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ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Additional opinions provided the antidote

ZombiU was a high-profile system exclusive on Wii U's launch day, grabbing a lot of headlines and even having its own hardware bundle in Europe. It's also a survival horror title that we rated rather highly here at Nintendo Life, yet it attracted a broad range of diverse critical opinions in various reviews around the web.

This is a title that does go against a variety of current gaming trends, eschewing frantic zombie-slaying action in favour of careful survival and a permanent death system: it's challenging and every player will lose lives and curse the sky. With such a specific gameplay style and some shortcomings perhaps typical of a console launch title, some early reviews on high profile websites were either critical of the game or, in some notable cases, rather damning in their assessment. One look at the game's Metacritic page is illuminating, an average of 76% underlined by a range of scores from 92% to 45%.

Speaking exclusively to Nintendo Life, ZombiU producer Guillaume Brunier admitted that some early reviews had frustrated the developers, but that the team felt vindicated by the gradual improvement in results as more opinions surfaced:

We were really disappointed with the early US reviews. We are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the experience we created but we did not expect so harsh a feedback. However as more and more journalists and gamers played the game, these opinions proved to be a minority. So right now we’re rather pleased with the overall reception of the game.

Asked whether some may have been frustrated by the survival horror aspect being predominant over FPS action, Braunier argued that "we never hid ourselves", making it clear what kind of experience ZombiU was offering.

Have you played ZombiU? Are you in agreement with those reviewers that were critical, or are you a fan of the game? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for our full interview with Guillaume Brunier later today.

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Chrono_Cross said:

When you make a crappy game, of course you're going to recieve harsh feedback. And if you knew the weaknesses of the game, why are you so surprised? It's like starting a tree on fire and knowing the leafs going to burn first, then it happens and you're surprised the leafs burned first.



TobieOBrown said:

It's definitely a game you need a taste for. It's not World at War or Left4Dead, after all. I only had a short time with it, but I can see how the game would be divisive.



MAB said:

Great mate it's about time they started making games that don't hold you by the hand and give out infintile rocket launchers.



ajcismo said:

Here's the thing about the US reviews: They expect instant gratification and perfection on a system that is brand new. And they expect the game to be easy and play-thru-able quickly. Most reviewers have zero journalistic background and only care about A: who sponsors the site, and B: what they want as a reviewer, not what the public wants in a game.
Objective reviews are hard to come by, especially when sites like IGN try to start flame wars to drive web hits. Don't fret Ubisoft, you make some great games. Now, how about some Beyond Good and Evil 2 on that Wii U?... Gamepad as a camera?



Savino said:

One of the most dificult ganes I ever played... Not because its hard to beat, but its hard to find the strenght and courage to play this... Every ingle time was a personal struggle between my will to play and my fear of the game....



Kirk said:

Well the game's ok but it is lacking in a few areas imo. One thing I found very disappointing was the lack of interactivity with all those lovely modeled objects in the world. It's a case of show with little substance in this case. That kind of stuff doesn't leave me a satisfied gamer.



Ducutzu said:

I think that ZombiU is perfect. if this was another FPS, I would not have picked it up.



luminalace said:

The general perception on Miiverse is one of positivity, thus I ordered the game and should be getting it early next week. I have yet to play it so I have no idea how I will feel about it!



Lin1876 said:

I'm scared of zombies myself (please don't laugh, I don't know why), but from what I have seen it's a clever take on the FPS and zombie genres, if one you need an acquired taste for.



Pikachupwnage said:

From what I have seen many critics have been too harsh and stupid with reviewing. Reception from your general non troll on gamefaqs seems to be better then for. Critics(user reviews have a 8.66 average on there) and miiverse even in japan seems to like it. I haven't played yet so I shall properly revise and refine this opinion when my copy arrives today

For example the gamespot review gives it a mere 4.5/10. It seems almost like a negative spin on everything most other reviews list as positive. He even says its trapped in the wrong genre.(and should've been an action game)Yeah. never really did like their reviews. They always seem so negative towards Nintendo games.

