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Halting Wii U System Update May Brick the System

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Be careful, gamers

A number of you in North America likely have your shiny new Wii U setup, and you've probably installed the day one update that's required for access to features such as Miiverse and the eShop. According to reports out in the Twitter-sphere, however, you may also be one of a small minority that's inadvertently bricked your Wii U.

The high-profile case that's sparked the tales of woe came from Ben Fritz, film business reporter for the LA Times. He was installing the hefty update (reportedly around 5GB, though that's not confirmed), wasn't convinced that it was still working due to the progress bar not moving and unplugged his machine to start again. When he loaded it up, he discovered that the system will no longer play any games, bricking it in the process. While some criticised Fritz for unplugging during an update, he reported that he had other gamers tweeting him to share similar stories.

The tweets keep coming from people whose power or Internet went out during the 5 gb update and now, like mine, their Wii U is a brick.

Our own Morgan Sleeper had a scare of his own during our Wii U launch day live coverage — check out his entry at 18:25 — where someone unplugged his system during the update, but thankfully it was still working and unaffected. That said, the message is clear, when updating your Wii U don't get impatient and unplug the system in the hope of starting again; you should also hope that your internet doesn't go down, either.

If you've experienced this issue let us know in the comments below. As for everyone else, do you think this is a normal launch day hitch, or an inexcusable issue that shouldn't even be possible?


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PeterW77 said:

Does the Wii U have an Ethernet port? Just wondering in case of dropped wireless that's all.



a_binfahad said:

EVERYONE! don't forget to turn of the automatic shut down function when updating!



DarkCoolEdge said:

There is no excuse for this. I hope that Europe gets the consoles ready.

I wonder if this could happen with other coming patches.



thedanman64 said:

The same applies to all consoles. You should NEVER power off your system while it's updating. Or else you risk bricking it.



erv said:

inexcusable. And please let nintendo learn how to perform incremental updates first - like not downloading the entire OS but only its updated bits.




Yeah whenever I update my PS3 it always tells me not to power down until the update is complete, or the system may not be able to power back on!

@PeterW77 the WiiU does NOT have an ethernet port, however the USB LAN adapter for the Wii(which I have) will work with the Wii U.




@erv this is the price we pay for getting the console when we want it. Doing it this way (some key features missing from the WiiU out the box) probably allowed Nintendo to manufacture consoles far earlier than otherwise, and if true then I would estimate that it would have been a 2013 launch had it not been done this way.



SpaceKappa said:

If you've got halfway decent internet the update will probably only take you an hour. Use that time to get some chores done around the house! That's what I did.

Like Master Yoda said, you must learn patience!



iphys said:

Glad I have a UPS that I bought for my Wii due to momentary power outages I used to get all the time. Now I just have to hope for no long-term power outage or Internet outage when I do the update.



rjejr said:

@SpaceKappa - "... only take you an hour."

B/c after waiting 1 1/12 years since E3 2011 the first thing people want to do is DL a 5GB update over WiFi (b/c Nintendo didn't add a port) - that may brick their system - before doing what their system should do OUT OF THE BOX!!

And it's nice that the Wii Ethernet adapter works, but the Wii never needed to DL a 5GB update, it had a 40MB Wiiware limit so even slow WiFi would suffice, so a lot of people probably never bothered buying I. (I bought 3, 1 for each extended family member who bought a Wii and had slow WiFi). With a 5GB update OUT OF THE BOX they really should have included an ethernet port. Plus those 17 DL retail games day 1. WiFi is nice for email and web browsing, but for GB DLs you should really have a cable option. - end of rant



Gold_Ranger said:

How long does everyone think it'll be before the WiiU comes completely ready to use Out-of-Box?



Gold_Ranger said:

How long does everyone think it'll be before the WiiU comes completely ready to use Out-of-Box?



