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Shigeru Miyamoto "Wanted to go to HD Sooner" With the Wii

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Consumer take-up of HD TVs quicker than expected

During the Wii's lifespan there was one unavoidable fact, regardless of wonderful games and innovative experiences; it was a standard-definition system in an increasingly high-definition world. Its limitation to 480p and graphical capabilities that — brilliant art design aside — were struggling to keep up meant that it was, in some senses, an oddity on the market. Ultimately those limitations didn't prevent its success, with a highly affordable price and some exceptional games helping the system to roughly 100 million sales worldwide.

In an interview with 4Gamer, which is now being translated in greater detail by, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed Pikmin 3, its development and eventual transition to Wii U. Those are topics covered previously, but this fresh translation expands on previous comments regarding the benefits of bringing the game to stronger hardware with high definition capabilities. Miyamoto admits that, perhaps in hindsight, Nintendo should have made the leap to HD earlier than it did.

I felt like I wanted to go to HD sooner.

Even for the Wii, no matter how much it made the system cost, it would have been great if it were HD in the first place. However, it was going to take some time for HD televisions to become common and we felt that until that point was reached, there would have been no point for Wii to be HD.

From our point of view, once the subsequent generation to Wii came around, HD televisions would be more common and we felt it would be time to make our games in HD then. However, HD became more common about 2 to 3 years earlier than we had anticipated. A main part of that was that the prices for HD televisions manufactured overseas had gone down at an unthinkable pace.

So, as a result, while we were right in the middle of selling the Wii, the TVs in people’s living rooms (editors note: in Japan) were slowly becoming HD sets. Overseas especially people had never so rapidly and drastically changed their hardware to the newest technology but in America as well HD TVs became standard little by little.

While the launch of the Wii did come at a time when HD TVs were still more expensive and less common, we don't think there's much doubt that the mass transition of the public perhaps caught Nintendo and the Wii out. Nevertheless, and despite struggles in its last 18-24 months as Nintendo's main home console, the Wii was a significant success.

Do you think Nintendo was a little too slow to switch to HD, or is the timing of the Wii U about right?


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suzzopher said:

I think that if Nintendo had gone with an HD upgrade in 2010 it would have been for the best.



Vincent294 said:

They should've prepared at least a little, but at least now they're making the switch. I do fear the same will be said about the Wii U's CPU & how better ones would've allowed bigger games years from now though, as well as a bit more RAM.



Shworange said:

Just think, if the WiiU came out in 2010, skyward sword would have been in HD!



BestBuck15 said:

Nintendo aren't always the first to embrace change just look at online gaming they are still playing catch up and the same is said for HD but they have a HD console now. I don't think it would have made much difference to Wii sales since it sold incredibly well but at the time people were disappointed that Wii was not going to match PS3 and 360 for power but with Nintendo its about Nintendo games.



JuanitoShet said:

It would have been awesome for Nintendo to have released an HD Wii a few years back. Imagine the impact it would have made! :B

The important part is that rhat time is here with the Wii U now. HD is standard, and the Wii U will start selling, with all.the titles that are on the way.



marck13 said:

Often Nintendo doesn't go very easy WITH change. A thing they might have to get better with. Also often however, they make the change themselves and have the other companies look like the late adopters.



kenzo said:

Can someone please explain why the Dolphin Wii Emulator on PC can do HD whilst the Wii cannot. Same goes for 3D stereovision.

Fact is, Nintendo are lazy and greedy with the Wii. The dollars were rolling in on the Wii and they collected the easy cash and just let the hardware wither and rot.



Pachterkid said:

Oh Nintendo – forever behind the 8-ball. “We don’t think the customer cares about HD graphics.” They did. “We don’t think gamers want to play online. We think sticking your GBA into your Game Cube is what people want.” And now they think people want to play console games with a tablet. Idiots.