What I find sad is how many people don't give things a chance. All too often there is a big list of games posted on the gamefaqs all of which general consensous holds to be good and a bunch of people come in with one of these things

1. Not RPGs so the library sucks
2. I don't like those so the library sucks
3. All of it is overated garbage. Except that one series I am a fan off.

I wish people were open minded and tried more things with an open mind. I used to pretty much play Nintendo first party and a select few other games. Then I branched out, bought more third party and even a Vita. And now I have a better and larger gaming experience. NInty first party is still my favorite but trying new things is good.

I carefully research most games before buying as well as play any demos.That way I try new things without wasting money on crap.

/Wall of text



Araknie said:

The fact is the reviewers and people wanted to bullcrap Nintendo up by taking this game as an FPS.
It's First Person, so it's an FPS.

This proves how bad influence are FPS these days.

Yes, i died 7 times in a row beign really close to the point of no return in the game and i decided that i couldn't make it on Normal, i did not want to play on Chicken so i abandoned, but i like the's just that's i'm no good...if i'm no good and used to more easier games should i give it low review for that? Hell, no!

IT'S NOT AN FPS, stop saying that even in the effin' comments.
I don't like this gaming world anymore.



Schprocket said:

May also be that the same reviewers expect the central characters to be Hollywood action heroes or tough guys, not 'real' people, who in the rest of the world, don't know how to fire a gun from the word go, and in a Zombie apocalypse, aren't blessed with infinite ammo, and a BFG for good measure.

It's not a game for Generic-FPS heroes regardless of how it appears...



Grubdog said:

It's not even worth debating these reviews; it's sabotage plain and simple. They don't want Wii U to get more of "these" games and are delusional enough to think they can influence sales. It's high-school bs, wah-wah it's too hard.

ZombiU is my GOTY, the best game on Wii U, and the best survival horror game I've played since Resident Evil Remake 10 years ago. Rock on, Ubisoft.



defrb said:

If a reviewer dont like zombie games he should not review zombie games, but this game did get a good score overall, they should not focus on harsh reviews. Just a GG, for the ones that like the genre. survival horror



Drawdler said:

@ajcismo Exactly. I think that's a thing with gamers in general these days. So many people just want to rush through games getting every single bonus to throw at everything and forget that you can just play them and savor them. Sometimes I think people just try to nitpick at everything so they can say they have excuses as to why things can be bad. I'm not saying there aren't bad games out there and there aren't exceptions to this, but it seems people get upset when something is different from what they expected, without giving new mechanics any chance. It's funny because majority of the time those same people also complain about the fact that there isn't enough new for them.
Oh yeah and BGAE2 would be nice



WarioPower said:

I think that most of those early reviewers rushed their reviews and couldn't fathom that this is actually a survival horror game, not a typical fps..



Scollurio said:

AMericans and unfortunately most of the rest of the world have been used too long already to playing a dumbed down cinematic experience with little to no consequences/tactics to/of the player behavior. Im pretty sure ZombiU would even fare better in asian regions than in the US where people are still used to actually PLAYING a game instead of quick-time-eventing their way to victory. I might have exaggerated a bit but I am sure any longtime gamer that's been around since the 80s like I have knows what I am talking about. I rather have a slow-approach creepy Zombie game (I don't like Zombies though, they've been done to death already - HA HA) instead of some frantic Nazi-Zombie crap in CoD.



AbeVigoda said:

ZombiU is one of the most original and enjoyable games I've played in a long time. I found a lot of the complaints people had (melee combat, not enough ammo, dark visuals, etc) were things that made me like the game even more!

I had to laugh when people complained it took "2-7 hits with a bat to kill a zombie, which is too much", as if there should be a set number of strikes haha.



3dbrains said:

To the Ubisoft Developers.
I am 24hours into Zombie U. I have gotten 32 people killed.
I cant stop olaying it



Nntndo_1986 said:

I had just come from playing Dead Island (let's not get into reviews and such) with its faster pace mechanics, open world do anything style which I felt comfortable with.
Got Wii U and yeah I got ZombiU and BLPOPsII for Zombies as well. BLOPS is same old, I like Tranzit and all so no problems there. I can lose a weekend playing it with my kids who I got Wii U as well and it's fun with us screaming through the house about who was supposed to do what.

