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Pokémon: The Origin Anime Announced, Mystery Clip Also Sparks Wii U Game Rumours

Posted by Andy Green

One-off special will be based on the original games

A new one-off Pokémon anime is on the way to coincide with the release of Pokémon X & Y.

It's called Pokémon: The Origin and is based on the original Japanese games, Pokémon Red & Green, which later became Red & Blue internationally. The show will centre around new Pokémon trainer Red as he sets off on his adventure for the first time, while the storyline will be just as it was in the game, with Red fighting against his main rival, Green, and challenging the first gym leader, Brock, to earn the Boulder Badge.

The programme will air as a special broadcast on 2nd October, while Pokémon X & Y will launch around the world on 12th October. There will also be a soundtrack available to download in November.

Check out the trailer to Pokémon: The Origin below.

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Also of interest, but based on wild speculation rather than anything resembling fact, is a very short clip at the end of the video below that shows Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken facing off in what some are interpreting as visuals from a potential upcoming Wii U game. Is it a cheeky teaser of something to come? Check it out and decide for yourself.

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User Comments (116)



Jazzer94 said:

A Pokemon game on Wii U would really help move consoles in Japan and the West.



Jazzer94 said:

@Xilef As long as it is like the Gamecube Pokemon Coliseum games and less like the N64 and Wii games.



GuardianKing said:

@crumpledpapyrus Not to be picky, but an anime implies a whole series is going to be made. If it's a one-off, shouldn't be considered and OVA (Original Video Animation)?



Shambo said:

I hope they'll make a Pokemon rpg on WiiU with real time fighting, á la Street fighter. That very last part made me think (again) of how awesome that would be. They could still add trainer voices when you give a command, or even add optional voice recognition.



KingBoo01 said:

What if its an open world remake, containing every single region from every game, even the spin-offs, and its a unified version that contains every pokemon, and has multiple save files. And its online.



hYdeks said:

Brief history of Pokemon, till the last second It looks like another Pokemon Stadium game to me, which isnt bad if it goes off of Pokemon y & x connectivity. Kinda hoping its something more, though.



supermage65 said:

I hope it isn't just a companion title to X & Y and is more standalone like the Colosseum games.

That urban background looks really cool though. It kind of raises my hopes for some level of exploration. Nevertheless, we probably won't hear anything about it until after X & Y launch.



MrMario02 said:

New Game Looks like it could be a Pokemon Stadium U. Or maybe a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon U.



GuSolarFlare said:

it shows almost everything pokemon that's playable from the original games to the cards and more! it could be anything.....
every home console pokemon has good graphics(better than the portable ones) and the most of them have battles(by the way it looked it could be even pokemon snap, there's only two pokemon in an enviroment. not much info)



zoroarkrules25 said:

I'm puzzled as to what the video is, but it looks like pokemon type wild. Anyway i am pumped for this new anime special, i hope it becomes a full show.



ShanaUnite said:

Not to pumped for the new pokemon anime. The pokemon anime is bad but it needs a lot more than a focus on kanto and a new protagonist to save it. If its just going to be about beating the 8 gyms and becoming a champion it could just be disappointing to the point it cant even match the old series.



GuSolarFlare said:

about that OVA. I hope it gets so successful that ash ends winning some random league and so ash's adventure reaches an end giving place to anyone else but ash to become the main in a new pokemon series!



Emaan said:

Very interesting anime special, I'm excited :3

Also, I really hope that last reveal is potentially a Wii U sequel to Pokemon Stadium, which would be amazing. It seems very likely that it is in fact a new game, why else would they show a few seconds of random video in that fashion at the end?



KTT said:

"at the end of the video below that shows Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken facing off"
Not to being picky buuut, that are their regular forms
I'm more interested with the anime, than with the latest Pokemon movie with Mewtwo.



allav866 said:

I'm gonna be hated by the whole PokéMon fanbase for saying this, but I don't get the point of PokéMon Stadium games. Stadium 1, 2, and Battle Revolution allow you to fight with PokéMon from your handheld games on a console game that uses 3D models instead of sprites, but that's pretty much it (though at least the N64 games had fun mini games, GB Tower, and a photo op on the side). Your PokéMon don't gain experience, and anything that happens on the console game never affects the handheld game.
X and Y are the first games to use models for the PokéMon, rather than sprites, so a Wii U Stadium game seems a bit pointless. Now if it were a Colisseum Wii U game, then that would be a different story.