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah why not just let the console update and go charge the game pad and dont let anyone touch anything O:< be like a security guard ready to attack xD



SpaceKappa said:

@rjejr It's inconvenient yes, but this update allowed them to get ahead on manufacturing and start pumping these babies out before the firmware was finalized, allowing them to avoid shortages like with the original Wii. Given the choice between hefty firmware update and not being able to purchase a console until next spring, the update is definitely the lesser of two evils.

Also WOO that's my picture up there.



SpaceKappa said:

@Red_Kinetic Probably early next year is when they'll start shipping with the firmware update pre-insalled. I imagine they'll wait until Nintendo TVii and all that is ready to go before they bother.



Kagamine said:

Mine stopped about a third of the way through because it couldn't connect to the server. But when the system returned to the WiiU menu, it was still downloading, but in the background. So i was able to play games while it finished. Glad mine didn't get bricked from that hiccup though, Hope they fix this soon!



LavaTwilight said:

It doesn't sound like much of an issue to me because anyone who's kept in touch with NintendoLife would know it takes a good hour and a half to set up. I pity them fools who don't log into NintendoLife! They end up with an expensive brick.



SpaceKappa said:

@rjejr Also their WiFi connection is MUCH better than what I've experienced with the PS3. Before I hardwired my PS3 via the ethernet port a single gig would take me upwards of four hours, and I have very good cable internet. I was able to download 5 gigs on Wii U in one hour.



shinpichu said:

Holy crap.

And I do think Nintendo could have done something to avoid this: Maybe having all the files necessary downloaded before installation,so if the internet was disconnected you could resume the download at a later time.



Bass_X0 said:

My internet connection cuts out every time the house phone is used. But I won't be getting a Wii U until next year so maybe the issue will be sorted by then.



Trikeboy said:

Sorry to hear this happened. I hope by the time of the UK release they have either got the update already on the system or the update, put the update on a disk or rework the update so this doesn't happen should we lose internet connection.



Tsuchiya said:


Most places here will probably already have their stock allocation so I'll bet we'll have to DL the update ourselves. I'm pretty lucky with my speeds thankfully. Just be patient those of you with slow speeds!

Play some retro Nintendo to pass the time.



TysonOfTime said:

Would the Internet going out brick the system, or is it just turning it off when the Internet goes off bricks it?
Just interested.



Chunky_Droid said:

Thankfully I have a friend who has ADSL2 who said I can bring my Wii U over to his house when I buy it so I can get the update.

Also, I've had to factory reset my PS3 a couple of times because my kids turned the PS3 off at the wall while it was running, so for those saying "inexcusable!", I suggest you heed the advice that any console gives you, which is do not turn the console off if the HDD is on or you are updating your system

Finally, for those saying they have waited long enough and don't want to download a day 1 update, remember this happens to just about every console that comes out these days, I had to update my Vita on day one as well. People out there are still waiting for Jellybean to come to their Android phones as promised, just be patient, geez.



Kevin said:

I got four error messages during that. I'm very grateful my Wii U didn't fall to this junk.



tergun said:

I'm from Mexico and i bought the Wii U in USA yesterday on launch date, had to camp out outside a Wal-Mart until midnight. When i get back home from a long drive i just get here anxious to plug the new console in and play like if there's no tomorrow. I setup the system, and configure my internet connection, then the update comes up and i accept. After 5 min of updating i see the progress bar is no going fast but thats okay for me. Then i see some progress on the bar and that makes me more anxious to finally play it. Then the power goes off my home... A power outage. I said "...". Then the power goes on again and i just wish that nothing bad happens, but surprise, when i turn ON the console the TV doesn't recognize it anymore, and the GamePad says to turn off and on again the game pad while near of the console. 2 days of my weekend wasted, tired of camping out for nothing, wasted 380 dollars on a system that doesnt do nothing plus accesories. Im so ... desperate.



