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Nintendo Download: 22nd December 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Swapnote is here!

It's the Christmas edition of the Nintendo Download, as we deck the halls with digital delights and wonder if we've been good enough boys and girls to get what we've asked Santa for.

3DS Download Software

Swapnote (Nintendo, free) — It wasn't on the website or press release but open your eShop and you'll find Swapnote waiting for you.

Mighty Switch Force (WayForward, $5.99) — The first 3D instalment in the Mighty series, this is every bit as enjoyable as the previous releases. You can read our world exclusive Mighty Switch Force review for the full verdict on this top drawer download.

3DS Virtual Console

Tetris (Game Boy, Nintendo, $3.99) — Surely we don't need to tell you what Tetris is. Just bear in mind that for an extra dollar you can get Tetris Party Live on DSiWare, an online-capable version of the game. We'll have a review of the VC version very soon.


Chronicles of Vampires: Origins (Teyon, 500pts) — A hidden object game set in the time of vampires — you know, that time — with over 200 objects to find throughout the adventure. We'll give it a spin and bring you a review soon.

Rytmik Retrobits (Cinemax, 800pts) — The fourth entry in Cinemax's music studio software series, this chip music-inspired download is audio nectar to fans of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. Read our Rytmik Retrobits review for more.

Doodle Fit (Gamelion Studios, 500pts) — A tangram-like puzzler from the Gamelion team, we'll have a review soon.

Christmas Wonderland (Microvalue, 800pts) — A Christmas-themed mix of puzzles, card-matching and hidden object-finding. Check out our Christmas Wonderland review to see if it's a lump of coal or a Christmas miracle.


Soccer Up! (EnjoyUp Gaming, 500pts) — An arcade take on the sport, you can play as a team of Mii characters with up to four local players. We'll put it through a series of drills to see if it's man of the match or a half-time substitution.

WiiWare Demo

Gnomz (QubicGames, full version: 1000pts) — Try out a bit of QubicGames' head-stomping action game with this free demo, then read our Gnomz review for the bigger picture.

Are you happy Christmas elves this week?

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XCWarrior said:

Mighty Switch Force saves the week.

I love Tetris, but come on. The original? There are better options on the eShop!

And still no Wii VC! Inexcusable Nintendo!



zeeroid said:


(glad to have Mighty Switch Force tho. Good price too.)



Reggie4Life said:


There was an update on the eShop this morning for NAers, but no Swapnote! HELP PLZ!



brandonbwii said:

Yeah, I was hoping to create a holiday card and set it to StreetPass as well as send some special season greeting to my few friends that own the system. They were waiting for this app too.

About 3 1/2 hours I believe.



blackknight77 said:

Ok I see that there is a online enabled Tetris on DSi, but I prefer the Gameboy version and shall download it instead. Good day and Merry Christmas



Jfilesguy said:

Mighty Switch Force and GB Tetris should be good.

But I wonder, my system got an update via Spotpass, I assumed it was to help run Swapnote but since it isn't what iw it for?

Writen on my 3DS!
Edit: oh, Swapnote is coming _



Chris720 said:

How come no Swapnote for NA, but yet EU can get Nintendo Letter Box? Nintendo, why are you so weird...?



brandonbwii said:

We didn't even get that cool looking Commando game. Just another dsiware from, ick, Gamelion.



Aqueous said:

@shen8888 - It updates at noon on the Atlantic coast, so it would take 2:15 to 3:15 or around there for me and likely you too



shen8888 said:

add Shen .....Friend code : 4682-8786-5108.....
im your friend code here pls



bboy2970 said:

I'm really staring to get sick of SwapNote is just ridiculous. For something like this it really needs a worldwide release so everyone can send messages to everyone regardless of region. If its finished for every other region in the world, i don't believe for one second that it isn't finished for NA which leads me to wonder why we are not receiving it today!



Whopper744 said:

Original Tetris Sounds pretty cool, and kind nostalgic, but I really wish they would drop the prices just a little bit. Is it true that there is a better, updated version with online capabilities for just a dollar more anyway?? Does it generally feel the same?



bboy2970 said:

I guess I should be grateful that we got at least Mighty Switch Force today (Which I will be buying immediately!) but I really wish they didn't drop the ball with the whole SwapNote thing. I hope (and I know this probably won't happen) that SwapNote just shows up in the eShop today anyway. NOA is known fo being quiet about things for no good reason. Plus I remember when Cut the Rope came out. It launched with all the other games that Thursday but was nowhere to be seen in the press release. I remain hopeful!



