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Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

It's coming to "all" next-gen and current-gen consoles, but not Wii U

Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bethesda's upcoming title, was being shown off at E3 and we finally got some clarification on what consoles it will be appearing on. Well, sort of.

In an interview with Got Games, Thomas Björk of MachineGames, the developer behind the first person shooter, revealed Wolfenstein: The New Order was coming to PC as well as "current-gen consoles and next-gen consoles".

This raised many a Wii U owner's eyebrows as a new third party title had seemingly just been announced, but unfortunately confusion ensued.

When asked about each platform individually, Björk simply said "no" to Wii U. It appears Nintendo's system is neither here nor there according to MachineGames.

So it looks like Wolfenstein: The New Order won't be coming to Wii U after all. Hopes can certainly be dashed quickly but considering Bethesda has been staying quiet when asked about Wii U in the past it isn't altogether out of the question just yet.

Would you like to play this one on Wii U? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip!


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Well they can keep their damn game and be bigots about which console they release it on. I'll just spend my money on better games



SkywardCrowbar said:

I'm not too tore up about this. id Software properties have been going to the dogs ever since they were bought by Bethesda.



PS4WiiU said:

Typical comments from Nintendo fans:

  • that developer has been poopiedoodledingdongdays for years now
  • never wanted it in the first place
  • will buy on PS/Xbx, I bought Wii U for Nintendo games
  • I'd rather play Mario for the 50th time
  • Pikmin! Pikmin! Pikmin! Pikmin!
    it's bad, doesnt matter what you think, its bad, I can almost guarantee that Evil Within will skip WiiU and that game looks sick


Retro_on_theGo said:

Siiiiigh. Yup yup. Nothing has changed. Nintendo is still going to be left behind. This sucks, it's like the Wii U never even came out.



8thGenConsoles said:

I don't know anything about this game so I'm not sure what to think of this. I'm not surprised that this game is not coming to Wii U. People want us to believe that this is just business, nothing personal against Nintendo but I don't believe it for one second. I'll believe it one day when 3rd party publishers start showing support for Nintendo. Everyone is putting their games on PS4 and Xbox One, both of these have an install base of 0 and yet the Wii U, with almost 4 million owners gets ignored. Don't tell me that 3rd party publishers don't have something against Nintendo because I won't believe you.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

If you develop games for the Wii U, you make a bigger install base. But if you have a small install base, developers don't develop for Wii U. So basically, it's both Nintendo and third party companies fault for the small install base.



Nintend0ro said:

well of course it's skipping Wii U. Why shouldn't it? Games like Pikmin, Pokemon, Mario, more Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda... will do us. NOT!!!!



8thGenConsoles said:

@PS4WiiU And what else do you want us to say or do? Do you want us to cry and complain about lazy and money hungry publishers ignoring the Wii U? If you want to support Wii U then nice, we will support you too, but if you ignore Wii U then you can go mollycoddle yourself

changing 1 letter does not make a word not be profanity. this is a family-friendly site. please be more careful and stay within the NL rules when posting. k8smum



Midnight3DS said:


I'm having more and more doubts of this being a sustainable business model for Nintendo in this world. Maybe people would like the games, but they don't want the console. I don't see the upcoming 1st party titles opening any floodgates.



Spartacus3765 said:

I think what annoys me about these developer drop-outs the most is the 'elitist' attitude they come off as towards Nintendo. Third party support for Nintendo for the most part I guess has been like this forever, but for the Wii U it seems like an all time low.

Honestly, I don't really get it. On paper, it makes a lot more sense if third party supported this console than the last one (Wii) since the disparity in horsepower/visuals/etc. isn't nearly as great for the Wii U compared to these 'yet to be released' systems. But they bought into the casual hype thinking people who bought the Wii would go for their games. Of course, that never panned out too well for the various reasons like: shotty ports, graphical capabilities, online, etc.

Nintendo hurt themselves bad with the Wii. Sure it was amazingly innovative, but for who it catered to and how sour a taste it left in mouths of the many has been too hard to overcome for some third party developers.

The Wii U is an amazing system which far surpasses the Wii in tremendous amount of ways. I know, of course it should, but it appears that developers and the video game community are simply failing at giving it a chance. Seriously, how much different is watch dogs going to play/look on PS4 vs. Wii U? If you say 'greatly', you're kidding yourself. However, if you had said that last gen about the same game out for PS3 vs. Wii, then I would completely understand.



LasermasterA said:

@Spartacus3765 @WiiURockz

I totally agree. The developers are avoiding the Wii U like the plague and citing reasons that their "engine does not work" or the "Wii U is too weak" even when so many cross-gen games are coming out! It is looking like most of the 3rd party developers either have a grudge against Nintendo, they are working all together to doom Nintendo (melodramatic ), they are just following the crowd of most publishers or they just want to stay away from the kiddie image of the Wii. Some cases might apply simultaneously.

This is not helping the Wii U's case as the general public will think that the Wii U is weak or some other reason. We know better but not everyone reads all this news online with a clear and analytical mind.