Admittingly with Zombi U, at first I felt a little put aback. Things were slowed down quite a bit especially with the melee cricket bat. At least from what I was just recently used with Dead Island. So yeah I wasn't too comfortable. And it being the 1st week with Wii U I was hopping from Mario U, Nintendoland, BLOPS, ACIII and Trine to give it much attention at 1st. Then by second week I sat down with my wife one night (with a couple of drinks) and actually sat to play for several hours. We kept trading the controller and at least 4 times we had that oh sh%t moment and let out a couple of screams lol. I got actually loved the mechanic of looking down at gamepad while game world kept going kept us on our toes and pretty nervous to boot. Hated when my wife would die then I had to run and kill myself for my bag with the rifle which I lost anyway ARRGHHHHH!!! The mechanics themselves are one of my favorites now. slower paced yes, obviously linear, but damn if my heart isn't always looking at my pack to see what to add to my ready list "1 molotov sure, candy bar, flare, oh damn only 8 bullets, guess its just the trusty cricket bat for several more rooms" lol its that feeling of damn I don't have what I need that makes it great to keep going.

As some have mentioned, I don't know if we just love fast paced, as much as that's what is given to us on a daily basis, but if you sit down for a while and just go with it you will be pleasantly surprised at how deep the experience can be.

ANd local multiplayer, my kids love it. Seriously very nice addition that keeps us coming back for more. COuld use a couple more different inventive modes but great way to kill a couple of hours trying to one up the game master or vice versa



3dbrains said:

Thankyou Ubisoft for making a great game, Everyone on Miiverse seems to love it too.
Thank you for putting some real effort into this game... Sequel please!?



chiptoon said:

My only disappointment in the game is the more glaring of the graphical faults. Its obviously not a great game overall in the graphics department, and I'm fine with that. But little things like the extremely low quality on the video clip that plays when areas are loading is pretty inexcusable. If they'd just rendered it in HD.

Still, the game itself is fantastic. I'm not sure if I've ever played a more gripping game.



fortius54 said:

We are just going to have to face it. With the vast majority of "gaming" sites, Nintendo will not catch a break. They will be judged more harshly than any other company. I really didn't by into that until the end of the Wii generation and the start of the Wii U. For the life of me, I do not understand why.



Wildfire said:

I only have to say that Zombie U is truly a great experience, like I didn't had for a long time now. Every little sound makes me stop and look around every corner . It's this kind of nerve wrecking moments that makes me imersive in the game and I just feel sorry for those reviewers that simply play this like a "regular" FPS, not appreciating what the game is truly trying to do.
So stay cool Ubisoft because you did great!!



Einherjar said:

Like many of you have already said, i also think that reviews like these are, plain and simple, sabotage. The WiiU wasnt even out of its box and the internet was flooded with bad press about stuff like bad framerate issues, a slow CPU, dev teams that couldnt port their game because of these issues...
Look at the latter. The general press said, that Metro couldnt be ported, because the WiiU couldnt handle it. What what news did we have now ? The dev team never looked at the final hardware specifications. They only peeked at an very early build.
And sure, some of the other launch games have their technicle difficultys. Which games ? The ports. Why ? Because they are games made for different systems. The ports were rushed to fit into the launch window. Are any of these games so badly broken, that they are unplayable ? No, absolutely not.
Or some of the bad press against Mario Bros. "Its the same game all over again" Yeah, it is. So is Call of Duty year after year but nobody seems to care.
The WiiU hat so much great potential what could easily be ruinied by badmouthing the games.
Example: I LOVE Warriors Orochi 3 (or the whole "Warriors" Franchise). First, the MiiVerse community was extremly small, given that this is quite a niche game. But the community is steadily growing. The thing is: Those who played the game are praising it. Those who didnt ask why we love it so much, because they only read bad reviews, bashing the game left and right.
It almost seams that "professional" reviewers are trying to prevent the WiiU and its games to become popular, preventing them to overtake the other two consoles.
But back onto the ZombieU topic:
This game is everything BUT an FPS. Calling it an FPS because of its perspective is like calling Excitebike a platformer, because its played from left to right.
Its an atmospheric survival adventure game. Sure, you can wield guns, but you wouldnt call Zelda a shooter, because of the bow, hoockshot and boomerang weapons.
And i think that ZombieU does what it intendet to do really really well. Its scary, its uncomforting and its challenging. Can you say that about the two other survival horror "kings" (Resident Evil and Silent Hill) nowadays ? Sadly, no.
Ubisoft defenitly deserves some praise for the game. Its tried to be different and, in my opinion, succeeded. It may not be a technical masterpiece but its atmosphere alone set the bar pretty high again when it comes to survival horror games.