Link79 said:

Well this just sucks. The bare bones Gameboy version of Tetris with no online or any multiplayer of any kind.
No Wii VC either. Even on Christmas week.
Mighty switch force might be the only thing to save the day.
Merry Christmas indeed.



Aqueous said:

I've got some good dsiware but I haven't got any eshop games yet that are not free.
Sure I'll add you, my code is 2793 - 0600 - 1156



Flowerlark said:

Wouldn't Vampires be better suited to a Halloween release than a Christmas one? And since I'm not interested in either Tetris or Mighty Switch Force, it looks like there's nothing for me this week. Just as well, I'm still only halfway through Ocarina 3D and Pushmo.



falloutboy152 said:

When are they gonna release FLIPNOTE MEMO and SWAPNOTE???? i've waited long enough. now plz come out soon.



CosmoXY said:

No swapnote, cry me a river... Seriously, who cares?

@Link79 - If you want Tetris with online and multiplayer, see Tetris Axis.



bboy2970 said:

@Duney: Who cares? How about me and everyone else who has been wanting some form of messaging system outside of a 16-character status message on 3DS since it launched.



CosmoXY said:

@32 But some of you are acting like just because it didn't come out today, that Nintendo has foresaken you. It will come out in NA when the time is right for NoA, not when the raging fanboys demand it.



bboy2970 said:

@34: I understand it will eventually be out but I feel like NOA shouldn't be dragging their feet with releasing vital 3DS functionality when the entire rest of the world is getting it. Especially when there is no apparent reason why NA shouldn't get it today. There is literally no reason at all why it shouldn't be out in all regions today.



Aqueous said:

@Duney - not fair of you, I was hoping for it when other areas got it but I can easily wait longer. Just because I mention that we don't get it today does not make me upset or a raging fanboy. In fact I could happily wait many years for it.



ejamer said:

I'm excited about Swapnote (and very excited about Flipnote Memo), so totally can understand how people wish that NoA wasn't the last in line yet again. But it'll come out soon enough. Have some patience and you'll be swapping totally inappropriate messages and doodles soon enough.

(That said, it would be nice if NoA gave some idea of when SwapNote is going to be released here now that everyone else already has it...)



CosmoXY said:

@37 LOL, that is a good one.

@35 You never know, there could be some legal, ratings, or other hitch NoA ran into when preparing to release it.



Link245 said:

I'm not joking when I say this, but I have never played any version of Tetris before in my life. This might be a reason to try it.



Xkhaoz said:

Hopefully SwapNote will get a surprise release, like Flipnote Studio got back when it first came out. crosses fingers



Popyman said:

Hoping this will be like the Ambassador games and they just show up today. Even if they do, NoA still has a major problem with communication. They need some new people in charge or something, this is getting ridiculous.



Hardy83 said:

NoA has a crummy week with digital stuff and not giving us stuff everyone else has? SHOCK!

lol At least there is WayForwards game. At least THEY are reliable.



Dodger said:

@44 Yep. Just because I have to wait another week means somebody should burn in eternal hellfire. I wanted swapnote too.

I'm fine waiting without causing somebody eternal torment but NoA is in a slump. The GBA games not getting announced, no free Kid Icarus, slower release dates then NoE for just about everything, just a lot of little things. They did add free Club Nintendo games to give credit where credit is due.

And just because this week doesn't have swapnote doesn't mean it is a pile of dung either. Mighty Switch Force, Tetris (I want Tetris Live more but somebody has to have nostalgia for the black and white version) and a demo for a game I've wanted to try. Not bad.



stromboli said:

**Please** someone tell me what Wiiware demos are available right now? Did they take any out from the last couple of months? I want to log in and download all available demoss, I wasn't able to for a while. Thanks!!!!!!



bonesy91 said:

still buried in the pile of GBA games so I'll pass on these for now...

But disappointed in NOA. Nintendo needs to start releasing the same stuff each week in all territories. Why they don't will forever confuse me.



LordAndrew said:

If I wanted to give my phone number to all my online friends I would have. But I don't and I haven't.



GCNSean said:

What the bleep! NOA??? No Swapnote... Nintendo of America totally dropped the ball... OK so its out in Europe and Japan... but our worldwide friends wont be able to send us messages for another week... Very disappointed.



