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Iwata Implies That He Could Step Down Over Sluggish Sales Performance

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We feel greatly accountable for this severe outlook"

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has hinted that he will step down if goals for the next fiscal year are not met.

Speaking in a Corporate Management Policy Briefing, Iwata addressed the thorny issue of two consecutive years of losses and recent financial troubles:

We feel greatly accountable for this severe outlook...we plan to actively release our key titles for Nintendo 3DS which could potentially lead the markets this year.

Iwata has set a target of 100 billion yen ($1.09963 billion) in operating income for the next fiscal year. When asked what action he would take if this goal was not met, Iwata said:

Please understand that [achieving it] is my commitment.

Grim words indeed - basically, if Nintendo don't hit that target, Iwata is putting his head on the chopping block. Hopefully that won't be the case, as Iwata has been one of Nintendo's most popular and successful presidents - it would be tragic if his tenure were to end in such a fashion.

Do you think Iwata should make himself personally accountable for the sluggish commercial performance of the company? Or should Nintendo's investors and shareholders consider the fact that the games industry is changing, and that might mean a period of reduced income or slightly lower expectations? Leave a comment to let us know - we're sure you will do, anyway.


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Burning_Spear said:

I don't interpret that as Iwata saying he would step down. I read it as Iwata saying that failing is not something he's willing to discuss or consider.



BakaKnight said:

Agree with Burning_Spear, it sound more like he doesn't even want to consider the case of failing.
A sort of "The goal is that, we will work at our best for achieve it, that all that matter!".

But in case he is considering to step down... Damn, just reading the news title gave me the chills DX
Iwata did his best till today, he deserve to leave his position with honor when he will be too old for keep up, not to retreat sooner cause Nintendo's profits weren't "as good as expected" in a period of worldwide economical crisis...



Jese_1 said:

What Nintendo desperately needs are some new IPs. Don't get me wrong, I love Mario, Zelda, Kirby and all the others, but it does feel a bit like Nintendo's resting on its laurels. Time for them to show what made them great in the first place.

All that said, I don't read this as Iwata saying he'll stand down. The gaming industry has changed and the world economy isn't exactly booming, so the going is gonna be tough for a while. I'll back them all the way though



SirSmugleaf said:

Soldier on, Iwata!

He has been such a great president of the company; just because Nintendo's gong through some rough times doesn't mean that Iwata should step down.



Lan said:

Don't worry, Nintendo will sell about 7 billion 3DS units when Pokemon comes out



datamonkey said:

@Burning_Spear - I agree.

Where does he hint that he would step down because I couldn't see that anywhere implied in his quotes?

Come on NL don't lower your journalism to the standards of making stuff up.



Prof_Clayton said:

Iwata won't leave. This is just his way of saying, "I'm sorry and I'll fix things up." I'm sure it got lost in translation.



Damo said:

@Burning_Spear He's saying that hitting the goal is his commitment. If you fail at a commitment in business, that usually means you're offering to step down. What other course of action is there?



Burning_Spear said:

@Damo I'm committed to getting my magazine to the printer on deadline today. I'm going to skip lunch and stay as late as possible. But I'm not resigning if the storm in this area knocks out the power and I can't finish today.



Rockman said:

Wii-U is the second fail after 3DS? maybe so... we'll se.. (I don't think so.. but it's more what the average joe thinks of these consoles..)



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm actually impressed he's still there to be honest, but now wouldn't be the time to change leadership I think...



erv said:

I think he is awesome, he did head the company through the wii development and launch.

I have never been a happier nintendo gamer, with the amount of quality games out there from gamecube to wii till now on wiiU. So he better stick around if he is the guy responsible for getting me monster hunter on nintendo top of all that!



Juampi said:

Then, Damien McFerran, since Iwata already failed to reach his goal for the past 2 years, why hasn't he step down already? Reaching the goal wasn't his commitment before?

Your logic doesn't make any type of sense.



XCWarrior said:

They have to get some key titles out here in America, and then market them. You know, with commercials. They got lucky and could depend on word of mouth with the Wii and certain games last gen, not going to happen this time. Pokemon X/Y is going to be a huge help in October, but they need to sell units asap.