The Wii U is much better in comparison against Xbox One and PS4 than Wii U ever was against the Xbox 360 and PS3. They are not even giving it a chance! Some publishers had given it a chance but most of them were bad games or just half baked ports (EA I am pointing to you). NFS: Most Wanted was an exception but it arrived too late and did not sell well.



Sean_Aaron said:

Oh no an original and interesting new IP is skipping the Wii U - wait, Wolfenstein? Never mind...



RedRocBoy said:

@PS4WiiU I agree we need to stop that negative crap. I sure as hell wanted the game, I wanted to play it on my Wii U. I'll be getting a PS4 but no time soon, just wish we had more third party support. Really want The Division and KH3.



GraveLordXD said:

@PS4WiiU would you rather them beg and plead for them to bring a game like this to the system when there are way better games coming out and from what I've seen so far from this game it's not that impressive



SkywardCrowbar said:

@PS4WiiU Umm... I'm speaking the truth. I'm a huge DOOM and Quake fan. I play those games constantly. The last title that id made that was really good was DOOM 3 which was a masterpiece that was overlooked because of Half-Life 2 coming at the same year. Ever since they've been taken over by Bethesda, they've made inferior titles. Look at Rage, look them having to reboot DOOM 4 because they were being pressured by their parent company to make a CoD rip off.

If there's one developer that I know other than Nintendo, it's id. So please check your Sony fanboy at the door before you come in with some misguided remark.



TwilightV said:

I'd rather focus on games we are getting than moan about not getting Generic Knockoff Of Legendary FPS Franchise #18567633.



Dodger said:

If it is hitting next gen and current gen consoles then power-wise, there is no reason whatsoever why it couldn't run on the Wii U.

I could imagine a couple other reasons though. Nintendo and Bethseda have never really had much of a partnership in the past and you could look at that and say that a Bethseda FPS isn't likely to have much of a market on a Nintendo system (a company that spent the entire period between the Gamecube and the Wii U without a second analog stick unless you count the classic controller). You also could look at the Wii U sales numbers and decide that it isn't worth your time. I'm not saying either reason is good or bad or anything but I don't think it is power related.



Spartacus3765 said:


The real question may come down to this...Can Nintendo hold their own without third party support? Obviously, Nintendo has as much characters and properties as the likes of Disney - of which Playstation and Microsoft would only dream of having. It just sorta sucks that it's created this division between developers and Nintendo. It's all about where the money is - and Nintendo isn't it right now for these third party developers.

I kind of expected a little more on the end from Nintendo from this e3 on what to expect by the end of this year. Sure, 2014 is going to be stellar. But this coming holiday was extremely important to have consumers believe in a reason to get the system around then. Not for it to sit there until titles arrive in 2014. Pikmin 3 looks great, but it's not a system seller. Same goes for Wonderful 101 and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. It looks as though they're leaning on Super Mario 3D World to do the trick and I'm not all that convinced.

The Mario Kart 8 title, now that would have moved systems this holiday with it bundled. I would gladly swap the release dates for these two titles as it makes more sense for Nintendo this holiday season (in my eyes at least). I only say this because it seems that these particular platformers (I know it's not from the 'New Super Mario Bros.' series) are becoming increasingly unpopular in terms of players simply being "burnt out". However, I'll be glad if I'm wrong and the Wii U sells like crazy cuz of all the titles being listed this year.



Caryslan said:

@SkywardCrowbar Why does every one hate Rage? I thought it was a great game that saw ID do things that they never have done before. In a world where Battlefield and COD games are the norm, I'm shocked so many people did not like a Shooter like Rage that moved away from the norm.

I know the PC version had some major issues and the game's multiplayer sucked, but I'm surprised so many people hated Rage.

I played it on the Xbox 360, and I thought it was just as good, if not better then Doom 3.



SkywardCrowbar said:

@ Caryslan: People are PO'd about Rage because of the PC version. id is a company famous for making great PC games, and the PC version of their newest IP was almost unplayable. The game itself, if you can play it, is very good. I wouldn't say it's as good as DOOM 3, but it's a good shooter and is, like you said, a unique outing in the FPS realm.

The PC version was just a fiasco, and now Rage 2 has been killed off by Bethesda, so we may never see where that promising IP could have gone.



Sensei_Sendai said:

@Spartacus3765 Truth be told, I'd be highly surprised if this wasn't Nintendo's last home console or at the very least, last gimmicky console. While I think the Handheld market can sustain itself with Nintendo at the helm, I really wouldn't be surprised if Sony turned around to Nintendo and offered them Second Party Exclusivity at some point on the next Playstation.

Me thinks that Nintendo really would be in a better position if they could be a Production Powerhouse alongside EA, Activision etc. while not focusing on Home Console creation as well.

Also, to address system sellers, Nintendo does have one card in it's favor this generation, the fact that they seem to be focusing more on couch multiplayer which the other two seem to have scrapped. Massive problem being, Nintendo NEED TO compete this generation, they've posted for too big a loss :S



turnmebackwards said:

Would have been nice to see on the Wii U as it looked one of the most interesting games coming out on the PS4 & Xbox One so bit annoying the Wii U will miss out on this. But as a Wii U owner disappointment when it comes to third party games is becoming very common.



