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Super Mario 3D World Producer Teases New Annoucement

Posted by Damien McFerran

What could it be?

Were you one of the people left slightly underwhelmed by the announcement of Super Mario 3D World at this year's E3? Then you should be interested to know that Nintendo's Tokyo EAD team might be hard at work on a second title.

Super Mario 3D World Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi was asked by Spain's El País what his next project would be, to which he replied:

I can not reveal it now, but soon we will make an announcement.

With no indication of what this mystery announcement might be — it could be a game, DLC or something else entirely — your guess is as good as ours. Why not let us know what game you'd like to see Tokyo EAD work on by posting your suggestions in the comment section below?


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johndevine said:

I'm kinda hoping that it's maybe Mario Galaxy for the Wii U.

But it could be Starfox, FZero or maybe another resurrection from Nintendo's archives?

Doshin the Giant Cricket?



Grubdog said:

I was going to comment with something specific but got distracted by those Super Mario 3D World screenshots. Gosh darn that looks magical.



RedRocBoy said:

More games! More games! More game! Yesssssssssss! I see bright future for the Wii U!!!



mike_intv said:

If there are two Luigis and it is the year of Luigi.
Could it be Super Luigi 3D?

Seriously, my guess is Super Mario U(niverse).



Whopper744 said:

Cool! I'm personally always up for a good Mario game like what this 3D World looks to be, but I'll take just about any first party Nintendo title.



miiandmario said:

Nice I think they could of got a better title as the title makes its seem like a 3ds game



miiandmario said:

Nice I think they could of got a better title as the title makes its seem like a 3ds game



miiandmario said:

Nice I think they could of got a better title as the title makes its seem like a 3ds game



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I doubt it would be ANOTHER Mario game, there's enough Mario games to look forward to at the moment. It just has to be something else, but what?...



WingedSnagret said:

We were underwhelmed by the announcement of question mark?

But seriously, I'm not expecting too much here.



CommenSense said:

And they only announced Steel Diver yesterday what a week
But seriously could it be the metroid they have been teasing with nintendo land and the famicom anniversary



XavandSo said:

eShop Demo, eShop Demo, eShop Demo, eShop Demo, eShop Demo, eShop Demo...... Please....



Samus06 said:

I'm hoping it's a 3D Mario that's more in line with Mario 64 or Sunshine, but that's extremely wishful thinking.



hYdeks said:

Star Fox or F-Zero would be awesome, Metroid would be even great too

@Samus06 Super Mario 3D World IS in the line of Mario 64/Sunshine, just with great multiplayer.



capitalism said:

I'm actually really looking forward to Super Mario 3D World. C'mon guys it's the first 3D Mario with multiplayer!



Volmun said:

Super Mario 3D World is the 1st mario game iv gon "WOW I realy want this!" im just hopeing is going to have online co-op so i can play with my frend's in the US.



PinkSpider said:

@capitalism i agree, not sure what the big problem with everyone is. This looks great. I feel sorry for the development team if they are reading all these negative comments about the game



MrGawain said:

I thought Nintendo's new stance is once you make a game, afterwards you make an apology to all the Whingers because you haven't made Metroid, Starfox or Galaxy.



Rezalack said:

Over hyping small announcements like these usually lead to disappointment. One can always hope though. Personally, I hope it's something other than Mario. Something fresh.



Yoshi3DS said:

well theres 0.000001% chance of it being a new 3d mario game. its most likely going to be about 3d world. maybe they'll tell us about the storyline, not that it'll really have one, but at least its not the usual 'bowser captures peach' story. i haven't even heard a mention of bowser since the game was announced. maybe its the return of wart, from smb2, which would make alot of sense considering that the same playable characters are in this game, and they've brought back the vegetable throwing in dkc:tf. i hope i'm right



GN004Nadleeh said:

lets think of it this way, what games do we want? a new metroid? a new star fox? now that they heard what we want, expect something else they decided we wanted, such as wii u music or wii u sports



gavn64 said:

A super ambitious risk taker from "the best in the buisness" please EAD TOKYO whether that be in the guise of Mario or not.



datamonkey said:

@Shiryu - Would love that but only if it's set in a number of different locations again and not just Wii Sports Island. Pilotwings was a poor effort from Nintendo on 3DS and it felt more like a demo than a full retail game.



