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Fri 12th Aug 2011

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3DSfReAk commented on Nintendo Life Now Has a Google+ Page:

Finally! I love Google+ heaps, (my FB account died long ago) so it's great to see more people catching on. Just because Facebook has millions more people doesn't mean it's better...



3DSfReAk commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd December 2011 (North A...:

I love Nintendo Letter Box. I woke up this morning to find my brother rapidly browsing the eShop. On MY 3DS!! So I grabbed it out of his hands, and - LETTERBOX HAS ARRIVED!!! It works perfectly for me, and I've already sent about 20 Christmas cards to all my friends. Although, I can't seem to send sound or reposition photos, but I guess Nikki will give me a tip on that!



3DSfReAk commented on Nintendo eShop Cards Make it Down Under:

My b'day is coming up, so I'm asking all my relatives to buy me eShop cards. I just need to wait until nintendo actually brings out good games for the eShop, like Colors! 3D.