I think things get better in March, at least in North America. Honestly, if I was them, I would strongly consider being weary of sending much of anything to Europe. Europe seems uninterested in buying more or less anything. Sorry Nintendo Life, I know that's is where you're based, but your sales are terrible.

Don't think Animal Crossing or Pikmin 3 are going to solve many problems.

And new IPs are not the way to go this year. The unsilent minority wants them, but all sales point to sadly sequels, sequels, sequels.



cornishlee said:

Basically agree with Sean_Aaron. Company presidents have gone for far less in recent years.

That said, I think Nintendo have announced some bigger changes than people realise in recent weeks: integrating the handheld and console hardware divisions and collaborating more closely with second-party developers such as Monolith, Feel Good and Platinum should help them adapt to a changing market by offering users new experiences and developing new IPs which appeal to different people (or the same people for different reasons) than those who rabidly follow Mario, Zelda and Kirby (for the record, I like each of them, even though I only discovered them on the Wii, having never owned a Nintendo console before then). Xenoblade and Wonderul 101 are examples of these.

Perhaps Iwata's been slow to react to the sales problems (of which the wider global financial problems are clearly one underlying cause) but, under his stewardship, Nintendo has now reacted in a positive way and it would be unfortunate if he were to leave before the results of those actions are delivered.



Burning_Spear said:

Way too soon to be calling the 3DS a fail, guys. Many companies would love to fail in similar fashion.



Mayhem said:

Rather drastic, but that's how Japanese business can operate. He shouldn't go though imo.



cornishlee said:

That's ridiculously short-term thinking which would see any CEO rightfully sacked. The EU is going through tough times at the moment - it's not only Nintendo products for which "Europe seems uninterested in buying more or less anything" but pretty much any luxury or leisure goods. Pulling out of the market now would only harm Nintendo when it recovers.



Metal_Slugger said:

You can do it! Pump those VC's out there. Get em out there quickly then put out some top notch first party games. Don't make us wait long that's the thing wait wait wait. Always waiting for something to come out. Give us wind waker sooner as well. Life is to short to be wishing our lives away.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I would be sad if he did step down. I don't know too many CEO (none actually) but it seams like he does actually care about his products and customers, with that said I hope they hurry up and release a proper black 3DS XL for the U.S. so I can finally upgrade from my current 3DS. I just can't see myself paying that kind of cash on the red or blue one they have available here.



Peach64 said:

Really getting annoyed with people blaming UK/European sales on people being poor and having no taste. Apple sold far more iPads this Christmas than the Wii U sales and they're a LOT more expensive. Microsoft sold a ton of 360s too and games are selling very well.

Sales are poor because the software library is poor. When they bring the games, then they'll get the hardware sales.



ajcismo said:

The biggest problem Nintendo has had under Mr.Iwata's reign has been these huge gaps in software. I don't understand how he and his staff in Japan thinks that they'll sell the hardware they project quarterly when there isn't a single major game released for months at a time. Wii U came out in November, we aren't seeing anything with any "wow" factor until March. Usually we're lucky in NA if we get more than a few releases anywhere outside of the Holidays. Its grown tiresome, and I know several people who don't want to pick up a Wii U until A) a large amount of software is available and B) the VC is up and fully running (something else that should've been ready at launch and would've sold more units).



kustomkargalaxie said:

How about a kid icarus title for wiiu Iwata? I think the gamepad would work great with a title like kid icarus, Unfortunately maybe it is time for a new president, one that listens to nintendos real fans ideas



ThreadShadow said:

"Iwata implies that he could step down over sluggish sales performance"

Please, enough of this corporate hari-kari. Maybe Iwata can be the Nintendo President that stuck with it, and pulled Nintendo through the hard times into the light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, maybe he wants out?



Tate24 said:

I don't think there gonna meet there sales fig at this rate need make wii u cheaper. Might well start packing suitcase now. ;p. joke!



ajcismo said:

There is something to be said about the industry as a whole. Sony is losing billions yearly, the PS3 has barely made a profit in its long run. MS is killing it here in America with the 360, but in Japan it sells literally hundreds of units weekly while the Wii and DSi are still selling thousands. Both companies have to reveal their new consoles yet, and nobody is leaking out a price tag on either. Its pretty much a mess all the way around.



Burning_Spear said:

^^^ Not a good time to be releasing new consoles. All three companies probably would have been better off concentrating on software for another year or two.