WarioFan63 said:

Hey as it turns out, we did get Swapnote. It's just a case of the PR not mentioning it.



jhuhn said:

Christmas Wonderland is also available on the DSiWare in the US region for 800 points.



GCNSean said:

Wow... Why didn't Nintendo put it in the press release? Thanks for the update guys! And Nintendo.. I am sorry I love you... (kisses and makes up)



grumblegrumble said:

Uhm... Swapnote is in the e-shop right now in the U.S.! DOn't know what u guys are talking' about lol



Punny said:

Tetris, Mighty Switch Force, AND Swapnote! Merry Christmas indeed!



stromboli said:

I really wish someone tell me what wiiware demos are available on the Wii shop right now. Someone?????????????????????



rjejr said:

So I downloaded it, but we can't use it b/c it says you have to wait 5 days for an authentication email. 5 days? Are they freakin' kiddin' me!!

OK, if you say NO to Spotpass but YES to Streetpass it lests you into teh software. Silly Nintedno.

I'll write more later when I get my other kdis 3DS up adn running to test out if this can be used instantly.



bboy2970 said:

Cool that we got SwapNote after all but Nintendo still needs to step their game up. Specifically NOA. A major new function for 3DS wasn't even included in the press release. They STILL haven't even mentioned the GBA game's availability either. Also, why does Europe get told in advance what they're getting on Monday? We're lucky to find out what we're getting 3 hours before we actually get it....And even then it sometimes doesn't tell us ALL of what is coming (today for example). I just hope NOA steps it up going into 2012...



Tasuki said:

@bezerker99: Actually the best version of Tetris was the Tengen version of Tetris. Unfortunately due to a copyright dispute with Nintendo that game is very hard to find at least for cheap anyways.

As for Tetris on the 3DS I dont know it just isnt the same as playing Tetris on the good ol gray brick.

Kinda was hoping for a Wii VC but come on who am I kidding the Wii VC is as dead as Elvis.



rjejr said:

Only have Swapnote running on 1 3DS so far but still not happy. There doesn't seem to be a way to send a message to only 1 person, it's either everybody on Spotpass or Streetpass. Plus, you can only have 1 message at a time being "broadcast". It's cute how Nikki keeps sending me messages and how they are all lined up in a row, but this is pretty much less than useful. All it dos is broadcast 1 message. You don't need a program for that. It's like twitter I guess, though every time you twit a new message the old one goes away. I really wanted text messaging for games of tic-tac-toe and hangman.



childofacid said:

@rjejr Umm... click on your friends that are displayed next to the send all? I just sent a photo to my brother and a cute drawing to my best friend.



theblackdragon said:

@rjejr: You can send messages to only one person if you like — just tap their name in the list when you go to send it. You can select multiple people this way if you like, or tap the 'all' at the beginning of the list to send to everyone you've got friended. I've sent multiple messages so far before checking to see if they've all sent successfully (and they have), so i'm not quite sure what you're talking about re: only being able to send one message at a time...?



rjejr said:

Ok, my last Swapnote comment. The first time I sat our 2 3DS next to each other and closed the lids they instantly sent messages to each other. I wrote 2 new messages and closed the lids again but so far nothing. I'm guessing there's a clock for Streetpass limiting the broadcast interval. Oh well, nearly useless for us then, I'l have to find something else for the kids to do for the 12 hour car ride. (Not worried about the ride back, I know what they're getting for Christmas.) Or at least the 3 hours until the batteries die. Pokemon DVDs the rest of the time.

One last thought - they shouldn't have called this "swapnote" or "letterbox" if you can't address people or instantly send messages, they should have called it "billboard" because that's all it does.



Capt_N said:

Nintendo needs better pr apparently. Merry Christmas everyone(all users @ Nlife, & NLife staff)! Jesus Christ is the reason for the season! Enjoy your games!



theblackdragon said:

@rjejr: idk about the regularity of the automatic checking, but you can manually check at any time by tapping the little 'eject'-looking icon in the lower right-hand corner of the main Swapnote screen and then 'SpotPass Delivery Check'. That's what I've been doing :3



rjejr said:

Thanks for the feedback BlackDragon. I don't see a list though. I tap the "send" button, which brings up the StreetPass or Spotpass option - Spotpass is greyed out b/c I have to wait 5 days for an email confirmation code. I tap Streetpass and it says hit yes. Then it says note has been saved.
Maybe I haven't sent enough "notes" yet to have that option? Or maybe I need Spotpass authorization? I've gotten about 3 emails from Nikki - 3D pop-out pen, attachments, and stationary. I'll write some more. Thanks though, it gives me hope. Need to go wrap presents now before the boys get home from school.