theoldman said:

"This is a title that does go against a variety of current gaming trends"

In fairness, this is like the millionth game to have zombies in it. I wouldnt say doing what every other franchise is doing is "going against trends". This game could have been 1000% better had they stuck with original, ORIGINAL idea.

That being said the game isnt all bad, however the slow attacks are what kills it for me. so much time between hits is ridiculously annoying and not exactly very real. If I was being chased by hoards of the undead, you better believe id be swinging that bat as fast as I could.



WanderingPB said:

Anyone who doesn't like ZombiU or gave it a bad review would most likely be zombie food in a real zombie apocalypse…and for the record i'd be more than happy to put u out of ur misery if there ever was a zombie apocalypse

Everyone has different tastes in what games they find entertaining and this is no different.

If u truly like a survival horror this game is for u…but if ur jus looking for a bang bang game go buy Halo 4 or COD BO2 are probably up ur alley and they're both good games as well.

I love this game but the fact that these so called "gaming" sites are giving it bad reviews jus shows that each individual should research the games they're interested in buying from many places but in the end u should try it urself because like i said before everyone has different tastes…and some people are honestly stupid



AVahne said:

Lowest score was from Gamespot, and they're pretty much worse than Destructoid and IGN as journalists.



Shiryu said:

It's a fascinating game IMO. Just haven't had the time to really dig deep into it. But I pledged my money to it on launch day and hope to see this again in future instalments.



JettiBlue said:

I think it's awesome to finally have a true survival horror game again! The drought since the times before Resident Evil 4 has been too long. Maybe so long that those early reviewers didn't remember what makes a game like that fun... Or they're too young to remember.

I can only feel sorry for whomever wasn't able to let themselves enjoy this game. This game is actually terrifying if you let it. What fun! Especially the asymmetry between game pad view and action on the big screen, this has led me to several major screams when I wasn't expecting an attack but was distracted while looking down.



mshope10 said:

i dont think alot of people understand what they are going for with this of my friends has it and loves it!

so my girlfriend is getting it for me for christmas i can't wait.



seronja said:

yes the reviews are VERY HARSH for this game! i have it, played it for about 6 hours and still suck's me in every time i play... yes the bat is very lame when you have to hit a zombie 5-7 times that you kill it but over time you get used to it so the problem is gone + alot of people in miiverse say this game is awesome and it totally is, it's just that game sites like gamespot or ign were dissapointed by it, but we all know that they are d**** when it comes to nintendo exclusive games so the zombiu producers should not feel bad about it and make a sequel because it's a totally great franchise for the Wii U



mattatron said:

it's a great game, it isn't first person shooter it is a one person survival. survival mode is beast and anybody that plays survival send me a friend request, NNID:mattatron, so we can have more survivor zombies.



Sean_Aaron said:

This was a game that really made me sit up and take notice because of the boldness of the mechanics. I really don't get the harsh reviews compared to the sequelitis afflicting other first person action titles. I still plan to get this; likely it will be my second retail download on the system - just not this year!



Trikeboy said:

The game got judged on what the review thought they were going to get which was a gears of war/left 4 dead etc style game. When they didn't get it they left a bad review. Looking at the game as it is, it is very atmospheric, spooky, downright scary and very addicting. I really enjoy it and I agree with the Nintendolife review of the game.