9th_Sage said:

@TysonQ7 No no, when installing the update is when you shouldn't turn it off. It downloads it in it's entirety first, it's actually really nice about letting you resume it if it fails for some reason (which happened to me about 2/3 of the way through the a network error).

I'm not sure why anybody would expect it not to have an issue when it's writing system critical stuff to the system part of nand flash and you turn it off mid-write. It's definitely not the only device that would have a problem with that.



H_Hunter said:


That's one very good reason not to purchase from the first batch of consoles.

I believe the newer consoles will already have this update installed so I will just sit tight, read the games reviews and wait.



ajcismo said:

I feel for those who had power issues or internet issues, hopefully it didn't affect your system. If it did, Nintendo is usually very good about free fixes. However...
If you unplug the thing while updating, and I mean any system by any company, you run the risk of doing serious harm. And you're an idiot. Grow some patience, think about the possible millions of people trying to do the exact same thing as you and how it might slow things down for a short while, and go do the dishes or something.



MisterRJ45 said:

While I thought the download time was a bit inexcusable (although I have no idea how large this update actually was) this is a normal thing with consoles. I would recommend leaving your gamepad on the charger and just walking away for about an hour while it does this. In the end, you get to play a lot of great games with a lot of pretty darn good online features. Also, it automatically disables auto shutdown while its updating so you don't have to worry about that. Just don't be foolish and unplug the system for crying out loud!



erv said:

@THENAMESNORM very true - and I'll gladly pay for it - but common sense does dictate that huge files downloading will mean people think it'll be unresponsive and start working their own way out.

I agree it's part of the getting-it-earlier aspect, but you need to at least shelter users from bricking things in a reasonable way, or communicating the system status more human friendly.



Dfynewein said:

I had this issue as well, so I called Nintendo support. They walked me through a standard system check (how the wii u was connected, etc.), and we were able to fix the problem by directly plug the wii u and router into the wall to avoid power consumption issues and the sleep mode idol time. Anyway it worked great and 2 hours later I had my wii u set up.



Schprocket said:

@jamm132 NOOOOOOO!!!! You poor bugger

It might have been kinder for Ninty to follow Sony's lead and allow updates from an external drive since this minimises the risk somewhat. And they'd better have local mirrors - we'll (A&NZ) be in trouble if the source servers are overseas...



Auracle said:

I' glad I know this now. I would hate to have my Wii U bricked. Also, is Nintendo planning on fixing bricked systems?



BenAV said:

I'm going to be so nervous when doing the update then... even more so than when doing a 3DS to 3DS system transfer.

If it's just a problem with the power shutting off during the installation then it should be fine.
If the Internet dropping out causes potential problems too then I'd have a little more to worry about, because I reaaaaally don't trust my connection.



Sforzando said:

Unplugging it? Yeah, that happens. But Internet going out will brick it? There has to be a way to prevent that--it's the ISP's fault.



H_Hunter said:

No it's true... my friend says that his free space is now 25 gb after the update



Folkloner said:

Nintendo should have allowed individual features and programs to be downloaded instead of one large 5GB update. This would have minimised any risk of bricking as a result of players internet connection going down.

I agree that turning your Wii U off during an update was not a smart move on the part of the user but if your internet goes down, that is largely outside of your control.



BenAV said:

Do we actually have confirmation that the Internet going down can brick the system, or are people just assuming that that could be the case?
It'd be nice to know for sure either way, because I'm not worried about my power going out but my Internet tends to play up on me at the worst possible times.



Boo_Buster said:

The update took me about 50 mins on Sunday morning, but I imagine the traffic was absolutely intense so I attributed it to that (admittedly assumed). I just went and took a shower, ate and came back and it was a about done.



Slapshot said:

The update issue is an error in the code, and these type of things happen sometimes. The system should create a cache backup, so if anything was to happen during the update, it can restart the system in Safe Mode to alleviate this type of thing from happening. But obviously, that's not happening for some people.