NIN10DOXD said:

This is what the anime should've been. They should do a season or something of Red's adventure.



DePapier said:

OK, I'm a believer: Nintendo is using the 3DS to sell the Wii U, Pokémon Stadium U is soon coming at our doors. That tease following the full history of Pokémon convinced me.

OMG. OMG. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Silent said:

@allav866 Actually, not entirely true. Pokemon Stadium 1 And 2 served as a way to battle with 3D models. Same thing with Colosseum. Pokemon Battle revolution allowed for character customization AND online battling (random matchup)



Samurai_Goroh said:

With the level of graphic quality achieved on the 3DS with X&Y, I think a Stadium game would be pointless, imo. Yes, the Wii U could render our Pokémon in stunning 1080p, but I don't find that as impressive as back in the day, when we transferred our little critters from a monochromatic, 8-bit Game Boy game to full-fledged 3D on N64.
Something more RPG-esque( just make it Pokémon Z!) or something like Mystery Dungeon would be more interesting propositions for a home console on this day and age.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Though I still want a Ruby/Sapphire remake for the 3DS, honestly, I'd buy another remake of the original in a heartbeat (and I already own Fire Red and Leaf Green). To this day it's still one of my favorite games of all time. Anyway, here's hoping that this special finds its way West. It looks awesome.

As for the second video, all I can say is that now I want a new Pokemon Snap and Pokemon TCG video game all the more.



allav866 said:

@Silent I did mention 3d models, but I didn't know about random match ups in Battle Revolution. Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness had a story, and made the player fight with a limited range of PokéMon, each caught using a different method from that of the main series games. That's what sets it apart from Stadium and Battle Revolution, and that's what I'm looking forward to in the Wii U PokéMon game.



Luffymcduck said:

I doubt they bother making another TCG videogame since you can play Pokémon TCG online already with Black & White sets on. As for new Pokémon Snap though... Actually, my friend would by WiiU just for Pokémon Snap 2. THINK ABOUT THAT NINTENDO!



scottsensei said:

I noticed a badge graphic in the background of that last clip..hmm..

I'm hoping it's a Wii U companion game but a stand alone RPG would be even better. I just realized that the entirety of Gen 5 passed without a proper companion game if you don't count PokePark (and I don't).



Trikeboy said:

Cancel the current show, kill off Ash Ketchum and give the show Pokemon fans have deserved for 16 years. As for the game footage, I bet it's just the next version of Pokemon Stadium/Colosseum.



unrandomsam said:

I don't get how Pokemon ever succeeded in the west. (Or why it did better than other games that are the same sort of idea).

It was like an old school JRPG without the story.



DerpSandwich said:

I hate how the good guy is always Red. I'd think he'd be Blue or Green and the rival would be Red. Also, I got Blue and I'm always bummed that Red was the way more popular "boy" choice (along with Charmander--and oh, look at that, he's got a Charmander).



Realgamer4life said:

I think this is a Wii U game. Does anyone remember they merged their games divisions.

They showed games in order if you notice the last two games were Pokemon rumble Wii U, X and Y, And then the last clip would be of the game that will single handedly move Wii U's. Also keep in mind Nintendo has 15 unannounced non indie games that are in development. If they were to release a full blown clip of a Wii U pokemon in action I think they could steal the thunder from Sony and Microsoft..



FleetwoodMackin said:

Anime starring Red and Charmander... my childhood thanks you.

And my guess would have to be either a Stadium U and/or Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken are coming to Smash Bros...

@Thearnaud44 or that



rjejr said:

My 8 yr. old son says its a new Pokepark game b/c of that Pikachu balloon head in the background that was in the first 2 games.

Also, the Nintendo World store in Manhattan seems to really like those games so the Wii U is due a sequel. (Thats me, not the kid.)



Obito_Sigma said:

Great, a rival named "Green" who looks exactly like "Blue" and the main character is "Red." Funny enough, Red's starter Pokemon is a Charmander, who's Red, and he also wears red clothing everyday just like Ash did with his few pieces of clothing. We known Ash for over 700 episodes, and more than 10 movies, but we only seen him wear about five different wardrobes. Where's "Yellow" from that Japanese manga? You know, these named aren't that ridiculous, though. I'd really facepalm if they name a character "Alizarin Crimson," it can't get anymore ridiculous than that. than that.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@rjejr Oh, Lord, please no. Anything but PokéPark. At the very least make it something like Stadium or Battle Revolution. Though Colosseum would be much better. I'm sure even your 8 year old would appreciate those much more, I know I liked Stadium 2.