Owlynator said:

Personally, I think Nintendo's next console will graphically be pretty much on par with the competitor's ones (i.e. PS5 & Xbox Two(?)). These days it's the power that determines the success of a console and I'm sure Nintendo knows that by now. The Wii U won't sell like the Wii, not even close, but I don't think it will flop either. Wii U may turn out to be another Gamecube (ironically the GC was the most powerful console that gen), it will have the least sales of the three main consoles but there will also be some really awesome must-own titles for it.



Sanqet said:

the wii should have been hd right from the start if it had it would have been more future proof and they would not have had to rush the wii u out giving them more time to work out the various kinks in the operating system and finish all the games for launch like pikmin 3 and the other games due this year a wii u launch this holiday season instead of last year i think would have been more successful but hindsight is a wonderful thing and nintendo unfortunately just got it wrong



SanderEvers said:

@kenzo You say it yourself, it's an emulation. If they'd release a Wii with the same power a modern PC has they can easily make Wii games 1080p HD with full 3D support and make it run smoothly @ 60FPS.

But your Wii will cost at least the same as your PC (1000-2000 euro's)



Senario said:

@koopakid Well actually they were right, I don't care too much for HD. While it is nice and easy on the eyes it doesn't exactly = a good game. Look at Xenoblade chronicles, it's graphics aren't really the best but it is an amazing and expansive game. Good games is what I care about, not HD graphics.

Oh and Online play? Playing online has been an exercise in frustration if it is a competitive thing. While it works for some games, I would not prefer it on many Nintendo games as a tacked on thing. Games like Assassin's creed and The Last of us really didn't need a multiplayer, and honestly I think they would have been better without it.

Games like Monster Hunter do online well, and games like Mario party probably should do it so you don't lose real friends lol. And then there is Mario Kart which did it perfectly.

The wii U's gamepad is not a tablet though it may look like one. It isn't a mini computer like most tablets are, what it actually does is it has an ingenious streaming system where the console would stream the content to the gamepad with no lag at all. This allows for Asynchronus gameplay or inventory convenience. The game pad is pretty innovative and regardless of if you like it or not it is fairly optional with many games having several control schemes. For example, pikmin 3 you can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck which I think is better because being able to move the cursor independent of the way your captain is facing allows for better control much like computer RTS games where your camera isn't locked to where your units are.



DarkNinja9 said:

to me this seems more of business point of view while yeah they could of gone HD or least planned ahead that they soon will move to HD it was a bit of that middle line of a risk with the Wii

but see now the same problem happens the Wii U seems under powered so everyone says >.> blah blah



MadAdam81 said:

If the Wii was HD, it would have been a lot more expensive and sold less. If they replaced it too early with a new HD console, they would have stopped all the Wii sales they have been getting in the last 3 years. I think now is the right time, as much as we all would have liked a HD Wii.



meltendo said:

I'm getting tired of this train of year they will be saying "We should have came out with first party games sooner (Pikmin 3, Smash Bros...)", Blah blah blah. I'm so tired from screaming for I'm tired of screaming for games like Mario Galaxy or Metroid. Go ahead and focus on casual, Nintendo...we'll let dust gather on our consoles while waiting for the big releases like a new Zelda... (I do love my 3DS, though)



LordGeovanni said:

I think that Nintendo planned poorly for the increase to HD. With that said, I really don't see a big difference between Standard and HD. I can SEE the difference, just not enough to NEED HD. A video Game is a Video Game to me. I didn't purchase a movie.

The Wii was not HD and people still bought it by the millions. Where was PS3? Stuck in a $599 price tag. Where was Xbox360? Too far up M$'s greed for me to even care. But the Wii? This one was "just right".

The issue that I have is that Nintendo was not prepared for the increased difficulties of HD. They will recover, but this will hurt sales somewhere. Nintendo just needs to stand up, brush the dirt out of their scrapped knee, and get back on the unicycle. (Because we all know that Nintendo would not stand for something as common as a bicycle ).



CAM290 said:

@Owlynator Make sure you get your facts right before you post:
"These days it's the power that determines the success of a console and I'm sure Nintendo knows that by now."
Not sure where you get this information from. If that were the case the Wii U would be selling like hotcakes now considering its estimated to be around 50% more powerful than the current gens most powerful console, the PS3. Also if this were true, the PS3 would have outsold both the Wii and Xbox 360 this gen.