I do find it unacceptable that one of the system models has an 8GB HDD and there's an 5GB mandatory update to use the system - you can't even install Nintendo Land afterwards! This is the reason that so many people were complaining about the limited storage space for the systems - you'll have to upgrade your memory, which inflates the system cost even higher - a major complaint with Sony's PS Vita.



MAB said:

Should only take me a half hour to do this procedure with ADSL2 Thankyou to the Americas for being the guinea pigs (Nelson voice) ha ha!



TingLz said:

My ISP says that my bandwith consumption yesterday was about 2,578 MB (including computer usage), so I'd say that the update is 1-2 GB.



Tuturoopa said:

That sucks I'm glad my Internet didn't go out cause I would of been so mad, is there gonna be a fix for that?



Tsuchiya said:


Nintendo doing that helped 2 things.

Speed of the Wii U release
And how much it cost.

At least in the UK, you can buy a basic Wii U AND a decent sized HDD for less than the price of the premium model. HDD's really aren't that expensive anymore.



theblackdragon said:

@slapshot: the difference, though, is that the Vita requires proprietary memory cards, while anyone can use any old external hard drive they please with a Wii U. i'm not saying you don't have a legitimate complaint, but there's quite the price gap between purchasing an official vita memory stick and hitting up Newegg for a new hard drive.



Nin-freak said:

Shutting down the console is always the consumers fault. The system bricking after a fault internet connection? That's the real problem here.



ultraraichu said:

I only half believe this news. Although it is a possibility, it seems like a smaller possibility then the people make it to be. Also that getting d/c from the Internet can also possibly brick it seems like a fishy statement.

Accidents happen, but if it happen often then it's intentional. Plus it does warn you.




@erv I agree that the user interface for the downloads will probably need some work, however as I am a UK resident I still have to wait for my WiiU to properly check it out. I would have assumed that a warning message of some kind comes up to ask people not to power off their console??

Also, people need to bear in mind that launch day is when almost everyone will be updating and it will therefore take longer than someone doing it in a weeks time. I'm not saying wait a week to update, I'm just reminding people that this is just one of the downsides of a day one purchase.

And as MisterRJ45 suggested, it's an ideal tie to start charging your GamePad, and take SpaceKappas advice and get some chores done while BOTH of these things are happening!



mattatron said:

My system was a brick out of the box, I p;ugged everything in turned everything on and didn't get any signal and I got the Blue Blink Of Death. Happy that nintendo is fixing it for free and expediting the shipment, but I am dissapointed and feel slightly screwed, especially since I did not brick the thing never even saw startup screen.

Now I sit and look the games I bought, then go to my car and cry



rjejr said:

@SpaceKappa Good to know Wii U has better Wi Fi than the PS3. My PS3 barely works over WiFi at all, it's in the basement and the router is on the 2nd floor - just the way it worked out. The Wii gets 4 bars but I have to keep videos on "low" or too much buffering, which is why I bought an adapter. My parents Wii wouldn't work at all most of the time so they moved it to another room 20' closer to the router. My sisters Wii won't work at all with her router - known issue. Is WiFi ever faster and more reliable than a cable? What's a port cost them, $1?



McGruber said:

I actually accidentally unplugged my router halfway through the update. I thought i would have to start it all over but when I restarted it actually just started where it left off thank god



SilentHunter382 said:

Well looks like I will have to leave my wii u on overnight and even then it would be fully downloaded. I have a very slow internet speed (can't be increased because of slow lines) and will take at least 15 hours to download it. :/



Parkway160 said:

This is kinda weird when has turning off any electronic when Updating ever been a smart idea, anyway Nintendo's pretty good with hardware fixes.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I feel sorry for the people this affects, but this isn't something that will be widespread. Anyone who unplugs it themselves has no one else to blame, and the number of people whose power or internet will happen to fail during the update is undoubtedly very small. From what some of these comments are saying, it doesn't look like bricking always happens, lessening the number of victims even more. Even so, I do feel sympathy for those people (the ones whose power went out), because their system would end up bricked through no fault of their own, and there's nothing they could have done about it.