MiNiStRy said:

Only reason it's not comng to wii u is because of the user base the wii u has. If sales pick up then I'm sure a lot of third party developers will ensue.



Rafie said:

@WiiURockz Yes the install base for both PS4 and XBO is 0, but the popularity of the systems is much higher than the Wii U because of their predecessors. I told you that before. on a side note- you'll be getting a reply to our debate soon

You think it's something personal against Nintendo and it's not. It's really business. Nintendo hasn't had huge 3 party titles in a long time outside of COD. Also the Wii U is more complex than the other 2. So for devs to make the game for the system...they want to ensure that the said game will sale well for the system. I'm not saying it won't, but we all know 3rd party titles do much better on the PS and Xbox side of things. It's just how it is now. Kudos to folks like Ubi, Capcom, Netherealm that gives Nintendo a chance. It's a shame really.



MAB said:

On a more important note Ashes Cricket 2013 will be true multiplat and releases 21 June... Thomas I thought you would be right onto this one mate




Rafie said:

@Lasermaster123 Hmm...I think the Wii U isn't closer to the PS4/XBO. It's more closer to the 360/PS3 until I see something different. (which I probably will thru the new Zelda game). The new Zelda game will maximize the Wii U's true potential and finally give it the worthy graphical and huge panoramic scope it deserves to contend with the PS4 and XBO outside of games. I'm speaking pure hardware btw.



kyuubikid213 said:

Well...saw this coming. I'm getting a bit upset at this nonsense, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'll just keep supporting Nintendo and I'll get any other game I want on PC if I can. No way in hell am I getting one of the other next-gen systems.

All I really want is for people to stop being ridiculous and accept that the Wii U is a next-gen system. It IS powerful...maybe even more so than the PS4 and Xbox ONE. Let's keep in mind that it is a significant jump over the Wii, launched with specs that put the PS3 and 360 to shame (or at the very least has launch titles with both depth and graphical quality not seen until the end of the PS3 and 360's lives), and is displaying images to two screens simultaneously with nearly non-existent lag. If that's not power, I don't know what is.



JavierYHL said:

i am ok with the third party games, i will get it on the ps4 anyway...but where is the nintendo wii u is not only collecting dust but i have been also not using it for ages...



Dark_Link said:

"When asked about each platform individually, Björk simply said "no" to Wii U. It appears Nintendo's system is neither here nor there according to MachineGames." What kind of BS response is that??? Wii U is more powerful than the XBOX360 and PS3 and yet they are getting the games and the WII U is not. SMH



R_Champ said:


I'll admit, as Nintendo fan, this is something of a coping mechanism, but I'll take that over Sony Ponies threatening suicide over Bayonetta 2 any day. And imagine if they knew X was going to be insanely better than KH3 and FF XV? Good thing Sony systems have legions of mediocre JRPG to distract fans from the amazing ones on other systems otherwise the Ponies would go extinct.



pntjr said:

Oh yeah, right, because the Wii U is not a next-gen or current gen console. Right. Of course. Makes perfect sense.



thanos316 said:

the wii u is bleeding right now. its taking its lumps. i know some will say who cares about this game. but its not about the game not coming to the wii u, its about another game not coming to the wii u and people will start to say hey what is wrong with the wii u. im here in school and all people are talking about is the xbox one and ps4. the wii u is barely in the convo right now. i mean yes some good nintendo titles are coming out but not unitl the holidays and spring 2014. its as if nintendo is going in alone on the wii u. i mean ubisoft support is good but thats going away soon. the time is now and not later. yes the holiday season is huge. but if a big game came out now for the wii u it could be very succesful cause no one is putting out games in the summer.. come on ninty don't let the wii u suffer like this.



Caryslan said:

@Dark_Link Because at the end of the day, it comes down to numbers. The PS3 and 360 have a much larger base in terms of sold units. It would be foolish to ignore either system at this point. As to why games never get ported to the Wii U, who knows? It could be virtually anything ranging from a small customer base, to they have a bias against Nintendo platforms.



hYdeks said:

Obviously this is not coming to all current and next gen now is it? Sorry, but PS4 and Xbox One with their graphics isn't enough to be next gen in my opinion. What happened to innovative video games and video games being fun? Shooting things and games with a doggie-do-do-dingleberry load of violence aren't fun in my opinion, so this game not coming is no big loving deal >< Last time I checked, Wolfenstein hasn't been a big deal since 1992, so why should I care about this fre@kin thing?!? Games like this will be on sale in less than 2 months, than they'll be in the bargain bin where no one will buy it. Shooters are pimple on video games burros, stop making these stupid d@mn things! ><

@Superstick PS4 / Xbox One are ugly eye soars of gaming consoles, I rather not be a gamer anymore than to support them.

changing 1 letter does not make a word not profanity. this is a family-friendly site. please be more careful about the rules. thanks. k8smum



LasermasterA said:

@Rafie Did you see the trailer for X? It was amazing! And it wasn't even nowhere near the final product! The Wii U is much more powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3 but weaker than the Xbox One and PS4. New 1st party games like you said will definitely showcase the power of the Wii U (unfortunately not Super Mario 3D World). Mario Kart 8 also looks pretty good Bayonetta 2 is 8th gen looking as well.