TwilightV said:

Battle Revolution was kinda dull compared to the Stadiums, Colosseum and XD. Although it's online battle feature was a plus. I hope if it's a new game that it features some of the things that made those games memorable.



JuanitoShet said:

I'd get a Wii U someday JUST for a new Stadium title. But it also helps that I'm looking forward to Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros...

I'm watching that anime short, or whatever it really turns out to be. It certainly won't be cringe-inducing like the current anime. I'm confident in that. :B



WoottWinds said:

Ah man I was hoping for an original remake. Like, we're getting the original story for an anime movie, why not remake good old Red and Blue/Green for the WiiU.....? Got my hopes up a little.

I also have no idea why Nintendo hasn't put up an eShop (on either 3DS or WiiU, or both) online Pokémon Trading Card Game. Would make them a boat load. Could have competitions and tournaments, people could buy booster packs like DLC if they wanted, use the gamepad or 3DS bottom screen to hold and play cards, etc... They already made that online browser version, no clue why it isn't on their consoles yet.



dadajo said:

Though the anime is going to show as one episode (at least that is how I read it) I really want to see a pokemon anime with a character other than Ash. The regular pokemon anime got old a while ago and if they could bring in new characters for even a 10 episode season run it would be a nice change of pace.



Marakuto said:

@unrandomsam It's partially because of the anime's success as to why Pokemon is doing so well worldwide as a game too. The advertisement contributes too since it's sincerely honest about what new game mechanics have been added and shows off gameplay footage of whatever version it is.



Melkaticox said:

Hopefully this new Wii U game is an actual pokémon RPG (like the main series games) instead of Pokémon xD



Doma said:

@Samurai_Goroh #38 Agreed, they're definitely redundant at this point. Stadium 1/2 were the only good ones imo, because in addition to the cup battles (which were cleverly done), the games also contained a resource encyclopedia of sorts, had a GB player, mini-games etc.

Genius Sonority's games removed all that to focus on some half-assed RPG (it sucked), then with Battle Revolution managed to strip the game down even further into a worthless add-on. They're talentless devs who should stick to making garbage on eshop.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

What a tease!!! Naughty Game Freak! Naughty!

As some have said: It's either those two Pokemon are confirmed for Smash Bros. or they are creating some type of open-world Wii U game. I really hope it's the latter. A good or great Pokemon game on Wii U would certainly help sales. I haven't played a Pokemon console game since Snap! on N64.



Mida said:

If there's a Pokemon game for wii u, watch as people start robbing the consoles from stores!



armoredghor said:

Huh, looks good. Might actually watch this one. The other series was not the greatest from an adult's perspective.



tebunker said:

We need a new Pokemon TCG on a console or hand held. I would probably be willing to play it on the WiiU and pay for DLC additional cards like a sucker. Or even if they ripped Wizards of the Coast off and did a Duels of the Planeswalkers for Pokemon.



Shining-Void said:

Wow this just blew away best wishes in a little over 1:00. If you ask me this is what should have happened in the first place.



Qeuix said:

Just came up with a idea! How about 3D remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, and a HD remake of Pokemon Emerald!



FriedSquid said:

Wow, that anime looks really great, I would love to watch that!

And oh my God, I literally screamed when I saw Pokemon Snap show up in the second video, but alas, that obviously isn't what they were going for, with all the other games that were shown. Certainly an interesting video, and that new PBR-style game looks really good...



Gorlokk said:

Hmm, judging by the visuals and the two Pokemon shown... I wonder...
All the Mega Evolutions we've had so far stand on two legs, and are somewhat human-like in stance at least, with the exception of Absol. Most of the Pokemon given Mega Evos so far are generally pretty popular, especially Lucario, and the strange city-like stage they were in makes me think that it could possibly be a Pokemon Fighter along the lines of Street Fighter or maybe BlazBlue/Guilty Gear featuring all Mega Evolution Pokemon.