SpaceKappa said:

@rjejr I was in the same boat... videos on the Nintendo Channel on Wii ran slower than molasses in January if I didn't have them on low, and my Wii was literally ten inches from my router. From my experience yesterday it seems that the Wii U's WiFi capability is substantially more reliable. I was even able to do video chat and aside from an audio hiccup it was smooth as silk.



ThumperUK said:

I think the key thing to remember here is that the idiot journalist unplugged his WiiU because he was impatient and throwing toys out of his pram.

I'd very much doubt your internet connection going down will mess up a WiiU, BUT turning off the power WILL !! It aint just a WiiU that doesn't like that, PC's often get screwed up when you turn the power off during an update!

A learning point here - leave it turned on until its finished updating.



pntjr said:

This is just pitiful, and I feel REALLY bad for anyone who had to deal with this issue. Maybe this was a mistake, but maybe this was on purpose. If it was on purpose, i am NEVER TURNING OFF ANY OF MY SYSTEMS DURING AN UPDATE AGAIN. But if this was a mistake, Nintendo should fix this, or they will have plenty of unhappy customers. God bless out there for the people who have a bricked console.



Tsuchiya said:

If you have had a power outage then that's awful and most probably couldn't have been avoided but most people must have gotten impatient and started messing around with the console and it's leads.

As with any device, leave it be when it's updating! Go walk your dog. Don't have a dog? Then go find a dog! Walk that! Be patient, play some NES, read a book. Do something but don't start tinkering! As for your ISP, well that's your ISP's problem and nothing really to do with Nintendo.



citizenerased said:

If it's true that the update is around 1 Gb and it takes an hour to download, even for people with fast internet... sounds like Nintendo's servers are crap. Means this whole thing is Nintendo's fault.



TysonOfTime said:

So, just to clear up any confusion:
ONLY SHUTTING OFF the console during the update may brick it.
IF you're ROUTER shuts off mid-update, it should be fine, and resume when the Wi-Fi connection returns.



TysonOfTime said:

Thousands of people downloading an update from most servers slow them down you know.
Like, all MMO launches are super slow and prblematic, it's not really the Dev's fault.



retro_player_22 said:

I don't get why Nintendo do this all of a sudden, it would not satisfied customers and will only land themselves (Nintendo) with a ton of lawsuits. Why not manufactured the Wii U with all them updates already in the console beforehand so that consumers doesn't had to waste time dealing with downloading and installing these things, it's worst than downloading an update for a PC too.

Mine took about 12 freaking hours to update, almost the entire day not to mention the update had failed constantly most of the time too. I'm just glad mine went through with no prob but I could feel the heat of those who used all their hard earn money only to get stuck with a useless console. Nintendo you should be a shame of yourselves I don't care how legendary you are or how great a company you are, this issue needs to be fix and it needs to be fix fast. Christmas is coming and we don't want to see customers coming home only to wait on their gifts. The next shipment of Wii U consoles needs to had all these updates ready to go. The customers are not to blame, Nintendo is.



Malic said:

@Kagamine mine did that over 20 times it took me over 2 hrs for the update I think that was just Nintendo servers having problems with everyone downloading the update all around the same time



Malic said:

@retro_player_22 dude as someone previously stated it was done for the reason to have it out before the holidays and having the connection problem to the server like I had and almost everyone else isn't going to brick your system turning it off in the middle of the update and or losing power during it is a different story



Discostew said:

The "5GB" is simply what the system has pre-allocated to system usage (including updates), because it has to have available space. Where would the updates be stored if you filled the internal storage with your own downloads?

And with the whole bricking issue, it is most likely people being impatient during the "patching" process, as the downloading process is simply that.....downloading. No patching is being done at that time.



