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eShop Will Launch with Free 3D Excitebike Game

Posted by James Newton

Expected "late May"

Excited by the upcoming release of the 3DS eShop? Of course you are, but we bet there's room for your excitement-o-meter to jump up a few notches when you hear the service will apparently launch with a free game.

As part of Nintendo's 3D Classics range that will see older games re-released with a lick of three-dimensional paint, Excitebike will hit the service on day one for absolutely nothing, according to a report from Andriasang. The company also confirmed the service will launch with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, but that it is investigating bringing other formats to the service in future, hopefully paving the way for Virtual Boy games on 3DS.

Judging from comments made by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at an investors' briefing, the game may not be free for ever:

More specifically, we will give a free download of "ExciteBike" as one of the "3D Classics" series during a certain period of time after the beginning of the system update. We would like to announce this widely and have as many people as possible update their hardware and start using Nintendo eShop.

Best get in there quickly.


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warioswoods said:

Ooh, so I'm guessing that it will look like the existing 3D Excitebike visualizer on 3DS Sound, which is pretty nifty.



TanookiSteven said:

Alright. Two epic games to try out. Flipnote Memo. Excitebike. Alright... Goodness, if they offer anything else, I might not buy anything later on



bezerker99 said:

I'm so enamored with Excitebike. I used to play it in the glad to see this coming to 3DS....and FREE!?!?! I might just die from all the awesome. xD



Xkhaoz said:

Nice Nintendo. When did you become so awesome with the downloads?



motang said:

This is pretty cool, hopefully it's worldwide that this title will be available for free.



Link79 said:

Wow Free Excitebike, Flipnote studio and the Mega Man Legends 3 prototype version! They should call it the free shop channel.
We sure are getting alot of freebees with the launch of the 3DS shop.



TeeJay said:

@ 9 Actually you have to pay for the Megaman Legends 3 Prototype. So...yeah.



Link79 said:

@ Tj92
Oh I hadn't heard a price was announced.
How much is it supposed to cost?



Kriedler said:

I'm sold. I love Excitebike
The Excite racers are my default visualizer on my 3DS Music channel, too



iphys said:

I so hope this is true. I wanted a 3D Classic version of Excitebike, but it's kind of hard to justify buying it, because the game is so short.



TheBaconator said:

I hope it is an original made by Monster Games if it does exist. I still play the Wiiware version every now and then. But ya can't go wrong with the original if it ends up being that.



SilverBaretta said:

@Link79: 200 yen, somewhere around $2.00USD.

Awesome download, though, Excitebike is one of my faves, though I never really got around to World Rally...



JohnDoe123 said:

@ballkirby1 It will be for 3D Classics, so most likely it is the original with 3D visuals.
This is good news. I'm hoping they release more free games in the future, so we have more than two.



ville10 said:

Do want. Still need a 3DS though...

Please still be free when I finally get it.



Einherjar said:

Sounds like the background for the 3DS music channel thing, only playable
But eShop in "late" may ? wasnt it supposed to launch in erly may ? grrr...cant wait anymore



weirdproq said:

I just learned that there was an Excitebike game on the Super Famicom with Mario characters. This also sounds cool.



Spoony_Tech said:

Uggh by the time may gets here spring will almost be over. Free is the best price ever. Don't think it will always be free though. I wish we could get pricing already though! Oh and I hope its multi player either local or internet. That would be more awesomer!!



grovertheblue said:

Very cool. I hope the track editor is included in this 3D version. There is endless hours of entertainment in that editor. Like 10 boosts before a HUGE jump, over and over and over....



MasterGraveheart said:

Sweet. Nothing better than a free gaming gift! Thanks, Nintendo!

There are only three Virtual Boy games I'd want. Wario Land, Telleroboxer, and Jack Bros..



SMW said:

I'll take anything Excitebike-related, especially if its free!



TwillightPrince said:

DSi-buyers got free 1000 Points, 3DS-buyers only get a 5 bucks game.
DS-buyers had to buy a mp3-Player and an internet browser for 40 € each, DSi-buyers for free.