Zombie_Barioth said:

It doesn't sound like hes saying he'll step down, but that being said I really like the sense of honor and craftsmanship Nintendo seems to have. I do think that the industry as a whole needs to have a wake up call and realize how much things have changed, the economy is bad and there is much more competition. The silver lining here is it shows them they need to step up their game to compete.

@kustomkargalaxie Customer feed back is important but no company should ever let their fans dictate everything, something most developers seem to agree upon. As indecisive as fan are its a loose-loose situation and most fan ideas are awful anyhow (never mind those who want Nintendo to go third-party).



Kirk said:

Sorry but I don't get that he even remotely suggested he would step down due to sluggish sales. I got that he said the company [we] knows it is personally accountable for the current situation and that he was personally committed to making sure the goals are met.



IsawYoshi said:

I am not sure of what to make of what he said, but I would never have gotten over losing Iwata. He really is the most respectable CEO I have ever heard about. And if somebody should leave their seats, then I think it really should be the ones leading nintendo uk, and the whole nintendos marketing department.



Tornado said:

Honestly--I think Nintendo's upper management has had a really, really good run. But I think they're running out of steam. Time for some new blood--new ideas. I'm not sure Iwata stepping down would be a bad thing at this point.



Nareva said:

He is the president after all. If he doesn't understand how the market is changing and how to capitalize on that, then it might make sense for him to move on. I'm not saying I want this to happen, and we can't assume his replacement would do any better, but presidents are supposed to have the vision and know-how to perform successfully. I personally think things will start to turn around in the next few months, but all the delays are not helping.



Mk_II said:

Actually Nintendo made a small overall profit so not all is doom and gloom. Transition to a new platform is always expensive, with lots of investment up front and very little initial returns. Things will move around by the end of this year



LavaTwilight said:

The gaming industry is changing, no doubt! But if anything the poor sales are due to negative press towards Nintendo's family-themed entertainment in the face of Microsoft and Sony's "gaming are for bloodthirsty hooligans" attitude. Nintendo have always been and always will be the best in the genre. The day Nintendo close their factories will be the day Video Games die!



NintyMan said:

I'm going to agree with everyone else and say that Iwata didn't actually imply that he would resign if the goal was not met. His statement was more of a "failure is not an option" one.

However, I would be absolutely disappointed if he did resign. He is such a good president for Nintendo and he is the most charming and fair business executive I know of. I could understand the situation because of the way Japanese business works, but the global economy is bad and it would really be a consumer challenge for the game industry as a whole, not just for Nintendo.

And it's not all doom and gloom anyway. They were somewhat off their sales targets, but they still made a profit for the Wii U and the 3DS is doing better than before. All it's going to take is patience for the big hitters to release. Nintendo's been in tougher times before under Iwata's leadership.



Wildfire said:

I've never seen a President as passionate for videogames as Satoru Iwata, even Hiroshi Yamauchi(former nintendo president and heir to the Nintendo business) didn't care about videogames, to him the only thing that would matter was the money and ruled with an iron fist. So I don't think there's a better man to lead Nintendo through this dark times than Satoru Iwata.
But I would totally understand if he steped down, since being the nº1 Nintendo guy means to be against almost the entire videogaming world nowadays. It's the so called professional videogame press, the fanboys, the other consoles manufacturers, the mobile games...You name it! The negativity towards Nintendo is so overbearing that it would only be normal if he just got tired of all this industry.



Amigaengine said:

I have come to the conclusion that with what info we have now Nintendo needs to pull something big at this E3 ! There is barely a whisper of any 3rd party support for future titles compared to PS/360 and there simply is not enough 1st party titles to to stop the droughts of software.

Nintendo needs a huge shot in the arm from 3rd parties and it appears that is not coming with most major releases this spring and summer not being on Wii U which is the most troubling news of them all.

If I was Nintendo and knowing the info they have shared I would try to reach a deal with Valve and add Big Picture mode for the Wii U. In return offer nintendo games on steam. Could only be a win win situation for both companies.



Emaan said:

I'll agree with the crowd that thinks Iwata wasn't really implying that he would step down in case of failure. If he did step down, I would be deeply saddened. He's unlike the typical business exec, so full of personality. Best of luck to Nintendo in these rough times!