"Wii U may turn out to be another Gamecube (ironically the GC was the most powerful console that gen)"
You're wrong. The Gamecube was the second most powerful in raw graphical power. The original Xbox was the powerhouse of last gen.



CAM290 said:

@Nintenjoe64 I know it's too bad that the Zapper guns won't work properly with flat screens. That being said perhaps a Wii Mote revision needs to come out? Or a DS stylus touch version?



BestBuck15 said:

On paper Xbox was more powerful but the graphics on Gamecube were years ahead of Xbox and Gamecube had plenty of grunt as well. To me Gamecube was the best of its generation.



Owlynator said:

@CAM290 That's why I said "these days". The Xbox 360 outsold the Wii in the UK a while ago in total sales, and the Wii is not selling as much anymore as the other current gen consoles. Just look it up. And I was comparing Wii U's sales with the two unreleased consoles. People are being sceptical with the Wii U because they know that the PS4 and Xbox One will be more powerful. Not just consumers, but developers also. That's why we have a hard time finding good third party games on the Wii U right now, because they "can't run" (or won't sell) on the Wii U. We both know this and I think Nintendo is aware of it too. I don't want to tell you that the Wii U is going to fail, because it's not, but I really don't think it will sell as good as the other next gen consoles. These days it's the power that decides which console is going to sell best.

I just looked up what you said of the original Xbox. Seems like I was wrong. At least the games looked way better than the PS2 versions, I remember 007: Nightfire being much more detailed and even having support for more multiplayer bots in the Gamecube version of it.

I still stand behind my words in the first statement and do think that the Wii U is going to be the "next generation Gamecube". It won't have many games on it but there will be some really awesome must-own titles.



Araknie said:

That's not the problem, the problem is that Nintendo has chosen to go dual screen on the Home Console and people cannot understand that this kind of tecnology comes also at a cost.
Now everybody wants do to it but they never even come near the Gamepad, because they have consoles only based on sheer power that already cost a lot and probably they are cutting down, surely Sony will risk losses having the PS4 at only 400€/$. So having full fledged Gampad will only make the costs raise a lot, because they have to get to level up their GPU to the Wii U standard to avoid any kind of lag between a Gamepad and the TV.
But everybody looks at sheer graphical power and think that only by that a console is better or worse.

That's the problem, it's redneck mentality that will cause any kind of consoles it's demise.

Also, they are perordering the Xbox One having already surpassed that preorders of the Xbox 360. And the Xbox One costs 500€/$.
How many proof that this gaming community is getting stupider by any day you need before realizing what is the thruth? Come on, wake up!



Peppy_Hare said:

The original Xbox could output in 720 (the native resolution of most WiiU games) and that system came out in 2001. I believe Nintendo should have better fore site (or does have better foresite and that this is just a nice-sounding story they've fabricated).



Dogpigfish said:

I remember having to choose between Transformers on 360 or Wii, hd graphics or remote play. The game was excellent on both, but the hd version had longer appeal. However the Wii version was a lot more fun to play.



Dogpigfish said:

@Araknie I agree, the ps vita remote play for SPTC is not very good, kind of an afterthought, but isn't all of Sony's products?



Mahe said:

Yet the Wii's game library still surpassed the HD consoles easily. If anything, Wii U should have been out sooner, like in 2011 without the Gamepad, to continue offering Wii-type experiences in HD.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The main reason online gaming took off like it did on consoles is Microsoft and Xbox Live, before that online gaming wasn't anywhere near where it was at.