Varia01 said:

Possibly an equivalent to Super Mario 64. That would be great. The return of the wing, vanish, and metal caps along with a new item, the explore world and find stars thing instead of levels, and punching. We'll see what is though. HYPE!!! (Not for 3D World, but the announcement)



ToadFan said:

I'm hoping it's a new IP or a series Nintendo hasn't been using for a while. Wave Racer, F-Zero, or Advanced Wars anyone?



Megumi said:

he already said Majora's Mask 3D won't happen until an original Zelda 3DS title (A Link Between Worlds) was released. So we probably won't hear about that until that game comes out.



KJ85 said:

^And that is exactly why he can't tell us yet, if you ask me..



gavn64 said:

To everyone guessing it might just be SM3DW DLC its not he said earlier in the same interview that they aren't planning any for the game at the moment so lets all get super excited for a new project from NINTENDO's best player HYYYPPEEE!!!!!



KJ85 said:

Another reason why I'm convinced that it's Majoras Mask 3D is that the only thing out of Grezzo since the two enhanced Zelda ports of 2011 is the newly released StreetPass Garden. Surely they are working on a new Nintendo project, and with a perfect job on Ocarina of Time 3D, why leave the job to others?



element187 said:

Maybe they will announce that since not everyone was able to get to Bestbuy, they will be putting the Super Mario Brothers 3D World demo on the eShop, so everyone can get a chance, also to shutup the idiots poopooing a game they haven't even played.



Yoshi3DS said:

@CommenSense oooops, and there I was thinking everyone else was being stupid, I still think half the people commenting on this will be disappointed



Megumi said:

They would've announced it at E3 if it was a new game. It's probably DLC for something or the OS update for 3DS/Wii U.



element187 said:

@XavandSo Thats what I want... an eshop demo of SMB3DW.

The haters need to be proven wrong, that this is going to be a Mario game that deficates all over other Mario games.



element187 said:

@KJ85 He only said they have an announcement to make, they never said it was a new project.. could be eShop demo. eShop demo!!!



Geonjaha said:

My guess is they deem it less exciting than Super Mario 3D World, and thus - I deem it not important enough to care about.



NMH-TRI said:

So much disappointment sorrounding Mario 3D world -_- I played the demo and this is a Day 1 buy for me, it's great. This is not just a 3D land port to console so get that outta your head.



NMH-TRI said:

Tough to imagine what he's doing. He's worked on Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Yoshi's Island. I would guess it's a franchise revival. Everything he's worked on in the past has come out too recently for another installment. Then again, whatever they start work on probably won't be done for 2-3 years, so it could be any one of those franchises.



Backwardsonapig said:

I'm hesistant to get hyped. These types of announcements never live up to the hype. Hope for the best, expect the least.



ricklongo said:

My first option would be NEW FIRST-PARTY IP!

But I think it might end up being something minor, so I'm not getting my hopes up.



NintyMan said:

I don't want to speculate about what it might be, but hopefully it's something interesting. Koizumi is more of a story-teller when it comes to the Mario developers.



banacheck said:

"As long as it's an open world Mario game, I'll be happy"

Me too, i don't see whats wrong with Super Mario 3D World i'll be getting it



taffy said:

Wii Fit Lady in New Super Mario 3D world, you heard it hear first folks!