Morph said:

Completely misleading headline, i expect better from this site, its the type of sensational rubbish you would expect to find in a red top, disappointing



CrissCross87 said:

Didn't Iwata and other higher ups already cut their pay in half from when 3DS didn't have a strong launch?

I say get rid of Reggie. Isn't he in charge of content that comes from Japan to America?



Ed_Rod said:

i dont really think the 3DS has failed after all 3D technology turned out to be a gimmick which the 3DS has suffered for it. I would have taken a slimmer DS with the power of the 3DS without the 3D. But still i love my 3DS sometimes i feel it has better games than consoles.



Jellitoe said:

All they been putting on the Market is Mario games and are wondering why they are not selling systems. They have a huge disconnect with there fans, who want more than just Mario



9th_Sage said:

That would be awful, I actually think Iwata is pretty awesome. I can't say that about many CEOs. Not many CEOs would even broadcast their company's news to you, let alone contemplate a bananna for you.



Rect_Pola said:

I don't know if he sould be blamed, but I do know that this one didn't keep me on the edge of my seat, counting minutes until launch, like times before. I don't know, maybe it's just me getting older and more cynical. The energy just wasn't there. It might help if some new blood was added to the stable while the old war horses get a break for us to miss there familiar steps, or learn some new ones.



bahooney said:

Definitely don't get where anyone sees that he's going to resign if Nintendo is met with losses again. The implication is non-existent.

That said, I feel it really is Nintendo's fault. Yes, the Wii U launch line up was the best in recent history, but /wherehavethegamesbeensincethen?!/ You need a steady stream of titles to keep customers engaged in your product. They said they learned this with the 3DS, but... I don't know. Pretty stagnant. Other than Nintendo Land, I'm feeling no urge to rush out and buy a Wii U, and even then, it's Nintendo Land.



DarkLloyd said:

this doesnt even imply hes going to step down, just a journalist spinning the story



Rect_Pola said:

It's funny they bounced back on top by taking a huge risk in hardware, because that's the only risk they've been seriously commiting (and the hope developers won't throw them under the bus).



Jonny said:

No implication? Iwata has apologised repeatedly for the lacklustre launch of the wii u and now ABSOLUTELY commits to improving next year seems quite extreme to me, especially given the Japanese tradition of taking responsibility and throwing oneself on thy own sword if you have failed. I don't like it anymore than the rest of you but I agree with how Nintendolife read this.

And accusing NL of sensationalism? These guys are probably bigger Nintendo fanboys than most of you commenting, they didn't "spin" this story for the views, they did it because they read something into Iwata's comments and fear for the company's future. Just my two cents anyway



TrueWiiMaster said:

"Or should Nintendo's investors and shareholders consider the fact that the games industry is changing, and that might mean a period of reduced income or slightly lower expectations"
That. It's amazing how fast investors forget who was president when they made so much money off the Wii and DS. The industry is under pressure now. From the economy, from smartphones and tablets, and from huge development costs. Nintendo needs some time to get their footing, and I can't imagine anyone better than Iwata to lead them to it.



ritsuka666 said:

Would be sad indeed cause he's iconic, but Nintendo has no direction lately... sure Iwata is not responsible for that anyway.



HouseofBees said:

I don't think that's talk of stepping down. But since lowering the price is (understandably) out of the question, the system needs some proper games that will turn heads - "killer apps", as they call them on myspace.

The slow rollout of the TVii/Google Maps functions will swiftly turn the media's narrative on the Wii U to one big failure, unless they can get things moving. No-one disputes that it's a fantastic console, and some great technology. But it costs, and unless some games are released that fulfill that potential, things'll go downhill.



SuperCharlie78 said:

They tried to sell the same old games and people simply didn't need them.
Nintendogs, 3D, Art Academy, Style Boutique, lots of New Super Mario Bros., and now Wii Fit U and Brain Training.
Plus, the DS and the Wii were a real novelty and were able to attract plenty of "new gamers", but these folks are playing with their iPhones or iPads or Samsung Galaxy or any smartphnone or tablet you could think about, and with these devices they have Brain Training and Nintendogs and Art Academy like games, they don't need the Nintendo ones anymore.
The Gamepad is beautiful and, as a gamer, I'm fine with the line up, but there's too little innovation in the 3DS and in the Wii U to sell like crazy.



opeter said:

Dont get me wrong. I love Nintendo, I own a Wii with plenty of games, but to be honest, I think, the future is not bright for Nintendo.