All the 3rd parties leaving the Wii U or making inefficient ports is the reason many believe that Wii U is weak. Its not, it just has a different architecture, similar to the Wii but much, much more powerful.



Dark_Link said:

@Caryslan While I agree with that, the PS4 and XBone have not came out yet and Microsoft already alienated a ton of people with their big brother stuff. I personally don't think it's a small customer base as Nintendo has not had great third party since the NES and SNES days which is why those consoles were so great, they had the classic Nintendo games and great third party games. I think there is something going behind the scenes that is happening here or some sort of bias. But thanks for the nice reply I am just a huge Nintendo fan.



LasermasterA said:

@Sensei_Sendai Nintendo cannot leave hardware production! It is what they do best! Nintendo makes the best games because it knows its console inside out as they design the console for those very games.Sure they face hiccups and all but they made the Wii U as strong as it is for a reason.

Nintendo can participate in the power race, it just does not want to. Gamecube was much stronger than PS2 but look at its success. The weakest console PS2 won its gen. Wii, the weakest console won its gen. Nintendo is focusing on innovation and the tablet is not a gimmick. Sony and Microsoft have already copied it, much faster than they copied motion control. They just expect you to pay extra to get it.

Microsoft Smartglass needs a smartphone and it will not support off-tv play and all. Sony expects you to buy a $240 PS Vita, a system with a dwindled library.



Dark_Link said:

@Lasermaster123 X looks awesome!!! I have to admit when Nintendo lost Final Fantasy to Sony I was somewhat devastated because I love Final Fantasy, I still to these day have not played FF7. That is why I am excited about X because it looks better than the latest FF games that have been coming out. I can't wait to play X!



Rafie said:

@kyuubikid213 The Wii U is not more powerful than the other 2. Let's keep things in clear perspective here. There's plenty of proof of the specs for all 3 systems. Is the Wii U as powerful as the other 2 is the real big question here. Potentially...yes. It's definitely a next gen system. No doubt about that.



LasermasterA said:

@Spartacus3765 Nintendo can definitely hold out without 3rd party support. Their games are still going to appeal to the families. Sure, Nintendo has lost a lot of its casual audience but families will still love Donkey Kong and Super Mario 3D World. Donkey Kong is more of a system seller than Metroid, which can be a surprise. Donkey Kong returns sold more than 6 million while Metroid Prime 3 was around 4 million. Super Mario 3D World while unimpressive through video alone has been impressing people when they play it. Pikmin 3 is for strategy fans. The Wonderful 101, I feel should be available as a demo. It might not look super impressive to people from afar but trying atleast 15 minutes would really ramp up interest. Nintendo will boost loads of sales with Mario. Maybe more than expected. Never underestimate a Mario game. Word of mouth is a strong medium of advertising.

Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. are the cavalry that are arriving next year while these products are the infantry. Bayonetta can be said as the .(having a hard time here) artillery? (I was going to say tank but then that would place it above Smash Bros., I just picked any word Feel free to attach a meaning) It appeals to the "hardcore" gamers or action gamers. X is coming out for the RPG fans, definitely a system seller as long as Monolith does a great job.

By 2014 end, we will easily find out how Nintendo stands.

Also there is that new studio coming up in December. Surely that will Nintendo churn out more quality titles?



NMH-TRI said:

Wii U tech is above PS3/360 tech, but def below PS4/Xbox 1. The gap between Wii U and the other next gen is much less than Wii and current gen though.

A lot of their games are hitting 1080p 60fps. It streams to the pad (in most cases) while pulling this off.

I'm honestly not worried about what I'll miss though. Nintendo just needs more unique games through exclusive support (like they've done w/ Platinum on Wii U and like they did w/ Suda on Wii). I can play almost everything else on PC, but normally pass because I think the FPS genre is tired...and that's like 30%-50% of the ''AAA'' titles that pass Nintendo over..



ricklongo said:

Sad news for the system's health, that's for sure.

On a personal level, however, I really couldn't care less. Can't stand shooters.



doctor_doak said:

I'd like to ask Iwata why none of these following games are coming to Wii U, because they ALL should.

Ni No Kuni, Killer Is Dead, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, The Evil Within, Dark Souls 2, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Metal Gear Solid 5.

They're all games from publishers/developers (mostly Japanese) that Nintendo have had close relationships with. Why couldn't Iwata secure these games??



rjejr said:

If it makes anybody feel any better - I saw the video for this about a week ago - though this past week feels like a month - and it opens really strongly w/ some cool "what if" news like segments, and then it looks like the last Sega Alinns game, which if you haven't heard was bleeck.

No doubt It's bad the WiiU is missing some new games, but from a gamer perspective you might not lose any sleep over missing this one.

