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Wed 1st May 2013

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MonocledMetroid commented on Platinum's Hideki Kamiya Gives Smash Bros. Fan...:

Although things may very well be different now with the internet's greater presence in the world, I'd like to point out that since Japanese doesn't truly have cussing in the same way as other languages,and thus he may not understand the intensity of what he said due to a lack of communication with native speakers. Kamiya may simply not know how strong the language he's using is considered in English, just like how the people behind the Dragon Ball anime thought the middle finger is the equivalent of sticking one's tongue out, he could've thought what he was saying was the same as going "Bah! Leave me alone!".



MonocledMetroid commented on Target Weighs In With Wii U Basic Model Price Cut:

It's a sale, not a price cut:|biggest%20video%20game%20event%20of%20the%20season.|Banner_Image|category_page.promo_h_1

Target has deals on every gaming console right now (including at least a dozen for 3ds), and if you eliminate the "on sale" tag from that link but still include the "price cut" one then all the Wii U consoles go bye bye.



MonocledMetroid commented on Rumour: Tomodachi Collection: New Life Update ...:

I assume the male and male marriages were a result of the game believing that one of the involved parties was actually female, which would mean the dialogue would most likely seem awkward coming from a man due to the way Japanese works:

Thus, if Nintendo were to actually implement same sex marriage as an actual feature they'd most likely have to write loads of new dialogue for it to be grammatically correct, which probably isn't something Nintendo finds worth the cost.