Today we have smartphones (or whatever they are called) and tablets, that are getting more and more games, and most people don't need another device (3DS) to play interesting games on it. Also, the gaming/developer community is bigger and bigger on these platform as time is passing by ...

And what about Nintendo? Well, 3rd party support is slowly decreasing, the new Wii U is simply to expensive and it has simply not enough 3rd party support, especially now, when you can get for about 250-300 € the Playstation 3 Super Slim (500 GB) with three games (bundle options) or the older models for even les ... And look! How many games you have for PS3 or Xbox 360 ...

And we should not forget the PC platform.

Anyway, I hope, there is still place for Nintendo type gameplay experience in the future ... or will they turn into a software developer, like SEGA did?

SEGA did survive and they are getting bigger and bigger.
What will happen to big N?



AVahne said:

They make new IPs every freaking generation. It's time for Internet drones to open their sight components and stop using that as a "suggestion".



Burning_Spear said:

The launch lineup was pretty expansive, but the first-party titles, which should have driven sales of the system, were poor choices, in my opinion. Nintendoland, while very good, lacked Wii Sports' appeal to the masses — it is not a game that will enter mainstream media and attract buyers. And NSMBU? Please, I'm about to puke on Mario already. I stopped playing NSMB2 after level 3 because I've had so much Mario lately, and NSMBU remains in shrink wrap on my shelf. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.



NMH-TRI said:

Iwata took a 50% salary cut when Nintendo was having financial trouble. This is EXACTLY the type of person you need in charge of your company.



DerpSandwich said:

The only reason Iwata should step down would be if he was solely responsible for the slow release of games on both platforms, because the only times Nintendo does badly is when THERE ARE NO GAMES. I simply don't understand Nintendo sometimes. If they want to make money he shouldn't be saying "We've got games coming," he should be saying "We're going to work harder to bring games faster."



Onett said:

It's not all gloom and doom. We've got a solid lineup of releases coming out this year and a very exciting E3. Things will turn around.



Kaeobais said:

I feel like the industry needs to stop assuming that low sales=bad product or marketing. People don't have a lot of spending money these days. They could've done everything right, and released it along side a new Zelda or Smash Bros, and I guarantee it still wouldn't have sold as well as they wanted.

As for Iwata leaving, I agree it sounds more like he's just not considering failure as an option and not that he'll step down. Iwata clearly has a passion for games, something other big developers seem to lack. I think Nintendo would be crazy to let him step down.



Void said:

@opeter "And look! How many games you have for PS3 or Xbox 360 ..."
Uh... Zero? My Wii U beats them out combined with 4.



NintendoCat14 said:

No, he's just stating that he doesn't want to think about it. If Iwata steps down I will be done with Nintendo Directs. Iwata is awesome!



Doma said:

Committing to do something is like a promise. If you break that in a business situation, what do you expect would happen?

I think him moving on would be best. I'd suspect a lot of Nintendo's issues and archaic decision making stems from him and a refusal to adapt.



slim80 said:

it kills me for people saying that the 3ds is a fail lolif thats so then so is the ps3 reason being is the 3ds out sold the ps3.they sold more 3ds's in 3 years than sony sold ps3's in 6 years.before u hate please look it up lol did i metion bye bye vita:)



SpaceApe said:

Nintendo themselves even admit they have underachieved. Yeah they won't last long when the PS4 and next 360 hits the shelves. The writing is on the wall. They goofed up big time.



AugustusOxy said:

Anyone who thinks the PS4 and the next Xbox is going to ruin nintendo is a moron. Considering the facets and the fact that any new console being released will ruin itself.

The industry itself is in a state of disrepair; but I don't think Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony are hurting at all. Everyone needs to realize that these are projected incomes and net values. This is what the -want to make- not what they -need to make-. Everyone expects lightning in a bottle. You notice companies that are actually struggling don't talk about until like a day or two before they shut down. I.E. Sega.

They just bring this sort of stuff up to put a sense of guilt on the customer market for not going out and buying 3 wii-us and four 3ds-es.