Nintendo has been messing with connecting handhelds and consoles since the N64 and the GBA link cable could be considered the predecessor to the Wii U and all things handheld/console connectivity related. It wasn't very successful but it was still pretty impressive at the time.



fushimushi said:

@VincentV Nintendo will always make new consoles or handhelds, expect a few years from now or when the Wii U was released and NIntendo will be making another console with much more power than it's predecessors. Think about the Gameboy Color... Gameboy Advance.. Gameboy Advance SP .... Gameboy Advance Mini .... look at that evolution.. who knows, we might be getting a new Wii or maybe a new DS model soon.



fushimushi said:

@kenzo @koopakid says the people who goes here in this site to read stuff about Nintendo.. NIntendo always think about the future or whatever ahead lies for them. If they made the Wii HD do you guys think they would have a reason to make another console? That's like saying, "oohh Nintendo shouldn't have made the gameboy advance sp since we all already have gameboy advance." , Nintendo is always creative and will always sure to bring us epic game experiences whether online or not. Nintendo adds these flaws so that they can make another console without these flaws and have people buy them.. even if they fail now about the Wii U, they have enough pennies in their pockets to make another console that will make the PS4 and Xbox One dropdead.



Goginho said:

I never really thought about SD and HD, so it never really bothered me tbh.
..but what I would like to say is, that since games are being delayed at the moment, due to the lack of HD development knowledge, Nintendo should have prepared themselves better for the 'future' so to say, since they knew HD was inevitable and that it is rapidly becoming standarized. I dunno, that's MY say in this. The Wii being SD wasn't a problem, but they should have done some researching or w/e, invest a lil' more, get some teams working on, testing, gaining experience with HD development, so that by today they'd have it down and be able to increase the development speed, which would in turn greatly pay off. Now it's gonna take like a year or two until they have it mastered and perfected I'd say, but I'm not complaining then we're gonna have the brand new Zelda title, and hopefully (most presumably) another 3D Mario title will be in the works, one with true 3D gameplay I mean, just looking at Mario Kart 8, I can definitely tell that 2014 is the year where we'll get to see some jaw-dropping stuff on the Wii U.



keynote said:

A few versions of the gamecube already had the posibility to use the component cable. Later version had it removed due to the fact that there werent many tv;s at that time.
Great system



SteveW said:

I'd rather have a Wii as is vs an underpowered system trying to produce HD with horrible framerates. (sort of like the underpowered N64 doing 3D graphics, most games have poor framerates or just look really bad).

If they would have made system powerful enough to go HD it would have almost doubled the price and the Wii would not have been as successful.



Ren said:

Is this even a question? Clearly it came to HD too late. As someone said the WiiU is going to hit an early demise too, because they scaled it back ignoring the already commonplace setup in peoples houses. HD, built in storage, cheap downloadable content.
The management there is old fashioned. This is all without even mentioning the even more archaic online policies which have been a problem at Nintendo for years. The old Wii would still be a massive console now, had nintendo taken digital distribution seriously years ago.



element187 said:

"it will have the least sales of the three main consoles"

@Owlynator doubt it... I think the xBone will come in a distant 4th behind Ouya... I don't see how people are assuming the MS box will all of the sudden sell well.. They had ALOT of bad PR, and that bad PR just doesn't disappear overnight... They can grovel and apologize, but they already showed gamers where they want gaming to go next, so why should we ever trust Microsoft's direction?? And with how untrust worthy Microsoft is, who is to say that after they sell 40 or 50 million systems they will reverse course and reenable DRM like they originally planned? 50 million gamers would be stuck with the system.
(remember MS still hasn't addressed the always on camera/mic and their involvement in the NSA PRISM program)

The PS4 might sell well, but I don't see any scenario where the Microsoft box shakes off its negative PR and goes on to compete at the top... It will struggle to remain relevant.



TheKachoMan said:

I picked up component cables right away and set the Wii to 16x9 and never looked back... why not focus on the system that's out? I love looking back for fun, not to wonder "what ifs." It's kind of futile to second guess a system that sold roughly 100 million units.

Again, I will mention how many Nintendo bashers are on this Nintendo site. I don't waste my time going to Sony's or Microsoft's site to bash them. I prefer Nintendo but all the systems are fine with me. It's not like any of you bashers have built a console.



rjejr said:

@suzzopher - Agreed, 2010 WiiHD (even if it is pronounced "weed") would have been the way to go. The system slowly fades away after that.