Spleetal said:

This game is one of my favorite games of 2012 and I'm not a huge fan of anything involving horror



Boo_Buster said:

@CactusJackson Have you even played the game? It's not crappy, but it is not the best either. GameInformer's review was horrible, as were most. Metacritic's score is about what it is. Without going into detail and just giving it a score it'd be around 7 to 7.5... which is still good. This comes from someone who does not like FP camera games or FPS. I still thought the game was good.



DrMonk said:

Totally a fan. Brilliant survival horror. That's what I was expecting and that's what I got!



The_Fox said:

Wow, the comments here are pretty ridiculous. You know you're reaching when your defense of a game boils down to saying the reviewers don't "get it" or that the game has only gotten negative reviews because they're paid off.



ArcanaXVI said:

ZombiU is a fantastic title. I don't know why critics ripped on it so much, nor do I care--player reviews across the board are overwhelmingly positive, mine included.



TechnoEA said:

Or maybe the game is more of a, "it may not be your kind of game sort of thing" ?

Just because the majority likes a game and praises it doesn't mean everyone else should go along with it, that's called not being able to think for yourself.

The fact that people let reviews scores get to them is a bit weird. (Unless you're a Game Developer or Publisher)



Skotski said:

It doesn't matter if it "isn't your sort of thing".
What matters is if you give a game fair judgment.
The ones who gave it crap judgment, encouraging others who have never played it and only judge games on score alone to think it's crap, didn't give it a fair trial whatsoever. Which isn't as bad for the game as it is for the reviewers. There's a difference between tastes and obvious blinded bias. Yes, everyone's biased, but when you consider yourself a professional reviewer - someone who allows people to see both the good and bad in a game - you're expected to throw aside your biased viewpoint and look at it from every angle.

Looking at every angle: ZombiU IS NOWHERE NEAR A BAD GAME.
It has a lot of flaws - it certainly isn't the best (except to the fans) - but it is no way the worst or as bad as people put it.
It's getting worse scores than several shovelware titles? BS.
"Oh, but those shovelware titles cater to a certain demographic."
The same can be said for ZombiU - and its quality in gameplay far outshines any crap game for crap audiences.

It's terrible bias. And it's terrible to encourage it.
There's a difference between a User Review and a We Pay These People Good Money To Hear Their Review - Review.
And people listen to the latter - which affects sales.
Their bias MIGHT come from not liking the genre - but it really is more likely Wii U sabotage. Even a non-conspiracy-theorist and a Nintendo-hater can see how obvious it is that certain review sites and magazines are out to kill Nintendo (whether by personal vendetta, or being paid by other companies - which we KNOW happens).

EDIT: Mind you, there are some reviewers who aren't that terribly biased in those sites and magazines (giving all games fair judgment)... funny thing was: they weren't asked to review ZombiU. They told the person who obviously hates Nintendo.



Dogpigfish said:

The early reviews for zombi u were reflected of envy or hatred towards a new Nintendo console. It's entertainment people! I'm not an android fan, but I don't bash android because I don't own one. We've entered the year of the emo kids.



The_Fox said:

"Even a non-conspiracy-theorist and a Nintendo-hater can see how obvious it is that certain review sites and magazines are out to kill Nintendo"

Citation needed.



LittleIrves said:

I don't think other sites are "out to get" Nintendo or anything... but I do think a majority of reviewers play other systems more and often don't give Nintendo games a fair shot. Not due to some professional payola-like set-up, but just good ol' fashioned personal bias.

I was listening to a pretty popular podcast the other day and after one of them discussed having a lot of fun with Nintendo Land, one of the others sighed a loud "MEH," completely dismissing the experience without having any time with the game at all. I think the Wii era pushed away tons of gamers, who happen to then report on the industry, only they tend to report on what they like, which for many is no longer Nintendo. As a fan, I think it's kind of fun to be the underdog (if you can call a billion-dollar company an underdog), so I don't care one bit. But as a lover of games overall, it's too bad when so many dismiss quality work for no good reason.

