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Sat 4th Feb 2012

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Brando67854321 commented on Miyamoto: Pikmin 3 To Be More Like Series Orig...:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ look at all this miyamoto no one will buy it now! miyamoto? really?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?? you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo out of touch with gamers if you're really thinking about putting back that stupid time limit that everyone hates!!!!!!



Brando67854321 commented on Rumour: Capcom Is Bringing Its Arcade Classics...:

@TrickySx4 Stop just stop! Even though it's a old game they can't release it due to not knowing just online (camcom, you suck! It's just online! & It's a remake of a old game!) & if that couldn't come what makes YOU think ANY darkstalkers will come to wii u?!!?!?!?!? Capcom support sucks on wii u & it's all wii's fault!



Brando67854321 commented on Unreal Engine 4 Ports Possible on Wii U:

@TrickySx4 No, I meant that they wont port the engine over to wii u even though they said here it can clearly handle it. Yet they will use older tech (UE3) that next-gen games in 2013-2014 wont be using at all That is what I meant by them killing support