rjejr said:

Spotpass Delivery Check is greyed out. Guess I'm wasting everybody's time until I get the code from Nintendo. I swear Pictochat was much easier to set up and use. Maybe the new Flipnote Memo will be easier to use and more to my liking. Nobody in my family uses twitter.



theblackdragon said:

@rjejr: I'm not sure what's going on about an e-mail confirmation code, but the way I've been doing it has been SpotPass. If you're using StreetPass, I can see why you're having to wait so long — StreetPass works on a much longer interval than SpotPass, I believe. When you can, definitely turn SpotPass on. I've been having a lot of fun with it :3

edit: wait, does the e-mail confirmation have to do with your birthday? I remember having to input that information during the setup process... are they asking for parental permission to allow minors under the age of 13 to use the service? it would kinda make sense, lol — anyone else having to deal with e-mail confirmation and no SpotPass access?



rjejr said:

OK, my last time wasting everybody's - OK mostly blackdragon's - time.

Yeah, my sons, ages 6 and 9, both need parental authorization for Spotpass. That's a good thing, but 5 days seems a bit long to wait. Heck, you only need 3 days for abortion permission and a week to buy a gun. An email should take 5 hours, not days. 5 days from now when I get the email I won't even remember what it's for.

Streetpass frequency seems to vary but 8 - 10 hours seems to be consensus on the web: best blog info I could find:

So, since I wanted my kids to use this in the car, like they did over summer vacation with Pictochat, no go b/c even with the code we won't have Wi-Fi for Spotpass and every 8-10 hours w/ Streetpass, well that's basically useless for instant messaging. That's why I called this "billboard". Admittedly I jumped to an early and incomplete conclusion, but without Wi-Fi, even with Spotpass, that's how it works. If they can directly txt message w/ Spotpass in the house after we get the codes I guess that would be something.



snappycg1996 said:

I too am having troubles with activating Spotpass. I signed up almost four hours ago, I got it when it was released on the eShop and I still have not been confirmed for my code. >.> five days?? :< has anyone in America managed to signup yet? If yes, then I think I will restart the process again just incase something went wrong.



3DSfReAk said:

I love Nintendo Letter Box. I woke up this morning to find my brother rapidly browsing the eShop. On MY 3DS!! So I grabbed it out of his hands, and - LETTERBOX HAS ARRIVED!!! It works perfectly for me, and I've already sent about 20 Christmas cards to all my friends. Although, I can't seem to send sound or reposition photos, but I guess Nikki will give me a tip on that!



cheetahman91 said:

Looks like Wii only owners got screwed this week as usual. NOA might as well have sent them a lump of coal. As for this week in general, meh. I was hoping we would get Wario Land instead. Not a big enough fan of Gameboy Tetris to pay $4 for it.



Aqueous said:

My messages don't have any delay, what's going on, is it something with birthdays?



Kagamine said:

haha all the people ragin at nintendo for not having swapnote, turns out they did! don't get so angry guys lol

socond thought, yes do get angry next time, it's entertaining



TKOWL said:

Oh boy, the original, and still the best, Tetris! Too bad I already own a working cartridge



jpfan1989 said:

got swapnote but how do i use it?
how do I add pictures and audio like it says, at least tell me how to add a 3d effect



theblackdragon said:

@jpfan1989: When you run it for the first time, you'll receive notes from 'Nikki' that explain how to do certain things. As you create and send notes, you'll receive more Nikki-notes and unlock the ability to add pictures, audio, and also to draw with the 3D effect. :3



sonic_brawler95 said:

Fantastic week, downloaded Swapnote, Mighty Switch Force, Tetris, and Retrobits.

Merry (almost) Christmas Ninty!



Radixxs said:

Nintendo has outdone themselves with this week's download menu. Keep this up and I'll start expecting nothing less! I will finally get a Rytmik game, Swapnote, and possibly Mighty Switch Force. I hope I get an eShop card this week, because I might need a few.



shinobi88 said:


Anybody who doesnt understand why to get this when Tetris Party is just a little more never played this on the original Game Boy. Everything about the original version is perfect from the monotone color to the music to the Russian motif. Perfection.