Funny thing, that's right around the time Nintendo dropped Gamecube support from the Wii, so they were already revising the hardware anyway. They took out 4 ports and 2 memory card slots, they probably could have upgraded the hardware w/o having to raise the price significantly. It could already do 480p, how hard would it be to get to 720p and add an industry standard HDMI port?

Down side - Nintendo still can't make HD games - Pikmin 3 is a year late and Kart comes out in 2014 - so really, what would have been the point? HD Just Dance and Zumba? Though I really would love to play Xenoblade Chronicles in HD, just imagine how good that would look.



GN004Nadleeh said:

the higher ups at Nintendo seem to hate change and are very stubborn. it seems like they want to tell us what we want and just deal with it. they need to learn we play the games that line their pockets so they need to make games and systems we want



jayclayx said:

Wii sold a lot because it was too cheap for casual gamers BUT now is not 2006, apple get popular with their devices and then mobile games became popular, thats why all the people who bought a wii many years ago now is playing with a tablet and is not interesting on buy a new console, yeah I think Nintendo knows that and somehow with the wii u is go back take some of the hardcore gamer's market but in my opinion is a little too late, must of us went to HD a long time ago with a 360, ps3 or just a simple pc, nobody has that wow factor anymore to be impressed for a wii u at this point, Nintendo should have jumped to the HD race 3 years ago while the wii was selling so it wont hurt sales on both consoles.



TheAdrock said:

The U was at least 4 years too late and I think is the biggest reason that its failing. The market sees the U as a 4 or 5 year old product... in other words an HD Wii that JUST NOW can compete graphically with the Xbox360/PS3, meanwhile MS/ Sony are moving a step ahead again. Right or wrong, thats the perception, and perception becomes reality. ... All N had to do 4 years ago is just release an upgraded Wii with HD. No other innovations or changes needed, just amp up the Wii to compete graphically. Same OS, same controllers, newer GPU. If they had done that then, the U would be perceived differently today. My $.02.



datamonkey said:

Ninty were way too slow jumping on the HD bandwagon.

Their comments back in 2006 annoyed me about why they didn't go HD ("because nobody had an HD TV", er.. I did!) and I agree with those that have said Wii U should have come out back in 2010 when the Wii was on its last legs.

I can't understand why they took so long to get to market and when they did, had no games and had so many delayed games...?



Darknyht said:

@LordGeovanni The issue was that the Wii looked bad on most HD televisions because most HD Televisions appear to be horrible at putting a non-HD image on the screen.

Switching the Wii to HD would not have worked for the same reasons that selling a console add-on out of the box generally does not work. Developers will always develop mainly with what they know everyone has. That is why the GBA connection never took off; second screen gaming on xbox/PS3 barely is supported; and the power glove, power pad, light guns, and even plastic guitars barely have software for them.

How would that not be different in small HD Wii base vs absurdly large non-HD Wii base? A new console was the right choice, calling it the Wii U was a bad one.



Owlynator said:

@element187 I agree with you on most things you said, but somehow I still can't see the Wii U selling more than the Xbox One. The biggest difference is the games. Xbox One has games. Not games that I care for, but games that the average consumer wants, and that's why these games sell consoles. Sadly, the Wii U doesn't have too many of these games. Also, because of the Xbox brand being so huge in the US and UK, it takes more than just bad PR to make it flop totally, at least in these two countries.
I kinda hope I'm wrong, because I love my Wii U and want it to succeed. But it could have been so much more than what is currently is.



TruenoGT said:

Non-HD graphics meant faster, cheaper development and led to titles that wouldn't have been possible on Ps3/360. For example Xenoblade... remember when Square said they couldn't do traditional towns in FF13 because it would have cost to much to make the assets? That was the point where it became obvious that this focus on graphics was a direct detriment to game play for RPGs. Xenoblade in HD would have cost too much to make. It remains to seen if X for Wii U will be compromised as a result of better graphics or not.