And yeah, WiiU is the monkey in the middle. Or the anti-goldilocks. Somebody called it something funny the other day but I forget.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie you might wanna check a few trailers like mario kart 8, WW hd, also like someone else mentioned monolith x all thoes games look just as good as anything on ps4 and look a good bit better than anything I've played on ps3 I'm currently playing last of us and I can tell you all the games I mentioned look superior and supposedly run at 60 fps
Why is it that every time a game doesn't get ported to the wii u everyone brings up the power argument
THIS FREAKING GAME IS ALSO GOING TO BE ON THE 360! The only game I can even think of at the moment that the wii u won't be able to handle is elder scrolls online, every thing else mentioned for the other consoles at the moment shouldn't be an issue oh and planet side there's no way the wii u would pull that off



Ichiban said:

Ive fully given up on 3rd party support on Wii U at this point. PS4 will do nicely to cover that.



Slapshot said:

@Rafie I'll put it to you straight up - from a technical standpoint, the Wii U is about half the specs of the Xbox 720 and PS4. Another thing that gets little to no talk here at Nintendo Life and is a major selling point for both of the upcoming consoles is cloud gaming. This will play a major role in the next generation and Nintendo hasn't even caught up with the current generation in regards to online gaming.



Rafie said:

@LDXD I have checked all the trailers and only X looks great enough to be on the "next-gen" level here. Everything else can look just as good on PS3 and 360. You have to admit that it does. Now normally I respect your post on here, but c'mon man. You mean to tell me that Mario 3D, WW HD, and Mario Kart 8 looks better than The Last Of Us?! Dude that's really stretching it. They definitely don't look better than The Last Of Us. You were better off putting it against other games. While those games that you mentioned looks phenomenal, they just don't look anything more than what the PS3 and 360 can do. Now Monolith X on the other hand can better showcase what the Wii U can really do. That game is a perfect example of why the Wii U is a contender.

The power argument is moot with the Wii U. It can handle what the PS3/360 can and more. So I don't understand either why people keep saying "power". The Wii U is capable of these games. I'll give you all my honest personal opinion as to why devs have neglected to develop games for the Wii U. I did say something about the business aspect, but I was only giving a plausible answer. I really think that devs don't know what to do with the game pad and is too lazy to figure it out. That's just my opinion.



Rafie said:

@Slapshot Thank you, Slap. A sound post. No it's funny you brought that up about cloud storage. Does Nintendo really need to jump on the cloud gaming train? I would like to hear others opinion about this.

Now back to the Wii U. Don't get me wrong. The Wii U is a strong contender here. With games like Monolith X and Zelda on the way....this will really show what the Wii U can do compared with the other 2 and their games. I'm sure when the next Metroid game comes, we will continue to see the opinions change about the Wii U's power. Just don't bring up Mario games because graphically they look like anything the PS3/360 can do. Before anyone brings up the whole graphics ordeal, I'm just simply making a point by taking the graphics route. I know that's not all that goes into a next gen, but it still does play a big role.




I'm sorry, say what you will but I'm so bored to death with FPS that this doesn't bother me one bit.

This game wont sell that well on any platform which defeats the whole point of not bringing it to the wii u.

FPS games are a dime a dozen now and although its not a good sign for the wii u, I personally am not bothered about this game.

I predict around 40K sales and after 1 or 2 months it will be in the bargin bin at asda.



andrea987 said:

@Rafie Would they be able to play a racer like MK8 @ 1080p 60fps? Didn't think so.
On topic, another pewpewpew skipping the U? Bad news for the U, but no loss for me. I would have prefered a Skyrim Goty Ed. Never mind.
Oh, and I do agree with you, in most cases I think it's a case of lazy devs. In other cases, though -cough...ea...cough...- I wouldn't say that's all there is. Especially considering some shady marketing practices going on lately within the industry.



hcfwesker said:

I dunno, don't care for this game, really. But don't these publishers think of the fact they're putting these games on consoles FLOODED with games in the same genre which would make the game have more competition on these consoles, while many WiiU gamers are hungry for ANYTHING at this point.



XCWarrior said:

Oh no. We won't see another generic FPS on the Wii U. Oh how will we ever survive.

We are getting COD: Ghosts. Honestly, do you need any other FPSs? One is enough per year.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie no no bro I'm positive that Mario kart 8 looks way better than last of us I promise you last of us so far is a great game an bad to the bone story bit textures are lacking it looks no better or worse than uncharted 2. I game on pc all the time so good graphics mean nothing to me but the fact I can play sonic racing without having to split the screen is not only fun but ground breaking



GraveLordXD said:

Game on pc if all you care about is visuals but the wii u is great for family gaming or co-op



GraveLordXD said:

Last but not least I never had a gaming experience like the wii u i've been gaming for around 30 years



FJOJR said:

At this point when I see "all next gen" consoles I'm just going to assume it isn't coming to Wii U. Save the disappointment,



DESS-M-8 said:

To be fair, personally I would have bought this game anyway, neither would I buy fallout. Never been my kind of game, I think doom is a great game but I wouldn't buy doom either. But games like this will come to wii u after the user base has increased, which it will, simple as that really.