But yeah: Opinions are opinions. And those that exclusively play Nintendo games while railing against all the good stuff on PS360/iOS are just as bad. So.... anyway.

Bring out Zombi2, holiday 2014!



Skotski said:

Whether not your cup of tea, spoiled by current gaming culture, or hatred towards companies: The poor reviews of ZombiU is VERY telling.

ZombiU is a great game, in my opinion. Outside of my opinion, its several flaws and not-so-greats make it at worst a "pretty good" game.
Giving it a poor review is like giving FFX a poor review.

"Whoah whoah whoah. FFX was a MASTERPIECE! Don't you dare compare that!"
Funny thing was, it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. You'll find as many people who hated the story, plot, characters, and even the battle system as there were people who loved the game.
At worst, it was a pretty good game.

ZombiU isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's not a "convincer title". It's not going to change the gaming industry or your life or anything like that. But it is a pretty good game - flaws counted.
Only thing that could drop the score horribly is the sometimes game-breaking bug near the end of the game. ...of course, rarely were other games given death scores for this.



AbeVigoda said:

Not really. Most of the 'flaws' pointed out by reviewers were things that didn't bother me at all, or we're things I felt 'enhanced' the game. I thought using a bat most of the game increased the tension througout, while other people found it boring or clumsy. Then people said one hit deaths were too much, while I felt it made you concentrate more. This game can really divide people base on their personal preferences or expectations.



SetupDisk said:

Great game. The really negative reviews were foolish, often taking away points for what makes the game great.



Skotski said:

Yeah, I was exaggerating. Was just huffed up.
But it's difficult to ignore when sites and magazines gave games on a console 6/10-8/10 scores for years, then suddenly drop it to 4/10-7/10 every single time. games like Wii Twilight Princess a fair score, but giving Skyward a terrible one - when TP was the one with waggle controls, and SS was the one with better motion controls ( "It didn't work all the time" - anyone who had half a mind knew how to make those motion controls work. ). Yeah, SS wasn't perfect either, but it certainly was better than TP on the Wii.

Funny thing about that: Disagreeing that COD is a good game still gives it a 7/10. Mayyyyyyybe a 6/10.
Not a fair comparison, seeing that COD are always top-notch titles. So hmmm... Disagreeing that Bayonetta is a good game is maybe a 6/10 (it really isn't everyone's type of game).

The harshest reviews on ZombiU ARE wrong. Because if you compare it with their other reviews to similar titles or similar not-their-type - there's a huge gap in the ratings.
This is the case of God Hand all over again...
God Hand was at worst a 6/10... but reviews went as low as a 4/10?? Horrible. No excuse for a professional reviewer.

EDIT: No wait, IGN gave God Hand a 3/10...... seriously wtf.



The_Fox said:

Great! If you like those design choices, more power to you. That doesn't mean the reviewers holding a contrary opinion on said elements were wrong, though. (I'm more addressing the overall vibe in the comments section with my last statement)

No worries. I was just afraid you'd gone off the deep end for a minute there, lol.



ultraraichu said:

I can't really comment on the game since I haven't played it yet even though I brought it 3 days after the Wii U was released (distracted by Warriors Orochi, Nintendoland, and RL) but seeing my brother playing it, the game looks like a real fight for survival type horror game. It remind my of the "old school" horror games which you had a slower pace with limited ammo and health supplies to make it more suspenseful.

Don't worry Ubi, if it makes you feel better, check the MiiVerse and see what your customers think and not the people who possibly rush the game to post a review.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Reviews are only opinions but when a site has promoted a game for weeks and explained the entire game in previews, only to let someone (with a completely different opinion to what has already been said) give it a shocking review it just goes to show that you can only trust your own judgement these days.

What irritates me with the mixed reviews is the fact that the sites that the poor reviews come from have just given 90%+ scores to black ops 2, halo 4 and even NSMBU. I know these games are good but they are not massively better than a slightly clunky but highly original experience. What happened to the time when people actually got bad reviews for not innovating their series? I wouldn't be annoyed at this situation but it seems like the big sites just make up their own rules for reviewing every single game. IGN gave Zombi U a poor score but they will be the first people to give a mind blowingly dull Japanese 'collect em up' game a 9.5.