Nabbit101 said:

I hope it is a Star Fox game but I also want to know what Hal Labrstory and 1UP studios are working on (Also I'm new here and alot of you seem really nice)



FilmerNgameR said:

I want another Mario game like Mario 64 DS! I want to be play as Yoshi again and punch enemies with Mario, it was FUN!



doctor_doak said:

I doubt it will be the 3D Mario follow up to Galaxy...i'd bet that Tokyo group 1 is working on that. Still intriguing...hopefully it's something good!



renaryuugufan92 said:

seeing as the Wii had 2 main series Mario game it makes since that the team at Tokyo EAD are already thinking about -and or working on- the next mario game for Wii U, I hope that we get a full on open world game similar to the likes of 64, and Sunshine, still hyped for 3D World this December tho! >.<



Yoshis_VGM said:

Interesting, interesting indeed.

I will be ecstatic if it is a new 3D Mario. I'm still looking forward to Super Mario 3D World and I have no doubt that it will be great, but a fresh 3D Mario is always welcome too.

And here's a question: Why in the world does everyone want Galaxy 3?!? Two Galaxy games is enough, I have a feeling that a Galaxy 3 would be more unoriginal than 3D World (I'm not saying 3D World is unoriginal, there are plenty of new additions, but it's still a sequel so it's not as original as it could've been). It just baffles me. I would rather have something completely new.

Anyway, interesting...I wonder how soon "soon" is.



citizenerased said:

Something with its own identity instead of a sequel to SM3DL, please. A fantastic single player experience. Something quirky like Sunshine, but with Galaxy's level of polish and variety.



LavaTwilight said:

Although I'll be buying Mario 3D World, I still hope it's a proper successor to the main series. Not a Mario Galaxy sequel but a proper HD Mario game following the primary franchise.
Otherwise I hope it's a new F-Zero.



Araknie said:

The really sweety good thing about Nintendo is that they want to try a lot, so, when they finish developing one game they jump onto the next.
Maybe it will take time but they do try a lot of different stuff with their series.



Kirk said:

I don't think it would make any sense at all for this project they are about to announce to be another 3D Mario platformer.

I'd much rather see some other missing in action franchise game we've all be asking for, like a new F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid or even Earthbound, than another totally unnecessary 3D Mario again.

We've already got New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U and the upcoming Super Mario 3D World. That's three Mario platform games on one console in it's first year. That's seriously enough Mario platform games for now.

Also, all you people who don't think Super Mario 3D World is good or big enough to be basically the next Galaxy title are just being completely silly and jumping far too quickly to conclusions based on a tiny little snippet you've seen or played of the game imo.

The only thing it's not got that Galaxy had is the gravity mechanic, well as far as we know it's not got that, but other than that I think you are all being extremely naive if you think some of the levels aren't going to be just as expansive, creative, open and grand in scale etc as those in Galaxy.

This is the next "Galaxy" game for all intents and purposes. They've just clearly learned some lessons from those games as well as the other recent 2D and 3D Mario games and they've basically taken the best of what works in each of those games and tried to apply those lessons here. So, the camera isn't always fully 3rd person behind Mario by default for example because that is actually less intuitive and more clumsy for a lot of people and it adds various camera issues that can be avoided otherwise when you have a slightly more fixed perspective in general.

I just don't think you guys are listening to what the developers have said, properly reading the articles or watching the videos and generally seeing the game as it really is at all.

From everything I can see this looks like it's shaping up to be the best 3D Mario platformer yet, by a long ways...



DarkNinja9 said:

well they better cuz to me mario 3D land didnt seem like my type of game at all -___- im glad it wasnt a mario galaxy game either but come on what happen to mario sunshine 2 dammit! <.<

probably not another game though maybe some DLC or a new character something along those lines



Neram said:

If you were one of those people left underwhelmed then obviously you don't have any clue of what you want from Mario. Super Mario 3D World is the best thing that could happen to the series, a true 3D Mario. I bet that once the game comes out everyone will change their tune as soon as they realize how awesome it is.

Isn't everyone sick of Mario on a tropical vacation, or especially Mario in space? How about Mario in MARIO, that's exactly what 3D World (and Land) are.



