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Thu 14th Mar 2013

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Showlen commented on Iwata Implies That He Could Step Down Over Slu...:

Here's the deal IMH: I sincerely believe that Iwata's comment does not translate into his potential depature as a result of not achieving upcoming forecasts/goals. He answered, I believe, in a way that meant they refuse to fail, or even focus on the possibility of failure... looking down the road of success/achievement. Furthermore, I'd be shocked and somewhat saddened if he left. However, as an avid Nintendo fan, I'm very disappointed w/ the 3DS and WiiU. The reason, specifically, is with the lagging or nonexistent catalogue. I don't count previously release multiplat games, such as AC3, or old ports (even though I loved OOT redo). My WiiU, since Xmas unboxing, has/is collecting dust. I feel like since certain targets were meant, in sales of the 3DS/WiiU, games aren't being made or released. Again, I'm disappointed... and pissed. The saying always goes "it's easier said than done", but I feel there are some key things Nintendo could do to quickly turn things around and get sales booming. Although, I agree w/ the comment above regarding the current state of the economy and setting realistic expectations for sales. Anyway, here it is in a nutshell for me: 1) I highly doubt Iwata will leave 2) things will ONLY turn around when new/more/better games, including IP's are released 3) Adjust expectations according to the economy and the shift in the gaming industry - not according to previous sales w/ Wii console release.

The WiiU, in my opinion, is a great release and has great potential. I love every aspect of it and the key components are there to succeed. I think it will stand firm easily on its own with the upcoming PS and Xbox (especially since Sony & Microsoft are stripping us from our right to sell/buy used games w/ out penalties). Final comment... I hope Nintendo doesn't expect the same reaction and sales w/ the WiiU as they received with the original Wii.