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Sat 24th Dec 2011

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luckysidgem720 commented on Satoru Iwata Chipped In To Make Sure Super Sma...:

Saw this bit on tvtropes: " Among his achievements as a game programmer, he...
... ported the battle code of Pokemon Stadium to the Nintendo 64 despite not having any access to crucial documents. And he did it all in a week.
... programmed EarthBound (from scratch) in its entirety, also with remarkable speed. At the time, the project was very close to being jettisoned due to the unmanageability of the original coding. The coding itself is a huge scripting language, so complex that, theoretically, the text system alone could be used to write an emulator, if altered somewhat.
... personally compressed Pokémon Gold and Silver, which filled the cartridge despite still being half-finished. That's the reason the setting for Pokemon Red And Blue was included (with only two locations removed) in the games—there was that much space left after he was done."