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  • Random The First Skunk Bundle is Free on the North American eShop Right Now

    In other words, 30 free Gold Coins on My Nintendo

    Many of you have no doubt heard of Skunk Software by now, a somewhat recent developer that has drawn plenty of criticism on the Wii U eShop. If you'll take a look at the company's page, Skunk Software's average review score is sitting at a solid 3. Whether or not you think that score is merited, it...

  • News New Rewards Are Now Available On My Nintendo

    Kirby! Yo-Kai Watch 2!

    If you've got a wealth of coins to spend on your My Nintendo account then you might want to visit the rewards site today as some new items have just gone live. For 200 coins you can get either a Kirby Robobot Armor T-shirt or Kirby & Qbby (of BOXBOY fame) T-shirt, both of which can be used in Miitomo. In North America, a...

  • News More Discounts Added to My Nintendo Rewards in North America

    A mix of old and new

    Alongside everything else going on today we've had updates to the My Nintendo rewards. We've already reported on the offerings in Europe, and the North American details revolve exclusively around discounts. In total nine more games have discounts; there's a mix of retail and smaller downloads, with some Virtual Console titles...

  • News Nindies and DLC Included Among New My Nintendo Rewards in Europe

    Full DLC option and discounts on offer

    We've been waiting for the next batch of My Nintendo rewards, and with the first day of the month rolling around some additional options have now been confirmed for Europe. We're not sure they're going to blow any minds, but do include discounts and one full code for some high quality content. Overall we have...









  • News Reggie Talks Smartphone Gaming and My Nintendo

    Focusing on making entirely new experiences

    About a month ago, Nintendo held an investor's meeting where details were finally revealed around the highly anticipated Nintendo rewards program and Nintendo's first smartphone game from the DeNA partnership. Opinions on the smartphone app, Miitomo, were admittedly divided, though the new 'My Nintendo'...