO games, you probably won't care. Why? Because NINTENDO games are the funnest games in the world.

But who needs a Wii U, right? I mean, you can probably just play Super Mario 3D World when it goes multiplat. Oh, that's right, Nintendo games can't be played on other consoles. But hey, there's always Knack, right?

At least Pikmin 3 will be nice on the PS4/One. What's that? It's Wii U exclusive? Hmm, ok, but Wonderful 101 is definitely going multiplat right? No? Well what about New Super Mario Bros U, is there a port of that coming? No? Well, what about Zelda Windwaker HD? Wii Sports Club?

None of those games? Well SURELY Bayonetta 2 will be on other consoles. I mean, that would be just too much to bare. And Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that's just GOTTA be on other consoles, right?

What about when Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze comes out? Or Mario Kart 8, or Smash Bros 4, or Monolith Soft's X, or Shin Megamin Tensei x Fire Emblem?

NONE of those games are on other consoles? But, those are all the best games right there! It's ok, you can still play annualized sports releases and dime'a'dozen multiplats though, so who cares if you miss out on some of the greatest games ever made, right? Just pretend the Wii U sucks, and that it has no games. That way, you'll trick yourself into believing you're not missing much. That's what everyone else does anyways.



JaxonH said:

@Hernandez and btw, who cares about sales. Never in my life have I seen gamers talk about console sales so much. Sales don't make the console. Exclusives do. And Wii U is building quite the list of exclusives. Sales shouldn't even be mentioned cause they are irrelevant. And Wii u doesn't need saving, it's already sold enough Nintendo will keep bringing games till 9th gen. They don't abandon their consoles unlike some companies we know. So all acting like wii u is in some kind of trouble. Only thing that matters now is how much profit Nintendo will make off it. But the console is here to stay



JaxonH said:

@Hernandez and btw, who cares about sales. Never in my life have I seen gamers talk about console sales so much. Sales don't make the console. Exclusives do. And Wii U is building quite the list of exclusives. Sales shouldn't even be mentioned cause they are irrelevant. And Wii u doesn't need saving, it's already sold enough Nintendo will keep bringing games till 9th gen. They don't abandon their consoles unlike some companies we know. So all acting like wii u is in some kind of trouble. Only thing that matters now is how much profit Nintendo will make off it. But the console is here to stay

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