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EarthBound Creator Confirms Something Is In The Pipeline

Posted by Andy Green

Looks set to be a re-release

The EarthBound series, known as Mother in Japan, has only ever had one game released in North America way back in 1995 when EarthBound (Mother 2) emerged on the Super Nintendo. The game has a large cult following in North America and is incredibly popular in Japan.

Creator of the series, Shigesato Itoi, has confirmed via his Twitter page that there is going to be more from the series in the near future, however it is not going to be Mother 4, it looks to be a re-release instead.

Since I’m allowed to drop it on you all now, I’ll just go ahead and say it. The “Mother re-release” I’d mentioned a bit before, we’re making progress on that. It’s not 4! We’re trying to get Mother working again right now. I still can’t mention any details, but I have to make clear that this isn’t ‘4’!

It could be likely that the Mother series is being prepared for a Virtual Console release in Japan, perhaps on the 3DS. If this is the case then it would make the game a lot easier to distribute to regions outside of Nintendo's homeland and the West could finally get hold of more EarthBound games.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see EarthBound appear on the Virtual Console? Let us know in the comments below.


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photofool83 said:

I will buy copies for myself, family, and friends! Just bring the series to NA, please!!



ArcanaXVI said:

I've heard FAR too much about this game to pass it up if it really does jump the pond.



Brando67854321 said:

No not the 3ds vc! Just give the 3ds vc mother 3 & a gba vc! Put it on the wii vc I know it's outdated but to be quite fair wii owners were waiting much, much longer for this game than the 3ds vc.



SammyOfMobius said:

Yay finally! I've never played Mother so why not try that out? However I'd like Mother 4 as well. 3DS VC sounds nice. I wouldn't mind a Wii U eShop re release either even though I don't own a Wii U. YET.



ShadJV said:

Oh geez, please bring all 3 to the US 3DS VC, I would buy the heck out of them!!!



Yosher said:

I would buy this day 1, should it see a release in Europe, no matter which game it'll turn out to be. Chances are no Earthbound game would ever be released over here after this one. Should this even come here, that is.



NintyMan said:

Finally, I might be able to play it after all without having to buy a ridiculously high price for a cartridge! Whether it's Mother, Earthbound, or Mother 3 on the 3DS VC and somehow make it outside Japan, I'd get it in a jiffy.



Sabrewing said:

They'd have to sort out that music sampling deal first, and NOA looks to be in no rush to do that.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@MrSRArter: Check the box for Nintendo Land, compare it to other Wii U boxes that have DLC planned (like NSMBU). If there was going to be DLC, it would be listed on the back under the Nintendo Network section. There will be no DLC for Nintendo Land.

@Sabrewing: That would likely be easier to sort out for a remake/compilation than a VC release. shouldn't be getting so excited. Mr. Itoi is speaking to his Japanese fans, not us. It could oh so easily wind up being a Japan-only release he's talking about.



Bass_X0 said:

Watch it only be a release of Famicom Mother in Japan which hasn't been translated and won't be translated for release outside of Japan.



Auracle said:

I'm hoping for the whole Trilogy on one 3DS game card, but at this point, anything will do.



seronja said:

the most popular underrated game series on the internet... i must have them on the VC =) ( since retail earthbound sells on ebay from 300-600$ so i'd pass on those prices )



Boo_Buster said:

I sure have no hope for this to come to America because of the task of translating it to English. How about an answer as to where the eShop press release is, please? If you don't know... then say you don't know.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I knew this was gonna happen, there was news about Itoi and Iwata a while back saying they had met up again recently, I guess this was about all this. Still though I would rather play the original, it is brilliant.



DerpSandwich said:

This is fantastic. Remake the game to test the viability in the newer market, and if it sells a lot we'll get more of it. So make sure to buy it when it comes out!



C7_ said:

"It could be likely that the Mother series is being prepared for a Virtual Console release in Japan, perhaps on the 3DS. If this is the case then it would make the game a lot easier to distribute to regions outside of Nintendo's homeland and the West could finally get hold of more EarthBound games."

The issue isn't accessibility to the port, it's legal issues within the game itself. So unless it's a remake that fixes these issues, porting it isn't going to fix the problem and get it out to any other countries besides Japan. Don't get me wrong, I want it as much as the next guy, but if it turns out to be a direct port to the 3DS it means literally nothing to anyone in the west.



TKOWL said:

So I paid $160 on the cart for nothing...

Nah, I kid, this is amazing news! If these rereleases come popular enough, maybe our cheese dreams of Mother 3 in the US will...



ueI said:

It's kind of hard for me to show interest in the series when there hasn't been a release here since before I started videogames.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Boo_Buster: No problem. I learned to check there ages ago, because that's the source NLife uses anyway and sometimes you can get the info sooner by checking there. There's usually not THIS big a delay on NLife though...

@uel: Really? Lots of interested people are interested because of Smash Bros.