The_Ninja said:

The funny thing is,that this looks exactly like this Pokemon 2D Fighter fan game, and a artist that works for Pokémon helped out. It's called Type Wild, and Lucario and Blaziken are in it. I hope it's a HD remake of that with more characters in it!



Lavita said:

Wow. O-O The anime trailer blew my mind. The art style is actually nice. I thought Pokémon anime would forever be about Ash and his stupid Pikachu. I'd actually watch this show!



TheLilK98 said:

The anime's been crappy since the end of Hoenn, I really hope they don't screw red over again(the first time being when they made his basic character into Ash)



JVilla said:

Hoping it's a Colisseum type of game, I thought that was better than Stadium, but Im fine with a Stadium type game as well. Pokemon is looking too good right now.



element187 said:

I really wish I grew up in the 90's instead of the 80's because I missed out on Pokemon. Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda were my Pokemon.. My kid brother who is 18 admits he would buy a Wii U only if Nintendo released a full fledged Pokemon RPG on the console. Why oh why is Nintendo not doing this yet? They would win gen 8. If he would be willing to skip xBone for Wii U for a Pokemon RPG, that's quite a feat. (he's really into "mature" games, so it was fun taking him out of his comfort zone to play a marathon session of Pikmin 3 this weekend)



Doge said:


Cauwz Ninty already set up expectations for it being on the handhelds, so if they released on wii U, Hardcore gamers woulds get all skeptical, AND it pokemon is just better on handhelds. period.



NintyMan said:

Those last few seconds definitely tease a new Wii U game. The graphics are too smooth and shiny to be on the 3DS. I would really like if it's something similar to Stadium. That was a fun game on the N64.



Cloudane said:

Oh gosh, haven't been this excited for a new animation for a long time (and this is coming from a brony)

This would be so good if it ended up a complete reboot of the original (which could be given an ending), but with an actual ongoing story and character development.

Hope Char stays nice when it evolves this time, instead of turning into a complete douche.



KiwiPanda said:

To start with the game, it doesn't look like Colosseum or Gale of Darkness-- the battle is 1v1, which is rather rare in those games. Besides that, it just generally gives me more of a Stadium feel.

Watching the trailer for the anime makes me very excited. Even if it's Japan-exclusive, I'll really enjoy screenshots. Hype!



EverythingAmiibo said:

Guys, it's Lucario and Blaziken, no mega evolutions btw, it's GOT to be Smash Bros. What are the two things they have in common? Humanoid and fighting type, perfect for Smash!



drgfl said:

Finally (probably) good anime basing on my favourite video game series.



Jc333 said:

The anime starting red looks like its aimed at a more mature audience, like the battles would be more intense and look somewhat more gruesome. I like it , thats the way the pokemon creator wanted pokemon to be, kinda like dragon ball when it started out. Kid freindly and then as the series went on it grew with its audience. I hope they make it into an anime series as opposed to 1 episode or a tv movie.



DarkNinja9 said:

well i think it sure looks weird least the city background gives it that wtf thing o.o but to soon to suggest on what it might be it can be anything or just part of smash bros not a new game on its own

but the anime looks good wonder if it will be that more mature version from than the original(with ash)



Dyltheman said:

where and when will we see this in the west?

Wasn't there also a rumor about a new sonic tv show?



Vio_Absol said:

i doubt that the last part of the trailer with lucario and blaziken shows a SSB game, the position of the cam doesnt match the SSB style, its moving around them XD
i also doubt it will be like Pokepark, background doesnt really seem like it X3
but i have to admit i liked the idea of a pokemon game in Streetfighter style, but i really doubt it would be like that, because it would have way to many charas if you try to have all in it or not enough charas if you try to pick some for that type of game
a new pokemon mystery dungeon? now? thats to early and also it would be stuck in the 3ds, not in the Wii U

it might be like Pokemon Colusseum or Colusseum DX, but hopefully with a bigger story XD
otherwise i just have no idea what that game could be...



Luffy said:

would love a new pokemon rpg type game or mmorpg... with multiplayer online play.

Where the fights is not just taking turns. Its real time fighting with your 3 pokemon from your collection during the rpg. Each move has a recovery time so you can't spam moves so it is KINDA like there is turns but more time based so if your not fast AS IN A REAL FIGHT you will lose. or by the time you launch your attack your opponent begins his second attack.

You can see your opponents 3 pokemon at the beginning and choose who goes out first. AWESOME!!!!! a dream

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