DESS-M-8 said:

The only third party game I'm crossing everything for to get announced for wii u is street fighter V.
And super street fighter IV 3D edition for the eShop



Azikira said:

The Vicious Cycle of the Wii U:
-Nobody wants to buy it because there's a ton of games skipping it
-Developers don't want to make games on Wii U because nobody is buying it
-Rinse and Repeat
It'll never end if big Dev's wont even TRY to make a bloody game for the Wii U.



banacheck said:

the install base for both PS4 and XBO is 0,

But as soon as the PS4/Xbox On releases there install base will not be 0, just looking at how pre-orders are going the PS4 especially will sell very well. Amazon are not taking anymore pre-orders on the launch edition for the PS4 as thay've sold out, the US where Xbox ruled for every 3units of PS4 being pre-ordered there is only two Xbox On consoles being pre-ordered.

Also most of the new games your seeing where made on incomplete hardware, and only scratch the surface of what the likes of the PS4 can do. Tne Wii U on the other hand has a massive problem, is it next gen or current gen. Everyone apart from Wii U owners does see the Wii U as a current gen console, even on the BBC news when talking about E3 thay refered to the Wii U as a current gen console. No big problem you'll say well actually there is, the price of the Wii U towards the price of the PS4 which people see as a next gen console, price wise there is not a massive difference.



stefenjc said:

Seriously, I just hate how companies skips Wii U. Does Wii U, it seems like it invisible to them. Their are many ways you can use the game pad usefully but I dont see why people wont use that effort to even try on the Wii U game pad..



GoombaSlayer said:

Have read through all the comments and have this to say

1) Wii U is not a power-package. It is not more powerful then Playstation 4 or Xbox One. That it can MIRROR games for the Gamepad screen is not power. I can do that with my five year old smartphone. Also PS4 will be able to mirror ALL Playstation 4-games to the Playstation Vita. In terms of hardware Wii U is a good piece of hardware but still on terms with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
HOWEVER the difference between Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 will not be as obvious as it was between Playstation 2 and Playstation 3. Not because there is not a major difference in the hardware but more because the difference will be seen in other details such as animations, framerates, resolutions and on a detail level. Wii U games will still look great but they will seem less alive and more.. stiff.

2) Just because it has weapons and has Wolfenstein on the cover doesnt mean that the game is some lesser Call of Duty-whatever-copycat-game. Wolfenstein: The New Order is designed by the people that made the original and great The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness-game and it will be a Action-RPG set in a somewhat open-world enviroment, much like Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It looks very promising.

3) The reason that Wii U are missing out on so many third party content is not because of "snoby" or "lazy" developers. Its due for two reasons. The first one being that even though the Wii U could handle these games, the hardware is also more complicated to develop for then both PS3 and Xbox 360 and in addition with the second reason, that Wii U simply havent sold that great. It doesnt have a solid installbase and its already settled base arent buying the third-party content already out.. Its just not worth it.



Beta said:

So, let's sum the arguments of devs up:
Not enough install base? Well, you're developing for the PS4 and the Xbox One who technically don't even have an install base yet!
Not enough power? Come on, dude, you're already developing for the Ps3 and X360!
Won't pay as good as Nintendo games? Well, duh, if you don't do YOUR work well, of course it won't, blame yourself first for your laziness.

EDIT: Nvm, after reading the post above me, it kinda makes sense now...



Sensei_Sendai said:

@Lasermaster123 As much as I'd like that to be true, Nintendo's exclusives, on there own, are losing more and more credibility in the gaming community with every announcement to a point where they can't survive with them and when the Wii U is so hard to develop for, it's just a slow moving train wreck for Nintendo.

Here's hoping they can pull something magical off, but don't count on it.



ILikeRead said:

@PS4WiiU its just sad how much of a bandwagon there is when you have people saying the same thing all the time. but then again, when ea starts something dramatic everyone wants a piece of that pie. when are developers gonna head over this way and read the comments. maybe if they did then they would know people want more games. NINTENDO HAS A PRO CONTROLLER FOR WII U donkeyholes! maybe they'll pay attention now.

Knock it off with the insults and profanity please — TBD



JJtheTexan said:

YES, I want this game on Wii U. No, I don't ever expect to get it.

It's completely understandable that publishers are avoiding Wii U because its install base is so low. Fine. What grinds my gears is when pubs like Bethesda refuse to acknowledge that Wii and Wii U even exist. When they say "coming to all current and next-gen consoles", they need to add a * for "except Wii U because f*** U."



LasermasterA said:


The point of comparing Mario Kart 8 and The Last of Us is pretty much comparing apples to oranges. Mario Kart 8 is using cartoonish graphics albeit very good graphics while the Last of Us attempts realistic looks. The Mario Kart 8 is definitely next gen, just look at some of the detail provided + the fact that the game will be in 1080p in 60 fps.