Personally, I appreciate their approach of cost/gameplay over graphics because so many awesome Wii (and DS games for that matter) wouldn't have been the same had the dev costs been a lot higher.



unrandomsam said:

@Darknyht The reason the wii looked bad is because too many people didn't use either RGB or Component. Looks fine with both. Composite has always been terrible. (Or had HDTV's that didn't support 480i over component that was needed for some things).

Addons are good much more fun for me to buy an addon than a game. Like getting a new console.

Wish the TG16 type mentality still existed that had loads of addons.



unrandomsam said:

The resampling that the Dolphin emulator does could have been done in hardware for a revision of the Wii but Nintendo is too fond of recharging for the same stuff (Like Disney).



TenEighty said:

I sure the Wii could still be in HD if there was an update and use of the component cables. Although it may not run all games in HD due to processor and memory limits.



unrandomsam said:

@rjejr Removing the gamecube stuff was a market thing not a cost thing. (You can run any gamecube game in the new wii's with just an adapter or a really tiny mod). Tiny amount of cost saving doing what they did.



rjejr said:

@unrandomsam - What "market" thing are you referring too? If they didn't do it to save money then why did they do it? They didn't advertise it b/c it was detrimental so it certainly wasn't for marketing. I've never understood why they did it so assumed it was for cost savings.



DerpSandwich said:

I didn't care too much about HD gaming until I finally got an Xbox 360. I played Fallout 3 for a few weeks, and when I popped Zelda into my Wii I thought something was wrong with my system. It's such a horrible jaggy mess that I wonder how I ever thought it looked good. I'm not normally picky about these tech advances, and graphics aren't that important to me, but there's a big difference between a straight line and what looks like a tiny flight of stairs. And now that I've finally got an HD TV the problem is even worse; Gamecube and Wii games look absolutely terrible. I don't care how bad the graphics are as long as they're smooth, you know? Playing an HD version of an N64 game is more pleasant to me than playing an SD version of a Wii game.

This is actually a big problem I have with the 3DS, too. Everything is just so jaggy. At least playing in 3D helps it look a little more alive and counteracts the bad resolution a bit.



unrandomsam said:

@TenEighty It cannot output anything other than 4:3 natively. (Even the 16:9 output setting is still actually 4:3). No software can reasonably change that. They could have added internally something similar to what the XRGB3 does.



unrandomsam said:

@TenEighty Gamecube size to normal dvd size. Or you can put a pin in the right place and it will work normally. (Not useful because you cannot connect a controller but it does work). The internal difference is extremely minor. (The board is the same - I suppose you could solder them on if you wanted or had any lying around.)



moroboshi said:

It wasn't a hard trend to predict, as Sony and Microsoft were able to do successfully.

Nintendo didn't go HD because the Wii was made on a low budget, and is an overlocked Gamecube, and so incapable of rendering much at 720p, let alone 1080p.



Doma said:

"Yet the Wii's game library still surpassed the HD consoles easily"




tsm7 said:

I didn't have an HDTV at the launch of the Wii but a few years in ('08 I think) I did.



SCAR said:

I think they released it just in time. If they would have released the Wii U 2 years earlier, that would have made the console 2 years less capable.
The Dreamcast came out 2 years before PS2. It could have very well competed against the PS2, but it couldn't keep up with the GCN and Xbox.
If the Wii U released 2 years ago, just think how much more powerful Xbox One and PS4 would have been in comparison.
It's not even weak to begin with, but people like to assume, listen to rumors, listen to false claims, etc. misleading practices.



Neram said:

I knew they underestimated the public's adoption of HDTV's. Around the time 360 came out, HDTV prices dropped like crazy. I remember they used the excuse that HDTV's would take awhile yet to become the standard, and I thought so too, but suddenly they became affordable and everyone started getting them.

I think they should have released an HD Wii around the end of 2008, that would have given the Wii a lot more momentum in the coming years, and even at that point it would have been affordable for them to do it.