HawkeyeWii said:

Can someone explain to what exactly bricking something means? I'm pretty sure I have an idea but what exactly does it mean?



retro_player_22 said:

@Malic If this update is certainly urgent and long, there should had been a cancel button so owners could cancel the process for the moment and re-start the process again from where it was left off later on. Instead we are force to update, force to not interrupt the update or have our console brick in the process. It's just stupid, there's also no warning of any kind beforehand too.



Sun said:

Stop working because power was down while updating the OS? That happens with any device. In between, it looks that Internet hiccus doesn't affect. The console resumes update as it was expected. So calm down.



mattatron said:

Nintendo bricked my console. While it seems most of these bricks are caused by end users, I saw at least 10 people on nintendo's tech forums with this problem right out of the box as I did. So Nintendo is not completely blame free on this issue, I am personally upset as I just handed 10 dollars over to UPS to ship my Wii U and I don't expect it back until the middle of next week



mattatron said:

@HawkeyeWii bricking basicallly means any electronic device that is rendered useless, whether its hardware faillure, user induced or possibly a firmware update that destroys any modified software and destroys your console



Malic said:

@retro_player_22 dude its common knowledge not to interrupt an update on any device. I understand your frustration but anyone who forced closed the Wii as this was taking place I don't feel sorry for you if you had bad luck and lost power that's a different issue. Trust me I wanted to run it over with my car because it kept kicking me off like every 5 min .



Malic said:

What about people with no internet at all some people don't even like online gaming . I agree it should have been ready right out the box but I think this way they were able to get all the systems out before the holidays



Malic said:

We all should know by now there's gonna be some problems with a bran new system I went through maybe 3 Xbox 360s when I first got mine (rrod)so this is nothing I'm sure Nintendo is gonna work all this out



pntjr said:

What everybody at Nintendo is doing:
"Now they need to spend another $300 on the same thing they just bought!"



FonistofCruxis said:

I feel sorry for anyone who's system got bricked due to a power outage. Will Nintendo be fixing the bricked systems?



Pete_Stooge said:

Ok. New machine. 1 or 5GB update. Nice start...Did they forget to put software on the darn machine?



NESguy94 said:

The warranty should cover this no problem. From what I've heard the system was released without the update because they had already begun manufacturing systems and they wanted them to all be the same at launch. I'm sure you'll be able to buy one in the future that has everything pre-installed.



Lunapplebloom said:

I got mine updated at a friends place who had high speed wireless. I didn't even have to connect it to his television, and was simply done. It did have an error once before it finished, but went back to updating and everything is fine.



Sam_Loser2 said:

My internet failed during the update but thankfully my Wii U is fine, using it to post this.



Henmii said:

"wasn't convinced that it was still working due to the progress bar not moving and unplugged his machine to start again"

There goes his warranty, I guess! But still, if the internet goes out you are screwed! By the way: 5 GB?! Does that even fit on a regular Wii u?!

Anyway, do like me and wait a few months! By that time everything is pre-installed, and bug-free! And the price may have gone down a bit too by then!



Dynetheous said:

it happened to me... i called Nintendo and they are sending me a shipping label so i can send it in



jack49455 said:

I have the black 32gigbite wii u so mine is working fine, except i only have 27gig left.



Lo3edia said:

Mine stopped working about 5 minutes into the update, shut down and the power led started blinking red. Unplugged it, plugged it back in and got the blue led with no picture and no connection to the gamepad. Called Nintendo, have to send it in.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I read through all the comments....... This is really scary. More then half of you who commented on this had this problem. I am really paranoid right now.... My internet works great and is fast but....I just have this feeling that the worst thing will happen when I update my system. Maybe it really was a good thing that I haven't gotten my Wii U. Hopefully they will have everything already there in the future. But if I do get a Wii U soon, I have plenty of stuff to do everyday anyway so I can just use that time. The only real concern I would have is someone unplugging it for some unknown reason (Yeah my family is stupid like that...) My internet works great. Nothing has ever happenend to it and it's pretty fast. How long do you guys think it will take me? Bleh..... Well wish me good luck just in case.....