Everyone is going to jump on the Wii U train when sales start to start truly. Like always, everyone is underestimating Nintendo and joining the general bias that Nintendo is for kids. They have been discounting Nintendo for years. Nintendo did not make a train wreck before and it won't either in the future. Nintendo is here to stay for a LONG time while I doubt the same for atleast Microsoft. Xbox One games are being developed upon but the Xbone will suffer slow sales eventually while the Wii U catches up.



TheAdza said:

I personally don't care for first person shooters so its no problem for me. But it still pains me to see so many big games skipping Wii U.



Gold_Ranger said:

It can't be because of the different Architecture.
The X-B-O has a completely different one than the 360. That's why there is no backwards compatibility, at least according to MicroSoft.
Honestly, I don't care about this game. It another First Person Shooter. I HATE First Person Shooters.



Gold_Ranger said:

My WiiU does lag!
Its a hair slower on the FREAKING TV than the GamePad! LOLZ!
Does anyone else think that Nintendo should have packed in a Pro Controller as well with the WiiU?
I think these companies are too stupid to actually figure out how to use the GamePad!



Timro said:

Sucks it's not coming to Wii U. I just wish the companies would give real/true reasons why not.



Rafie said:

@LDXD No it doesn't man! I have the Last Of Us. Are you seriously comparing a game with "cutesy cartoonish" graphics to a game that looks damn near real?! You can't! I'm sorry but Mario Kart 8 would not be a good example to compare graphics with one of the best games that emulates something close to a real thing. That doesn't mean I have something against Mario Kart because I'm one of Mario Kart's HUGEST fan. I'm just being real with the graphics part. Mario Kart graphics doesn't even compare with Gran Turismo 5's graphics. Now you're argument would have been better had you said Monolith X or Zelda. Not Mario man.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie lol dude!! It doesn't matter cutesy stuff is actually hard to pull off bro, last of us to me actually looks worse than uncharted 2 look close you'll see some screen tearing and bad bland textures, but I must say the last of us is pretty awesome
And mario kart not only looks awesome but looks like a living cartoon I didn't see any bad textures or any screen tearing also the game runs at 60fps unlike last of us that from what I seen can barely pull off 30. So my argument stands and I used a cute cuddly game to do it lol
Their is nothing in the ps3s library that comes close
Edit: but lets look at some of the cartoony type of games for ps3 like little big planet, sonic racing transformed, borderlands2 none of them come close feel free to think of anything I can't



GraveLordXD said:

And about zelda I'm talking the hd remake here, to me it looks better than metro last light on pc on ultra high, I know I'm playing the game maybe I'm right or maybe I'm ultra high myself who knows but it just looks better imo



Slapshot said:

@Rafie Absolutely not. Nintendo absolutely doesn't need to even touch cloud-based gaming. Sony alone spent $380 million USD to acquire Gaikai for its cloud-based sector of its industry, and that was just in acquisition. I'm sure it spent another $300 million thereafter to implement the service. This is not something that Nintendo wants to dabble in - it doesn't even have a full digital service yet, and Nintendo gamers refuse to buy third party titles. I don't see how this would be profitable for Nintendo.

In regards to the Wii U - it all comes down to the hardware. Yes, Mario Kart 8 looks absolutely fantastic, but this is because Mario Kart doesn't utilize a physics engine, like most modern day racers (Gran Turismo 6, GRID 2 and Forza 5). Mario Kart 8 can indeed looks absolutely amazing - also remember that we haven't seen this run in real-time yet - but the majority of the CPU and GPU's power is pushing graphics, where in other titles the majority of the power consumption would be allocated to the physics engine (tyre grip, weight ratio management, aerodynamics, braking bias, etc., etc., which is all being rendered in real-time via user input). If you added an advanced physics engine to Mario Kart 8, either it wouldn't run on the Wii U, or the graphics would take a significant hit. The art of designing video games is literally a ballet dance of power management. When you compare the hardware specifications of the next generation consoles to the Wii U - the Wii U doesn't even come close to standing with them. Both the Xbox One and PS4 double current generation consoles power and the Wii U is literally right above average with the current generation.

With that said, Nintendo is no longer competing with these two consoles with the Wii U, which is why it didn't have an E3 presentation. The Wii U cannot run next generation games without major sacrifices, especially once the second/final waves of games that push these immensely powerful consoles' limits come into fruition. The Wii U titles would only be gimped and there's no sense in that - Nintendo is better off doing its own thing and hopefully third parties will show a little support going forward (original titles).



Rafie said:

@LDXD No its not man! LOL How do you figure it's hard to pull off? The reason why PS3/360 doesn't normally do games like that is because (well speculating here) is that they may feel they are going the Nintendo route and might actually lose their customers.

Your cute cuddly argument didn't help it at all. LOL Again you're comparing something that could easily be done by either company. Look at the facial hair and expressions in real time. Little Big Planet is the only game I can think of that Sony themselves made or had a hand in doing that's cute. Even then the graphics are great!



