A number of you in North America likely have your shiny new Wii U setup, and you've probably installed the day one update that's required for access to features such as Miiverse and the eShop. According to reports out in the Twitter-sphere, however, you may also be one of a small minority that's inadvertently bricked your Wii U.

The high-profile case that's sparked the tales of woe came from Ben Fritz, film business reporter for the LA Times. He was installing the hefty update (reportedly around 5GB, though that's not confirmed), wasn't convinced that it was still working due to the progress bar not moving and unplugged his machine to start again. When he loaded it up, he discovered that the system will no longer play any games, bricking it in the process. While some criticised Fritz for unplugging during an update, he reported that he had other gamers tweeting him to share similar stories.

The tweets keep coming from people whose power or Internet went out during the 5 gb update and now, like mine, their Wii U is a brick.

Our own Morgan Sleeper had a scare of his own during our Wii U launch day live coverage — check out his entry at 18:25 — where someone unplugged his system during the update, but thankfully it was still working and unaffected. That said, the message is clear, when updating your Wii U don't get impatient and unplug the system in the hope of starting again; you should also hope that your internet doesn't go down, either.

If you've experienced this issue let us know in the comments below. As for everyone else, do you think this is a normal launch day hitch, or an inexcusable issue that shouldn't even be possible?

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