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Sat 12th Jan 2013

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KhalidAmin15 commented on Wii U Version Of Dead Island: Riptide "Not Wor...:

I blame EA for publishers not putting their games on Wii U. Because Nintendo refused to use Origin as their main online system for Wii U EA refuses to put their games on Wii U except for Call Of Duty and they say it s because it can t run it but then say that it can and the developers see that and dont want to make games for the Wii U The only company that has been great to Nintendo is Ubisoft



KhalidAmin15 commented on Iwata Implies That He Could Step Down Over Slu...:

What do you expect yo refuse to drop the price of the Wii u even though it worth it also why wouldn't a Nintendo phone be a good idea people like the games don't and Microsoft's make for phones but Nintendo had that history that people actually want those games on there phones