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I am a guy who writes for this website called Gamnesia and.... erm.... plays games.

Sat 9th October, 2010

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SageWaterDragon commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@jpelgrom Everything that they have promised that will be in the game is still in the production pipeline. After hearing a lot of people asking if they could still back the project in one way or another, they decided to open up that option. So far, they don't have plans for anything that will change gameplay on a fundamental level or add a ton of content.



SageWaterDragon commented on Intelligent Systems Development HQ Image Emerges:

You know, I am feeling extremely conflicted about the fact that Thomas didn't bring up the Advance Wars series. On one hand, they haven't made a game in the series for a while, so it makes sense to not really mention it. On the other hand, this also means that the Wars series is fading into obscurity; at least the Fire Emblem series is close enough to it for comfort. Honestly, I would be perfectly happy if Intelligent Systems became a third party developer and started making games for a variety of systems. Preferably sticking to Nintendo hardware as their system of choice (a la Naughty Dog), but occasionally making games for the PC and whatnot. Wouldn't a Wars game on the PC be completely fantastic? Let me answer that for you: yes.



SageWaterDragon commented on Weirdness: Theories on the Inside of a Poké Ball:

The actual scenario was described in one of the Pokemon films: they are essentially digitized and put into a giant world with all the other Pokemon. So, yes, somewhere out there there is a lava pool where a couple hundred Groudons are kind of just chilling out, maybe playing chess.



SageWaterDragon commented on Monster Hunter Tri Servers To Be Shutdown At t...:

Actually, I encourage this for Capcom. Monster Hunter Tri is still one of the best single-player games that I have ever played, so you can't complain THAT much. I mean, you people had 3 years to play it. I don't know about you people, but I want Monster Hunter 4 to come stateside. What better way to do that then to have lots of sales for MH3U? People seem to have a misunderstanding in which they thing Ultimate is just an upscaled port. If that is the common thought, then why would people buy it?



SageWaterDragon commented on XSEED Talks Wii Support And Why It Isn't Touch...:

Dang it! I have always been a huge fan of RGC, even going to the point of claiming it is the best DS game ever made. It is fun in its most distilled form for gamers who enjoy the retro experience. It is a shame that it sold so poorly. I mean, all that licensing stuff was completed with the first game, so why couldn't they just release the second one? The fan translation at looked like a fantastic thing; shame that it is (as far as we know) dead in the water. Anybody else here who clicked on here just to see the RGC content?



SageWaterDragon commented on Nintendo Comes Out On Top In Consumer Experien...:

My only experiences with Nintendo Customer Service were these: a broken L and R button on my 3DS and a lost-in-the-mail-system Giant AR Card. Both times the company was nice, simple, and helped me through my problem, fixing my 3DS for free AND shipping me another AR card for free. Nice! Apple, on the other hand, helped none when it came to iTunes saying that I had never used this computer before, and was asking questions I couldn't answer. (To be fair, they did give me back a faded 50 dollar iTunes gift card that my mom had lost, so their service is okay.)



SageWaterDragon commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Receiving Day-One Ke...:

@SkywardLink98 In Japan, you can more or less be anywhere and assemble a hunting party, so they don't see the point of online on the 3DS version. You cannot carry your Wii U around (usually), however, so that is that.
On a side note, can someone answer if that apparently amazing keyboard from Pokemon Typing Adventures or something is compatible?