TheGreenHylian said:

Hoping for something along the lines of Mario Galaxy 3 or Mario 64, but I doubt something like that would actually be announced.



Kirk said:

100% Agree.

I think some people are being totally stupid here.

Mario Galaxy was a very specific take on 3D Mario that required you liking the whole gravity thing in the first place, as well as the whole spinning 3D camera etc, to really enjoy it.

This however is still a full-on 3D Mario game with more traditional and imo vastly superior 2D Mario platformer style gameplay (as in it's more true to the gameplay of the original Super Mario Bros/World games in the first place).

How could that not be what the vast majority of people would want, even if they're somehow completely clueless of that at the moment for some crazy reason?

Surely, and this is very obvious in the sales of this series compared to all the other Mario series of platformers by the way, the whole Galaxy formula is actually a kind of niche concept that's really only going to be preferred by a certain minority of people who maybe can't see how a true 3D representation of the classic Mario games we all know and love should in fact be realized.

I really don't understand what people think this game is missing what was in Galaxy other than the gravity mechanic but SURELY most people really don't just want ANOTHER game with that same mechanic again?

To me, this looks like it is going to be the best designed (no finicky and clumsy spinning 3D camera for example), best playing and most fun 3D Mario game yet, by far, and I really think a lot of people are going to have egg on their face, especially a lot of people in the gaming press (even some of the guys on this very site), come final review time.

From what I can see this is the proper 3D Mario platform game we've all been waiting for.

Although, for me personally, I'm still actually waiting for the ultimate and imo proper 2.5D Mario platform game because that's actually the true ultimate realization of the classic and best Mario games we all grew up on, that we absolutely loved, and that still stand the test of time in terms of pure gameplay and precise platforming bliss better than most of the 3D Mario games even to this day as far as I'm concerned.

Basically, make something like Super Mario World in proper full 2.5D (like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is doing for the old 2D Donkey Kong Country games) and then you'd have the best Mario platform game ever that has the precise platforming perfection of the best 2D Mario games and that's also keeping up with the times in terms of cutting edge 3D graphics etc (regardless of the gameplay being on a 2D plane for the most part).




Kirk said:


What are you seeing with those eyes of yours?

Super Mario 3D World IS something along the lines of Super Mario 64.

It's a fully 3D Mario platform game (just like 64), with a 3rd person camera (just like 64), where you are free to run around open levels in 3D (just like 64), as well as having 3D boss battles (just like 64) and in the demo it even has a level where you slide down a course of sorts with the camera directly behind you as you steer left and right (just like 64)...

What else do you imagine it needs to be like Mario 64...?

The only significant change here is that the developers have actively decided to slightly lock the camera usually in one plane rather than dynamically move and spin it around as you move Mario so it makes it easier to actually navigate and jump on the various platforms and stuff in 3D (although the developer has in fact said it can still be moved around manually, although I'm not sure to what extent, should you want to do that).

That's actually a good thing and especially if, like me, you maybe care about precise platforming gameplay at all, which imo is something we actually lost a bit of once these games went fully 3D with the original Mario 64 and I for one am actually happy to see the developers kinda realize that great platforming is one of the fundamental core gameplay elements that defines a classic Mario platform game in the first place and is finally making that a bit more of a focus in these recent 3D Mario games!

This game, for all intents and purposes and as far as I can see, is the natural evolution and refinement of Super Mario 64.

The only other thing this game might be missing is any really large and more open level areas, that were a staple of Mario 64, but that's just a matter of scale as opposed to any change in actual gameplay design etc.

Like I said before in one of my other posts; the only thing this game really needs to blow people away is a sense of scale to the levels, even if it just means creating lots of level geometry stretching far out into the distance that the player can't actually traverse, to create the illusion of these levels being much bigger than they really and to really give people that sense of awe.



nintendorocks said:

hey it might be a DLC for super Mario 3d land called super Luigi land and Luigi jumps much higher and is like he was in smb2 adds some new levels a world 9 to the non special worlds and a special world 9

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