Token_Girl said:

Nice free game. It's a shame we have to wait until late may, but hopefully I'll have a permanent job by then (so I can buy it guilt free).



Birdman said:

Free 3D Excitebike game? Well, I've never played any Excite game before, but free is always a good price for anything, except for maybe dieseases and death.



Ryno said:

I dont think I would be playing this to much on the 3DS. I prefer my Excitebike on a good old fashioned CRT TV!



suburban_sensei said:

Excitebike is seriously one of my favorite NES games. This is fantastic news! It seems like it would lend itself very well to added dimension, seeing as its about switching lanes and making jumps and all.



brandonbwii said:

Normally I wouldn't care about this news since I've played every game in the Excite series (except Excitebike Vs. of course), but hey it's free. Day 1 download.

A little off topic but I'd like people to know that Nintendo never officially said anything about 3DSWare in May. At least not yet. I've only read about Virtual Console, 3D Classics, DSiware, and Short-form video. 3DSWare could easily come at a later date. Just don't want too many NLifers to get their hopes up.



Despair1087 said:

i'm wondering if the gb games are going to be in 3D. i still have the original cartridges of super mario land and zelda links awakening DX, so i'd only buy them if they were in 3D



Samholy said:

even if the 3dsware isnt confirmed in may, i think the next update is more than enough to give us meat to play on.
a web browser to toy with is more than enough, giving us free excite bike 3d is nice, and dsiware adds even more meat to the bone. if you got budget, dsiware got yourself a lot to do... geez, may will be costly on ym wallet. With zelda on top of that...
Its a great marketing plan to let their customers wait for the 3dsware actually. let them buy things this month, and release another big update to make them buy even more the months after hahaha



Nintomdo64 said:

Wow! This is great news. The added 3D effect will make exitebike exiting to play through again. Late May can't come soon enough.



jerryo said:

They better shed some nice freebies for all of us who bought the device regardless the lack of browser and eshop and despite all the crap from kotaku .



FigetingPigeon said:

This is most certainly welcoming news. I loved this game back in the NES days and with a lick of paint and 3D visuals I'm certain I will get hours of entertainment. Thanks Nintendo!



MeloMan said:

sigh... of course... END of May. Back to patiently waiting to unlock the 3DS's full potential...



Dodger said:

I'm glad they are giving us something free with how much we have to wait for. I like the 3DS but a lot of the stuff that is awesome about it comes in an update in the future or later this summer (I hope)

What I really want is the internet browser. The button for it is taunting me. I used the DSi browser all the time but I sold my DSi to my little sister.



Punny said:

Exciting news! A free 3D Excitebike sounds like a great way to kick off the 3D Classics series!



pikku said:

That's pretty awesome. I wish they would give us a free 1000 points like with he DSi, though. D:



intiruna said:

Maybe,Nintendo can b more kind,by giving link's awaking for free also.
Just joking,never will happen.



Odnetnin said:

oh wait we already knew that, but still it's cool to have launch support



Kyloctopus said:

I made a prediction list for 3ds games one of course was exitebike due to the success of the exite series.



1080ike said:

Hoping the next 3DS VC-related news is GBA games for the service. Also, free!



Henmii said:

Excitebike 3D for free? That's cool! Hopefully the offer still stands when I'll buy the 3DS (when it gets cheaper)!



PSICOffee said:

Awesome, my favorite black-box NES game next to balloon fight. But now I HAVE to get a 3DS on my birthday May 6 so I can get this for free in time. I wanted to wait dangit!



Pj1 said:

This sounds bad but when is the shop coming? late May, maybe four weeks? Thanks Nintendo for the free gift........... but please announce when 3DS shop is coming.



Yosher said:

That'll be neat! I'm ashamed to say I've never really played the ExciteBike series much, nor do I own any copy of it (unless you count ExciteTruck, and I would have gotten Bots too if it would have released in Europe), so I'm actually pretty excited about this now!



sam322 said:

i'm really proud of nintendo now but can anyone tell me when what day exactly in may is the uptade going to be available?



Bigrat said:

Sweet, never played excitebike before but it sounds fun. Hey, anyone know if the eShop will sell 3D movies or music? That would be sweet too!

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