WaxxyOne said:

About 65% of the way through the patch, my Internet gave out and I got an error "Cannot connect to server. Please try again later." I exited out of the error, went back to the network settings, ran another test which worked fine and then it prompted me to update. I assumed I was out another 45 minutes but it picked up right where it left off and installed successfully. Sounds like I dodged a bigger bullet than I thought!

Also, are you sure the people who bricked the system did it by turning it off while downloading or while patching? Downloading doesn't really do anything but store inert data, while at any given point during a patch the system's non-volatile RAM can be wiped or partially filled in such a way that the system can't boot.



WaxxyOne said:

Yeah! Why didn't Nintendo just finish writing their software before sending any systems to manufacturing!?! Who cares if the stores wouldn't have them in stock before December 27th!?

Oh, right.

Well, I guess they could have found a convenient wormhole through time and space and chucked the finished products back to Nov. 18th though, right? Freaking Nintendo and your not utilizing science fiction appropriately!!!



DrSlump said:

They should have been included an ethernet port..humm.. a larger storage...err a faster memory... eehhmm... a multi touch display... uhm.. okaayy.



Onion said:


I get 10mbps download speeds. I assume that would be fast enough to get it done in a reasonable amount of time? I'm also curious if the 5GB claim is accurate. 5GB sounds like a lot (and would put a nasty hit on my bandwidth for the month) for a simple system download.

Also, does anyone know if the Ethernet Adaptor that works for the Wii will work for the Wii U? I have a wireless connection but if possible I would like the option of using a wired one.



StarDust4Ever said:

Okay, here's what to do:

Go to store, buy Wii-U. Download update. Wait for install to start, then toggle the switch on your power strip. Success! You now have a brand new shiny "brick". Repeat process 10,000 times. Congrats! You now have enough "bricks" to build a house!



snappycg1996 said:

I'm honestly curious, I have really bad Internet, slow, and it goes down alot. If my Internet was to drop, would my Wii U brick? I'm really really worried about this... :c Is there no way to download it first on a computer then install it?

Or is it like YouTube where it don't matter if the Internet goes down, it will fire right back up anyhow?



Trikeboy said:

For UK gamers: Things to do while waiting for the update to download and install.

1. Play another console
2. Organise your Wii menu so you can send everything to your Wii U
3. Watch a movie
4. Take a walk (you are gonna lose yourself to electronic entertainment soon, get the exercise in now)
5. Do the update before you go to work. When you get home it will be ready
6. Do the update before you go to bed. In the morning it will be ready
7. Read a book, newspaper, graphic novel etc

In other words, don't just sit on your ass watching a progress bar move a pixel every 5 minutes. Do something to distract yourself. If you have piss poor internet access, ask a friend who has great service if you can bring your console around to update. That's what friends are for.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

NZ internet is some of the slowest in the world. Not looking forward to how long it is going to take.
That being said, by the time I pay off my preorder they probably will have ironed out a few of the kinks.



Eldin64 said:


The software update is NOT THE ONLY THING THAT CAN BRICK the Wii U.

I was downloading FIFA 13, opened Miiverse and the console froze (for the 4th time in one day), after 10 minutes I shut it down. And it got BRICKED.



Thank you Nintendo, for ruining my thanksgiving!



JaythekidRS said:

I have a connection to share: Sami and I were playing our dad's Xbox 360, and when we logged on as our dad(he doesn't mind; we always play on his Xbox Live account because that's the only one there), an update was available. We downloaded it, and it didn't work for some reason because we couldn't go to our worlds section of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition; it turned out it was bricked, but Dad fixed it.



Elliander said:

According to other reports if you decline the update it happens in the background without your knowledge. This means that you can hardly fault the user for turning it off in cases like that.

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