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Tue 2nd Oct 2012

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Dfynewein commented on Halting Wii U System Update May Brick the System:

I had this issue as well, so I called Nintendo support. They walked me through a standard system check (how the wii u was connected, etc.), and we were able to fix the problem by directly plug the wii u and router into the wall to avoid power consumption issues and the sleep mode idol time. Anyway it worked great and 2 hours later I had my wii u set up.



Dfynewein commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two:

All I can say is that Junction Point and Warren Spector have developed a fantastic follow up to an already amazing experience. The time they have taken to grasp every detail of what is fun about the Mickey-Toon experience and bring it to life is outstanding. I can't wait to play this on the Wii U. It has a full co-op experience, and excellent voice acting. If you love the Disney experience the music only enhances the over all rhythm of drama, excitement, and fun of this product. Don't miss out on this one!