SMW said:

All I want is MOTHER 3 in English. I bought the game and played through it already despite not knowing any Japanese and loved it. I refused to play the fan translation, though. It just felt too wrong to apply a fan-made patch to my game cart. Give me an official localization, please!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SMW: You bought the Japanese cart and STILL wouldn't play the fan translation? Dude, you should totally just play the translation. It's a superb piece of work, and you have the added bonus of having actually paid for the game at all.



Tsuchinoko said:

Original game on the 3DS VC? Purchase. Though I have Mother 1+2, and can read Japanese (though they are all written in Hiragana, which makes it somewhat tedious for anyone over the age of 12). Still would be a nice gesture though.



ouroborous said:

Never have gotten around to actually playing Earthbound. If it's really worth playing it would be good to see it re-released so I have a good excuse to play it.



SirQuincealot said:

im not going to lie, in most of my club nintendo surveys my comments are pretty much bring back earthbound (among others) but if this makes it to the 3ds i will get it



NESguy94 said:

@Brando67854321 From a business point of view they should put it on the 3DS or Wii U virtual console so that they can sell more systems. It would also get a lot more attention the same way people are more interested 3DS eshop games than DSi games.



ogo79 said:

i tried to tell yall guys lightly before, it was only a matter of time, pretty sure its a compilation...



astarisborn94 said:

Means nothing to me since we're never going to get this outside of Japan...

Still mad that the franchise will never again return to the West...



Jeremyx7 said:

This will be amazing if they localized and re released all 3 Mother games everywhere! Then everyone would get the opportunity to play this great mind trip of a series.

Earthbound (Mother 2) is one of my favorite video game experiences ever so I'm hoping they will release Mother 1 & 3 over here in the states so I can finish the entire series.



Iggy said:

It would be nice to finally get to play any of the Mother games to see if there as good as people say they are.



Knux said:

I bet it's a Mother DS Collection. Hopefully, it will come to the West!



Squiggle55 said:

@sirquencealot LOL I try to add that into my Club Nintendo at every opportunity as well.
This news just completely blew my mind.
I'll be happy with a VC release, either 3DS or Wii U. But of course what I really want is all three games on a 3DS cartridge or Wii U disc.



EvilLucario said:


We're finally getting some new news for Mother! =)

I can't wait to play the Mother trilogy on my 3DS, especially Mother, as that game should be updated the same way Pokemon Red / Blue was updated to the 3rd Generation.



2Sang said:

After being a lurker on this site for probably 4 or so years, I had to make an account to express my excitement for this announcement. I am in tears of joy, everyone a fan of Earthbound/Mother should make sure this re-release sells VERY well in order for nintendo to give it a second chance in NA and a first chance in EU



Emaan said:

I'm freaking out of my mind right now. Is this real or am I dreaming? Earthbound could be revived in some way? Happiness abound!



ShadJV said:

I hope they do release it as a 3DS exclusive, whether separately on the VC or altogether in a retail release. The 3DS needs all the exclusives it can get.

And I do realize this is nowhere near a confirmation of a US release but I can't help getting excited, I want this so bad!



2Sang said:

Maybe it's a 3d classic of mother, maybe a mother trilogy release, maybe an earthbound release, or anything, god I'm so hyped.



SageWaterDragon said:

Hopefully they are able to release at least Mother 3 onto the 3DS eShop. That would be so hype. Also, the other games would be great as well, but I consider myself saturated in official translations by this point.
I don't want Mother 4, though, because then they would have to send a C&D to the people who are making the Mother 4 fan game (, and that would be a sad day.



Tasuki said:

Totally excited for this as well. I dont care if it comes out on Wii, 3DS or Wii U but if it does make its way to NA I will be getting it for sure.



gohanrage said:

I don't want the original game. maybe as a bonus. I want a complete 3D version. One that looks the way a game should look on a Wii U. they can put the SNES game on the disc as a prize for completing the game



2Sang said:

@gohanrage The battle backgrounds would be so sick in 3D

If they do make a physical copy, I like the idea of the original as a bonus. It wasn't too long of a game, at least by today's standards anyways. I doubt we're getting an actual disc, though.



Furealz said:

OMG just thought of something are they gonna bring back Earthbound 64 or was that cancelled cause of Mother 3?



2Sang said:

@Furealz It was little over halfway done. I highly doubt it would ever be that, though. We'll probably never know a lot more than we already do about EB64



SCAR said:

EB64 ended up being Mother 3. Earthbound was pretty cool for SNES. I had the cartridge a couple years ago, mastered it, and let it go with the rest of my collection for the reason being getting new stuff, partying, and moving on. I really hope to see these games get re-released for the sake of all these people wanting to see what the fuss is about, and for those who haven't played it in a while('remastered' a bonus).

'I am not the strongest, but not the weakest. I am also a little bit stronger than the second weakest, but not as strong as the second strongest(something along those lines. Haha...)' - Gopher #3



SCAR said:

I showed this game to some people from school, and they thought the battle scene and music were hilarious. My brother played it too, and he was unsettled by the Handsome Tom enemy(music too), and hated Saturn Valley(me too, actually).