Skotski said:

As I'll put it: Anyone who has played ZombiU disagrees with the poor ratings.
They don't disagree with the REVIEW - they disagree with how low the ratings were put in comparison to the review.
It's as if they attempted to be a realist, but only came off as being a pessimist.



blackknight77 said:

I ignore most review sites anyway. I like what I saw from this game. Throw a generic space marine on the cover of this game and it will get a 9.5



bennyt said:

Although i haven't got the game just yet (waiting on the demo), Ubisoft deserve credit for doing something other devs wouldn't have. They took a risk, put a new spin on a genre and sat back waiting to see where the path took them. I've followed the game through onm and each time, it amazes me how much creativity they've put into the game.

As far as reviews go, it seems like Marmite, you either love or hate it. Although i'm not keen on horror games, this game has sparked my interest. High difficulty, no hand holding, pure terror, a showcase of what the game-pad can do...what game offers that nowadays?

Hopefully come next week, ill be experiencing the game and cacking myself....its all good. I would love Ubi to work on Killer Freaks/They came from outer space (with the man-eating rabbids)that would be sick



bezerker99 said:

If review scores bother people, they should A) print the review out; B) crinkle it up and throw it in the garbage (or be 'green' and recycle!); C) play game for themselves; D) form own opinion!



HawkeyeWii said:

I'm still on the wall about getting this. It went from being hands down the #1 game I wanted for Wii U, to the back of the list, as soon as I saw the first 5 reviews come out for it. I want to get it, but it is just to hard to shell out 60 bucks for a game that doesn't sound half as good as the hype was.



Metal_Slugger said:

Is there any daylight levels? Going across the country side trying to survive? That would be awesome.



Cov_warrior said:

Genre defining IMHO. I'd given up on survival horrior until I'd played this. Super metroid with zombies.



tre said:

I never been a fan of these games but I love this one. It scares the heck out of me but I still love it. One hour gameplay per day is more than enough for me. After turning on the generator in the very beginning, it took me a few hours (real days) to work up the nerve to leave the room with the bed.

I had a fish fry at my house this past weekend and invited my 4 Brothers, 3 sisters, and parents. Popped in a few WiiU games and they loved it. My brothers have never owned a Nintendo console but they each decided to buy it after playing Zombi U. They all found the white Wii Us with no problem. The black ones were not in stock.

My mom and baby sister said they each will buy Wii U after they have Wii Fit U and Cooking Mama U. lol



billychaos said:

The only thing that companies should be asking game review sites is 'Do game reviews reflect the sales?'. In a lot of cases they don't at all. 'Mario vs. Sonic' got horrible reviews from IGN. The game sold millions. 'Carnival games' was called shovel ware, meanwhile sold over a million in a very short time. If you want feedback on your games, talk to the people who are actually buying them, not those who get paid to play them for a few hours, or those who rent them from gamefly. Thank goodness that Nintendo has created the Miiverse. Publishers should start reading the Miiverse. For Wii U games, the two important factors should be 'sales' then 'Miiverse' feedback (from those who actually own the game). Nothing else should matter.



Azikira said:

Most of those reviewers who gave the game poor reviews are horrible wanna-be gamers expecting Call of Duty Zombies.

True gamers appreciate the route this game took, when it could have easily fallen back on the modern trend of horror.



Kage_88 said:

Most reviewers and games 'journalists' are actually chimpanzees. True fact.

As for ZombiU; I'm enjoying it. There are some aspects of the game that annoy me (especially one particular action-focused scene that infuriated me), but overall, I like the game. It is true survival horror; not some namby-pamby, hold-your-hands crap that sites like IGN and Gamespot wanted it to be.

Also, people need to read the ZombiU Iwata Asks; it is revealed that the original Just Dance on Wii was chastised by reviewers for not being 'accurate' enough...and it turns out that they missed the point of the game entirely.