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie borderlands 2 is a good point I made, also check out knack for ps4 does that blow away mario hmmmm
And slap is right it has to do with a lot of things the game engine is a major thing for instance I've read an article where Carmack said that doom 3 actually takes up more resources than doom 4 would or maybe it was rage I forget game engines play a huge part and considering Nintendo makes their own for their games and know their hardware I wouldn't be surprised if some of their games look and run better than some of the games on the newer consoles
Just look at Mario galaxy that was on the wii basically a game cube and that looked better than alot of 360 games



Saturn said:

I don't get it. The fact they would rather invest in a sinking ship like the Xbox One boggles my mind.



Rafie said:

@LDXD I didn't mention B2 because it wasn't made by Sony and it was a multiplatform game. Although Knack doesn't blow Mario out of the water, the things you do like transforming into different objects looks pretty damn cool. Oh and about that 60fps, you do know that Sony and Microsoft are capable of that. Well certain games are like COD and Battlefield. I see a lot of Nintendo fans bringing that up lately.



GraveLordXD said:

Im not dissing sony I like them a lot I'm simply saying the wii u isn't a weak system it shouldn't be brought up every time a game doesn't make its way to the system is all I'm trying to get at



Rafie said:

@LDXD I was talking about the next COD and Battlefield...and they have already confirmed that it will. Most of us here already know that Wii U isn't a weak system. I just don't like it when people here negative news about the Wii U, they start ragging on the other 2 consoles. You made your point my man.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie oh I wasn't trying to rage on other consoles if thats what it looked like so sorry about that. Lets see because the next cod is ghost right and it's going to be on all systems, I think it will run better on ps4 and be slightly better looking than the wii u version because of that extra ram I don't think it will blow away the wii u version. I think Nintendo says one thing but I don't think they care about 3rd party to much it sure seems that way. I don't think Nintendo will get back to the nes-snes days ever again if anyone is thinking that



Rafie said:

@LDXD No it's all good. I don't think Nintendo will get back to those days either, but that's fine. They are still doing great on their own. They have been in the game for about 30 years almost and they know how to do their consoles. Marketing lately has been a blunder though.



Dark_Link said:

@Rafie I agree with you on the marketing part. Iwata really screwed up the launch for this console. Nintendo's mistake is the marketing was horrible, most people didn't know what the Wii U was even a new console and they didn't have any of their big hitting games ready at launch. Now if Nintendo had Smash, Mario Kart, Mario 3D or Zelda to launch with the system or 2 of the 4 of these games they would not be in this situation they are in right now. That was a hige mistake by Nintendo.



Gamer83 said:

It's too bad but I can't imagine anybody was really expecting this to be on Wii U. Most Wii U owners who would buy this game are likely the type who also buy other consoles anyway.



Caryslan said:

@Dark_Link Nintendo's biggest mistake was marketing the Wii U to "Hardcore Gamers." I think Nintendo will find more success if they market the Wii U to kids, retro gamers, families, casual gamers, and as a great secondary console. Trying to go after the so-called "Hardcore Market" accomplishes nothing since that market thumb their noses up at Nintendo and their games.

That was what hurt the Wii U at launch. With the Xbox and Playstation on the market, trying to cater to the "Hardcore Market" is sucide. They should have learned their lesson with the Gamecube.

With their consoles, they need to target the audience that the Xbox and Playstation ignore. They found success with the Wii by doing this, and that needs to be their focus with the Wii U.



mikeyman64 said:

NL should stop the "X title is not going to be on Wii U" articles and just make a page on the site that lists upcoming games that are/aren't going to be supported. It would save a lot of time for the writers and diligent commenters as well.



Legromancer said:

yeah, but really, there aren't that many games coming for Wii U. All announced games get a news. And all games that are ditching the Wii U also, because news are news. People should know what to expect. So why should NL stop these articles? To paint a brighter picture than it really is?



NMH-TRI said:

@mikeyman64 ikr. I did some research. There are roughly 20 titles releasing between now and the end of the year. 30+ titles if you count indie. If you count VC the number is probably more like 40-60.

Big deal. We're not getting an FPS/gritty title. Who buys Nintendo for those anyway?



schizor said:

@PS4WiiU I agree that this place is very pro-Nintendo and some comments are very fanboy-like. Then again this is "Nintendo-life" soooo of course we're going to hear some fanboyism on this site. To be perfectly honest, your comment is very rude and will generate a lot of negativity here in this commentsection. Yes Nintendo fans and gamers should maybe try another approach, than only praise and love since the console isn't doing so well atm, There seems to be a lack of perspective. But the thoughtfulness and mind you've put into your comment is really not that different from most of the fanboyism seen here on nintendo-life.



Kiokothepirate said:

I was so looking forward to this game! It's been forever since I played a Wolfenstein game, but it would appear my dreams have once again failed to fall into place.



cdawg said:

Nintendo needs to shed the kiddie image and get back its cool. No point in 3rd party devs spending time porting to a console which has no users that are interested in their games. Nintendo is effectively isolating itself from the gaming market. Lets face it, if they want to stay in the console business they are going to have to sell and appeal to the people who are willing to stick with consoles.



P-Gamer-C said:

@Beta They no people are going to buy the true next gen console and not the wii u aka the scam u those preorder numbers for ps4 dont lie

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