This is the SMARTEST thing I think I've heard come from Nintendo in YEARS!! Even though I enjoyed the Wii a lot with it's motion controls and it's unique variety of games. Although Having HD from the gecko or 2010 would have been very nice though of course you still need and outstanding online which the Wii U still lacks to me at the moment.

It's funny I guess we all agree with Michael Patcher for once, because he ALWAYS says Wii U is 2 years too late.



thanos316 said:

what does he mean he didn't know people would have taken to hd tv's like they did. that some good b.s. right there. this is nintendo.. they move at their own beat. the only reason they out here pushing now is because the wii u isn't taking off. but it just might take off... but please stop the bogus excuses... im too old for the catch phrases. give me some good games and i will purchase a wii u. or else imma just get a good gaming pc that i can upgrade every couple years and still be good. hey people don't bash me im a nintendo fan but im a gamer first. i just wanna play good games. is that so hard to ask for



Hetsumani said:

No, that's no excuse, even in a standard CRT TV you can see the graphical superiority of, for example, Skyrim over Skyward Sword.



LordGeovanni said:

Even with all the above comments, I STILL don't see an advantage of HD over Standard. And I much prefer Nintendo as my Gaming Company than I do Sony or to rent M$$$ as a friend...



JaxonH said:

@kenzo Does that really need an explanation? It was stated above, in this very article. Miamoto said that Nintendo didn't anticipate the public to switch over to HD TVs so quickly. They thought the standard def Wii would be appropriate for that one last generation, and the timing of their 8th gen would coincide with a large HD TV install base. Dolphin is a PC-run software program, and has no limits as far as signal fidelity goes. However, it should be noted that Dolphin is not as good as people like to claim it is. Even many Gamecube games can't run on it without severe stuttering and the like. And an HD signal of Wii games isn't going to give any extra graphical grunt, or better textures, or character models, or framerates. It's not really going to enhance the visuals of Wii games at all. Maybe if you're looking for the improvements you'll notice the ever-so-slight improvement in rendering, but that's about it. Fact is HD on Wii wouldn't have made a split of difference without a stronger architecture to give the games a little extra umph.



ecco6t9 said:

Hindsight says that a Wii HD might of sold, people are gullible when something is an update and is easily an update.

Hell a Wii HD would outsell a Wii U.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I think the Wii struck a good balance with price and performance. I have an HD TV and what I don't understand is why Nintendo did not pack in component cables for 480p gaming when more people got HD TVs. They had the capability to make games look better on HD TVs but they did not really push it. With HD game development comes higher costs. I believe it was the creator of Gears of War who said game development costs have sky rocketed do to development in HD. Because of this developers have to sell more games just to make up those costs which mean they take less chances and this is sometimes at the cost of variety. I love all the different types of games in the Wii library. There are still games I have yet to play. I think Nintendo did great with the Wii. They just should have updated their cables and advertised what that would do for HD TVs.

BTW couldn't the Sega Dreamcast display games in 720p and the Wii is way more powerful than the Dreamcast but the Dreamcast had some really nice looking games.



PaperLucario said:


Oh, don't mind me, I'm just sitting here, enjoying my consoles for the games and not their system power or graphical capability, carry on.



kenzo said:

Follow the pattern.

Standard wii remote => Upgraded wii remote = Motion Plus

Standard 3DS => Upgraded 3DS = 3DS XL

Standard Wii SD graphics => Wii HD graphics = Fanboy PC HomeBrew

Any company that develops consumer electronics must factor in obsolescence and competition caused by Moores Law. Nintendo have demonstrated they will change their hardware when technology sufficiently advances to make such upgrades cost effective. However they missed a big opportunity with the Wii HD. Surely to expect a console to still have commercial legs after 7 years now, when there was ample time to embrace HD technology as an interim step was short sighted on Nintendo's part. People seem to forget the Dolphin emulator runs existing games, not new HD games. AND a dedicated HD console will of course be cheaper and faster than a PC version. The Dolphin Emulator has called out Nintendo big time.

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