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Male, 25, Germany

i play mostly Metroid Prime trilogy or Super Smash Bros, i cant wait for the new Smash bros and for pokemon X&Y wii friendcode: 3654-7764-5788

Mon 19th Aug 2013

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Vio_Absol commented on Pokémon: The Origin Anime Announced, Mystery ...:

i doubt that the last part of the trailer with lucario and blaziken shows a SSB game, the position of the cam doesnt match the SSB style, its moving around them XD
i also doubt it will be like Pokepark, background doesnt really seem like it X3
but i have to admit i liked the idea of a pokemon game in Streetfighter style, but i really doubt it would be like that, because it would have way to many charas if you try to have all in it or not enough charas if you try to pick some for that type of game
a new pokemon mystery dungeon? now? thats to early and also it would be stuck in the 3ds, not in the Wii U

it might be like Pokemon Colusseum or Colusseum DX, but hopefully with a bigger story XD
otherwise i just have no idea what that game could be...