CharbroiledEwok said:

There was a time (not so long ago) that I could trust review sites (including IGN).

Whenever a new game came out, I could look to Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, or Mark Bozon to give reasonably fair reviews. Whatever their personal tastes, I could usually glean the points important to me as a gamer (longevity, value, fun factor, etc.).

Eventually, Nintendo Power became one of the few trustworthy sources for reviews/previews. Now, they're gone, and all I have are Nintendo Life and the Miiverse. Don't let me down, guys...



Kage_88 said:

@CharbroiledEwok - Miiverse is surprisingly great when looking for opinions. Contrary to what the haters think, it is not a heavily modified, propaganda-fest. I've seen very few comments that have been modded.

Also, the people are really happy and enthusiastic. They are REAL people who actually like things, not deranged forumites that suck joy from every facet of life.



doctor_doak said:

To be honest I haven't actually played it, but i've watched a fair amount of footage and read a number of reviews. I don't think the issue is that it's 'too' punishing on the player, it's more that in the singleplayer, the spaces you have to navigate through are far too confined for a game like this. Sure, having claustrophobic & dark areas filled with zombies when you have limited resources makes for a fair amount of first...but the problem is i think, that it feels unfair when the action is 'forced' on you due to the linearity of the design. You're relatively weak, and there is little way of flanking or sneaking by a small room with 4 or 5 zombies in it...Or perhaps taking another vantage point and getting the drop on them.

A game like Day-Z is a good contrast. That is an open world sandbox...perhaps it's a bit too unfocused.... but the point is, it has big areas and buildings that can be navigated and approached in multiple ways. You have lots of options...but here, you're kind of constantly being funneled forward down a relatively narrow path, and it makes for less compelling gameplay imo..

The multiplayer looks quite good tho. I'd really like to try playing as a zombie master..that actually looks quite fun.



ThumperUK said:

It isn't a perfect game (few even come close), but many fans like myself love that a mature game has been produced. It is a survival horror filling the gap left by Resident Evil's shift towards fps blandness that US press seem to be obsessed with. We are grateful that Ubisoft and Grunier developed this game.

He just needs to do a sequel that we are all desperate to hear confirm, and hopefully give us a sequel that is even better! Personally I'd love a section being stuck in the Gherkin or the Shard (plus maybe the London Eye?, Westminster cathedral, a Parliament full of zombie MP's) ETC ETC !!



iPlayNintendo said:

It's a love-hate relationship, me and ZombiU. Do your research and if you are still interested then definitely get it. If you are suspicious then don't get it. That's my opinion. If a sequel comes out and they make improvements based on what this Brunier admits were weaknesses they knew about, expect amazing things.



Edwrd said:

Game review is not rocket science, but definitely require a certain discipline and craft. Saw the gamespot review video, the young dude didn't even sound all that intelligent, sorry, he did sound a little slow, ok that doesn't mean he is actually slow sure but come on, the game didn't even get a passing grade from him. Gamespot is going on a long slow slide down the toilet, I used to love reading their epic multi-page super detailed reviews back in the day when the founding Giant Bomb crew were there (quite a long time ago, more than a decade? whew ...), actually that was the trend back then wasn't it, IGN was like that too, the review itself was enjoyable.

I'm not even defending ZombieU or WiiU, I have neither, but fair is fair, a sloppy review is a sloppy review, reminds me of the asinine gamecritics review of Muramasa: the demon blade, the reviewer played the game for 3 hours, then condemned it. Don't you think game developers who spend so much money and time making a game deserve a little more respect for their work? Ah I'm preaching to the choir here hah, need to calm down...



Virtua said:

It's an interesting game that draws you in to survive and that's a great quality.

The real let down are the bugs which just shouldn't be there especially on a wii u launch title or from ubisoft. My game has crashed as well as another glitch where you go to open a door and the loader screen keeps you in the same room so you can't progress. It really affects you're relationship with the game. I've written to the and I believe a patch is coming but it's not isolated and really not on. This is also one if the more expensive titles too.

Reputations are at stake on this one.

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