'Don't go heaven!' - Blue Cult member




gohanrage said:

The 64DD was announced at 1995's Nintendo Shoshinkai game show event (now called Nintendo World). One of the games that was featured for use with the 64DD was Creator, a music and animation program by Software Creations, the same people that made Sound Tool for the Nintendo Ultra 64 development kit. The game advertised that it could be implemented into other games, being able to replace textures and possibly create new levels and characters. However, there was no playable version of Creator available at Shoshinkai 1995. At E3 in 1997, Nintendo's main game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, speculated that the first games to be released for the new system would be SimCity 64, Mario Artist, Pocket Monsters, and EarthBound 64.[3]



gohanrage said:

I'll have my WII U before I'll ever have a 3DS. I have never in my life bought a handheld console. but I may buy a 3DS XL if the right game comes out and if the USA and Canada ever gets WHITE

I've owned all Nintendo's Home Consoles except the Virtual Boy



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I will buy day one if a full compilation is ever produced. MOTHER and MOTHER 2 are my favourites in the series, I didn't really like Mother 3 that much tbh.



Omega said:

SkywardLink98 wrote:

Wii VC please. I don't own a Wii U, and I still wouldn't get one if this went to Wii U VC.

Yes. This is exactly what I thought. (I love my Wii but I refuse to buy the latest console stuff all the time.)



SCAR said:

That's pretty interesting. I knew about all those(including F-Zero track editor and such...), except the Pokemon one, which probably just ended up being Pokemon Stadium in some form. If it wasn't Pokemon Stadium, it's a shame, because they really need to make a FULL Pokemon for consoles like the handhelds. Beta versions of games(mainly SNES-GCN gens) always seem so/more interesting compared to the final build, especially the Zelda 64, Mario Sunshine wierd stuff, Luigi's Mansion 24 hour time limit w/ Mario disappearing in the mansion with the mansion, etc. They just look so "off", or unsettling kinda for some reason... I really wish N64DD would have been released in under better circumstances. It seems like it would have been a development tool in itself, with alot of customizable attributes. It would be awesome if they released a dev kit for Wii U for $100-250(whatever price) that gave people all the tools they need to make games, animations, art, etc. You could use the Gamepad to create virtual stuff(or whatever control input you want), then play your games or have someone else play them like a friend or family member to enjoy. This probably won't ever happen, but it would be cool...



Bliquid said:

It's very good news.
But i wish Nintendo and folks stopped teasing and started putting stuff on shops' shelves right away.



Sabrewing said:

@SirQuincealot Haha, I do that with all my surveys. "How satisfied are you with the Virtual Console service?" <Somewhat satisfied.> "How would you improve it?" <Put Terranigma up for sale.>



ToxorAxiom said:

"The Mother Trilogy: Collector's Edition" a la Metroid Prime Trilogy style for the 3DS, PLEEEEEEEASE!!



misswliu81 said:

mother series in 3D for the 3DS, wii U would be awesome to see! some glad that creator Itoi has plans for the franchise. there are people outside of japan who want to play this game. i would be ecstatic if a mother game was announced next year at E3 or on nintendo direct!



ToxieDogg said:

As long as they don't forget about their Western, and more specifically, their European fanbase in all of this, I might get excited. Would be nice to see a Mother game made officially available FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER over here.



AntiGuy said:

Mother 3 changed my life! too bad were not going to see Mother 4 anytime soon, but I heard about this Mother 4 fan game been made and so far it looks amazingly faithful to the series... although I'd always prefer if Shigesato was involved...



itsanandito said:

3DS VC, Wii VC, for the Wii U, I don't care! Just make this available in NA and I can be happy. Remake all three and I'd faint!



LavaTwilight said:

Yup... love these kinds of RPGs and being in Europe I don't think we even had a shot at Mother 2. I'd love to see it released for the VC on the Wii/WiiU



Whopper744 said:

Never got to try out these games but have been interested since Smash Bros introduced me to Ness. BRING IT ALL TO THE US!



Kurachi said:

see? it was all a rumor..... but i doubt it'll hit the wii's VC, and prolly goes to 3DS and weeyuu

lets hope it hits the wii's VC, let my doubt be wrong, plz

i dont have enough points left, but will be some then, so make me happy, or leave me in the dark..... starts hoping (not holding my breath)



cowboy said:

If it is true it would be really awesome. We want earthbound on Virtual Console



2Sang said:

OMIGOD! It's taking too long. Hopefully we hear something in the next nintendo direct.



Noboty said:

I've been wanting to play these games, but have always wanted an updated version of them.

Not holding my breath though. Especially since the news make no mention of an overseas release (outside Japan).



Heckutorz said:

What if there is a double release or something for the Mother series? Like Mother 1+2? Or Mother 2+3? I don't see 1+3 though... Any thoughts? Please reply!

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