It's a completely different game than Tetris Live anyway. Original Tetris didn't have Infinite Spin. Requires whole new skills and strategy.

This is by far the best week on the 3DS Eshop yet.



Scissors said:

Wow 100 comments and many of them are people complaining about not getting Swap Note even though we did get it. Mighty Switch Force was pretty swell to.



grumblegrumble said:

It sure is out. I've already unlocked all the unlockables, it's super fantastic, and I am getting 50 messages every few hours. Oh, dear God...



grumblegrumble said:

@Shinobi88 Totally agree with u! The original Tetris is MUCH harder than these newer fancier versions, but I love them all in their own rights. I grew up with this monochrome original Tetris and I have already played the heck out of it today. Greatness..



AVahne said:

5 business days seems to just be the maximum wait time. I had to do the authentication process for my little brother, and it took less than an hour to get the code and have Swapnote up and running for him. Now we can send notes to each other perfectedly, except I'd like it better if the notes arrived in realtime, instead of having to manually check and download them.



Spleetal said:

@theblackdragon ya my little sister is waiting for the Confirmation code now we are waiting for our first swapnote via streetpass nothing today hopefully by tomorrow morning



Malkeor said:

Thanks for that info! I was getting jealous seeing all the cool pictures, and backgrounds D:



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Swapnoters: Does anybody know what exactly you have to do to get access to stationary that can be bought by playcoins ? Last thing i got was the ability to use sound recordings and i've made two notes with that now. (or @grumblegrumble (103.) since you've already unlocked everything )



SezeMakto said:

I'd rather have Tetris DX, same game with 3 upgrades: better interactive music, 3 save files, and a little thing I like called "color". However, this will do, as I never thought they would do a licensed game like Tetris.

All these posts and nobody pointed out the most important thing: Tetris GB is, along with Tetris DX, a Tetris game WITHOUT game breaking infinite spin. Seriously, this saps the frantic fun out of single player if you can infinite spin a single piece for 3.5 hours (which is how long your 3DS battery will last - zing!). So really you need two versions, non-infinate spinning Tetris GB (or Tetris DX) for single player, and online Tetris DS (or Tetris Axis) for multi player.

In my day, if you where on or above level 9, you better have a spot picked out for your piece mighty quick, cus it was falling fast and locking on touchdown. The fun was not in maxing out the score numbers or level speed to teleporting infinite spin time so you could never "die", but in just how long you could last, cus like the Russian in Rocky 4, this Russian game will break you!



Flowerlark said:

Hooray swapnotes! 'Course I only got 2 people on my friends list, so I've only sent a couple notes and received a couple.... but it's still a cool idea.

And I'm playing Doodle Fit right now and enjoying it immensely. Very fun and addictive- I never knew I was any good at tanagrams before. To be honest, I think I like it better than Pushmo. dodges rocks hurled by pushmo fans



rjejr said:

On a compeltely different note - played the Gnomz demo last night. Had never heard of it before, it was fun. Well it seemed fun, got crushed playing against 3 AI though, played better against only 1 AI. Won't repost, but it's a fast paced 4-player Joust that looks like Worms: Armageddon. Don't think I can cough up $10.00 for it - )just bought Uncharted 2 for $11.98 from Newegg) - but the demo is a good fun free diversion for a few minutes.



shinobi88 said:

@SezeMakto, beautiful Rocky 4 reference.

I've always considered 2011 the warm up year for the 3DS. A couple of reasons. For one, a systems software always improves after developers have had a year to learn the ins and outs of the tech. For two, Nintendo rushed the thing out the door before they were ready. Messes like the price drop, no Eshop, and the dual sticks.

But in 2012, it will be a whole new ball game. Case in point, the Eshop. We will see more Game Boy Color games. We will see more 3DSWare games. We will see Sega Game Gear games. We might even see more Game Boy Advance games. There will be downloadable content. In 2012, the 3DS will earn its worth through the Eshop alone.



Bassman_Q said:

I WAS gonna consider buying Doodle Fit for DSiWare, but considering it's $5 there only $1.50 as a PSmini, I think I'll buy it for PSP instead.




WHAT!? NO Wii VC games only ONE wiiware game and NO holiday discounts on old content on Wii shop channal!? THIS IS BULLPOOP!!



rjejr said:

Well it's 1 week today - so 8 days - and we still haven't gotten our SwapNote Spotpass codes yet. Really stupid Nintedno. One 12 hour car ride down, 1 to go tomorrow, this sucks.

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