Mark my words, if the PS4 and next Xbox come out next year, it'll be the beginning for the end for gaming in general. You'll see even more third party companies shutting down, there will be nothing but big first and second party companies developing and we'll all be playing the same shallow 3 games remade a thousand times over and over.

Not to mention the price of such an endeavor, how much games are going to cost a piece, and the fact that sony plans to snuff out all rentals and used games sales. No. Nintendo is doing the right thing, they are trying to keep the gaming world alive and the others are trying to mesh it into something that resembles the music industry or film industry. A flipping mess.



Neram said:

I agree with Burning_Spear, I don't see how this statement is in any way hinting at Iwata stepping down. He's saying: "I'm not taking 'no' for an answer, bi***es."



aaronsullivan said:

Iwata helped make Nintendo a worldwide phenomenon again after Gamecube almost sank it into obscurity with the incredibly brave Wii. His wave making continues with the 3DS and Wii U GamePad and MiiVerse and a complete turn around and embracing of Independant gaming.

I already love my Wii U more than I loved the Wii, but Nintendo is struggling against the worldwide economy, negative perceptions, and also to convey the strengths of the Wii U that it seems only those who experience it for awhile seem to understand.

Yes, more games would be great but calls for more games faster, FASTER just gives us junk.

Iwata is still the guy to pull this off in my opinion. He has shown that he can make big sweeping changes quickly and successfully as with the 3DS. Plus, he is a bit quirky and likable as a public face of Nintendo.

About the only thing that would shake my confidence in Nintendo right now would be him or Miyamoto leaving.



banacheck said:

I love my gaming console's not console.

and the fact that sony plans to snuff out all rentals and used games sales.

Who ever said this, no it's not a fact that Sony or Mircosoft will stop used games on there consoles. Sony & Mircosoft are far from stupid. patenting something does not mean your going to use it, there are loads of patents that have never been used.

Mark my words, if the PS4 and next Xbox come out next year, it'll be the beginning for the end for gaming in general.

What a load of crap where do people read this stuff, the internet where everything is gospel.

Sony, Mircosoft & Nintendo are not going anywhere any time soon guarantee.
Mircosoft is only killing it in America which is nothing special, look at Sony & Nintendo killing it world-wide.

The WiiU will pick-up guarantee, it needs the software which is coming. And for godsake Nintendo get advertising your hardware & software asap.



Slapshot said:

@AugustusOxy "Considering the facets and the fact that any new console being released will ruin itself."

So what you're saying is that only Nintendo can release a home console in a down turned market and stay successful?

"The industry itself is in a state of disrepair;"

Really? Who exactly says that it's in a "state of disrepair"?

The gaming industry is indeed contracting, but this stems from the fact that the market is absolutely flooded with games and devices, but it's most definitely not in disrepair. Even if the 'Big Three" all failed, gaming will not stop, as it'll keep on truckin' on within the PC and Mobile markets. Now that the cost of high-end PC gaming is coming down and digital markets continue to thrive, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see PC gaming becoming the main gaming platform a few decades down the road.

If your stuck to one brand or console, then yeah, it very well might be in disrepair for you, because the future of dedicated gaming consoles does have its questions when you look at its long-term sustainability.

@banachek The reason they patent things such as that, is so that neither them, or anyone else can implement those sets of features.



Henmii said:

I read the article and he doesn't say literally that he will leave! I think he just meant that he will do anything to lift Nintendo to new levels! Personally I hope he stays! After all he really did save Nintendo! Things looked pretty grim back then!

Things are really easy: Nintendo has to realize Europe is the biggest concern, because in Europe it is crisis! Many retailers ask to much for the Wii u and its games!! If this doesn't change, the Wii u is doomed in Europe!!

Same with the 3DS: The games are to expensive!! Sure the new Pokemon's will give the device a MASSIVE boost, but after that the game-sales may fall dry again!

Nintendo, what's better: Asking much for a game and seeing it sell only 1000 copy's? Or asking just a little bit less and seeing it sell 1 million copy's!! The answer is obvious!!



SocksandSocks said:

Usually I am impressed with you Nintendolife, but in this case you are demonstrating irresponsible journalism. Nowhere in that quote does Iwata say anything that implies he will resign. He says simply that meeting the targets is his commitment. He has no control over whether consumers latch on to the products or not. And he certainly doesn't say anything about what missing the commitment would imply. Shame NL for yellow journalism.



