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3DS eShop

  • US 22nd Dec 2011
  • EU 22nd Dec 2011
  • JP 21st Dec 2011


  • Review Nintendo Letter Box (3DSWare)

    A note to remember

    Until mid-December, the only online communication built into the 3DS was a 16-character status message on your friends list. Even by Nintendo standards, that's extremely constrictive. Now we all have the chance to download Nintendo Letter Box — aka Swapnote — for free. The first thing to note about Nintendo Letter Box is it is...

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Nintendo Letter Box Screenshot
Nintendo Letter Box Screenshot
Nintendo Letter Box Screenshot
Nintendo Letter Box Screenshot
Nintendo Letter Box Screenshot

Nintendo Letter Box News

  • News We Might Now Know Why Swapnote For 3DS Got "Remastered" Last December

    Was this update tied to an exploit?

    In December last year, Nintendo released a remaster update for its out-of-date 3DS messaging app Swapnote. It had a lot of fans wondering what was really going on at the time, as it didn't seem like much of a remaster at all. The

  • News Nintendo Releases 'Swapnote Remastered' Update, Despite Killing The App Seven Years Ago

    Are you OK, Nintendo?

    Remember Swapnote, the Nintendo 3DS app that you can't really use any more? Well, Nintendo's released an update for it because Nintendo. That's right, Swapnote – or Nintendo Letter Box as it was known in PAL regions – has been given the remaster treatment seven years after the company disabled its primary feature. Nintendo...

  • News Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service Due to Online Safety Concerns

    Service was "actively misused"

    The SpotPass service that allows the sending and receiving of drawings and photographs in Swapnote (Nintendo Letter Box in Europe) has been indefinitely disabled. The online service had been used to distribute "offensive material" to minors, Nintendo said. The software - downloadable from the 3DS eShop - is designed...

  • News Nintendo Letter Box Update Now Live In Europe

    Take note

    Last week, we reported that North American 3DS owners could download an update for the Swapnote application which added a flood of cool new features. The European version of the app — known as Nintendo Letter Box — wasn't so lucky, however. Thankfully, Europe has now caught up with the US and if you're based in The Old World and you...

  • Nintendo Download 4th April 2013 (Europe)

    A puzzling chick, chaotic aliens, Mega action and more

    Now that the long Holiday weekend is over the video game world's wheels start spinning once again, starting today with Nintendo of Europe's weekly download update details. It's a busy week with every download store having some new content on offer, so let's get started. Wii U eShop: Toki Tori...

  • News Letter Box Update Adds Coloured Ink

    At last

    Popular message-swapper Nintendo Letter Box got an update today that lets you write and draw with coloured ink. European 3DS owners can simply scan the QR code below to go straight to the update, which adds five coloured inks to the free application: red, blue, green, purple and orange. Black remains an option too. To scan the QR code...

  • Feature One Year of the 3DS eShop

    Happy birthday!

    You might not have noticed with a little thing called E3 going on, but last week the Nintendo 3DS eShop turned one year old. Though the service started slowly, not even making it to the system's launch, it has morphed over the course of the last 12 months to become the decent digital portal that DSiWare and WiiWare should always have...

  • Feature The Evolving Role of Swapnote

    More than just a letter box

    Nintendo Letter Box, also known by the catchier title of Swapnote in North America, filled a notable gap in the 3DS’ functionality when it was launched in late December last year. When the handheld launched various features were bare-bone or missing, and one frustrating omission was the lack of any meaningful way to...

  • News Nothing Says "Marry Me" Like Swapnote

    Romance is alive

    Communication freebie Nintendo Letter Box/Swapnote is ideal for sketchy doodles and sharing glorious 3D photos of your dinner, but could it have a higher purpose? Could it be used to bring about a life of blissful matrimony? Yes. The video below is simultaneously the nerdiest and most heartwarming video we've seen all year. Call us...

  • News Nintendo Using Swapnote for Marketing Messages

    Your inbox is about to bulge

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced during his Nintendo Direct conference that the company will use Nintendo Letter Box to send game-related messages to 3DS owners. Interestingly the service can target players of specific games — indeed, players of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D in Europe should keep...

About The Game

Nintendo Letter Box lets you create handwritten notes and then share those notes with other users on your friend list via the SpotPass™ and StreetPass™ features.

Nintendo might even send notes to you too! As your note collection grows and you spend Play Coins, you'll unlock new features and be able to personalize messages even further by changing stationery patterns, attaching photos and sound recordings, writing and drawing in 3D, and more. You'll even be able to surprise your friends with secret notes that they can only open on a certain date!

Passing handwritten notes to your friends is a breeze, regardless of whether they're sitting across the room...or across the world!