ClassicJetterz said:

I'm 23 years old, but inside I feel like an infant crying.

I love and adore Iwata. He's the first president of Nintendo I actually like.



Kage_88 said:

That would be a real shame if Iwata ever did step down. I mean, look at what the company achieved under his hand

1.) Nintendo went from 3rd place (GCN) to 1st (Wii) in the home console race.
2). The DS and Wii served as catalysts to the expansion of the games industry (IMO, the greatest acomplishment).
3). The DS became the highest selling console of all time.
4). Wii Sports became the highest selling game of all time.

Yes, Nintendo did suffer their first loss in three decades - but I like to think that it was somewhat inevitable, rather than any major fault of Iwata's (though I guess technically he is held accountable). Despite this, he did one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. He gave himself a 50% pay-cut (as well as 30% for Miyamoto and 20% for various executives). How many other corporate heads would ever do so something like that? Hell, bank presidents REWARD themselves for failure!

FInally, Iwata also introduced 'Iwata Asks' - which is a fantastic site that showed how likable and friendly Nintendo's CEO really is.

To sum up - don't leave Iwata-san!



Kirk said:

I'm sorry but I really believe you need to change the title of this article. It's misleading and it's creating false rumors, unnecessarily negative speculation and doom-mongering. Twisting and misinterpreting Iwata's words in this way, to make it sound like he said something he absolutely didn't, is inaccurate reporting, bad journalism and just plain sensationalism imo. I really thought Nintendo Life and it's staff was better than this. Don't become one of those sites, please.



BrightShadows31 said:

Chill, theres a lot of blockbuster games on the way, like Pokemon X + Y, Mario Kart U, Super Mario Insert-game-name-here, Wind Waker HD, and that Zelda game. Not to mention Smash on both consoles.



Henmii said:

"Don't become one of those sites, please"

Sadly it becomes such a site from the look of it! What I still like about this site is that they are always up to date. But what I hate is that over the past few months they have become more suggestive, this article being the most radical! I can't say that's a good thing!!



YujiPro said:

Had to do a double take on the url. That's not what he implied. In any job your purpose is to deliver, otherwise you're out of one.



KhalidAmin15 said:

Maybe the next President won t be so hard headed about Nintendo going mobile or a Nintendo phone



KhalidAmin15 said:

What do you expect yo refuse to drop the price of the Wii u even though it worth it also why wouldn't a Nintendo phone be a good idea people like the games don't and Microsoft's make for phones but Nintendo had that history that people actually want those games on there phones



Showlen said:

Here's the deal IMH: I sincerely believe that Iwata's comment does not translate into his potential depature as a result of not achieving upcoming forecasts/goals. He answered, I believe, in a way that meant they refuse to fail, or even focus on the possibility of failure... looking down the road of success/achievement. Furthermore, I'd be shocked and somewhat saddened if he left. However, as an avid Nintendo fan, I'm very disappointed w/ the 3DS and WiiU. The reason, specifically, is with the lagging or nonexistent catalogue. I don't count previously release multiplat games, such as AC3, or old ports (even though I loved OOT redo). My WiiU, since Xmas unboxing, has/is collecting dust. I feel like since certain targets were meant, in sales of the 3DS/WiiU, games aren't being made or released. Again, I'm disappointed... and pissed. The saying always goes "it's easier said than done", but I feel there are some key things Nintendo could do to quickly turn things around and get sales booming. Although, I agree w/ the comment above regarding the current state of the economy and setting realistic expectations for sales. Anyway, here it is in a nutshell for me: 1) I highly doubt Iwata will leave 2) things will ONLY turn around when new/more/better games, including IP's are released 3) Adjust expectations according to the economy and the shift in the gaming industry - not according to previous sales w/ Wii console release.

The WiiU, in my opinion, is a great release and has great potential. I love every aspect of it and the key components are there to succeed. I think it will stand firm easily on its own with the upcoming PS and Xbox (especially since Sony & Microsoft are stripping us from our right to sell/buy used games w/ out penalties). Final comment... I hope Nintendo doesn't expect the same reaction and sales w/ the WiiU as they received with the original Wii.



Showlen said:

I meant to say in the comment above " I feel like since certain targets were NOT met, in sales of the 3DS/WiiU, games aren't being made or released"

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